372-Episode 363 Clan Formation

"'You mean you want Mr. Luke Todd to join my party? Mr. Bunsenburke.

"Yes, sir. Is this going to be difficult?

 The dark elf General Bunsenburke looked at Allen anxiously.

(Hmmm...) (Hmmm... so there's already a sort of hierarchy within Allen's army.

 He looks at the Elven General Lukidraal.
 He looks as if he is about to make a fool of himself by joining the noble "Abandoned Gamers", while Luke Todd looks as if he has never even drawn a bow before.

 This time, Allen has formed a party of adventurers from each race, since dungeons, such as S-class dungeons and job change dungeons, are a major part of his activity policy.
 He also decided to form a "clan," which is a system for organizing adventuring parties.

 A clan is a group of adventuring parties.
A clan is a group of adventurers.
The Elf Clan, led by the Elven General Lukidraal.
The Abandoned Gamer Beasts, led by the beastly Captain Lud.
Abandoned Gamer Dark, led by the Dark Elf Bunsenburke.

 Allen will be the party leader of the Abandoned Gamers and also the clan leader of the four parties.

 The Abandoned Gamers, led by Allen, consist of Allen, Crenna, Cecil, Dogora, Kiel, Sophie, Formar, Merle, and Shea.

 This 8 year old brown boy, Luke Todd, has been asked to join the abandoned gamers.

 This seems to be a matter of rank and pride.
 I guess they don't want the Dark Elves to be the only ones who can't join the Abandoned Gamers.

"By the way, what is your talent, LukeTodd?

"Black. ......

"I'm a necromancer.

 You'll be able to find a lot more information on this subject in this article.
 He may be thinking that this is the most important fork in the road for the Dark Elves.

"Hmm? Merus. What is black magic?"

"It's a profession that uses spirit magic, mainly attacks and debuffs. It's a talent in the stars.

"My Lord Merus!"

 General Bunsenberg almost blew his soul out of his mouth.
 General Bunsenberg almost blew his soul out of his mouth, and there was an uproar when he heard that Allen could summon Merus.

(One star, or two stars if you can change jobs. Well, if you have a Spirit King as your companion, you're not completely useless. (I think the Spirit King is a sub-god.

 Allen's gaming brain starts working at full capacity.
 Luke Todd has no combat experience and only one star talent.
 However, the party of abandoned gamers was slowly growing, and the vanguard-oriented Shea joined in.
 Since Sophie is mainly buffing and healing magic, debuffing and attacking magic is not a bad idea.

 However, the number of stars is currently only one, and going to a job change dungeon will only give you two.

 The other thing to take into account is that you are paired with Fable, the Spirit King of the Subgods, and that the number of stars may increase in the future.

"Joining the party is no problem. However, until I approve, you'll have to level up in the dungeon with Mr. Bunsenberg. Also, since we're friends, you can call me Allen and I'll call you Luke.

"Of course, sir. Thank you very much.

 Bunsenberg bowed deeply on behalf of Luke Todd.

 The day's meeting ended with a discussion of the direction of Allen's activities.

 Then, the next day.

 Allen and the others came to the village they had visited before in the Baucis Empire.
 They had already built a "nest" to transfer to the S-class dungeon, and from there they rode the summoner of Bird B to the former Kingdom of Mercia, which had been absorbed by the Baucis Empire.

 You enter the village, and as you proceed inside, you see pots and pans, freshly made, displayed under the eaves.

"Excuse me. Is Dr. Habarak here?"

 Allen knocks on the door of the master craftsman Habarak's house.

"Yes, sir. This is, Mr. Allen."

 Habarak's apprentice, who remembered Allen, opened the door and let Allen and his friends in.
 They were ushered into the living room and sipped tea served by the apprentices.
 Then, they hear the sound of running down the hallway in the distance.

"Oh, oh. I'm glad you're here. Is it true that you guys got back Freya's sacred artifact?"

 As soon as an out-of-breath Habarak sees Allen, he asks him about retrieving the sacred artifact.

"Yes. That's true, but is the information already out there?"

(Huh? (Huh? It's not like the fact that the sacred artifacts were taken from us has been made public in the first place.

"Oh, of course I know that! The fire, the fire is getting warmer!"

 For some reason, he yelled at me.
 And then he apologized.

 The question mark on Allen's face gave him away, and he told me why.
 He told me that not long ago, the flame he was using for smithing had weakened considerably.
 However, the flame is not desperate and has a strong warmth.
 This must be a sign that Freya, the god of fire, was pleased with it.

 When Allen heard this story, he wondered if becoming a master blacksmith meant constantly thinking about fire and getting closer to the god of fire.
 He is a stern old man with hair and the height of a schoolboy, but he is like a priestess.
 And it's possible that the fire that weakened him was used by Freya, the god of fire, who was exhausted from defeating Basque, to release fire into the world.

"Yes. This is the divine weapon Kagutsuchi. Dogora, show him."

"What? A sacred artifact?"

 Allen calls out to Dogora, who lifts the sacred object, Kagutsuchi, from the wall with one hand and shows it to Habarak.

"Freya, goddess of fire, has shown us her warm heart. "Freya, goddess of fire, has shown us her warmth, and this vessel is proof of her mercy."

"Oh, wow! You deal in sacred objects!"

 Then, I will briefly explain the history of the evil cult that began in the Elmar Kingdom.
 As a result, Dogora became a human pillar and spent her life spreading the faith of Freya, the god of fire.

"Oh, no. But today, tomorrow, it will be difficult to process the orichalcone, because the fire is too weak.

 The power of the fire from Freya, the god of fire, is weakening, so the two chunks of orichalcone obtained in the dungeon and the great sword Basu was carrying cannot be processed.

"No, no, no. Actually, I came here because I really wanted Professor Habarak to work on the heavy user island I mentioned earlier.

 I'm not here today to process orichalcon.


 Allen then tried to persuade her further.
 The reason why Freya, the god of fire, was robbed of her sacred artifacts this time was because of her devotion to Digragni.
 From now on, I will be working with those who believe in Freya on the island, so I want you to bring all of your blacksmithing tools to the heavy user island.

 Allen has an army of 5,000 men.
 There is no doubt that it would be better to have blacksmiths to repair weapons and armor.
 If it were Habarak, one of the few master smiths in the world, there would be nothing to say.

 Masterworker Habarak gazes at the sacred artifact Kagutsuchi.
 As everyone waits for his answer, he slowly closes his eyes.

"Fine, I'll pack up all my stuff and move. Yeah, we have some good craftsmen. Can I take them with me? I guarantee their skills."

 "That'd be great!" Habarak says, "I'd rather talk to them for good than sit here.

"That'd be great!

 He says he'll introduce you to some people, since it's hard to do it alone.
 This is great news.

"Well, boys, don't just sit around, let's pack up.

"No, that's not necessary. Crenna, let's go to Dongola.

"Yeah. You're up!


"Hmm? What are you doing?

"Well, you'll see. This shouldn't take long.

 With that, Allen's friends went outside.
 Then Crenna began to hammer in the orichalcone swords and Dogora began to hammer in the sacred kagutsuchi along the perimeter of the house.

 The area around their home and workshop, Habarak, is being dug up.
 Then, after completely cutting into the perimeter, Crenna, Aren, Dogora, and Merus lifted the house from its foundation.


 Habarak's eyes nearly popped out of his head and he blew out.

(Okay, we made it. (Okay, we got there just fine. It's not much of a problem, considering our attack power.

"Well, let's all move!"

 Allen uses Bird A's Summoner's Awakening skill, "Homing Instinct," to move to Heavy User Island.
 I've already dug up this much of a depression in the ground on the island, so we can place it there.

"What a hell of a place ...... is."

"No, no, this is where we're going. We're just getting started, so if you need anything for blacksmithing, just let me know.

 We're at the foot of the mountain where there's a temple dedicated to Freya.
 The blacksmiths believe in Freya, the god of fire, so we decided to place them closer to the town.

(We'll have to move the other forges, too. (We'll have to move the other forges, too.

 I was planning to move only the Habarak workshop, but now I have an excellent suggestion to make this area a blacksmith district.

"Yes. We'll need clean water and lava rocks that burn well. We've got plenty."

 I thought I was asking lightly, but he said this and that.
 Some of them are items specialized for blacksmithing, and some of them I've never even heard of.
 Allen makes a note in his grimoire and decides to go shopping.

"I'm going to head back now.

 After showing Habarak what was going on around him and getting his opinion, he went back to the village he came from to call Habarak's artisan friends.

"That's it. You guys are going away, aren't you? When I'm ready to hit the road, I'll make it on my own, just tell me what you want me to make. And tell me who's going to use it."

 Habarak is on Heavy User Island, but Allen and the others aren't always on the island.
 He wants us to measure the weapons and armor we want, and the size of the hands and bodies of those who will use them.
 It seems that Allen and his team are well aware of our activities, which is really helpful.

 Currently, there are two chunks of orichalcum, a greatsword that broke in two, and the Basque Greatsword.
 The Basque dagger is Basque, so it needs to be changed to Crenna's specifications, including the hilt and the size of the blade.
 I'm planning to work on the Crenna sword last in terms of priority.

"I've got two more lumps, one for the sword and one for the shield. The sword is small enough for me to use, so I'll use that for the shield. ......"

 Allen's sword doesn't use that much orichalcon, so he wants to use it for Dogora's shield.

"No, wait. Allen."

 Then Dogora interrupts the conversation between Allen and Habarak.

"Hmm? What's up? Dogora.

"I've got two hatchets. Is that okay?"

 Dogora suddenly muttered as she switched to two weapons.
 Maybe he had been thinking about it for a while.

(Hmm? Was he influenced by Basque?

 Maybe he thought that Bask's fighting style, with his two-handed daggers, was more suitable for him.

"Hmm? I see. Isn't that good?"

 For the first time, it seemed that Dogora was trying to pass her own idea instead of Allen's.
 For the first time, Dogora seemed to be willing to go along with her own idea instead of Allen's. I respect Dogora's way of thinking.

"Also, I want you to process the broken large sword into Shea's knuckles and light armor.

"Hmm? Is that enough?"

 Now that we've decided what to do with the two chunks, we'll talk about what to do with the two orichalcon swords that were cut into two by Dogora and Freya.

"Well, if you become the Beast King, you might not need it.

"Hmm. That might be difficult."

 Now that Krena, Dogora, and Aren have their Orihalcon weapons, the next thing we need is Shea's weapon.
 The amount of orichalcone for the big sword won't be that much to spend on knuckles, and since Shea is lightly armored, she should be able to get enough orichalcone armor processed.
 I'm thinking of having a breastplate made.

 As for becoming the Beast King now, Allen has heard from Shea that there are treasures of the Beast King family in the Al-Habar Beast Kingdom.
 He is willing to hear as much as he wants about the treasure.

 The treasures of the Alhavar Beast Kingdom are said to be the Orichalcon Knuckle, the Orichalcon Breastplate, and the Yellow Sacred Pearl.
 It is said that those who become the Beast King can equip these three items.

 So if Shea becomes the Beast King of Al-Habar Beast Kingdom, I think I'll use the Orichalcon as an armor for Krena, since Dogora has become a two-handed axe user and the protection of the whole party has been reduced.

 This is how I will process the four orichalcons and give them priority.

 Priority 1: Dogora's Great Axe from a lump of Orihalcon
 Priority 2: Allen's sword from a chunk of orichalcon.
 Priority 3: Shea's knuckles and light armor or Crenna's armor from a cut orichalcone greatsword.
 Priority four, Bask's greatsword, processed into Krenna's size.

"Yeah, I got it. I'll just keep an eye on the fire as I go."

 When it's done, I'll have Spirit A tell the summoner in town.
 In this way, the master smith Habarak and the blacksmiths moved to Heavy User Island, and the process of orichalcon processing moved forward by one step.