370-Episode 361 Military Response (2)

 As soon as they were transferred to the island, the elves who could use earth-based spirit magic began to move.
 Of the 1,000 spirit mages who came to the island this time, more than half of them could use earth-based spirit magic.

 They put earth over the rugged rocks and turned the too big rocks into sand.
 The first step is to turn the ground in the residential areas into rolling soil.
 More than 10,000 people will live on this island.
 Over several square kilometers, we are leveling the ground.

"After all, with this many people, we'll be able to cultivate it soon.

 Cecil murmured beside Allen.

"The selection process seems to be going well, and we can't afford to keep them waiting too long.

I'm sure it's going well. They are all at full level and status. There's no need to build walls or moats. It won't take more than 10 days to make them livable. (Oops. Generate. Generate.)

 There are currently 2,000 beastmen and 2,000 elves on this island, and they are all at maximum level and skill.
 Naturally, I'm in normal mode.

 The process of leveling the ground is fast, but at the same time, the spirit mages of the tree system of spirit magic are planting trees in other places.
 It seems that the trees need water to grow, so the spirit mages of the water system are also cooperating in a kind of combined move.

 In no time at all, the trees had grown to over 10 meters in height, and the beastmen who had reached the maximum level were pulling them out with both hands like they were pulling out radishes.
 With large machetes, they cut off useless branches, leaves, and roots, and turn them into logs.
 These logs will be used as building materials for the construction of houses.
 These logs will also be used in large quantities as building materials for the town that we are building, so we use spirit magic to create more and more logs and pile them up.

(We can use the land more efficiently because we don't have to build walls around the town.

 We are on a floating island.
 We are on a floating island, so we don't need to think about unnecessary walls and moats to make space for houses, fields, and farms.

 However, the island is floating quite high in the sky, and there is no guarantee that flying monsters will not come close to it.
 You can use Grass A's summoner's awakening skill, "Golden Beans," to scatter them around the island.
 This will keep A-ranked monsters away from a radius of one kilometer for ten years.

 In the meantime, Allen uses the "Seed of Magic Power" in his bag.
 Ever since he received the distress signal in Elmar Province, he has been in a constant battle.
 He has been earning skill experience while traveling and resting, but he still has a long way to go to summoning level 9.

 I'll raise my skill level as soon as possible, in the shortest possible time.
 I'll make Merus generate magic seeds as well.

 If you're going to use a magic seed, it restores 2000 magic power in a 50-meter radius, so walk around and restore the magic power of the elves and beastmen.

 I equip a magic recovery ring, a ring that increases magic power by 2000, and Makris's Sacred Pearl.
 When I asked Cecil to lend me Makris's Sacred Pearl, he said, "You have to give it back! but she never refuses.
 Cecil grinned as he returned it, and received the Makris Pearl.

(Sophie's late. It'll be tomorrow.

 After the ceremony is over, the Queen takes me to a private room and seems to be doing something, but I don't know what's going on.
 Since it's a family reunion, I guess I'll join Sophie tomorrow.

"Oh, um... Allen-sama, should we even out from here to the mountain area?"

 As Allen was walking and recovering his magic, he was spoken to by an elf.
 He seems to be in charge of clearing the ground.

"Yes, sir. Well, that's about it, isn't it?


(You don't need to put too much effort into it. (You don't need to put too much effort into it. It's not like there's no possibility of using this island to attack the Demon Lord's base.

 I've given each of the elves and beastmen a copy of the map of the island that Allen made.
 According to this plan, the settlement will proceed.

 The island is 10 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide, and will have several towns, fields, farms, rivers for water, and lakes for the fishermen.
 The mountain temple will have to be renovated to become an altar for Freya, the god of fire.

 The location of the town is also planned to be a temple to Freya, the god of fire, and the flames that are worshipped there will be clearly visible at night.
 Custom is very important, so please pray every night before you go to bed.

 As for the town, yes, and the soldiers, I will have them change jobs.

I also need to find a job for an ex-atheist. I think Pelomus is the royal capital.

 I'm also planning to start an industry on this island.
 Peromus, a merchant from the same village of Krena, is in the capital of the Kingdom of Latash.
 I would like to go see him to discuss some matters.

 I have a number of plans for the future.
 However, if Allen has to stay with me for this project, it will be a complete disaster.

 In my previous life, I have played a few games where I had my own house or where I could build a town like a garden.
 There were many online games where you could buy a house or a hideaway and add your own arrangements to it.

 When Allen was Kenichi in his previous life, his house in the game was a storage place for the items and equipment he acquired by hunting enemies.
 He had never been interested in pretty houses or cool houses.

(Is this part of growing up?)

 I think I've always relied on the memories of my previous life.
 I think I have always relied on the memories of my past lives, which have helped me a lot.
 However, in order to establish business and industry, I need the help of Peromus, a merchant who I rarely had as a friend in my previous life.
 In the fight against Gordino, the lowest level boss of the S-class dungeon, Rosetta the Thief was very helpful.

 I learned that there are a lot of things that I threw away in my previous life, but I really need.
 I'm going to explore the island as much as I can without restricting Allen's activities.

 While I'm thinking about this, Merus comes in with Sophie.

"Hmm? Are you done? You can stay over there for the night."

"...... No, I'll do my best."

 I don't know what happened, but she seems to be okay, if a little depressed.
 I can feel some kind of unfathomable enthusiasm in Sophie.

"Okay. Sophie, I'm sorry, I know it's early, but I need you to come with me. I think the dark elves are ready for us.

"Of course I'll come."

 I could have done without Sophie, but if I'm going to invite the Dark Elves to Heavy User Island, it's better to have Sophie.

 So, a slightly depressed Sophie and I headed for the Dark Elf village of Fabulase.

"You look young.

"Yes, you are."

 Fabulase, the home of the Dark Elves, had an announcement that 1,000 Dark Elves would be joining Allen's army.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea.

 The majority of the elves currently settling on the island had served in the army.
 Many of them have been fighting against the Demon Lord's army for at least three years, and their levels and skills are almost perfect.
 As elves, they looked younger than humans, but even so, most of them looked to be in their twenties or thirties.

 However, looking at Allen and the others, most of the 1000 Dark Elves participating in this event were in their mid to late teens.

 I've heard that the age of adulthood for Elves and Dark Elves is 30.
 I've heard that High Elves and High Dark Elves come of age at 50.

 So Sophie, at 50, is no different in appearance or youth than Cecil or Crenna.

 Perhaps the Dark Elves chose someone around 30 years old.

(I see, they said 1,000 2-star ones, but they didn't mention most of the other requirements.

 They were probably not at full level or skill.
 In the first place, they haven't participated in the battle against the Demon King's army, and it will take much longer for their levels to reach the maximum level compared to the elves.
 There are also demonic beasts around this village that they may have to defeat, so they may not be level 1, but they are definitely not as skilled as the elves.

 While Allen and Sophie were watching the dark elves, King Olbers, the elders, and a female dark elf arrived.

"We're all set. We have a few things we need you to take with you.

 King Olberth, who is also here, calls directly to Allen.
 I'm not sure if I should carry the pile of stuff that takes up half the hall with me.
 It seems that he has gathered the things necessary for the settlement and the lives of the Dark Elves.

"Thank you very much. Um, who's this?


 Allen sees a dark elf of about eight years old standing in front of the woman.
 I don't know what it is, but it seems to be staring at me.
 At any rate, he decides to mace her back.
 I can't lose here.

"Oh, this is my child, Luke Todd. I would like you to take him with you."

 King Olbers seems to have thought that Allen was mistaken, and that he would not be so cruel to his own child.
 We'll proceed as normal.


 I hadn't heard about it since it wasn't mentioned in the letter, but I guess if it's the king's child, then it must be a prince.

(Hmm? Is the Spirit King coming with us? I think it was Fable.)

 In Luke Todd's hand, a black weasel is curled up in a ball.
 I think he's the Spirit King of this village, and his name is Fable.

 Allen thought that the spirit king Fabre and the dark elf prince were apparently going to join the army.