380-Episode 371 Soldiers and Salaries

 This afternoon is the day of the meeting of the League of Five Continents.

 Ten days have passed since the town of Muha received its inhabitants, and the migration of the 5000 inhabitants of the former Republic of Carronea has been completed.
 All that remains of the migration plan of the followers of Freyja is to welcome 3,000 fishermen from the fish nation of Culebule.
 The fishermen need water very much.
 They need swamps and lakes, so we've started by digging up a large area of the ground, which will take the longest time.

"Are you ready to pack?"

 In the space before entering the boss room at the bottom of the S-class dungeon, Allen calls out to his party mates.

"Yeah, I'm ready."

 Dogora nibbled on a piece of bone meat for lunch.
 It seems that his appetite has been increasing lately, and I wonder how often he eats.

 I don't know if it's the fact that he's become a pillar of humanity, the fact that he's in extra mode, or the fact that he's 15 years old and gets hungry a lot.

 Just like the last time I had an audience with the emperor of the Baucis Empire, the magic ship has already left for the Ghiamut Empire, where there is a meeting of the Alliance of Five Continents.
 I don't intend to stay in the ship for several days just to attend the conference.
 Since the activities of Allen's army have started to become somewhat out of hand, Allen has decided to join the Iron Golem hunt after Meruru.
 The meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents was to be held in Berthias, the imperial capital of the Ghiamut Empire.
 The timing of the meeting seemed to be right, as the invasion of the Demon King's army had come to an end.
 In fact, when Allen became an S-rank adventurer, he had received a request from the head of the Adventurer's Guild, Macallan, to participate in the conference, but he received a distress signal and rushed to the Elmar Kingdom.
 This time, I decided to form the Allen Army, and I would also tell the meeting that I had formed an army.

 We move to the newly established base of the S-class dungeon.

 This is a town on the first level of the S-class dungeon, a little far from the center where the dungeon entrance is located, but it's a place where I spent 150,000 gold coins to successfully acquire two sections.

 It is mainly used as a base of operations by beastmen and dark elves.
 The beastmen are in the process of changing jobs in the dungeons of the school city, and the ones who have already done so are raising their levels in the B-level dungeons near the S-level dungeons.
 In doing so, they will challenge the dark elves whose levels have not yet risen sufficiently in mixed groups.

"Okay, Shea and Luke are here.

 He looks at Shea and Luke, who are ready to go out.
 They can't go to the S-level dungeon yet.

"Oh, you're leaving?"

"Yeah, I mean, we're not going to war."

 Shea clenches her fists and reiterates to the pensive Luke that she is not going to war.
 Shea's face showed that much determination to fight.

(You're just going to see your family, right?)

"Of course. Okay, let's go."

 Shea punched her fist and stood up.
 We're going to meet the Beast King and Prince Zeu.
 Prince Zeu has been involved in the war with the Ten Kingdoms in Rosenheim and also in the war in the Central Continent.
 The royal family of the great kingdom itself was active on the battlefield with the ultimate weapon, the Beast King of Al Bahar.
 With the hospitality of the Ghiamut Empire, which is encouraging him to become the Beast King of the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom, Prince Zeu is also expected to attend the conference of the Alliance of Five Continents.
 As a beastman and a royal of the Beast Kingdom, Shea seems to be in the middle of the struggle.

(It's a good thing Luke is adjusting well to the military. He's not ready to join the party yet.

 Then I look at Luke.

 When I first met him, he seemed unsteady, glaring and anxious, but he seems to have adjusted to life here.
 Apparently, according to the Dark Elf General Bunsenberg, it was his father Olbers' words that made him decide to join Allen's army this time.
 Well, he was worried at first, but as his level increased steadily and his confidence grew, he may have begun to think that this was the way it was supposed to be.

 Luke, like the other Dark Elves, has completed the three Class C dungeons and is now in the process of conquering Class B dungeons.
 With the violence of the numbers of the 48 of us, the increase in status due to the ring, and the help of the summoned beasts to increase the speed of the attack, the attack is proceeding at a considerable speed.

 Luke is stroking Fable, who has forgiven him.

"Are you ready to pack?

"Yeah, no problem."

 The conversation with Luke has also become rather casual.
 He looks like an eight-year-old brown boy, but he is the same age as Allen.
 Allen is the chief of the military, but he says he doesn't need to be addressed respectfully.
 It will be some time before we can hunt together, but I hope you will understand the ways of Allen's army.

 There are only a few hundred thousand Dark Elves, but Luke is still royalty.
 He also has the Spirit King Fabre with him.
 He is well placed to attend the meeting of the Alliance of Five Continents with Allen and the others.

 Now that we are all together, I use the summoner's awakening skill of Bird A, "Homing Instinct," to transfer into the magic ship.
 If there is a "nest" in the moving magic ship, you can transfer without any problem.

 There was Peromus in a large area, counting his money.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll just have Peromus get on the ship.

"Oh, yeah. No problem. I have to account for everyone's wages. That's roughly 150,000 gold pieces a month. It'll be almost double that if everyone gets a new job.

 Allen said, looking at the many pieces of parchment strewn about.
 He had asked Peromus to calculate how much he would have to pay 5000 soldiers.
 At this rate, it would cost Allen's army twice as much as the 150,000 gold coins it took to acquire the two sections of the S-class dungeon every month.

"Well, I guess that's what it'll cost.

(Well, that's about right, isn't it?)

 Allen and his team had a heavy user island and an army of 5,000 people.
 Of course, these 5,000 people have lives, and some of them have left their families on earth.
 Just because they have the noble goal of saving the world from the Demon Lord doesn't mean that they should be forced to work for free.
 I will pay each of the 5,000 talented and well-placed soldiers a salary commensurate with their abilities.
 This is a matter of course.
 You need money to do anything.

 Peromus came up with the following wages.

Additional amount for each talent
 One star is 10 gold coins.
 Two stars is 20 gold coins.

 3 stars is 40 gold coins

Additional amount depending on the position in the army
 A captain of 10 men is 5 gold coins
 10 gold coins for a captain (of 100 men)
 Regimental commander (500 men): 20 gold pieces
 A general (of 1,000 men) is 50 gold pieces.
 100 gold pieces for a general (leader of thousands of men)

30% of the money earned in dungeons will be distributed to the members of the participating army.
 Peromus says that it is better to give a portion of the money back to the army for the motivation to capture dungeons.
 This is a typical idea of Peromus, who has a mercenary army.

 Allen has been able to conquer dungeons at a breakneck pace because he has been helped by weapons, armor, rings, and summoned beasts.
 Because of this, 70% of the cost will be reimbursed.
 This 70% will also be used to pay for the soldiers and non-combatants who explore the island.

 For your information, the salary of the Knight Commander of Zenov in the Granvel territory is currently 15 gold coins, and the salary of the Deputy Knight Commander of Reybrand is 10 gold coins.
 It is said that the Granvelle family has increased their salaries, partly because they have been raised from barons to barons.
 I checked with Viscount Granvelle in the capital of the Kingdom of Latash for reference on the salary of Allen's army.

 Incidentally, Peromus had 200 mercenaries in his army.
 They are registered as adventurers under the name of Peromus Abandoned Mercenaries.
 They are now the Peromus Abandoned Vigilantes, but they were paying the same level of wages.
 They are mostly talented, and Peromus pays them a total of about 5000 gold coins a month.
 Peromus says that there was no deficit because they were allowed to go to dungeons.

 The vigilantes also need to be paid according to their talents and positions.
 Of course, the rationing of the people on the island, where migration is currently underway, and other things cost money.
 With that in mind, Allen has no problem.

"Hmm, why don't you talk to His Majesty the Beast King and ask him to give us a budget?

"We've already talked about making the military more independent. Shea.

 With 3,000 troops in tow, Shea came to defeat the evil guru.
 Meanwhile, the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom paid the soldiers.
 A thousand soldiers had died during the mission, and the Beast Kingdom was also paying for their condolences.

 Since I have decided to join Allen's army this time, I have told him that I do not need the Beast Kingdom to pay for my expenses.
 This is also the case with Rosenheim and the village of Fabulase.

 All burdens on the troops will be completed within the Heavy User Islands.
 We will avoid any possible transfer of command as much as possible, and we intend to earn as little as 300,000 or 500,000 gold coins.

We will soon be arriving at Verdias, the imperial capital of the Ghiamut Empire. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 An intra-ship broadcast using magic tools is broadcast.
 The magic ship slowly descends to the imperial capital's magic ship landing site.

"We've been waiting for you. You are Mr. Allen and your party, aren't you? I'll take you to the palace."

 As they descended the stairs that extended from the magic ship that landed, they saw a group of knights waiting in front of a luxurious carriage.
 It seemed to be a messenger to take them to the royal palace, and Allen and the others were being carried to the royal palace in the imperial capital.