375-Episode 366 Career Change Dungeon (2)

"It's a big room.

"Yeah. There's something over there. Allen.

 You've been sent to the first level of the job change dungeon.
 The room I was sent to was quite large.

 In the center of the room is a floating cube.
 At any rate, I went over to the cube-shaped object to find out what the task was.

Hello. Hello, old gamers. I'm T10235, your new dungeon challenge system. I have one question for you. Please proceed to the door you think is the correct one.

(Is that a T for job change dungeon?)


 I'm curious about T, but I'll focus on the task.

"Yes. Here's the problem. Which of the following professions does not have access to healing magic?

"Wow! There's something glowing!

 Something written in the space in front of you appears, glowing.
 Merle is surprised, but also excited about something.

(1) Holy Knight
2) Paladin
3) Monk
4) Magic Swordsman
5) Saint

"Let me guess, this is 4) Mage, right?

"Yes, it is, isn't it?"

 Sophie seemed to agree with Cecil's answer.

 Sophie seemed to agree with Cecil's answer. Cecil seemed to know the answer to the question.
 (4) Cecil remembers that only magic swordsman is a derivative of wizard and swordsman, and cannot use recovery magic.

(I see. (I see. It might be difficult for those of us who have studied about career changes to some extent.

 (I see. It might be difficult if we don't have some knowledge about career changes.) He also wrote down the content of the question and the answer in his grimoire.

 I will also provide this information to Allen's army.
 Finding the right answer in such a world without an information society will be difficult.

 And then, on the far wall of this space, five doors appear.

"There's a door! There's something written on it!"

 Merle's excitement made Allen think that it was worth the effort to make the Digragni.
 And in front of the door Merle was pointing at, the letters 1 to 5 appeared.
 I guess it means that you should go to the door of the number you choose.

"Well, I'll go to (3) for now, and you guys go to (4).

 Allen chose the Monk's door (3), which he would never make a mistake, and told the remaining four to choose the Mage's door (4).

"What? Are you okay?"

"Well, there won't be any traps that will kill us instantly."


 Then only Allen chooses the other door.
 Well, it seems that Allen is not opposed to this.

 Allen opens the door (3) and finds himself in a long straight passage.
 He summons the summoner of Beast A behind him and the summoner of Spirit A beside him and goes straight ahead.

 Go straight down the passage for quite a distance and you'll find a door at the end.

(Hmm? Is it the end already?

 That was the moment I saw what looked like a door at the end of the dead end.




 A huge tiger-shaped beast suddenly appears.
 And it jumped towards Allen.



 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

(Hmmm...) (Hmmm...) The reinforcement level is now 9, but it's pretty persistent. (If it's this strong, it's an A-rank hexenbiest.)

 It was a one-sided attack by the two summonses, but judging from the strength of the enemy, the hexenbiest's rank is A.
 I didn't use the "King" skill.
 The summoner with the Kingizing skill was given to Merus, who is currently hunting Iron Golems in the S-class dungeon.
 Only one A-ranked summoner of each lineage can be summoned with the Kingizing skill.

 Allen's enhancement level is now 9.
 The performance of the enhancement was to increase two statuses that are blessings by 5000.
 This was thanks to the fact that Allen had been concentrating on gaining skill experience ever since he defeated the evil cultist Gushala.
 With regard to Allen's army, he gives advice and explains the policy, but Cecil and Sophie are working for me, so I can concentrate on gaining summoning skills.

 Allen's friends know better than anyone that raising Allen's summoning level is more important than strengthening Allen's army to fight the Demon Lord.

You have defeated one Tigerlord. You've gained 15,000,000 experience points.

 If it's over a million experience, it's clearly an A-rank hexenbiest.
 And I think it's one of the stronger A-ranked ones.
 If you don't have any talent, no matter how many of you there are, you'll be no match for it, and even if you have talent, you'll probably get wiped out.
 Even if you win, you'll probably have a hard time.

(The reason you don't feel like you stepped on a trap is because a hexenbiest appears in the middle of the passage when you choose the wrong path.

 After defeating it, I continued on, and found Cecil and the others waiting for me.

"Hmm? Is it the same destination?

"Well, you're finally here. How'd it go?

"Oh, there's a hexenbiest. Apparently, if you make a mistake, you get attacked.

 Apparently it doesn't matter if you make the wrong choice as long as you kill the hexenbiest.
 Then, at the end of the passage is a hall with floating cube-shaped objects.

 I explain that an A-rank hexenbiest was found in the middle of the passage.
 Cecil says that we should go to the next level, but it seems that we can go back through the passage, so I ask him to wait while I try other options.

1) Rank C
2) Rank C
3) Rank A
4) No hexenbiest
(5) Rank B

 This is what I found.
 As I was told when I entered the room, there were C-rank to A-rank hexenbiests.
 If you are a monk, you will get an A-rank hexenbiest, and if you are a saint, you will get a B-rank hexenbiest.

 Now that the verification is over, proceed to the cube-shaped object in the hall at the end of the passage.

Congratulations on passing the test. Would you like to go on to the next task? Or do you want to escape the job change dungeon?

"If I escape, will I be able to start from here?

No, you'll have to start from the beginning.

 If I stop, I'll have to complete the task from scratch.

"By the way, are all the tasks the same?

No, we have an almost infinite number of different types of challenges and questions.

(I see, there are many types of problems regardless of occupation. Assignments are not necessarily problem types.

 If there are countless assignments and different problems of the same type, I think it is quite difficult to deal with them.
 I am impressed with your thinking.

"Now for the next task.

 I record what the grimoire told me.
 I record what the grimoire told me, and decide to take the next task, thinking about how to deal with the tendencies.

Then we'll move on to the second task.

 Allen and the others' vision changed.

 It's a fairly large space.
 There was a 360-degree view stretching far ahead.
 And there are a few obstacles in the distance.

"Is this the next task?

"Yes. I'm T20235. You'll need to talk to a transfer system somewhere to complete the task.

 So Allen flies the Bird E summoner into the sky.
 Using the "clairvoyance" awakening skill, he searched for cube-like objects and found several floating several kilometers away, each cube kilometers away from the next.

 It seems that there is more than one cube.

"There's a cube over there.

"Something tells me that Allen and I won't be able to do this assignment together.

 From Cecil's point of view, it's an easy task for Allen.
 He chose one of the cubes he found at random and led Allen to the next cube, which turned out to be a rock, and was blocked by a channel many meters wide.
 It was filled with water, and I could see the shadows of fish several meters in size.
 It seems to be a water-based monster swimming in the water.

 There is a kind of lever nearby.
 When you move the lever, the water in the channel flows and you can walk.

"I think you'll have to move these levers and drop the rocks you see over there into the waterway to move forward.

 The surrounding rocks seem to be there to create a path in the waterway and to hold back the water.

"Well, that's wonderful. Master Allen.

"But what does this have to do with changing jobs?

 I know, because the first task was to answer the occupation related to changing jobs.
 But Cecil wondered what moving around like this, like a puzzle, pulling levers and moving rocks had to do with changing jobs.

"What? You can't change jobs if you don't solve the challenges."

 Allen did not understand Cecil's question.
 In his previous life, he had been forced to do a lot of quests that had no meaning or relevance.
 He no longer even wondered why going to the town to buy an item, like an errand quest, would raise his level limit.

"So why do I have to do this?"

"So I'm going to put the assignment on ......."

"That's enough!"

 Apparently, Cecil finds it difficult to have any more conversations.
 This kind of thing often happens in conversations with Allen.  

(If you're the type of person who doesn't have any talent and your attack power doesn't grow that much, it's probably hard to carry that rock.

 I'll get back on track and focus on the task.
 At any rate, I can complete the task in a few minutes by riding the summoner of Bird B, but I'm going to solve the task seriously for the sake of Allen's army that will be participating in the future.

 If you look carefully, you will find many tempting things, such as treasure chests in the waterways.
 If you use a summoner to open them, you'll find that most of them are mimic monsters.
 Not only are there B-ranked hexenbiest mimics, but there are also A-ranked hexenbiest abyss boxes.
 It is likely that many adventurers lose their lives trying to get these items.
 I will also record the probability of the hexenbiest in the treasure chest.

 I'm trying to solve this seriously, but since I've already found the location of the cube, which is the goal of Bird E's summoner, I'm working backwards to figure out what I need to do.

 And in less than an hour, I arrived at the bottom of the cube.

"You didn't see any battles, did you?


 Merle walked after Allen without incident and thought that the assignment was over.

Congratulations on passing your assignment. Do you want to go on to the next assignment? Or do you want to escape the dungeon?

"Hmm? Oh, by the way, are you the only one with the transfer system?"

 Ask any questions that come to mind before you get transferred.

"I can't answer that.


"Hey, guys, I'm gonna go talk to the other cubes.

"Yeah, okay. Verification."

 Cecil agrees with me.
 I take Bird B's summoner and talk to the other cubes I just found.
 They keep telling me the same thing as the first cube I found.
 Just when I was about to talk to the fifth cube, which I thought would be the last one, it happened.


 I approached the cube, and even though I hadn't spoken to it yet, my vision suddenly changed.

I'm not sure what to do.

"It's like you've been transported into the middle of a pack of monsters.

"...... Looks like it.

 A huge wolf-shaped hexenbiest surrounded us.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.