377-Episode 368: Accepting Townspeople (1)

 It's been a few days since Merle got his new job, and it's now May.
 Now that he has changed jobs, Merle is going to the S-class dungeon.
 He is hunting Iron Golems in the S-level dungeon.
 After killing the first Iron Golem, her level reached 60.

 Since Shea is already at level 60, she is working with the beastmen in the dungeons around the S-class dungeon to raise her skill level in preparation for a new job.
 Allen's policy is to strengthen his own party members first and foremost, and he dispatches summoned beasts to help him in dungeons.
 Compared to the other beastmen, the Princess of Sheer Beast hadn't completed most of the dungeons, so she had to start from scratch, but she had already completed the C-level dungeon and two B-level dungeons.

 Luke, along with the Dark Elves, is working on leveling and skill leveling around the S-class dungeons.
 Not only his skill level, but also his level is not nearly up to par.
 When he joined Allen's army, he was around level 30.
 This is about the same level as when I entered the second year of school.
 I have asked him to start from the C level dungeon.
 In addition to the veteran beastmen, Allen's summoned beasts were also dispatched to help.
 In addition, Luke has brought a tutor from his village, and is studying this and that as well as conquering dungeons.

 There was a dispute about entering the Baukis Empire, where the S-class dungeon is located.
 The beastmen led by the Princess of Shea had no problems, but the dark elves had difficulty entering.
 The Baucis Empire, with its strong philosophies on money, originally allowed only those who would serve the national interest.
 The Dark Elves, however, have nothing to gain from this.

 The Dark Elves have nothing of interest to offer at the moment, but Allen's army has a great deal that could benefit the Baucis Empire.
 In addition to the magic seeds, Allen's army also has a large number of mithril golems and heliocane golem slabs from hunting iron golems.
 From now on, the Baukis Empire will need a lot of Mithril Golems and Hyrokane Golems.
 Only Allen's party will be able to get them consistently.
 With these in hand, entry to the Baucis Empire was almost a free pass.

 The adventurer's cards for Allen's party were all registered at the Adventurer's Guild in Elmar.
 This way, all of us have our IDs.
 The guild asked us to do this because we had saved the country.

 As a result of these negotiations, the elves are mainly using the school as a place to level up in dungeons.
 The beastmen and dark elves mainly use the S-level dungeons.
 About two thirds of each race go to the dungeons, while the rest explore the heavy user islands.

"So this is our new home?"
"There's a town, but no one's here.
"Oh, is that Freya in the mountains?"

 There are currently 5,000 former Elmarites in the central square of the new town.

 This is a town built by Allen's army.
 Heavy User Island is an island about the size of Hachijojima, 10 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide.
 The island is not that big, and we want to make the best use of the land to house tens of thousands of people, including Allen's army.
 Therefore, the buildings in the town zone are basically three stories high.
 There are several floor plans, including one for a 10-person household, one for a 5-person household, one for a 3-person household, and one for a 1-person household.
 In the commercial zones, such as the main street and the buildings adjacent to the plaza in the center of town, the first floor is open to stores.

"At 15:00, the mayor and deputy mayor of the town of Yale will give a briefing on the island, so please meet at the mayor's house later. Until then, please ask them to move to the numbered places."

"Uh-huh. All right.

 There was a man who looked like a mayor, so I appointed him mayor.
 And for the 5,000 new islanders, about 1,000 households, the lottery for building and room numbers had already been drawn in Neil's town.
 They are carrying their belongings to their buildings, along with a large map posted on a bulletin board in the plaza.
 The pioneers of Allen's island also decided to take advantage of their high status and help with the move.

 After noon, the bell rings and rations are brought to the square.
 For the time being, food will be provided by rations.

 I asked Freya, the god of fire, if I could ring the bell in the city.
 There is a large clock tower made of magic in the center of the square, but bells are the best way to tell the time.
 When I asked him if the sound of the bells bothered him, he replied, "It's just a human activity. No problem," he said happily.
 He seemed to be happy that I was paying attention to him.

 Three more hours passed, and it was time to go.
 The participants of the meeting gathered at the mayor's house.

"Are you sure this is the right place for me?"

 As they began to gather, a young man approached Allen.

"Peromus is in the middle of the room. You can listen to what he has to say there.


"Hmm? What are we going to do?

"Raven, the captain of the mercenaries, you will sit beside Peromus.

 With that, Raven, Rita and Mircee sat down next to Peromus.

 The mayor, the deputy mayor, and the blacksmiths, including the master smith Habarak, who was working on his forge after the move was successfully completed, were called in, as well as the generals and captains of the armies to share the discussion with them.

 Allen's friends, except for the S-class dungeon group, are also beside him.
 Shea and Luke have also returned to help decide the future course of action.

"The mayor would like to address the group first.

"It's me, right? I'm Peromus, the representative of the Peromus Waste Management Company, which is headquartered in the Kingdom of Latash. From now on, I will also be the mayor of the four towns on this heavy user island. I look forward to working with you."

 Peromus greeted in a polite tone.
 As Peromus bowed, the Ravens bowed as well.
 The mayor and vice-mayor also bowed, without understanding.

"You're a merchant. You look very young.
"Hmm? The Peromus Trading Company? The merchants who make their money from trading?
"What's a mayor?"

Oh? A merchant. Someone already knows the name of Peromus Trading Company. As expected of the 87th largest company in the world.

 I wondered what it was all about.
 It seemed that some of them already knew the name of Peromus' company.

 Allen introduced Raven and the others, saying that Peromus would need their help to run the company.
 Now that the goblins were gone, he was wondering if he should work in the mines, when Allen asked him to help.
 He agreed with two words, and has been supporting Peromus as the company has grown.
 Now, with Raven at the head of the mercenary group, Rita and Milsy are the leaders of the 200-strong Peromus Waste Mercenaries.

"That's right. I'm sure you'll be able to understand what I'm talking about.

 Allen said, asking us to look at the documents at hand and listen to what he had to say.
 This document was also made by the elves of the pioneer group.
 This world seems to have a single currency and language, which is very helpful.

 First of all, there is a mountain in the center of this long, oval island, and on top of the mountain is a temple.
 There is a brazier dedicated to Freya, the god of fire, so I tell them never to climb the mountain.
 Only Dogoras, who have become human pillars, are allowed to do most things without fear, and they are told to stay away from the mountain because they would incur the wrath of Freya, the god of fire.

"Of course I won't go near it."

 The mayor of the town of Yale said he would never go near it.

"The mayor of Yale says to stay away. "There is a white dragon named Haku in the middle of the mountain, so be careful there too.

"You mean there's a white dragon?

"Yes. It's still a young dragon, but it's currently being trained as a messenger of the Fire God. It may be because it is still a young dragon, but it comes very close to people when it sees them, so if your eyes meet it, please back away slowly without showing your back.

 I also tell the story of the time when Haku came down from the mountain.
 I also tell him about the time Haku came down from the mountain. I give him the same instructions as when he encountered the bear, and tell him to immediately ask Spirit A, who is standing by in town, to take care of it.
 Thanks to the efforts of Dragon A and B's summons, Haku has never attacked anyone so far, but he has a friendly personality.
 He has a puppy-like personality, and when he discovers that someone is around, he will come running up to them with the earth shaking.

 As for Haku, I brought him to the island because I thought it would be better to raise him here with me than to raise him at the foot of the White Dragon Mountains without reducing the number of summoned beasts.

 I thought it would be good to increase the fear of Freya, the god of fire, by placing the dragon on the mountainside.
 I hope it will grow up to be the mascot of the island.

"I would like you all to pray to Freya, the god of fire, morning and night if possible.

 Allen says that he will not force you to pray, but he would like you to pray to the temple of Freya, the god of fire.
 At night, he said, the flames of the brazier would grow so large that they could be seen from the town.

"Of course. I am truly touched by your kindness. I'll pray for you every day.

 The mayor bowed to Allen as well.

"Freya's temple will be attended to by the artisans there, led by Habarak, who will handle the fire.

 The blacksmiths in the ten workshops decided to move to the island.
 We asked them to move into the building of the blacksmith's workshop.
 I don't think they need the permission of the Baucis empire because they wanted to come and we accepted them.
 However, I have informed the relevant department of the Baucis Empire that the island has accepted the craftsmen as a matter of principle.

 The temple dedicated to Freya, the god of fire, and the brazier will be manned by Dwarven smiths.

 Each of them has more than 10 apprentices who take turns climbing the mountain and entering the temple to clean and take care of the offerings.
 It was the dwarves of the old kingdom of Mercia who originally worshipped Freya, the god of fire.
 It is said that Freya, the god of fire, is in a good mood because her followers take care of her tirelessly.

 The story goes that they have set up a group of blacksmiths' workshops in the foothills of the mountains, where they will forge and take care of Freya the Fire God.

 Thus, the explanation of the acceptance of the island with the mayors continued.