368-Summon beasts up to Summon Level 8, Summon skill s...

Characteristics of 0 Summoner
 Can be obtained from summoning level 1. Good at range debuffs. The debuff does not always work.
 Gained at summon level 1. This is the only offensive system. It attacks enemies with high strength and attack power.
 Acquired at summoning level 2. They are good at spying and espionage.
 Obtained at summon level 3. Can be turned into a healing potion. Cannot return to summoner after using its special ability.
 Obtained at Summoner level 4. Protects you.
 gained from summon level 5. Mainly buffs. Able to swim in the water.
 Acquired at Summoner Level 6. Serves as a liaison between various fields. Can see through objects.
 gained at summon level 7. Uses ranged attack breath.
 Acquired at summon level 8. Formerly the first angel.

0 summoner's blessing.
A rank in durability and speed (poison invasion).
Beasts - Strength, Attack (A-rank critical rate increase)
Birds - Speed, Intelligence (A rank, flight)
Magic, Luck (A rank)

Physical strength and durability (A-rank damage reduction)
Fish lineage: Intelligence, magic power (A rank, evasion rate increased)
Fish - Intelligence, magic (A rank, evasion rate increased) - Spirit - Endurance, intelligence, physical resistance (A rank, B rank, physical resistance strengthened)
Dragons - Attack power, speed, breath resistance (A rank, breath invasion).
All status of angelic lineage.

0 Summoner Specialties and Effects
 H jumping Just jumping around.
 G Provoke Enemies into a rage.
 G provoke. It does not increase its own power.
 E Scales puts the enemy to sleep.
 D Spider's Thread stops or slows enemy movement. Slows down the enemy.
 C Numbing Needle. Stops the enemy from moving.
 B formic acid Reduces durability.
 A Spawns 100 half-status alter egos once a day. A Numbing Needle Causes the stung beast to listen to the summoner of bug A. Therefore, Allen cannot direct it. The maximum duration is 1 month. It can be used by any rank, but it seems that the needle also has attack power and damage, and magical beasts of rank B or lower cannot withstand it and often die.
Beast System
 H Run around Just run around.  
 G Dig a hole. Dig a hole with a radius of 30cm and a depth of 1m.  
 F Bite Gives a full-blown blow.

 E bite. gives a powerful blow.
 D crush. Gives a vicious blow.
 C Thrust. attacks all enemies in a forward direction.
 B Triple Bite Gives three vicious blows to a single enemy in succession.
 A Gale Strike You make a first strike. You can attack first even if you are behind.
 A Shrinking Ground Moves 100 meters at a ridiculous speed. Cool time is 1 minute.
 G Voice imitation Can imitate the voice of a target whose name you know or whose voice you have heard.
 F. Transmission: Not tested because there was no one to tell. See chapter 3.
 E Hawk-eye Can search for objects in a radius of three kilometers.
      Cannot search beyond obstacles. The skill is only active during the day.
 Can search for objects within a 3km radius.
      Cannot search beyond the obstacle. The skill is active only during the night.
 C run away. runs away with great speed. Depends on your speed.
 B Flying flies with great speed. Depends on your speed.
 A nesting. moves Allen to the location of the nest. Includes equipment.
 A nesting. sets up a nest. 1 per summoner. Can be changed.

Herbal system
 F Aroma Reduces magic recovery time from 6 hours to 5 hours.
 E Grass of Life heals your health 1000 times. Disappears when used.
 D Fruit of Magic: Restores magic power 1000 times. Dispels when used.
 C spice heals a target from a condition. The effect lasts for 1 day.
 B Blessing of the Earth heals one person's strength and magic.
 A Silver Beans When planted, it makes a tree grow and prevents B-ranked monsters from coming within 1km. Effective for 100 years.
 When you plant it, a tree will grow and it will keep B rank monsters away from you.
 E harden. very hard.
 D Protects you.
 C Mirroring Damage of a target within a 50 meter radius. Becomes harder.
 B Reflection bounces back the same damage to the attacker. Becomes hard.
 A Absorb Absorbs a long distance attack. Damage is accumulated. Becomes harder.
 A Life After Death activates when you have absorbed a maximum amount of damage. The limit will come again. Chance is 10%. Once activated, the power of convergent bombardment is doubled.
 Increases physical and magical evasion. The effect lasts 24 hours.

 C Shark Skin Doubles the critical rate. Effective for 24 hours.
 B Turtle Shield. 20% damage reduction. Range 50 meters. Effective for 24 hours.
 A Smoke Screen halves the chance of being attacked and the chance of critical hit. 1km radius. Effective for 24 hours.
 A Heart of Octopus revives the summoner with full strength and magic power even if the summoner dies twice. The heart will be restored after 1 day.
Spirit System
 C Psycho Non-attribute. Single long range attack. Consumes 100 magic power. Depends on intelligence.
 B gravity magic. Ranged attack. 100 meter radius.
 A Gosunugi. Long range attack. Radius 100 meters. Critical attack. Intelligence dependent.
 A Spirit Behind You moves behind you in a radius of 100 meters. Cool time is 1 minute.
A dragon system.
 Breathe fire. Breathes fire-based breath. Effective area is 10m in radius. No magic consumption.
 A poisonous fang. 1% reduction in health per second.
 A Super Regeneration. 1% of your health is restored per second.

 Can change the attribute of a target. The probability depends on your intelligence.
 A circle of angels can be used for summoner's skills as permitted by the administrator (Allen). You don't get experience of the administrator's skill even if you spend magic power.

0 Summoner's Awakening Skills and Effects
 H swarming. doubles in number per second. The limit is 100. Increases until the main body is killed. Cannot be attacked. Cool time is 1 day.
 G incitement. Can guide to a specific direction. Cool time is 1 day.
 F sucks away strength and attack power. Absorbed strength and attack power are added to your status for 1 hour. Cool time is 1 day.
 E Swallowtail Dance.  attack each other. Cool time is 1 day.
 D Hard Thread. emits a thread that reduces your health when you move. Cool time is 1 day.
 C kryptonite. instant death attack. Cool time is 1 day.
 B spawns an alter of half your status and size. The summoner can't direct the alter. Cool time is 1 day.
 A King's Table Produces an alter of itself that has the ability to use needles and spawn. The size of the alter is the same. The summoner cannot direct the alter. Cool time is 1 day.
Beast System

 H rat equation Doubling in number per second. The limit is 100. The number increases until the main body is destroyed. Cannot attack. Cool time is 1 day.
 G Living in a Hole You can dig a hole for 1 hour at 10 times the speed of digging a hole. Cool time is 1 day.
 F Loyal Dog. small dog size. For pet and guard. Lasts 1 month. No cool time.
 E borrowed cat Becomes cat size. For pet and guarding. Lasts for 1 month. No cool time.
 D devour. Twice as powerful as bite. Cool time is 1 day.
 C rushing. Twice as powerful as rushing. Full frontal attack. Cool time is 1 day.
 B9 Bite Crush. 9 attacks with 3 times the power of 3 bites. Cool time is 1 day.
 A Instant Wolf Kill. A first strike within a 1km radius. 3 times as powerful as Gale Strike. Cool time is 1 day.
Bird System
 G Chirping allows you to emit the voices of multiple targets simultaneously. The conditions for acquiring voices are the same as for imitating voices. Cool time is 1 day.
 Allen's voice can deliver information including images to targets within a 100 km radius. Cool time is 1 day.
 E clairvoyant. Can see objects within a 100 km radius. Cannot see inside obstacles. Effective only during daytime. Cool time is 1 day.

 Can see objects within a radius of 100 kilometers. Cannot see inside obstacles. Effective only at night. Cool time is 1 day.
 C Vikidaten moves 3 times faster than run. lasts 1 hour. Cool time is 1 day.
 Moves at 3 times the speed of flying. lasts 1 hour. Cool time is 1 day.
 A homing instinct. transfers friends and things within a radius of 1km to the location of the nest. Cool time is 1 day. Enemies must be touched (swords can be crossed) and the distance is 1km.
 When planted, a tree grows and when smelled, the magic recovery cycle is increased to 3 hours. The area of effect is 100 meters. The tree will exist for 1 month.
 E Leaf of Life restores health 1000 times. The effect area is 50m in radius.
 D Seed of Magic recovers magic power 1000 times. The effect area is 50 meters in radius.
 C savory vegetables. heals abnormal conditions. lasts for 24 hours. It has a radius of 50 meters.
 B Heavenly Blessing cures physical and magical damage. It has an effect radius of 100 meters.
 A golden bean. When planted, a tree will grow and A-ranked monsters will not come within 1km. Effective for 10 years.
 E self-destruct It explodes at the cost of your own life. The effect area is 10 meters in radius. Can be timed. Cannot be undone after self-destruct is ordered. Power depends on durability.

 Protects life. Increases durability by 5 times. Cool time is 1 day.
 C self-sacrifice replaces the damage of multiple targets. It has an effect radius of 100 meters. Doubles durability when activated. Cool time is 1 day.
 B Total Reflection. triples damage dealt and bounces the damage back to a 100 meter area in front of you. Cool time is 1 day. Triples durability when activated. Cool time is 1 day.
 A Converging Bombardment fires a long range attack absorbed by absorption at a target. Cool time is 1 day.
Fish System
 D Disperse Disables a certain percentage of physical and magical attacks. About 10%. Effective area is 100m radius. Effect for 1 hour. Cool time is 1 day.
 C shark skin. Certain percentage of critical attacks. Effective for 24 hours. About 10%. Effect area is 100 meters. Cool time is 1 day.
 B Turtle Barrier Reduces damage by 50%. Duplicates Turtle Shield. Affects all physical, magical, and breath damage. Effective for 24 hours. It has a radius of 100 meters. Cool time is 1 day.
 A Mimicry: Can change form. Can also use hexenbiest skills. Effect lasts 1 hour. Cool time is 1 day.
Spirit Lineage

 C Poldergeist Can activate multiple psychos simultaneously. Each psycho costs 100 magic power. Cool time is 1 day.
 B Black Hole Gravity magic. Range attack. 3 times more powerful than Gravity. 100 meter radius. Cool time 1 day.
 A Earthbound Spell. stops all enemies within a 1km radius. The duration varies with the rank of the enemy. Intelligence dependent. Cool time is 1 day.
Dragon System
 B Fire of Rage. 3 times more powerful than Firebreathing. 50m radius. Cool time is 1 day.
 A Hellfire consumes all magic power and spits fire. Radius 100 meters. Cool time is 1 day.
 A Thunder of Judgment. Single attack. Paralyzes the target. Consumes all magic power. Cool time is 1 day.

0 summoner's name and appearance
 H Denka Grasshopper. Larger than a grasshopper.
 G Pyonta Frog. Bigger than a bullfrog.

 F Chew Hill. Curled up like a volleyball.
 E swallowtail butterfly. One meter from wing to wing.
 D Spider, spider. 1.5 meters long.
 C pion, scorpion. Body length 3 meters.
 B ant pon. 10 meters long.
 A hatch bee. . 30 meters long.
Beast System
 H Choloske. Rat. About a gerbil.
 G Mogusuke Mole. About the size of a small dog.
 F Pochi Dog. About the size of an Akita dog.
 E Tama saber tiger. About 1.2 meters tall. 2 meters long.
 D Bear Bear. 2.5 meters long.
 C Button Boar. . 3 meters long.
 B Kerolyn Cerberus. . 10 meters long.

 A Hayate Fenrir. Body length 15 meters.
Avian lineage
 G Chappie Parrot. Parakeet size.
 F Poppo Pigeon. Pigeon size.
 E hawk. About 2 meters with wings spread.
 D Hollow Owl. 1.5 meters with wings spread.
 C flan. A cuckoo. Two meters tall.
 B Griff Griffon. 5 meters long.
 A Swallow A swallow. Size of a swallow.
Grass strain
 F apo apple. With arms and legs.
 E mametalow Pea. Growing limbs.
 D jagavata potato. A limb is growing out.
 C marbo Eggplant. A limb is growing out.
 B momoko peach. . with arms and legs.

 A Solarin Fava bean . It has limbs.
 E caveos. Made of stone. Eraser with arms and legs. Body length 1.5 meters.
 D Bron copper armor. Medieval European style. Body length 2 meters. Shield 2 meters long and wide.
 C Tekko Steel armor. Medieval European style. Body length 4 meters. Shield is 3 meters long and wide.
 B Mirror Rounded, angular armor of mithril. 10 meters long. Shield is 5 meters long and wide.
 A Rocanelle Slender, sharp armor of babylon. Height 15 meters. No shield. Carries two floating balls of fireweed.
 D-harami salmon. Body length 2 meters.
 C shark fin shark. 4 meters long.
 B Genbu Archeron. 10 meters long.
 A Taco Octopus. Length 30 meters.
Spirit lineage

 C Maria French doll. 5 years old . . 30cm.
 B Ellie French doll . Early teens. 1.2 meters.
 A Okiyosan Japanese ghost. A woman dressed in white. Late teens. Headband and torch tied to her head. Equipped with a straw doll and a hammer. 1.5 meters.
 B Dora Dora Dragon. With wings. Stocky and short-legged. 20 meters long.
 A Orochi Hydra. Five heads. No legs. 100 meters long.
Angelic lineage
 A Merus. Formerly the first angel. Late teens. Brown hair with a natural perm. Half-naked. Two wings on his back. Beautiful young man. 178cm tall.

How to improve your skills
01 years and 00 months old, acquired grimoire, summoning level 1, summoned beast H rank.
01 years old, 10 months, Summoning Level 2, Acquired Synthesis Skill
03 years old, 00 months old, Summoner G rank

05 years old, 11 months old, summoning level 3, acquired enhancement skill, Summoner F
Summon level 4, gain storage skill, Summoner E
Summon level 5, gain shared skill, Summoner D
Summoner level 6, gain Awakening skill, Summoner C
Summoning level 7, fast summoning skill, commanding skill, Summoner B
15 years and 03 months old, summon level 8, acquire Equivalent Exchange skill, acquire Royalization skill, summon beast A

0 Magic power consumption for each skill
Summoning, storage, sharing, commanding, kinging, and fast summoning consume 0 magic.
Generate depends on the summoner's rank
 H rank consumes 2 magic power
 G rank consumes 5 magic power
 Rank F consumes 10 magic power.
 Rank E consumes 20 magic power.
 D Rank Magic Power 50
 Rank C consumes 100 magic power 
 B Rank 200 Magic Power 
 Rank A consumes 500 magic power
Synthesis consumes 5 magic power.
Strengthening consumes 10 magic power, Awakening consumes 100 magic power.

Combination of 0 synthesis
Bird system: Insects and beasts
Insects and Beasts - Grass - Insects and Birds
Stone: Bird and grass
Fish line: grass and stone
Fish line: grass and stone.
Dragon lineage - Stone and spirit
Angel line Dragon and Spirit

Number of magic stones required to create and synthesize 0

 Starting from rank E, magic stones are required for generation and synthesis. The type of magic stone required is the magic stone of that rank.
Insects: 1
Beast: 1
3 for birds.
Grass: 5
Stone: 9
15 Fish
Spirit 19
29 dragon strains.
49 angelic strains

The number of increases in the two statuses that can be used as blessings with the 0 enhancement level
Level 1: Increase to +10
Level 2: Increase to +20
Level 3: Increase to +50
Level 4: Increase to +100
Level 5: Increase to +200
Level 6: Increase to +500
Level 7: Increase to +1,000
Level 8: Increase to +2000

0Storage performance
 You can store anything up to 30cm square.
 It can contain food, rings and weapons (swords) obtained in S-class dungeons.

z Performance of Sharing
 When you share, you can share your sight and hearing.
 When you share a summoner, you can give it instructions and make it use special techniques.
 You can share more than one summoner.
 The number of summons that can be shared is 1 per 200 intelligence including blessings.

 Cannot share unless you are within a 50 meter radius and visible.
 If you are more than 50 meters away, you can unshare.
 Cannot re-share if you are more than 50 meters away.

0 commanding
 Skill limited to B-rank summons. Can command one summoner of each system. The commanded summoner is marked as general in the status column. Its status is doubled. Its size is also doubled.
 It can also increase the status of summoned beasts of the same type within a 100 meter radius by 1.5 times. It also increases its size by 1.5 times.
 A soldiered summoner can show the status of soldier in the status column.

 only for A rank summons. can kingify a summoner of each line. The summoner is marked as "King" in the status column. Status is tripled. Some summonses change their size and appearance, some do not.
 The cool time of a kingized summoner is reduced from 1 day to 1 hour.
 A kingized summoner can command other summoners within a 1km radius.
 A commanded summoner can command other summoners within a radius of 100 meters.
 The commanding and militarizing skills increase the status by 2 and 1.5 times respectively.

0 high speed summoning
 The summoning skill becomes very fast.

Relationship between Intelligence and Command
 Summoner's Intelligence is different depending on its system and rank. Summoners with low intelligence do not listen to instructions. However, it can activate special skills.
 If it has 100 intelligence, it can listen to commands.
 If it has 400 intelligence, it can cooperate with other summoners.