382-Episode 373 5 Continental Alliance Conference (2)

"So, you want to defeat the Demon King?"

 The voice of the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire, who picked up Allen's words, spread through the conference room by means of a loudspeaker magic tool.

 Instead of fighting against the Demon King's army, Allen declared that he would defeat the source of all evil, the Demon King of the End, who was trying to destroy the world.
 The representatives of each country listened, wondering if this was the goal of Allen's army.
 The Demon Lord is a symbol of fear that appeared over 100 years ago and has been at war with the world for over 50 years.
 The world is losing even the possibility of defeating the Demon Lord.

"Yes. Because of this, there are limits to the party's activities, so we've decided to have an army.

"Well, it's Allen. You've already fought the Demon Lord's army for quite some time now, but you still think you can defeat him? Helmios."

 Saying that, the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire looked at Helmios.

 Allen has already fought against the Demon King's army, including stopping the invasion of Rosenheim.
 He seems to be asking if he can still defeat them.

(I see. The 5 Continents Alliance isn't optimistic about the Demon Lord. (Well, they haven't actually defeated him.)

 I've invited the hero Helmius to sit at the same round table as the Alliance.
 The reason for this is because I judged that I could understand Allen's personality better with Helmios, who has known Allen for a long time.

 The position of the brave Hermios, who sits in the same seat as the leader of the Alliance of the Five Continents, which is undoubtedly running the world today, is shown by his past achievements.
 The fact that the man who is the hope of mankind and who has spent his life fighting against the Demon King's army is sitting at the round table is something that no one is going to interfere with.

 In addition, the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire asked Helmios about Allen, but it seems that he had also heard a lot about him from General Macallan.
 According to General Macallan, Allen is very obsessed with becoming stronger, and likes to analyze and research things.
 He is not interested in position or honor, and he is not beholden to authority.
 He said that if you talk to him politely, he will cooperate with you even if it is not in his own interest, so it is important to be sincere.
 In fact, he had responded to last year's invasion of Rosenheim and the distress call from Elmar, so the representatives of the various countries seemed to have listened to what he had to say.

 While Allen was in the S-class dungeon, the head of the Adventurer's Guild, Mr. Macallan, came to see him.
 Perhaps getting to know Allen's personality was the mission given to General Macallan, who had come to the Baucis Empire to meet Allen.

 The leaders of the Alliance of the Five Continents were not sure if Allen, who was serious about defeating the Demon King, was dreaming.
 A distinct look of confusion spread across the conference room.

 I guess he's wondering how the alliance of five continents can defeat him.

(Well, if it's just the number of people and their talents, it's no wonder they're considered a weak organization.

 A party of ten or so had an army of five thousand.
 This number of 5,000 soldiers is not a large number for the Alliance of Five Continents.

 The Five Continents Alliance would have an army of over one million.
 Five thousand is less than the number of troops that can be assigned to a single fortress in the central continent.

 The representatives of each country began to show expressions that said, "Are you serious just because you have an army of that size?

"Well, that's Mr. Allen. He's been working for this cause since the first time we met. He's probably the closest we'll ever get to achieving our goal. At least he's closer than I am."

 Helmios opened his mouth to break the confusion.

"Is that so?"

"Yes, yes."

 Helmios replied to the Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire with a sigh.
 It seems that Helmios and the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire are the same age, so he is ten years older than Allen.
 He and the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire may have been friends for a long time.
 But I'd like to believe that they don't have a very close relationship.

(Well, maybe he's just a rumor. There are always rumors in the royal court.

 The current emperor of the Ghiamut Empire does not have a good name.
 In the Giaomut Empire, which has had many emperors, including the Wise Emperor and the Fearful Emperor, the current emperor is called the "Fresh Blood Emperor.
 His three older brothers all died unexpectedly, and even the previous emperor died suddenly and became the emperor at a young age.
 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire looked at Allen as if he was deeply searching for the truth of Helmios' words.

"Well, you've gathered all the talent in the world. Are you guys that good?"

 It seems that Chief Macallan and Hermios the Brave have been praising Allen too much.
 The Beast King couldn't resist interrupting.
 It's not a royal term at all, and Allen thinks he'd be better off being called an adventurer.

 He seems to have doubts about Allen's strength.

"On a scale of strength to weakness, I'm probably stronger than all of you."

(Even so, it's been a tough fight against not only the Demon Lord but also the higher demons.


 When Allen implied that he was stronger than the Beast King, the hair around the Beast King's face stood on end.
 It's hard to see the color of his skin or his bloodline when he's angry because he's so hairy, Allen thinks.

"Beast King. We're not here to fight. Are you stronger than we are? Interesting. May I check to see if that's true? It'll make us all feel better."

 Apparently he wanted to get what Allen had to say.

 It seemed that the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire had prepared something for the purpose of inviting Allen and the others.
 When the emperor looked at him, the knight who had been waiting for the signal at the entrance opened the door wide.

"Hmm? Examine? Are you going to let the brave man appraise it?"

 It's the fastest way to measure strength.

"That's right. Appraise. Allen seems to be quick on the uptake. Good. But it's not an appraisal of Helmios. That won't get the word out. Take it!

 A jet-black plate and a crystal are brought into the conference room by the priests.

An appraisal for the Appraisal Ceremony. That's pretty impressive. This world loves appraisals.

 I did the appraisal ceremony when I was five years old, and also when I took the entrance exam for the academy.
 I think this is my third appraisal.

"What are you going to do, Allen? Are you going to take the test?"

 Cecil, who is sitting down, calls out to Allen.
 While Allen is staring at the huge jet-black board, Cecil starts to talk to him.

Cecil says, "Well, I think it's okay to have an appraisal. I don't want everyone's anxiety to interfere with our activities.

 Allen is not aiming to be a self-righteous demon king who does nothing to help the world and should be feared.
 While showing a cooperative face to the Alliance of the Five Continents, he will grant the necessary requests.
 He can also act in a calculating manner like this.
 What he should do after weighing the merits of cooperating and the demerits of refusing will determine how he behaves at this meeting.

"That's an auspicious thought. Allen. By the way, I'll show you the power of my empire's greatest hero first."

 Allen's words of cooperation were also picked up by the loudspeaker and spread throughout the conference room.

 And apparently, the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire said that he would appraise the hero Helmios first to show them.
 It seems that this appraisal is also meant to show the power of the Ghiamut Empire, and the Beast King is making a face like, "Not again.
 Rather, the Beast King says it out loud, and his words are picked up by the loudspeaker magic tool.

"Please place your hand on this crystal.

 It seems that the appraisal is ready.
 The priest who is conducting the appraisal speaks to Helmios.


 A jet-black board is placed next to the platform and the round table so that the delegates can easily see it.
 The board, many times larger than the appraisal board, resembles a screen set up on the wall of a conference room.

 Then the crystal shines and displays the status of the hero Helmios.


 [Name] Helmios.
 Age: 25
 Occupation: Hero King
 [Strength] 3555 + 3600

 Magic] 2550 + 3600
 Attack Power] 3555+3600
 Endurance] 3555+3600
 Quickness 3555+3600
 Intelligence] 2550+3600
 Luck] 3199+3600
 Skills] King of Heroes, Recovery, Flying, Appraisal, Holy Spirit Sword, Heroic, Kumite, Axe Technique, Sword Technique, Spear Technique, Shield Technique, Throwing
 [Extra] Sword of God

"Oh! I'm not a hero, I'm a hero-king!
"Is this the first time you've seen Lord Helmius' appraisal?
"It's always a great appraisal.

 Representatives from all over the world are shouting.
 The results were overwhelmingly positive.
 Some of the representatives seemed to have seen it before.
 Perhaps the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire has been showing them off to the nations several times.

(Oh, the heroes are already at full strength. I mean, you have a lot of skills. Can you handle a spear or an axe?

 The hero Helmios, who had been changed by the hero king, was already at level 60.
 And in the appraisal ceremony, the increase in status was shown on a scale from E to S, but the status and available skills were shown much more clearly.
 It seems to be a special appraisal set that allows for a very detailed appraisal.

 However, it doesn't seem to have the same performance as the grimoire that Allen uses.
 It doesn't show how many levels or skill levels you have, nor does it have an experience or skill experience column.
 This reminds me of a world where leveling up is called passing the test of the gods.
 I wonder if the reason why neither the level nor the skill level is shown in the appraisal is because it is related to faith.
 By the way, when Helmios appraised me at the school, he didn't tell me how many levels I had.
 At any rate, I recorded Helmios' status in the grimoire.

(I see, so many skills were a trial and error process for the hero.

 Helmios, who has been fighting the Demon King's army on the front lines for 10 years, has many skills besides sword fighting, including spear fighting and axe fighting.
 He must have been searching for strength through trial and error.

 So, in that order, I appraised Peromus, who changed jobs and became a wealthy merchant, as well as Luke, who had not yet changed jobs.

 There were no comments on the appraisals of Peromus and Luke.
 They are still growing.

 It seems that Shea will be doing the appraisal next.

 Name] Shea
 Age: 15
 God of Beasts
 Occupation: Fist Saint
 Strength] 1702+1800
 Magic] 846
 Attack Power 2560+1800
 Endurance 1702+1800
 Quickness 2560+1800
 Intelligence] 846
 Luck] 1092
 Skills] Fist Saint, Strong Strike, Instant Wind Strike, May Rain Fist, Bombing Strike, Strong Fist, Kumite, Fist Art
 [Extra] Beast Kingdom

"This is the princess of the Beast Kingdom of Arbajar, isn't it? I envy you for having a strong royal family."

 This is the first time I've ever seen a princess with such a high status, and I'm not sure if it's a representative of any country, but the king looks at the jet-black board that lists Shea's status with envy.
 Shea is level 60, and all of her skill levels are 6, and she is at normal mode.

 After all, Allen thinks, it doesn't show up even if it is in his party.
 An honest voice leaks out, saying how much better it would be if his own child had such high status.

 And everyone is convinced that it is due to the blessings of the Beast God Garm.

"Hmph! Shea is only this good? Can't you at least put up the numbers of a hero of the Central Continent?"

 Then, as if to cancel out his words, the Beast King, with his arms folded, sighed and complained.
 The Beast King's complaint echoed through the conference room through his loudspeaker magic tool.
 Seeing Shea's expression turn dark for a moment at his words, Dogora makes a difficult face.
 It's not a very pleasant situation.

"And now, the next one, please.

 The priest said, "Next, please.

"I'm next, then."

 Merle gets up and walks over to the crystal.

"Oh! A new King of Magic Rock has been born!

 One of the kings stood up involuntarily.
 One of the kings stood up, and the others followed him.
 The results of Meruru's appraisal of his new job were displayed on the screen.