376-Episode 367 Merle's Career Change

"Were there more of them than you thought?

"Well, compared to the Death Zone."

 The cube suddenly sent me to a place where I found one A-rank hexenbiest and ten B-rank hexenbiests.
 It seems that the monsters are of the same level as the lowest level bosses of Class A dungeons.
 It doesn't seem to be like the death zone of Class S dungeons, where you are surrounded by more than 100 A-rank monsters.

(If you have 8 players, you might get annihilated depending on your composition. If there are no talents, it will be very tough. We were surrounded in the middle of the hall.

 The difference between this and the bottom level boss is that you're surrounded and there's no way to escape.
 I'd like to reduce the danger when I change jobs for Allen's army in the future, but there seems to be no concrete way to do so.

 There was a cube on the outskirts, and if you approached it, you would be sent to a space with magical beasts.
 Since there were five cubes in total, it seems that one out of every five cubes is an outlier, and you will be sent to a different space where the monsters are.

 The probability is low, but it's hard to avoid because it's not a situation that can be managed with knowledge like the first task.
 The challenges in this dungeon seem to require some luck.

 After defeating all the monsters, approach the cube at the edge of the space you were sent to.
 The cube has been there ever since I was sent there, but it's going to be hard to get here through the web of monsters.

Congratulations on passing your assignment. Do you want to go on to the next assignment? Or do you want to escape the dungeon?

 When I spoke to the cube, I found that I had passed the challenge.
 It's a miss, but it seems to be the same as the first challenge, as long as you kill the hexenbiest.

 There's nothing more to verify, so I'll take the last task.

 You will be taken to the third task.

 As with the previous two, you are sent to a hall.
 There are four corridors, one in front of and behind the hall.
 And there is the usual cube floating in the middle.

Hello. I am T30235, the system for the job change dungeon task. There is a transfer system on this level, and you must talk to it in order to complete the task. You have 24 hours to complete the task.

"So now there's a limit. What happens if I exceed the limit?

"The task is considered a failure. You will then be transferred out of the dungeon. In addition, you will have to accept the challenges in the dungeon from the beginning.

 It seems that you will be transferred out of the dungeon regardless of your will.
 It seems that you will be transported out of the dungeon regardless of your will, and that you will have to start from the beginning.

"For now, let's all face it head on.


 We're going slowly this time, since we're doing the verification, but Merle replies in an excited voice.
 He wanted to change jobs immediately, but he knew the meaning of Allen's verification, so he held back.

 Follow the path straight ahead.

"It's a labyrinth.

"Looks like it. The other paths seem to have a few more branches.

"Is that so?"

 Allen answers Cecil's question.
 The third task is a labyrinth.
 For some reason, only the front path follows the path without branching, but the other paths have many branches.
 I'm currently following the main path and having my summoners attack the other paths.

"Well, you've come straight. Foolish humans.

 I followed the path straight and found the dragon at the end of the turn.
 And there's the Cube.
 Apparently, this dragon must be defeated.

"Go ahead, Orochi."

"Oh, Mister Allen.


 Summons Dragon A.
 Five heads with an enhanced attack power of 15,000 attack the dragon.

 Allen and the others join in and beat it to a pulp.
 In less than a few minutes, you have defeated the dragon with a smug look on your face and are on your way to the cube.

 In the meantime, Bird A's summons, which had been strengthened to reach 15,000 speed, grasped the full extent of this labyrinth.

 The path in front of us was not difficult to follow, but it was filled with A-ranked magical beasts.
 The path to the left has many branches but is short and has many B-rank monsters.
 If you take the right path, there are few branches but the path is long and there are many B-rank Hexenbiests.
 If you take the path behind you, there are many branches, the path is long, and there will be some C-ranked Hexenbiests.

 If you take the front path, you should be able to complete the task in about an hour.
 If you take the left or right path, you should be able to complete the task in four or five hours even if you get lost.
 The back path would take more than ten hours without getting lost.

 As was the case with the second task, there seems to be a lot of treasure chests in this level that are mimicked by magical beasts.
 I'm letting the summoner of Spirit A open them, but most of them are hexenbiests.
 They seem to be trying to seduce and attack those who open them.
 I make a note in my grimoire that since there are so many treasure chests mimicking magical beasts in the dungeons, if you want the rewards of treasure chests, you'd better change jobs and then go to the regular dungeons.

 There is one thing I've learned from taking the three challenges in the job change dungeon.
 The dungeon is designed to be conquerable without talent.
 However, the second challenge sends you into the midst of a pack of monsters, so you'll need some luck.
 In the third task, if you choose the right or left path, you will be annihilated.

 The actual achievement rate without talent is probably 10-20%.
 Since I don't want to increase the number of deaths, I'll provide this information to the Information Department of the Adventurer's Guild, which was set up at Allen's suggestion.

 It is quite difficult to reach the maximum level without talent.
 In terms of experience, you need to earn 2.5 billion.

 I will also add the information that it is possible to achieve if you do not push yourself too hard.
 There are many people who have no talent and want to have talent.
 In the end, it is up to each of you to decide.

 As I walked, I spent about half a day compiling the information I had achieved into a grimoire.
 Then I go to the Cube.

Congratulations on completing the third task, abandoned gamers. You will now be transferred to a space where you can change jobs.


 I'm sent to another level.

"You're going to let me change jobs?"

 You talk to the cube in front of you.

"Yes. I'm T0235, the job change system. It seems that Merle is the only one here who hasn't changed jobs yet, would you like to?

 As I've heard before, it seems that those who have already changed jobs cannot change jobs.
 Merle is the only one who can change jobs.


"Meruru-sama, the demon rock general, can only change jobs to the demon rock king. Is that correct? If you change jobs, you will have to go through all the trials of the gods from the beginning. However, you will inherit half of the power you have gained so far.

"I understand. I'll be fine!"

(Come to think of it, the brave man also appraised my status, but he didn't mention my level.

 (By the way, the hero also appraised my status, but didn't mention my level.
 The term "passing the test of God" is said to have been popularized by the Church of Elmere.
 Helmios is probably not able to appraise Allen's level.
 It seems that faith and leveling up are closely intertwined.

"Then I'll change your job, Master Merle.

"Oh! Merle is now the King of Demon Rock! You did it!


 Meruru's status has changed, so he feels it somehow.
 But he wants to see it clearly, so Merle joins Allen in looking into the grimoire.
 The grimoire that all of the friends are looking into does indeed show that Merle has changed jobs.

 [Name] Merle
 [Age] 15

 Occupation: Demon Rock King
 Level 1
 Physical Strength】 839
 839 【Magic Power】 1210
 1,210 [Attack Power] 391
 Endurance] 659
 Quickness 391
 Knowledge 1210
 Luck 752
 Skills] King of the Demons and Rocks〈1〉, Flying Arm〈1〉, Spearmanship〈3〉, Shieldmanship〈3
 Extra] Combine (right arm)

Skill Level
 Skill level: Demon King 1
 Skill level [Demon King] 1 [Flying Arm] 1

Skill Experience
 Skill experience: 0/10

"I wonder if I can get my golem out now.

"This is a big place. Why don't you try it?"


 I'm going to change the mithril golem slab that I had on my grimoire into a baboon golem slab.


"Oh! I'm getting a little romantic!"

 Allen can't help shouting.

 [Name] Tam-Tam.
 [Rank] Hyouirokane
 [Strength] 25,000 + 15,000
 Endurance 25000+15000
 Knowledge 25000
 Luck 25000

(Status is much higher now. I'm sure Merle will get a status boost from skill levels 3 and 6. I mean, it's stronger than a demon god, right?

 Allen looks at Tam Tam, a glowing vermilion baboon golem that has grown to 100 meters in length.

 The Golem's status-enhancing tablet can raise its status by 5,000 for one.
 As a reward for the first S-class dungeon he conquered, Merle received 20 dents on both sides of the magic board.
 Even if you fit the main, large, and super large stone plates, you can still fit 10 status increasing stone plates, which is an overwhelming performance.
 However, in reality, you can't increase your status as much as this because you have to fit five Mode Eagles on your activation tablet or equip a Vulcan cannon to attack from a distance.

"If Merle grows up well, I'll be able to try Goldino again.

 The status is high enough as it is now, but Merle's skills are almost useless.

"So I'll have to stay in that dungeon again.

"Yeah, I guess so. That's how it's going to be until I get the equipment I want."

 I'm running low on stone slabs for my Healey Golem.
 I need special stone plates, activation stone plates, and extra large Vulcan guns.
 The Iron Golem is not the lowest level boss, so it's good enough to strengthen Allen's army, but it's not that good to strengthen Allen's party.

 Cecil gives a distant look in response to Allen's words.
 I guess I'll never get away from those 100 Iron Golems a day challenges again.
 Dogora and the others are hunting Iron Golems, but if Merle grows up well, he'll be able to find his way around the bottom level bosses of S-class dungeons.

"What a feeling of omnipotence! Hahahahaha! It's like I'm getting a boost!

 Merle says something like some rascal boss, and makes Tam Tam strike a cool pose while the earth shakes.

 As Allen watches Merle's golem, he thinks about what's next.