373-Episode 364 Princess Leilana

 A few days have passed since I went to see the master craftsman, Habarak.
 Now that Allen's army has decided on a course of action, they will proceed with their own activities.

 Krena, Dogora, Kiel, and Merus will be hunting Iron Golems in the S-class dungeon as planned.

 First, the beastmen, whose levels and skills have already been improved.
 Most of the beastmen who were under Shea's command have already conquered the dungeons, and those who can go to the dungeons to change jobs will be changed one by one.
 Just like when Allen's friends were changed by Rosen, their professions can be changed in similar lines.
 However, we will also consider the function and structure of the army and make it more advanced in terms of its own talents.
 For example, if you are a swordsman, you can choose to be a swordsman instead of a magic swordsman.

 Most elves have never been to dungeons, though they have advanced in level and skill.
 In Rosenheim, there is no sense of going to dungeons to find treasure.
 In order to enter the dungeons, you have to conquer one A-level dungeon.

 The Dark Elves have no level, no skill, and no dungeon to go to.
 They level up as they conquer the dungeons.

 Originally, it would have been ideal to create a mixed army of races with different characteristics, but since each race has such different issues, we are currently working on what needs to be done for each race.

 It will probably take at least a year for Allen's army to take shape.
 I don't intend to let the players take too long to conquer the dungeons.
 I'm focusing on strategy rather than experience, and I'm trying to have 48 men in each unit.
 I've also included scouts, so you won't get trapped by them.

 The distribution of experience in this world is like this.
One player gets 100%.
80% for 2 to 8 players.
60% for 9 to 16 players.
40% for 17 to 48 players.
49 to 252 players: 20%.
After 253 people, 10%.

"That's a lot of people.

"Uh-huh. That's more people than we had.


 Allen was accidentally talking to himself, but Merle answered him.
 Here we are, Allen, Merle, Cecil, Sophie and Formal.
 I'm currently in the school city of the Kingdom of Latash, and it's pretty crowded.

(It was a good thing we came early.)

 It's not long after the invasion of the Demon King's army ended, but a lot of people have already arrived at the school.
 The crowds are much larger than when Allen was attending the school, obviously thanks to the job change dungeon.
 In this situation, it's not hard to understand why the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire is trying to restrict the use of the dungeon.

 If people who understand the merits of job changes continue to spread the word about them, more people will come.

 It kind of reminds me of the feeling of people gathering in a newly implemented dungeon or field in a previous life.
 At that time, I remember that the load on the server was too great because too many people were gathered in one place, and the server frequently failed to display people properly or went down.

"Master Allen, this is our base."

 The elves noticed that Allen and his friends had come down from the magic train and came over to us.

 They are the elves of Allen's army.
 They led us to a large building.

"Here? Oh! It's nice. How did you manage to buy it?"

 Allen looks up, staring at the huge building.

"Yes, sir. I've bought up this whole block, within my means.

 There is no talk of more dungeons in the future.
 The price of real estate in this school city will skyrocket in the future.

 There are three main locations for Allen's army to operate: Heavy User Island, the S-class dungeon Tower of Trials, and the school city.
 They will be spread out in these three locations, but they will need buildings that can accommodate hundreds of people.

 In Allen's storage, there is an asset of one million gold coins, as well as rings and weapons that can be sold for more than that.

 I have given 100,000 gold pieces to the elves and told them to buy up the place where we will be operating.
 This time, I decided to buy the real estate instead of renting it, since I plan to use it for a long time.
 It seems that he bought a plot of land for six houses within our budget.

(Hmm, I see. (Hmmm... I see.) Even if we organize the land and use it extensively, 500 people should be able to live there. I guess the main activity on the ground will be S-class dungeons.

 If you use the summoner of Bird E to look at it from the sky, it is quite large.
 I've already gone through the procedures with the real estate guild, and paid a good amount of money to the people who were living there to vacate.
 There are six houses that can house more than fifty people each, and if I were to tear down the useless walls between the buildings and expand the buildings, I think I could house five hundred people.

 The maximum number of people that can live in a school city is about 500, so it's not enough for a base of operations on the ground.
 We are planning to buy a large area of real estate in the S-class dungeon to spread out the activity bases.
 For the town on the first floor of the S-class dungeon, I have given 100,000 gold coins to the beastmen to buy a similarly large plot of land.
 If it's not enough, I'll give them another 100,000 gold coins.

 I'm planning to ask them to buy twice as much land as they bought in the school city, even if it's a bit far from the entrance of the dungeon in the center of town.
 I think it's important to buy up the dungeons as soon as possible, since the number of users of the S-class dungeons may increase as the job change system progresses, and the dungeons may become crowded.

 I never thought I'd use the money I saved to buy real estate and land in another world.


"Someone's here. I'll go take a look.

 While I was listening to the explanation of the building, the elves called out to me that a guest had arrived.
 It's Sunday, but there are people who want you to come in the afternoon.

"Allen. Hello. Is this the right place? Hi, Cecil. Long time no see."

 Tomas, who is two years older than Allen and his friends, comes in.

"Yes, it's been a long time. Brother Tomas."

 Cecil's brother, Tomas, was the one who talked to Cecil beside Allen as the elf led him through the building.

 Tomas has been asking me to help him raise his level frequently.
 Since I've decided to set up a base for Allen's army in the school city, I decided to think about Tomas' future as well.

"Tomas. Is this where you were called? There's nothing here."

 Then a young woman's voice came from behind Tomas.
 Thanks to her, Tomas was asked to help her level up.

"This is your Highness, Leilana, the building has not been cleaned yet.

 Allen greeted the owner of the voice, who strolled in and began to rummage through the property.
 This blonde woman with curly hair on both sides is Princess Leilana of Latash.
 There are also two female students.
 They may be Princess Leilana's caretakers or bodyguards, but they're clearly worried about her.
 Both Allen and Sophie were ignoring her, but I wondered what had happened to the school's system of not requiring honorifics.

"Hey! That's right. Leila-sama!

 I wonder if she wanted me to wait for her at the entrance to talk to her.
 Thomas was surprised to see Princess Leilana enter the building, completely ignoring him.

(It's you, Leila.)

"Oh, Tomas. I told you to call me Leila, didn't I? Oh? Are you ......?

 I'm not sure if it's my personality that shows on my face right away, but Princess Leilana tells me to call her off with an annoyed expression.
 Then she noticed Cecil beside Allen.

"Yes. I'm Cecil, Thomas' sister. Thank you for looking out for my brother."

 I gulped for a moment as he asked me to call him by his name, but then Cecil greeted him as a nobleman.

"Thomas' sister is very beautiful. It's not what I've heard. ...... I thought you were supposed to be more energetic than that."

 Then slowly Cecil looks at Tomas.
 Cecil's face is in a blind spot so Princess Leilana can't see it, but Allen knows that when Cecil gets this look, he has to run.
 He looks like he's on the verge of being attacked.

"Wait, Cecil. That's not true at all. You've got it all wrong!"

(Cecil, stop. If it's Cecil now, Tomas won't be able to get away with a fatal wound.

 Cecil, who canned the Magician King, is no match for him without that kind of talent.

"I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. Her Highness Raylana."

 Allen decides to change the subject.

"Oh, yes. That's very thoughtful. You're Allen, aren't you?

"Yes. I'm Allen. Thank you for knowing me.

"Okay. Let's move to a place where we can talk.

 Thomas seemed to want to move out of here at any moment.
 There was still very little furniture in the room, but there was a hall suitable for this large building, so we all gathered there to talk about the future.

 By "talk" I mean, of course, the schedule for helping Tomas conquer the dungeon.

"Is Tomas okay? How much time off do you plan to take from your work at the castle?"

 Allen is a guest of the Granvelle family, so he addresses Tomas by his surname, as he does not have a title.
 I seem to remember that Thomas was working at the royal castle to study for the succession of House Granville.
 He hadn't told me how much time off he was planning to take from that work.

"I'll be fine. Allen. I've told him to take a year off."

(A year? That's a pattern for a lot of aristocrats.)

 Princess Leilana replied that she gave him a year off instead of Tomas.
 In the world of the nobility, there are many noblemen who suddenly become interested in the arts, such as music and painting, and end up doing nothing but playing.
 They are called "aristocrats of idleness," but they seem to be able to take a year off even if they are awakened by dungeon conquering.

"I'm glad to hear that.


 Allen was convinced, but Cecil also thought that Tomas would be the heir to the Granver family.
 I've been working to study for it, and I wanted to complain about the fact that I took a break from it, but I swallowed it before the princess.

 There is also Sophie, a princess of a large country here, but it seems that her position as a princess and noblewoman of her own country is significant, and she seems to be more quiet than usual.

"So I'll tell you about the schedule briefly.

 Then Allen explained about the dungeon strategy and leveling up based on what he had just said.
 For the time being, Tomas should join the elven troop and just go through the dungeons.
 You don't need to raise your skill level, you just need to reach level 60.
 He only needs to get to level 60.

"Will we be able to go to the dungeon with Tomas?

"Do you think we can go into the dungeons with Tomas?" "Oh, you want to go into the dungeons with him?

"Princess Leilana has a school, so I think she will go to the dungeon two days a week. I'll try to arrange it so that we can go to the dungeon together as much as possible, but please give priority to Tomás, who has no talent.

"That's true. Tomas should be a healer.

"I see. Then so be it.

 Tomas will be working six days a week, and Princess Leilana will be working two days a week.
 Princess Leilana's idea will determine Tomas's occupation.
 Aren was talking about how to proceed with the strategy efficiently.