381-Episode 372 5 Continental Alliance Conference (1)

 Allen and his friends took the carriage that came to pick them up from the magic ship and entered the palace of the Ghiamut Empire.
 At the entrance of the palace, knights and officials were waiting for them, and they were led directly to the waiting room.

 As he waited for a while, consuming the magic seeds that Merus was making for him, it seemed that it was time for him to attend the meeting.
 The knights of the palace came to the waiting room where Allen and the others were waiting.
 One of the knights noticed something when he saw Allen and the others standing up to see if they had arrived.
 He stood up and called out to Dogora, who was about to carry the sacred object Kagutsuchi on her back.

"I'm sorry, sir. You can carry your weapon at ......."

 Apparently, the conference room is a place where royalty and representatives of the world are coming, so weapons are not allowed.

"Hmm? Hmm, I'll leave the meeting then. I don't know what's going on here anyway.

 If I can't take the sacred weapon Kagutsuchi with me, I'll just wait in this waiting room," Dogora said as he tried to take a seat.

"What? Well, that's ......."

 The knight flinched, not expecting to be excused from the meeting when he asked to not carry a weapon.

 Dogora doesn't know what she's going to say at the meeting, nor does she know how much of what she's going to hear and understand.
 Dogora thinks that she should leave these things to Allen.
 As far as Dogora was concerned, it was always better to have a sacred weapon.
 And carrying Kagutsuchi was Dogora's way of showing respect to Freya, the god of fire, who had saved her people.

"O Dogora. This is the way of the world. I don't care. I don't care. I'm going to sell my face to the world.

"Is that so?"

 But Freya, god of fire, said, "You mortals. But Freya, the Fire God, said, "You mortals will not tell me where I am! Don't say anything, just tell Dogora to attend the meeting.

(She's been in a pretty good mood lately.)

 Freya, the Fire God, has been in a ridiculously good mood lately.
 This is because the inhabitants of the three towns that have already moved into Heavy User Island have been praying morning and night to the flames burning in the temple of Freya, the god of fire.

 And stone statues of Freya and Dogora, the gods of fire, have already been placed in the city of Neil in Elmar.
 Allen had asked for the statues to be placed, and the priests seemed to have acted quickly.
 A large statue of Freyja, the god of fire, sits in the central square of the city of Nir, and the faithful people of Elmar have come to offer their prayers.
 Thanks to them, Allen also reported that the processing of Dogora's orichalcon axe had already begun.
 He is now carrying the sacred weapon Kagutsuchi and the adamantite axe on his back.
 If you were to look at Dogora without knowing anything about her, you would see that she is carrying two great axes on her back, which would make you look twice.

 Freyja, the god of fire, seems to take a stance of not caring about details.
 After telling her to treat Kagutsuchi with respect, Allen and his companions were escorted out of the waiting room by the knights and officials.

(It's a beautiful palace after all. I guess it's because it was just built.

 (It's a beautiful palace after all...) Looking at the palace, which is even more beautiful than Latash's, I feel the rise of this imperial city.

 The imperial capital of the Ghiamut Empire, where you are now, was moved after it was invaded by the Demon King's army.
 It used to be located in the north of the Ghiamut Empire, so the capital was moved to the south.
 At that time, it is said that the city was thoughtfully designed with a wider landing area for magic ships and a spacious conference room.
 After the death of the emperor, the capital was named the Imperial City of Berthias after the emperor Berthias VIII von Ghiamut.

 He is widely known as the wise emperor of the Ghiamut Empire, who is said to have advocated the Beltius Five Continents Alliance and created the prototype of the world organization that can fight against the current Demon Lord Army.

 This way," he said, entering the conference room.

"There's a lot of people here.

 Cecil couldn't help but let out a sigh.

"Yes, there are."

 Sophie, the victim of Allen's daily hunt for Iron Golems, agrees.
 The sense of solidarity between Cecil and Sophie is unbelievable these days.
 Allen participated in the Iron Golem hunt, but he decided that it would be inefficient for all the abandoned gamers to hunt Iron.
 Unlike during the attack on the S-class dungeon, the party had been strengthened by the kingly summoner, Merus, and Meruru, who was moving the Heirokane golem.

 And then he suggested splitting the party into two, with two parties hunting the Iron Golem in parallel.
Allen, Crenna, Cecil, Sophie, Formal, Spirit of Kingfisher A, Dragon of Kingfisher A
Dogora, Merus, Kiel, Merle, Kingified Beast A, Kingified Fossil A, Kingified Fish A

 And the Allen group and the Dogora group are competing to see how many Iron Golems they can hunt in a day.
 This meeting of the 5 Continents Alliance was a respite for Cecil and Sophie, as they had been hunting for over 10 hours a day for many days.

 In addition, the summoned beasts of Bug A, which have become kings, are invading the territory of the Demon King's army in the northern part of the central continent while increasing in number.

 Entering the conference room, there was a round table where the leaders of the five continental alliances sat, and behind that were seats for the representatives of each country.
 The seats of the representatives of each country are arranged like desks in a school classroom, facing the round table.

"This way, please, Mr. Allen.


 You will be shown to the platform in front of the round table in the center.

 The rest of us are seated on the chairs near the platform.
 The chair is already occupied by General Manager McCarran.
 Apparently, this podium is a place to ask questions to those who have been invited to the conference of the Alliance of Five Continents.

(That was a pretty tight squeeze.)

 General Manager McCarran, who had been called in for this meeting, had already been questioned.

 The meeting of the Five Continents Alliance had already started the day before.
 It's not like they were waiting for Allen and the others to start the meeting.
 Inviting Allen and the others was just one of the agenda items for the meeting.

 The world is facing a number of problems centered on the Demon Lord's army, and this conference is to bring those problems closer to an answer one at a time.
 There is no right answer or only one answer.
 We are trying to build up solutions one at a time by mixing up the various positions of each of us.
 Perhaps it is the same in every world that we cannot reach an answer.

 Allen, the Queen of Rosenheim, has a Bird G summoner in her pocket.
 I was invited to a meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents, and I wanted to know what they were going to talk about beforehand.

"It was kind of a big deal, wasn't it?

"Hmm. It's always like this. I wish you wouldn't call me every time just because I'm close by.

 As I walked past General Manager Macallan, who had been blamed by the Emperor of the Geamt Empire in particular until just now, I sent him a word of condolence.
 More than an hour had passed just blaming one person, General Macallan.

 The reason why he was being blamed was because he opened up the job change dungeons to a wide range of adventurers.
 The Ghiamut Empire seems to be advocating for the complete control of the dungeons by the Five Continents Alliance.

 However, the dungeons are managed by the Adventurer's Guild.
 The adventurer's guild would be better off if the number of stars for adventurers' talents increased.
 Even though some adventurers die in the dungeon, the productivity of the dungeon will increase as each adventurer becomes stronger.
 In order to reduce the number of deaths, Allen is passing on the information he has obtained to the Adventurer's Guild Intelligence Department.

 And the Alliance of the Five Continents has delayed the announcement of the job change dungeon due to post-war processing.
 So they made the dungeon available to everyone who met the requirements, but they didn't like it.

 The Adventurer's Guild is not a subordinate organization of the Alliance of the Five Continents, but it is basically a cooperative relationship.
 However, if there is a conflict of interest, the Guild will take care of its own interests.

 There are many conflicting interests, and this world revolves around them, coming to terms with them and clashing with them.

Now, it seems that there are three reasons why we've been called in.

The strength of Allen's army.
Allen's personality.
The purpose of Allen's army's activities.

 When the Demon King's army attacked and we were at war, Allen, the first S-Rank adventurer to be born in 20 years, formed an organization of people with some kind of talent.
 What is he planning to do with this organization?
 That's why I was invited to a meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents.

 I stood on the stage and looked at the leaders of the Alliance of Five Continents sitting at the round table in front of me.
 The one who sits one head taller than the other four, sitting on his haunches, with his arms crossed in front of his chest, is probably the current Beast King.
 There is also the King of the Kingdom of Crevelle, a fisherman with whom I had dinner.
 The allied nations rotate who will represent them.
 This year, the Kingdom of Culebure is the representative of the Confederacy.

 At the back of the round table where the allies are seated, there are nearly 100 representatives of royalty and nations.
 The Alliance of Five Continents is made up of lords from five continents and nearly 100 member nations.

King Olbers is here, too. And the Beast Prince Zeu. The Ghiamut Empire gets special treatment.

 King Olbers of the Dark Elves has officially joined the Alliance of Five Continents at this meeting.
 A majority vote was already taken the other day, and it was unanimously decided that the dark elf village of Fabulase would join.
 The war against the Demon Lord's army requires a lot of resources.
 If even one more nation joins, it is basically welcomed because it reduces the burden on their own nation.
 So, unless there is something wrong with the country joining, it will be decided without any opposition.

 And notice the Beast Prince Zeu beside King Olbers.
 Basically, one country, one person, is the rule, but despite the presence of the Beast King, Prince Zeu is also participating in the meeting of the Five Continents Alliance.
 Allen thinks that the Giaomut Empire's intention to make Prince Zeu the next Beast King is hidden in the fact that he has a mild personality and is willing to participate in the battle against the Demon King's army.

 The Ten Wise Beasts are also waiting in this palace.
 It seems that the Beast King himself is planning to return to the Al-Habar Beast Kingdom.
 The Ten Wise Beasts that participated in the war from the attack on the S-class dungeon to Rosenheim and the Central Continent are fulfilling their duties without a single casualty.

"...... Don't be so nervous. We're not the enemy. It's Allen."

 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire, Regalfaras V von Ghiamut, tells Allen not to be nervous as he ponders the situation of the royals.
 With his blond hair, reddish eyes, and a very neat but somewhat stern face, the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire is the ally of the central continent.

(Is there a microphone attached?)

 (Is there a microphone on?) The voices coming from the round table where the allies of the five continents are seated resonate well in this large conference room.

"No, I'm not accustomed to this kind of situation, so I'm just nervous to make sure nothing untoward happens.

 A microphone like magic tool is placed on the podium on the stage, and I speak into it.
 Then his voice was picked up and echoed widely in the hall.
 Probably, there are these kinds of grimoires for loudspeakers in this conference room.

 Allen smiled and replied to the Emperor of the Giamut Empire.
 He was not nervous at all, as he was only looking at the representatives of each country and the Prince of Zeu.

"So you're not nervous at all. Is it because he is a hero like Helmios?"

 With his words and attitude, the Emperor of the Giamut Empire noticed that there was almost no nervousness in Allen and his companions.
 The only ones who were nervous here were Luke and Peromus.

"Well. Someone in the central continent is calling himself a hero. They just keep coming."

 The Beast King, who crossed his arms in front of his chest at the words of the Ghiamut Empire, gave a stern look at Allen, who was called a hero, while breathing hard.

(I think he only found out about me when he fought the heroes at the school. The Beast King didn't like the way the emperor of the Giamut Empire kept lifting up the heroes.

 I think it was when Allen was in his second year that he first came up in conversation among the Five Continents Alliance.
 At that time, I'm sure I would have told them that the boy Allen fought a good battle against the brave Hermios, fighting so hard that the arena lost its original form.
 The guests of honor from various countries watched the battle between Allen and Helmius with trembling.

 After that, they would talk about the participation in the war in Rosenheim, the capture of the S-class dungeon, and the response to the distress signal to the Elmar nation.
 From the way they looked at Allen, it seemed that the representatives of each country were curious about what was going on.

"Hmm, it seems that everyone is interested in Allen. It seems that you have an army called Allen's Army, can you tell us about Allen's purpose?

"My goal is to defeat the Demon Lord.

 "My goal is to defeat the Demon King," the Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire inquired about his activities.
 The meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents, in which Allen and the others participated and which brought together representatives from all over the world, had begun.