371-Episode 362 Allen Military Action Policy

"You chose a very young man. Thank you for your consideration."

 Aren thanked King Olberth for choosing so many young Dark Elves.

"I see. You thank me. It's harder than with elves."

 King Olbers replied awkwardly, not expecting to be thanked.
 The disadvantage of sending about a thousand dark elves this time, who were about a year younger than the elves and didn't seem to have much combat experience, was that they would have to be trained all the way by Allen's army.
 The disadvantage of sending 1,000 dark elves is that they would have to be trained by Aren's army. The selection of untrained elves may have had an effect on the protection of the village.

 The advantage of this is that the elves will be taken care of.
 If we sent the same number of Dark Elves, who are of the same generation and have experience in battle, there is a possibility that they would be in a power struggle.
 Even if that were not the case, two races that have been fighting each other for thousands of years are living on the same island.

 The dark elves, who have no combat experience and are a generation younger, may be more flexible.
 I think there are advantages and disadvantages to everything.

"I'm looking forward to working with you, Luke-Todd."

 With that, I greeted LukeTodd, the child of Olbers who had been glaring at me for a while.
 I think he's a prince, but for now, he's a member of Allen's army, which means he's under my command, so I'll address him as 'sir'.

"It's nice to meet you."

 Luke Todd gave a small nod.
 Apparently, he was not hostile.
 I think he was simply nervous.

'Luke, I'm here for you, don't worry. You don't have to worry.

(Oh, Favre's talking. I'm talking to you.

 Favre talks like a lady.

"Uh-huh. Yeah, yeah. Thanks."

 Fable, the spirit king in the form of a jet-black weasel, encourages Luke with his nose.
 A queen-like person is anxiously handing Luke Todd a bag full of luggage.
 Allen somehow feels that he is not ready to be independent yet, so he asks her how old she is, and she tells him that she is 15 years old, the same age as Allen.

 Thus, he moves to Heavy User Island with the Dark Elves who are joining Allen's army.

 It was the first day of the settlement of Heavy User Island, and we had 2000 beastmen, 2000 elves, 1000 dark elves, and all the participants of Allen's army.

 As expected, there was no point in having all 5,000 people here, so the captain class and above with 100 subordinates gathered in the hall to discuss the future.

 I asked them to make a conference room for the meeting, and we gathered in the building that the beastmen and elves had made for us.
 This large building will be the Mayor's residence in the future.

 Allen sits on the top seat, with Sophie and Shea sitting on either side of him.
 Next to him sits Luke Todd and Allen's friends.
 As a military organization, they seem to value rank and position.

"No alcohol, please. Fruit water, please."

 A female elf soldier comes to pour Allen a drink and asks for fruit water.
 Allen generally does not drink alcohol.
 The meeting is held in a relaxed manner with food.

"Everyone is here. Allen, let's get started."

 He checks to see if Shea has gathered.
 There were close to a hundred people in this room, including the captain and above who had more than a hundred subordinates.
 The general and Allen's friends were also present, so there were quite a few people in the circle.
 The captains who could not join the circle sat in rows.

 Everyone waited for Allen's words and looked at him.
 All of them have heard that it is Allen who will lead the army this time.
 They all know that Allen is the first S-rank adventurer to appear in 20 years, that he has conquered S-rank dungeons, that he invaded Rosenheim last year against the Demon King's army, and that he has solved the recent disturbance caused by the evil cultist Gushala.

 He has accomplished so much that it doesn't even matter that he is a commoner in a small country called the Kingdom of Latash.

 There are elves who have seen Allen fight in Rosenheim, and there are beastmen who have seen him fight against the evil gods and their infidels.
 These elven generals and beastmen captains are looking at Allen with their backs straight.

"Thank you all for gathering here. My name is Allen, and I will be leading this army. We will be a mixed army of different races with different positions and objectives, but let's defeat the Demon Lord's army together."

"Hmm. Isn't it okay to talk about our positions?

 Shea says there's no need to mention the position and purpose.

"Well, yes. But I don't think we need to share the same ambition. Each of you should keep what is important to you, including your thoughts and beliefs."

 There was a reason why the Dark Elves and Beastmen had joined Allen's army this time.
 There is a reason why dark elves and beastmen have joined Allen's army.

 If there was a noble reason to protect the world from the Demon King's army, the beastmen and dark elves would have sent their forces to the Continental Alliance before joining Allen's army.

 But they hadn't done so up until now, and of course one of the reasons they wanted to take this opportunity was because they had seen Allen's battles.
 Both the beastmen and the dark elves have seen the overwhelming power of Allen and his companions to defeat the demon gods.
 It can be said that the prospect of victory has become clear.

 And there is one important thing.
 One of the main reasons why we decided to participate in this tournament was because of what the Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire said.

The Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire said, "The dungeons will be used by the armies of the Alliance of the Five Continents on a priority basis. This is nothing short of a miracle brought about by Lord Elmere in order to fight the Demon King's army.

 This was said at the meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents before the Elmar cult sent a distress signal.

 The divine artifacts were stolen, and the job change system was started to give power to the people, but there was only one dungeon, so the question arose as to who would have priority in using it.

 Naturally, it makes sense to give priority to the nation that fights the Demon Lord's army.
 Otherwise, the true meaning of the emperor's statement is that Elmere, the God of Creation, would not have set up a job change dungeon in a school city under the control of the Alliance of Five Continents.

 Using a job change dungeon, you can increase the number of your stars by one.
 Talents with three or more stars are hard to be born in any country, and talents with two stars can have the power of a sword saint or a saint.

 The use of the dungeon will improve the power of the nation, and not using it will lead to the decline of the nation.

 The Dark Elves will be greatly outnumbered by the Elves.

 Therefore, joining Aren's army is a good reason to fight against the Demon King's army.
 This means that there is now a plausible reason to use the job change dungeon.

 In addition, I have made arrangements with the Queen of Rosenheim and the Adventurer's Guild to allow you to use the job change dungeon when you join Allen's army.
 The dungeons are under the jurisdiction of the Adventurer's Guild, and Allen has the authority of a deputy commissioner.
 If you ask for preferential treatment for someone you know, and you have 5,000 acquaintances, he will give you preferential treatment.
 We're also working on a way to allow Dark Elves who don't have diplomatic relations to visit the school city and the S-class dungeons of the Baucis Empire.

Now, I have to attend the meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents.

 Now that the invasion of the Demon King's army has been largely settled, Allen has been invited to a meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents.
 The Queen of Rosenheim told him that he was required to speak at the meeting.

"There are three things we need to do first. First, we have three things to do: explore the island, strengthen the army, and conquer the S-class dungeons."

 Allen begins to tell everyone about his plans for the future.

 All the elves and beastmen went there today, but we don't need 5,000 people on this not-so-big island.
 Many of the dark elves have not grown up and cannot go to the S-class dungeons.

 Of the 5,000, I divided them into armies of different races and asked them to take turns exploring the island and strengthening the army.

 In these armies, there are those who have not reached the maximum level or skill level, and those who cannot go to the S-class dungeons.
 In order to strengthen the army, you have to conquer the five A-level dungeons and aim for the S-level dungeons while raising your level and skill level.
 Once your level and skill level have reached their maximum, you can change jobs.

 Once you have completed your career change and have received an invitation to the S-class dungeon, you will be able to work in the S-class dungeon.

 One of the goals is that within one year, all members of Allen's army will have completed their career changes, reached their full level and skill level, and will all be equipped with two rings that increase their status by 5000.

 Please note that Allen's explanation does not refer to leveling up as a divine ordeal.
 Instead, he explains it in words that he hopes you will remember from now on.

"So, I'm going to the S-level dungeon, right?"

"Yes. Dogora. I want you to stay in the S-level dungeon with Merus. I'll join you in the dungeon once I've settled in."

 Dogora entered Extra Mode and went to the S-class dungeon with the main members.
 At this time, Crenna, Kiel, and Merus will also accompany him.
 The main purpose of the trip is to improve their skill levels, collect 5000 status increase rings, and collect the stone slabs for the Baboon Golem.

 It's no use for Dogora to be exploring the island.
 I'd love to see him explore the limits of Extra Mode.

 Cecil, Sophie, and Formar will accompany Allen to explore the island and help Allen's army.

 Shea will try to reach the maximum skill level while conquering the dungeon.
 Shea was level 60 when she joined Allen's party, the "Abandoned Gamers," but her skill level had not yet reached full.
 Her skill level was around 4 to 5.
 She didn't even seem to be qualified to go to the S-class dungeon, so the idea was to try to conquer the dungeon.

"I see. I see. That's a good policy. So, does anyone have any questions?"

 Shea is actively facilitating the meeting.
 I'm really grateful to have Shea, who has a general's temperament.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'd like to ask Master LukeTodd to join Master Allen's party.

 The Dark Elf general and Luke Todd's caretaker asked Allen to join the abandoned gamers.