378-Episode 369: Accepting Townspeople (2)

"Now, as for the configuration of the towns on the island, look at the map. There will be four towns on the island."

 Allen gives an overview of the island's 5,000 new inhabitants.

 There is an island and a temple on the mountain in the middle of the island.
 On the mountainside is the White Dragon Haku, and at the foot of the mountain are the workshops of the smiths.

 This is the town that was built for the 5,000 people who came from the former Elmar Kingdom.
 In the center of the town, there are a number of commercial facilities and inns.
 In the center of the town, there are a number of commercial facilities and inns, and a little further away are fields and farms.

"I see. So that's why you asked me about the job I want to do.

 The mayor of the town of Yale looks at the map and listens.

"Yes. At first we will have to rely on rationing, which will make it difficult to get the economy going, but I'm sure the people will get used to it.

 Each of the 5,000 people was employed in a different job.
 Most of them are farmers, but some have worked as butchers and greengrocers.
 There are no serfs in Elmar, and there will be no serfs or slaves on this island.

 Each household will be asked what they are currently doing and what they would like to do on the island, and each household will be assigned the job they would like.

"You mean the town will be completed gradually?

"Yes. We've invited everyone from Yale this time, but we'll invite other towns as soon as they're ready. When all the towns have been completed, we will hold a meeting of the mayors and ask for your participation.

 There will be four towns on each side of the mountain where Freya, the god of fire, is located.

 This time, the pillar of light that Gushala, the guru of the evil gods, extended in four places.
 In those four places, the pagans and the persecuted are asking to move to the island.
 The towns have been named Yale, Muha, Khar, and Khule.

 5,000 people from Elmar Province will move to the town of Yale.
 Two thousand people from the oasis city of Lucoach in the Mukhalino Desert will move to the town of Muha.
 5,000 people from the Republic of Carlonea will move to the city of Karl.
 From the Kingdom of Culebule, 3,000 people will move to the city of Cule.

 A total of 15,000 people will create four towns of different sizes.
 The location of these towns is the same as the continent where the Allies are located.
 The town of Muha will be built of bricks made of earth.
 The town of Khule will be a lake or swamp town.

 Each town will have its own mayor and several vice-mayors.
 From the town of Muha onward, one town will be accepted every ten days.

"You mean the army will be stationed on the island in three divisions, one for each race?

"Yes. Well, joint exercises will begin in the future, but the garrisons themselves will be separated.

 Shea, who had been holed up in a dungeon and had not been involved in the development of the island, asked while looking at the map.
 The garrisons of the elves, dark elves, and beastmen will be built to avoid the crossroads of towns that have been built across the island.

 The reason why we didn't make it a single town this time is because each country has a different culture and climate, and we don't want to cause any unnecessary conflicts by suddenly putting them together.

 The reason why we don't have an army in the city is to avoid unnecessary conflicts with the townspeople.
 The townspeople need to feel comfortable praying to Freya.

"What does it mean to be a mayor? I heard that Mr. Peromus is going to be the mayor.

"This is a common system in the Republic, where the mayor is in charge of the town. Peromus is neither noble nor royal, so I decided to make him mayor.

"I see. So you think that Mr. Pelomus is suitable for the position.

 Tell him that mayor means the one who unites the mayors.
 I would like to ask the mayor why he would put such a young man in the position of mayor.

"Yes. In case you don't know the details, the Pelomus Abandoned Billing Company that Pelomus runs has an annual turnover of 1.8 million gold coins.

"1.8 million gold coins? !"

(You're surprised at the annual sales.) (You're surprised by the annual sales. It's said that it's quite difficult to make a million gold coins a year. (In the real world, annual sales would be about 180 billion yen.

 In Allen's mind, it's roughly 100,000 yen per gold coin.

 In the summer of his first year at a commercial school, Peromus started a store called Peromus Abandoned Charges Trading Company.
 Allen used his memories of his previous life to come up with this and that, to provide merchandise, and to invest the money he earned by going to dungeons.

 There is a story that led to the establishment of the trading company.
 He made a request to Chester, a wealthy man who owned a luxury inn in the city of Granville.
 This request was to allow him to marry his daughter, Fiona.
 Chester said, "Show me your value as a merchant. Then you may consider a relationship with my daughter.
 He said that he would wait for three years.

 When Peromus asked Allen in the summer of his first year, Allen advised him to buy the inn in Chester as a merchant.
 The result was a store called the Peromus Abandoned Business Association, which grew in size over the course of just a few years.

 Allen's advice was not the only thing that made the business grow.
 Peromus has the ability to guess and compare the value of things called "Balance," which was given to him by the creator god Elmere.

 Peromus, who had reached the level of being able to handle the extra skill "Balance" at will, had the ability to instantly know the market value of products necessary for business without the need for market research.

 Then, in his second year, at Allen's suggestion, he began trading from Rosenheim.
 At this time, Allen's companion was Sophie.
 With Sophie as an intermediary, he began trading with Rosenheim.

 Peromus' extra skill, Balance, was specialized for trade.
 He could instantly determine how much something he wanted to import or export could be sold for.
 You won't sell what you can't make money on, and you can carefully select and trade highly profitable products.
 The only drawback is that if you buy too much of a product, it will become inventory because you cannot know the demand.

 The following year, I asked Rosenheim to grant me permission to trade with the Baucis and Giamut empires.

 So far, Peromus was on his own, and now the Baucis and Ghiamut Empire's own traders were beginning to petition for less trade with Peromus.

 By now, the annual turnover had reached 1.8 million gold coins, making it the second largest trading house in the Kingdom of Latash.
 The first is a kind of state-run enterprise run by the royal family of Latash Kingdom.


 チェスターからは商人として戦ったので一切恨みもなく「ぜひフィオナを嫁に貰ってくれ. 商人としての儂の目に狂いはなかった」と言われたそうだ.




「なるほど. 貿易か. 島の運営に丁度良いではないか. ペロムスと言ったな. アルバハルとも取引するときはよろしく頼むぞ. ああ、あまり稼ぎ過ぎないようにな」

「は、はい. よろしくお願いします」


「なるほどの. よその国と取引をして生活をしていくということじゃな」


「与えられた能力とアレンのお陰です. それで町長さん. お店の本社をこの島に移設します. 私の従業員共々よろしくお願いしますね」



「それともう1つあります. レイブンさん説明お願い」


"Yeah, I'm in. This time, I'm going to be the leader of the Peromus Waste Vigilante. You two will be the vice captains."

"Nice to meet you.

"Nice to meet you.

 Rita and Milchy greet each other.

"What? Vigilantes."

 The mayor looks at Raven to talk to her.

 It's a group of mercenaries from Pelomus, led by Raven, who also have to protect the security of the four towns on the island.
 I'm planning to ask the strongest mercenaries to become vigilantes and maintain the security of the towns.

 I've already built a jail with a capacity of about 100 people, in case some of them commit crimes.
 It reminds me of a scene I've seen in a previous life, wondering if Peromus will be thrown in jail one day due to a protest from the townspeople.

(In the future, some of the vigilantes will want to join Allen's army, and there will be an exchange of personnel, but that's for later.

 In the future, there will be an exchange of personnel from the vigilante to Allen's army and vice versa.
 Some of the townspeople may want to join the vigilante or Allen's army.
 I think we can decide that in due course.

"But wouldn't it be better to have a king instead of a mayor?

 You have land, you have an army, you have people, and you do business with other countries.
 It's already a nation, a kingdom, in Shea's opinion.

"Well, if we call it a kingdom, other countries might react.

 Allen thinks that it would be a shame if other countries were to be alarmed by the idea of a kingdom.
 He does not want to establish a kingdom in the first place, and he does not think that this organization will last forever.
 A big title may inhibit his actions.

"No, but..."

"Oh, my God. There's a hexenbiest in town!

 As the Princess Sheer Beast tried to argue further, the townspeople rushed into the meeting room.