379-Episode 370 Visitors

"Hexenbiest. Where were you?"

 Allen, out of breath, decides to ask the townspeople who came to the chief's house to inform him of the hexenbiest's presence.

"The stable! I don't know, there was a hexenbiest!

 The townspeople who had been entrusted with the farm had gone to see the stable.
 Since the town had just begun to accept people, no livestock had yet been allowed into the town or anywhere else on the island.
 We only went to see how the stable was built, but when we saw what looked like a big horse, it turned out to be a magical beast that we had never seen before.
 It must have been a long way to the ranch, but it's a small island.
 It must have run all the way here.

"Tell me where. According to this map, which stable is it?"

"Uh, here. This stable.

 On the wall is a map of the entire town of Yale.
 I've built about five stables for now, so I ask which one.

"I'll go with you guys. We've broken through the golden bean barrier. Don't let your guard down."

 Golden beans are growing around and in the center of the island, preventing even A-ranked monsters from entering.
 The townspeople must have pulled them out without knowing it.
 Did the townspeople pull them out unknowingly or did the hexenbiests just happen to enter at the right time?
 We need to think about how to prevent them from being pulled out, but right now we need to solve what has happened.
 If the hexenbiest entered without being pulled out, then it is equivalent to an S-rank hexenbiest.

 Allen and the others hurried to a place far from the center of town, such as the commercial district, with Bird B's summoner carrying everyone.

"Is it here? But the monsters didn't destroy the buildings, did they?"

 When we landed by the stable, Cecil on my back asked me.
 I don't see any signs of damage to the stable anywhere.

"Maybe so. Can't see it from here. Everyone be careful."

 Allen and Shea take the lead, and the rest of us take the rear guard.
 I took my weapon and peered into the stable, and sure enough, there was something that looked like a horse, but wasn't a horse.
 And it's eye to eye with Allen.

"I'm pretty sure that's him.

 Shea didn't look familiar, but her appearance was so strong that all of Allen's friends seemed to know what she was when they saw her.


 He saw a horned horse with four legs folded up and a belly on the floor, with full body scales.
 The other person also looks back at Allen with dull eyes.

"I'm not sure what this means. God of Mediation."

I'll tell you what's happening right now. I wanted to build a stable and let the townspeople take care of the horses. And there was a mediator in the space for the horses.

 Something beyond Allen's understanding is happening right before his eyes.
 A Mediator, one size larger than a normal horse, was lying on its belly on the flattened ground of the stable, looking at him.
 Allen is filled with the feeling that the stable is a bit small, since it was made for a normal sized horse.

'It seems that Crenna is not here.

 Fornemeth, the God of Mediation, asks in a gentle, feminine tone if Crenna is here.
 Then, changing her gaze, she looks at the people behind Allen.
 It seems that they have come to see Crenna.

"Yes, sir. She's not here right now. Shall I call her?"

 She's on a demon hunt with Dogora and the Iron Golem.

"Is that so? No, thank you.

 With that, the mediator who had been talking with his head raised rolled his head and began to sleep peacefully in the stable.

"What's going on here? Why is the God of Mediation in the stable, or rather sleeping?"

 Allen seems to have accepted the God of Conciliation, but Cecil says he doesn't understand.

"Well, why don't we just keep him with the horses? It's a hack. Let's name him Fol."

 I don't want to tell the townspeople that this god of mediation is a god or something, so that their faith in Freya, the god of fire, will be dispersed.
 Allen says that we should keep her here under the nickname "Fol" instead of Fornemeth.
 They might go away soon, but it looks small, so I'll remove the partition between us to make room for two horses.
 I think I'll tell the townspeople in charge of the stable to take good care of the horses by providing them with straw and water.

"This is turning out to be one hell of an island, isn't it?

 Cecil sighs as he realizes that the Mediator has entered the rare beast category.

"No, it's all thanks to Allen-sama!


(No, it's not my power.) What's wrong? Rosen, what's wrong?

 Sophie clenches her fists and imagines the future of the island, while only the Spirit God looks at the Mediator sadly.

 Then ten days passed.

"Fol~. I'm eating.

"Crenna, I'm eating.

 Fornemeth responds to Crenna's words in a polite tone.

 Then Crenna brings a lot of vegetables that look like carrots and feeds them to Fornemeth, the mediator.

 It is said that gods don't need to eat, but since the spirit gods also eat a lot of food, I guess they can eat too.

 Since Haku and Fol are on Heavy User Island, it seems that Kurena wants to return to the island often.
 There's one thing that's convenient about traveling to this island.
 Instead of once a day, the summoner of the kingly bird A can now travel once an hour.
 Nests set up on the island in anticipation of frequent returns can be used once an hour.

 When he returns to the island, he rides around on his Bird B summoner, going to see Haku and taking care of Fol.

(Now, what is the Mediator doing on this island?)

 I asked the Spirit God why the Mediator has come and stayed on this island.
 I had the feeling that he was here because he had something on his mind.
 The spirit god said that there might not be a place for the mediator god in the divine realm anymore.
 Originally, he had the power of a higher deity, but because of his role of judging the gods, the divine realm was not a comfortable place for him.
 Merus also told me that because he judged the gods, he was given strict instructions by the creator god.

 Currently, he has lost his power to the level of a sub-god.
 It seems that he has exhausted his power in order to give birth to a demon god.
 The Spirit God and Merus seem to think that he might be taking a break to gain strength.
 The spirit god told me to let him rest.

 All the party members of the abandoned gamers gathered again today, as new people are moving to the island.

 In the past ten days, Peromus has changed his job, and has gone from being a merchant to a wealthy merchant.
 Raven, who had no talent, became a swordsman, and Rita, who had no talent, became a thief.
 Milsy, a gifted monk, became a saint.

 Peromus is the mayor of four towns on Heavy User Island, but still goes to the dungeons.
 Peromus is already recognized by Chester, but apparently not by Fiona.
 Fiona wants a strong man, so he decides to change jobs.

 Peromus is the mayor, the head of the island's internal affairs, but he also runs his own trading company and goes to dungeons.
 Since he understands Peromus' situation, he allows the mayor to decide on the internal affairs of the island if there are any policies that need to be discussed.
 His policy is to reduce the burden on Pelomus as much as possible.

 On earth, Peromus goes to the dungeon of the school city.
 Allen flies him to and from the island.

"Are you going to ask Fiona to join you now?

 I'm doing what I can to help, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do now," Peromus asked, watching the exchange between Crenna and Fol.

"Well, yes. If possible, I'd like to go through the dungeon a little more first.

 I haven't been able to try again since Fiona rejected me once.
 She said that since she had changed jobs in the dungeon, she would join the elves and raise her level before asking for a relationship again.
 Allen thinks that he is the only one who is still in his youth.

 Now that Allen has settled down to a certain extent, he has started going to the S-class dungeons.
 His first goal is to get 5000 status increasing rings for all 5000 members of his squad.
 He would also like to have weapons and armor made of heliocane or better, preferably adamantite, for his troops.
 Once we have the rings and update the equipment of all of Allen's army, we should be able to fight A-ranked monsters.

"Shea, you said you won't be changing jobs anytime soon, right?

"I'm meeting my father now. I'm meeting my father now, so I'll wait until after that.

 When he changed jobs, he would be at level 1, but he couldn't lower his status now.
 He was invited to a meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents, and Allen's friends were to attend the meeting.

"Okay, everyone, let's go to the town of Muha."

 The vision I shared with Merus indicates that we should be ready to go.
 While Allen and the others were here taking care of Fol and making small talk, preparations were made for the emigration from the shelter in the dark elf village of Fabulase to Heavy User Island.

 Allen and his friends ride the summoner of Bird B to the east side of the island.
 The town of Muha, slightly smaller than the town of Yale, has already been established.
 It seems to have been originally a desert dwelling, with dome-shaped brick houses.
 There are no desert areas on this island, but Allen thinks that atmosphere is important.

"I brought you here.

"So, this is our new town?"
"Is that Freya the Merciful on that mountain?"
"As I've heard, it's quite cool here.

 Merus, who could also see Allen's vision, seemed to be waiting for the right moment to come.
 When Allen and the others arrive, they'll bring 2,000 people with them.
 Accepted into the town of Muha are two thousand people who were saved from the infidels in the Muhrino Desert town of Rukoak and the surrounding oasis towns.

 The refugees of the Muhrino Desert, with their brown skin and fluttery clothes exposed to the strong sunlight, will experience the coolness of this island.

"Hello, you must be the mayor of Muha."

 Allen speaks to the mayor of the town of Muha.
 We've chosen the mayor of Muha again.
 This time, we chose an old man with leadership skills and a summoner of spirit A to wait in the refugee reception facility built by the dark elves.

 Then, as with the town of Yale, we moved in and gave an overview of the town and the island.
 In this way, the island gradually became more crowded and bustling.