369-Episode 360 Military Response (1)

 Allen and his friends are in Forthenia, the capital of Rosenheim.
 They have completed their coronation ceremony in Elmar's Kingdom and have joined the war in the Central Continent.

 The leader of the Demon King's army was a demon god, so we defeated him, and Allen's level is now 93.

 He then went to the war at sea being fought by the Baucis Empire, but the Demon Lord's army had decided to retreat.
 The demon gods were already gone, and we had failed to defeat them.

 Not in the Queen's Chamber, but in a larger room, a ceremony was to be held for 2000 elves to join Allen's army.
 It's very elvish, with all the rituals and ceremonies.

"Master Aren. Thank you for your patience. The departure and arrival ceremony will now take place."

 The Elven Queen came to the ceremony site and spoke to Allen.
 She seemed to want to say a few words before the ceremony that was about to begin.

 The Queen's attitude towards Allen is currently on the rise.
 The distance between the two of them seems to be getting closer, apparently because they've acquired the floating island, Heavy User Island.
 It means that the foresight of the Spirit God from when he was the Spirit King was right.
 He was once again recognized as the "Light Dispelling Darkness" who would save the world.

 Two thousand two-star talents would be lent to us just as the war was ending.
 I heard that the damage from the war was much less this time, but still thousands of soldiers died.

 The Queen has told me that the deadline is indefinite and that Allen will be in charge of all operations, including life and death operations.
 The direct command of the 2,000 elves will be given to General Lukidraal.

 There is a possibility that Allen's operation will be prolonged for many years.
 Elves who are unable to leave their families will be allowed to move to Heavy User Island.
 Even if the number of applicants reaches several thousand, this island will be at the forefront of the battle against the Demon King's army.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you're lending me 2,000 of your best talents under these circumstances. Have you confirmed your readiness?"

 I'm sure the elves won't say no if the queen asks them to go, but I hope they'll make sure they're ready.

"Of course. We have a different concept of death by nature. And soon, huh? Oh, yeah, that's right. ......"

 For the elves, death means returning to the base of the world tree.
 This is why the idea that life is not worth sparing in order to protect the world tree and the queen who worships the spirit of the world tree, the spirit god Rosen, is at the root of this idea.

 Sophie, who has been called the next queen of the world, is with that spirit god, along with the Man of Light who dispels darkness.
 I was just about to say that there was no reason for anyone to refuse.

"What? What are you doing here?

 The Elven Queen had discovered something and began to tremble and fall to her knees.
 The elves in the queen's service hurriedly rushed towards her.

 They stare not at Allen, but at the others behind him.

"It's nothing, it's nothing. I'm sorry, is there something wrong with my daughter?"

"What? Rough? Is it Sophie?"

 I'll tell her that she's been very helpful.
 Sophie is the one who thought of Allen's army this time.

"No, I hope it's nothing. ......"

 She is clearly upset.
 Then, with her upset eyes, she looked again at Cecil's Makris Sacred Pearl.
 Then he slides his gaze to look at Crenna's Rubanka Pearl.
 I thought maybe I was looking at it wrong, but this glow is definitely the Holy Pearl.

 The Queen of Rosenheim does not possess the Pearl.
 The Queen of Rosenheim does not have the Pearl, and the reason is that the elves did not see its value.
 Also, according to the stories of the Proustian Empire, it is a culture throughout the world where kings give gifts to their queens.
 That is why it is not very popular in queenly countries, not even in Rosenheim.

 But I know its value and meaning.
 Cecil and Crenna are astonished to see the holy beads on their arms.
 She despairs that Sophie does not have the Pearl on her arm.

 The holy bead of Lubanka, which she took from Basque, is still worn by Crenna after the battle with Gushala.
 Dogora is a one-hit-kill character, so in a normal battle, Kurena may be better than Dogora.
 So I decided to use it to strengthen Kurena.

 In addition, Dogora's health has already recovered to the point where she can participate in battle.

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty.


"No, it's fine. We'll talk about it after the ceremony."

 Sophie seemed to have realized what the Queen had noticed.
 She bowed deeply and apologized.
 Sophie said she would stay behind for a bit to talk to the Queen and her own mother and would come back later.
 I'll let Spirit A's summoner check on the situation.

 Not long after that, the departure ceremony was over.
 With 2,000 soldiers and elves working for the government, Allen used his bird A summoner's "homing instinct" to move to the floating island of "Heavy User Island".
 He can transfer any object within a radius of one kilometer, whether it be a package or a person, to a place where it can be moved.
 You cannot move into rocks, the ground, or a house with a solid foundation.
 It has been useful in many ways, such as rescuing people from pagans and defeating demons and pagan gurus.

"What the hell is this place?
"As you said, there's nothing here.
"It's more than nothing. Can it be inhabited?

 Two thousand elves, led by General Lukidraal, were astonished.
 Allen moved to the perimeter of Heavy User Island.
 There was not a single plant or tree growing there.










「ようやく来たのか. 村はこの辺りでいいのか?」

「シア様、お待たせしています. そうですね. 上流から川を作って水を流す予定ですので、そちらに沿う形で村を作りましょう」





「すまぬが、この島ではアレンよ、お前が長だ. 余に敬語は不要だ」



「そっか. そうだな. シア、よろしく頼むぞ」

"Well, yeah. I guess they didn't respect you very much. ......"

"Something about this feels familiar."

 Shea was astonished by the change in language.
 Cecil felt a sense of déjà vu at the conversation between Allen and Shea.
 This was just after his homeroom teacher had told him that he didn't need to use honorifics even with noblemen at the school.
 Thus, the development of Heavy User Island proceeded.