374-Episode 365 Career Change Dungeon (1)

 I was going to help Tomas, but I'm also going to help Princess Leilana and her attendants conquer the dungeon.
 I may have to ask the Kingdom of Latash for help with the activities of Allen's army in the future, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to ingratiate myself with the princess.
 The actual payment will be made to King Imbuel of the Kingdom of Latash.

 There is a possibility, though it is not yet apparent, that it will hinder the activities of Allen's army.
 The Kingdom of Al-Bahar and the Kingdom of Latash do not have diplomatic relations.
 However, the school city is under the jurisdiction of the Alliance of the Five Continents, and since we have secured a base, we will gradually transfer the beastmen who need to change jobs in Allen's army.
 It seems that the military police for the security of the school city is being paid for by the Kingdom of Latash.
 Each country has its own academy, and each country is responsible for its own security.
 If there is any inconvenience to the activities of the beastmen in the school city without diplomatic relations, I will ask you to pay for taking care of your princess.

 While thinking about Allen's schedule, I talked to Tomas and Princess Leilana about the future.

(That's about all I have to say. (That's all I have to say about it.) I don't know what the school's assignment is, but I'll figure it out.

 Princess Leilana, who goes to the school with the elves, is going to a dungeon.
 (I don't know what the school assignment is, but I'll figure it out.
 It seems that during the summer vacation, the students of the same grade had to form a party and participate in the dungeon, but I think it would be better to let the students conquer the dungeon individually.
 After a certain amount of explanation, Allen stood up.
 I still have some things to do in this school city, so I'll move on to the next action.

"Thomas, I think it will be easier for you to move, so please use this building. There's plenty of room."

"What? That would be great.

 I've just bought six large mansions with their own land.
 I thought it would be better to be in the same base as Allen's army, so I told him he could use the rooms as he liked.

"Oh, can we use them too?"

 Princess Leilana asks.

(Hmm? Well, there is a magic train station from here, so we can commute to the school. So you want to live with me. (You can charge the rent to the king, right?

 It seems that Princess Leilana wants to live with us in Allen's base.
 Perhaps Tomas told Princess Leilana that he wanted Allen to help him conquer the dungeon.
 Then he came to listen to the story with her.
 Although he didn't show it in his attitude, he must have felt uneasy because he was going to enter the dungeon with the spindly and talentless Tomás.

"Yes, sir. We're going to be using this building a lot from now on, and if you don't mind another race from another country coming, it's okay. We would appreciate it if you could keep the number of rooms you use to a minimum."

 At any rate, she didn't have such a strong reaction when she saw Merle the dwarf and Sophie the elf, so I assume that as royalty, she has at least some education about other races.

 And even though there are many people who can live in the house, it's not good for each person to live in one room.
 There will be a lot of Allen troops coming here as a base of operations for the school city.

"Oh? Thomas. Allen says you'll have trouble if you don't share a room."

 Princess Leilana says to Tomas with a grin.

(You're so young.)

 Princess Leilana is 12 or 13 years old and is in her first year of school.

"Hey! Hey, Allen. I can only rent one room!"

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

"No, Brother Tomas, you can live in two separate rooms if you want. If you want, you can share the building with us. As the Granvelle family, we would ask you to be respectful to the princess."

 Then Cecil couldn't help but intervene.

"No, Cecil, thank you. This is all a misunderstanding.

 According to Thomas, this is some kind of misunderstanding.

"Oh, that's too bad."

 "Oh, that's too bad," Princess Leilana says with a clear face.

(It's not like Cecil has any real grudge against Princess Leilana, either.

 As for Allen, he has no resentment or anger towards Princess Leilana, including Mihai's case.
 I think this is pulled by the memory of the previous life, but there is a common sense in the previous life that the sins of parents should be borne by the parents and should not be passed on to the children at all.
 I know that there were some people who did not accept such common sense at all, even though it was legal in their previous lives.
 However, Allen only acts based on the idea that parents are parents and children are children.

 The royalty and aristocracy of this world believe that the benefits of glory and the burden of guilt belong to the family.
 I wonder if Cecil's attitude toward the royal family, who sent Mihai to die as a result of his severe mission, is unavoidable.

"Cecil, I think we're done talking, so let's go.


 I told Cecil, who was breathing hard, that we should leave the base.
 I'll introduce you to some of my men in the army and let them deal with you.
 I've also placed the summoner of Spirit A, so there shouldn't be any problems.

 There's a long line of people waiting for Allen as he walks out with his friends.

(Now, did the 5 continents alliance decide to inform the public about the job change dungeon? The Adventurer's Guild had flown in.

 The long line and the fact that there are many adventurers around the dungeon indicate that many adventurers are aware of the dungeon.

 After the Pope's disappearance, we discussed how to announce the job change dungeon, and it was planned that the Alliance of the Five Continents would take the lead in publicizing it.

 However, since the job change dungeon itself has been in operation since April, adventurers began to talk about it.
 The information about the January oracle that the job change dungeon would open in April was also conveyed to adventurers who had ears to hear.
 Since the creator of the oracle, Digragni, is not silent, the priests who serve Digragni also begin to pass on information.

 As a result, information, both true and false, began to spread among the adventurers.
 In a world where power is justice, information such as "A new dungeon has been created! Information such as this was given top priority.
 The allies of the five continents are at war with the Demon King's army, or are busy dealing with the aftermath of the war.   
 In order to avoid confusion, the adventurer's guild of the school city announced the opening of a new dungeon.
 To avoid confusion, the adventurer's guild of the school city announced the opening of a new dungeon.

 Only the adventurer's guild branch in the school city has begun to announce the job change dungeon.
 In the future, the Alliance of the Five Continents plans to inform the world about the dungeon.

 Taking advantage of this confusion, Allen bought a plot of land near the dungeon at a discount.

"Oh! There's a job change dungeon up ahead! I'll finally be able to change jobs!

 I can finally get a new job!" Merle clenched his fists tightly and looked at the rather large building at the end of the queue.
 While I was explaining this to Tomas and Princess Leilana, Merle seemed to want to go to the dungeon right away.

"So this is the job change dungeon. It's a pretty tall building. But Merle can finally change jobs.

"Yeah, yeah!"

 Allen replied to Merle's words as he looked up.
 Everyone looks towards the entrance to the dungeon.
 The building that houses the dungeon entrance is about ten stories high, and adventurers of all shapes and sizes are pouring into the building.

 Meruru gazes at the building with excitement.
 He was the only one with the talent of a 3-star general, but if he could conquer this dungeon, he would be able to change his talent to that of a demon rock king.

 Merle's goal is to change his job, but it goes beyond that.
 The purpose of Allen and his team is to make sure that there is nothing that could cause trouble or danger for the members of Allen's army when they use the dungeon.

"You, you can't bring that with you!
"No, no.
"No, no, no. If you want to enter this dungeon, all you need to bring are weapons, armor, food, and healing potions.


 When Allen was about to enter the dungeon, a person in front of him was trying to enter with some kind of cart and was arguing with him.
 Perhaps because of the attitude of the adventurer's guild staff who were guarding the dungeon and insisting that he would never be allowed in, the person in front of him seemed to be going somewhere with the cart, even though he had taken the trouble to stand in line.
 Allen took a note in his grimoire as he watched.

"I'm here to enter the job change dungeon."

 It's Allen's turn, so he shows his adventurer's card.

"Hmm. What?
"Hey, what's up?"

 One of the gatekeepers froze when he saw Allen's adventurer's card.
 The other gatekeepers look suspiciously at the adventurer's card and freeze even more.
 Allen's adventurer's card has a shiny gold "S" and the name "Allen" on it.

"Are there any requirements to enter?"

 Even if I ask him to freeze, he's still stuck behind me, and there's a lot I need to ask him.

"Yes, there are. I'm sure you've got a lot of questions.

 He immediately recognized the dark-haired young man in front of him as the first S-rank adventurer to appear in 20 years.
 In a polite tone, the gatekeeper tells me the conditions for entry.

A maximum of eight people can enter at once.
Everyone entering the dungeon must show their adventurer's card.
All players must show their adventurer's card.
Minimal luggage, no horse-drawn carts or hand carts.

 While saying "I see," I check to see if there are any differences or additions to what I had heard beforehand.
 Allen's friends also showed their adventurer's cards.

"So there are five of us. Please enter the eighth floor, room 802. There are a few magic elevators straight ahead, ask the person in charge how to use them."

"Yes, sir. Thank you."

 They seem to let me in without any problems.

 There is a magic elevator, so you go straight to the reception desk and a hall with several doors.

"The doors will open as you approach. You can use either one."

 With that in mind, you open the nearby door with Allen in the lead and enter the small room.
 When everyone has entered, the door closes and there is a button for the eighth floor, so you press it as if it were a matter of course.

"You really do operate like it's second nature, don't you?

"I've seen this kind of thing in the past.

 I think it's just an elevator.

"Why don't you tell me about the past?

"Hmm. Well, a past life is a past life."

 Allen talks a lot about the game, but he doesn't talk about his past life at all.
 Cecil seems to be interested in past lives and asks a lot about them.


 I thought I heard some kind of activation of the magic tool, but then the door opened.

(I see, it seems to be a device for transferring.)

 It doesn't seem to be a grimoire for actually climbing up and down.
 This is not a magic tool for actually climbing up and down.

 Walk down the corridor of the apartment building to the door labeled "802".

"Sorry to bother you.

 Allen walks into the room, making a joke that no one else is making.
 It's times like this when I need to be without Crenna.
 She's in the middle of hunting Iron Golem demons in the S-class dungeon.

"Welcome. Welcome to the game. Welcome. I'm 0802, the new dungeon guidance system. Please close the door when you enter.

(I see. It's a very small room. It's enough for eight people without luggage.

 They seem to be showing us the way.

 In the center of the small room, which is no more than six tatami mats, there is a floating cube.
 The adventurers had just been kicked out for not using a cart, but if they had brought weapons and armor, and some hand luggage, the room could have been packed with eight people.

(I see, the room was made small to allow as many people as possible to change jobs at once.)

 There will be many adventurers and soldiers coming to this dungeon.

"By the way, can I ask you a question?"

"As many as I can answer, yes.

"How many levels are there in this dungeon?"

"Rather than floors, there are three challenges. If you pass all three tasks, you will receive a new job.

I see, there are three challenges, neither too many nor too few.

 Since this is a dungeon that can be entered without talent, there don't seem to be that many challenges.

"Is there a bottom level boss?"

"No, sir.

 Allen took a note of what he had just heard.

"What kind of monsters are there by the way?

A, B and C rank hexenbiests will appear.

"There will be A's? So the difficulty level is quite high.

(Hmm? (Hmm? Wouldn't even the most gifted of us be wiped out if a dragon appeared?

 Allen knew that it would be quite difficult for the eight of them to defeat the dragon.
 Allen and his friends also had a lot of trouble when a dragon appeared as the lowest level boss in the school.

It's something you'll find out when you enter.

 He wouldn't give us any more details.

"All right. Then please transfer.

 Now that I've heard some of the things I was going to ask, I tell him to skip to the place where he can get the assignment.

"Now, please challenge the job change dungeon.

 With the words of the dungeon guide system, Allen and his friends' vision suddenly changed.
 And so the job change dungeons began.