383-Episode 374 5 Continental Alliance Conference (3)

 Merle joined Dogora and the others in the hunt for the Iron Golem after he changed his job to the King of Magic Rocks.
 Since it was normal mode, his level reached 60 after killing one.
 Since then, I've been hunting more than 10 hours a day, although I do have days off, and I've raised my profession level to 4.

Since my skill level is not fully developed, I still have only one skill that increases my status.
 However, the representatives of each country see more value in Meruru than that.

 It would mean the birth of a new Demon Rock King in the Bauxite Empire, one with the same talents as Admiral Galala.

 In the Bauxite Empire, one child out of every ten million dwarves is born with the talent to be a demon rock general.
 With the invasion of the Demon King's army, many of the same three-star sword saints and saints died.
 However, there are quite a few dwarves who are demon rock generals because they were protected by sturdy golems.
 There are more than twenty of them.

 Will all of them change jobs and become demon rock kings in the future?
 In the first place, the representatives of the various countries swallowed their saliva, wondering if Admiral Galala would acquire a talent one level higher than the Demon King.
 How much more powerful could the Baucis Empire be with an army of golems to begin with?

"Ho. Merle. You've already changed jobs. It's a good cause.

"Thank you, sir."

 Merle bows his head and says thank you.

 One of the five men sitting at the round table is Pupun-Van Baucis III, Emperor of the Baucis Empire.
 He looks like a little boy and is sitting on a chair that is clearly not the right size for his feet.
 The emperor of the Bauxite Empire looks unconcerned because he has been able to garner such envy from the representatives of various countries.

 The buzzing subsided, and the appraisal ceremony resumed, but each time it stopped.
 But each time, it stops, because Crenna, Kiel, Cecil, and the rest of the talents with four stars or more continue on from here.

"They are all so talented, aren't they? "You're all very talented, Krena. Your numbers are as good as Hermios the Brave."
"The Holy King, oh, the new Pope who saved Elmar's Kingdom."
"This is the power of those who have conquered the S-class dungeons!"

"The Pope's Apprentice!

 As the buzz grew louder and louder, the face of the Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire grew grim.
 Crenna's status had reached a level comparable to that of the brave Helmios after two job changes.
 Apparently, he was displeased that he had not been able to gain enough recognition against the brave Hermios.

 Kiel was called Pope instead of the unfamiliar title of Papal Apprentice.
 He shouted loudly, but not in a polite way, Allen thought, since most of the representatives of the nations were royalty.

 Then Dogora put her hand on the crystal and said, "Your turn has finally come.
 Helmius had reported to the Emperor of Ghiamut about the strength of Allen's party as a whole.
 The Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire stares at the jet-black board, thinking that he had heard that this man was not that much stronger than Crenna, the Sword Emperor.

 [Name] Dogora
 [Age] 15.

 God of Fire
 Occupation: King of Destruction
 Physical Strength 6329+4800
 Magic 2927+2400
 Attack Power] 6788+4800
 Endurance: 5835+4800
 Speed] 4473+4800
 Intelligence] 2765+2400
 Luck] 4288+4800
 Skills] King of Destruction, True Fullness, True Bombing, True Warriors, True Slaughter, Full Spirit, True Fighting Spirit, Axe Technique, Double Axe Technique, Shield Technique

 A strong light covers the entire conference room.
 And the overwhelming status was displayed in silver letters on the jet black board.

"Hmm? What does that mean? What's this status, ......, the attack power is outrageous!
"Fire God's blessing? Does it have Freya's power in it?
"What? What? It's even more powerful than Krena's!

(Dogora's level is over 80 and still rising. I wonder how high he'll go. I wonder how far it will go.

 Dogora hunted about 8,000 Iron Golems and raised his level to 84.
 As for the skill level, I was able to raise the occupation level of the King of Destruction to 3.
 As a result, he was able to obtain the True Fighting Spirit level 1, which can increase his status.

 This true fighting spirit, at skill level 1, increases magic and intelligence by 2,400, and increases all other stats by 4,800.
 When you are in normal mode, the acquired soul will not increase your magic and intelligence status.
 When you are at skill level 1, you can increase all other stats by 2400.
 The difference in status between Extra Mode and Normal Mode would be an order of magnitude.

 In addition, when I reached Extra Mode, the name of the skill became "True", and the magic power consumed by the skill increased more than five times compared to the time when there was no "True".
 As a result of this, Dogora was able to increase her skill level to 3 in just over a month.

 Dogora, who had chosen the two-axe style, was now equipped with the divine weapon Kagutsuchi and the adamantite great axe.
 As a result, she had acquired a new skill called the Double Axe Technique.

"What? This Dogora is pretty good, isn't he? Now all we need is a leader."

 The Beast King, his arms folded in front of his chest, seemed to be impressed with Dogora's status.
 The last appraiser is Allen.

(There's going to be another incomplete appraisal. You can all look on in trepidation.

 In the appraisal, the occupation field was garbled.
 At the time of the school examination, all ability values were displayed as E, taking into account the growth rate.
 I'm not looking forward to the results of the appraisal at all, wondering if the unfortunate appraisal results will appear again.

 Name] Allen
 Age: 15
 Occupation: Summoner
 Physical Strength: 3815+2000
 Magic] 6060+14000
 Attack Power 2124+2000
 Endurance 2124+3800
 Speed】 3951+5000
 Knowledge 6070+16800

 Luck: 3951+2000
 Skills] Summoning, Generating, Synthesizing, Enhancing, Awakening, Expanding, Storing, Sharing, Fast Summoning, Equivalent Exchange, Commanding, Kinging, Deleting, Swordsmanship, Throwing

"Ooh, what's with all the magic and intelligence?"
"I see, so the representative of Allen's army is superior in intelligence?"
"I've never seen an intelligence level over 20,000.

I've never seen intelligence in excess of 20,000. It's less noisy than Dogora. Well, I guess war is supposed to be fought with swords and spears.

 The most important thing in war is firepower.
 So Cecil's extra skill, "Small Meteorite," has a very wide and powerful attack range, and Merus's awakened skill, "Lightning of Judgment," is overwhelmingly effective.

 However, most of the royals here are not talented.
 Few of them have fought against the Demon King's army.
 The representatives of each country seem to feel that Dogora and Crenna are stronger than Allen in fighting the Demon King's army.
 With Dogora at the head of the list, they had excellent companions such as Meruru, the King of Demon Rock, Kurena, the Sword Emperor, and Kiel, the Holy King and Papal Apprentice.
 The representatives of the various countries analyzed Allen as a manipulative being who used his wits.

I'd like to proceed when things settle down.

 In the noisy conference room, Allen was hiding his hands behind the podium, recovering his magic power using magic seeds, while continuing to increase his skill experience from earlier.
 The magic seeds he needs are being generated by Merus, and he is trying to raise his summoning level as fast as possible.

 Allen, who used to be an efficient cook, is now driven by the need to raise his skill level as soon as possible by Cubel's schemes.
 He doesn't know what he'll do next, so he wants to be able to summon an S-ranked summoner as soon as possible.

 As the representatives of the various countries buzzed about, the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire couldn't resist standing up.

"Imbuel. What about this? Don't you think it's a bit much? How did you manage to hide him so well?"

 The Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire's tone was clearly overwhelmed with anger.
 He glared at Inbuel-von-Latash, the king of the Latash Kingdom, who was seated in the front row among the representatives of various countries.
 Perhaps he wanted to boast that the level and skill level of the hero Helmios, who had changed jobs to become the Hero King, had reached its maximum and that he now had a tremendous status.
 He may have wanted to boast that his level and skill level had reached the maximum and that he was now of extraordinary status.

 The representatives of each country couldn't stand the fact that they were the main members of Allen's army, and they were all talking about them.

"So you're hiding them. ......"

"Oh. You're not?"

"No. ......

You're being accused of something.

 The Kingdom of Latash is a member of the League of Five Continents.
 Naturally, the current king, Imbuelle von Latash, is also here.
 Allen was aware of this, but he didn't make eye contact with him, so he didn't touch him.

 In Allen's party, where there are so many people born in the Kingdom of Latash, it is only in the last year or so that this kind of power has begun to be exposed to the world.
 In the midst of a gathering of representatives from over a hundred countries, he continued to attack the King of Latash with rather harsh words.

"If you can't cooperate with the idea of the Alliance of Five Continents, then you can leave!

 It is said that the reason why the hegemonic Ghiamut Empire does not attack the countries in the same central continent is because they are willing to cooperate with the Alliance of Five Continents.

"But that's not true. For the past few decades, the Kingdom of Latash has been cooperating with the ideals of the Alliance.

"You're called the Kingdomists. What do you mean?

 Allen had a confrontation with the hero Hermios at the school, participated in the war in Rosenheim, and conquered an S-class dungeon to become the first S-rank adventurer in 20 years.
 In all, he was late in informing the Alliance of the Five Continents.
 And now, this extraordinary appraisal result.
 At last, all the anger of the emperor of the Giamut Empire was directed at the king of Latash.

 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire, a great power and bordering the Kingdom of Latash, also known as the Emperor of Fresh Blood, will not allow the King of Latash to argue with him.
 The Emperor of the Giamut Empire, also known as the Emperor of Fresh Blood, would not allow the King of Latash to contradict him.
 The representatives of the various countries were also trying to cooperate with each other, so they didn't need to say so much.

 The Beast King has his arms folded and his eyes closed with a "Shut up" expression on his face.
 He seems uninterested in finishing the story.
 The Queen of Rosenhaym seemed to think that it would be inappropriate for the leader of a great nation to express her feelings at this moment.
 She was about to stop him when he said.

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty. Your Majesty, Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire."

"Hmm? It's Allen. What is it?"

 Allen interrupted the emperor's words, interrupting him.
 Allen's consciousness shifts from himself to Allen, and the King of Latash is relieved.

"I'm sure you can understand my anger, but the King of Latash also values winning the battle against the Demon King's army above all else.

"What are you talking about?"

 This is the words of the emperor of the Giamut Empire, but the king of the Latash Kingdom thinks the same thing.

"No, Princess Leilana of Latash is also active in the base of Allen's army.

(I'll follow up on that for you.)

"But? Oh, Allen. Why are you saying that now!

 The king of Latash shouted that this is the worst time to say it.
 The king of Latash shouted that it was the worst thing to say right now.

"Oh, is that true?"

 Blood vessels appeared on the forehead of the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire.
 In the midst of all this, the King of Latash erupted so loudly that I thought his soul would fly out of his mouth.

 The Five Continents Alliance Conference continued amidst the confusion of each country's thoughts.