384-Episode 375 5 Continental Alliance Conference (4)

 Allen reports that Princess Leilana, Princess of King Latash, is operating out of Allen's military base at the academy.

"Is that true?

"That's .......

 The King of Latash is so worried about his child that he has his own aide's child working with him at the academy.
 Then, a dizzying report from his aide comes to King Imbuel of Latash.
 He says that the children of his entourage have been sent to live in the base of operations of Allen's army.
 And they began to conquer the dungeon together.

"So it's true. I see now why you've been hiding such powerful people from us.

 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire said that he understood the king of Latash's intentions.
 The king of Latash, who was the first to know about Allen and the others' abilities, hid their existence.
 He then formed an army in order to increase his own power.
 While fighting the Demon King's army, he begins to talk about how his goal was to strengthen the power that would become his hands and feet.

(Hmm? Oh, this could be a good opportunity.

 Allen finds the differences in the future activities of Allen's army in the story of the Ghiamut Empire, which he addresses with his loudspeaker magic tool so that it echoes throughout the conference room.

"I apologize again and again. There seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the course of action of Allen's army.


 Allen stopped talking to the Emperor of the Empire of Geamt.

 It was only because he wanted to know how Allen and his comrades, who had achieved so much, would operate with an army of 5,000 men that he called Allen and his men here.

"It's true that Allen's army is on friendly terms with the Kingdom of Latash.

"No. Hmm, so?

 The relationship between Allen's army and the Kingdom of Latash is clearly stated here.
 It's true that they have friendly relations because Princess Leilana is working at the base of Allen's army, so anyone who hears that story will think so.

"However, they are neither a subordinate of His Majesty King Imbuel of the Kingdom of Latash nor a subordinate of the Five Continents Alliance.


 The emperor of the Giamut Empire listens to Allen's words with a quizzical look.
 The King of the Kingdom of Latash didn't think anything of the words "not under my control", thinking that Allen would answer that way.
 The King of Latash also thinks he understands Allen's thoughts, as he rides into the dinner party dressed as a servant and has an audience with him.
 This is also in line with the image of Allen that General Manager McCarran had just described.
 Allen has a unique way of thinking that no one can dominate.
 The fact that he didn't think of him as an enemy makes me wonder how much credibility there is to this story, listening to Allen's words.

"Allen's army will fight against the Demon King's army as an independent organization. In that case, please refrain from passing on the strategies and instructions that have been decided at the conferences of the Five Continents Alliance.

"You mean we'll do as we please?

"That is correct. There is no reason for you to give me any orders.

Don't give me orders. Seriously.

"That's ridiculous!

 There are two organizations in this world that the Five Continents Alliance has no complete control over.
 The Church of Elmere and the Adventurer's Guild.
 These two organizations cooperate with each other, but they are large enough to be able to confront each other if their interests conflict.
 If Allen's story is true, then Allen's army will respond in the same way.

 The Emperor of Ghiamut remains on his feet, but looks at Queen Rosenheim.
 She is aware that it was the Queen's skill that brought Allen to the key position of General Staff in the first place.
 She looks at him and asks him if he doesn't object to the fact that your chief of staff is telling him to do as he pleases, but the queen keeps a cool face.

"I'm sure you're aware of that.

 The Queen of Rosenheim tells me not to misunderstand.

"Yes. That's right. There will be times in the future when it will be better to cooperate with Allen's army in the operations of the Five Continents Alliance. We'll be installing communication grimoires at our military bases in the future. Please contact us if you have any questions. In addition, we will actively cooperate in hunting monsters.

 As a matter of fact, we've already set up communication grimoires on Heavy User Island.
 So, if necessary, we can be contacted directly, but we don't want to be underestimated and overpowered by an army of five thousand people.

"Hmm? What's a hexenbiest hunt?"

 I can't understand it, but I need to know what Allen's army is doing, so I ask him.

"There are many countries in the world that are tormented by Hexenbiests and are having a hard time dealing with them. We, Allen's army, are here to help."

"What does that mean?

"I'll explain in detail.

 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire didn't understand.
 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire didn't understand.
 But this is exactly the gap in perception between Allen's army and the policy of its activities.

 Allen believes that in order to make Allen's army stronger, it is necessary to hunt Hexenbiests.

 Allen carefully explains this to the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire as well as to the representatives of the various countries so that they understand.
 Each country has its own vicious Hexenbiests that they are struggling to deal with.
 Like the white dragon near the village of Krena, there are several of them in the Kingdom of Latash.
 There are also S-class hexenbiests and holy beasts.
 Allen's army is willing to kill these beings for cheap.

 In order to strengthen Allen's army, you need materials of strong Hexenbiests.
 Like collecting orichalcons and adamantites, metal weapons and armor can be obtained from iron golems, but weapons and armor made of wood and magical beasts are difficult to obtain.

 There are many weapons that require the materials of high-ranked magical beasts or ancient trees, which are only a few in the world.
 Bows and staffs are more powerful than metal weapons.
 Not all armor needs to be made of adamantite or other heavy, full-plate gear.
 Some are attackers and healers, others are scouts and light fighters.

 In order for them to be equipped, they are willing to take on the task of killing magical beasts for a low fee in exchange for materials.

 If you can defeat the giant S-ranked dragons, you will be able to get weapons and armor for over 100 people.
 More than 50 years have passed since the appearance of the Demon Lord's army, and the nations are exhausted from fighting the Demon Lord's army and are unable to defeat the vicious demon beasts that live in their own countries.
 I would like to tell the world about the merits of the Allen Army, as it would be a cheap solution to the woes of each country.

 Also, if there are any items that are needed from the activities, they can be sold or provided upon negotiation.

"Whoa. Allen. I'd like you to hurry up and get me a hihiirokane golem."

 In the midst of discussing the benefits, the emperor of the Baucis Empire mentions what he wants.

"Yes. "Yes, Your Majesty, Emperor of Baucis. "Yes, Your Majesty, the Emperor of the Bauxite Empire. I've finally managed to get one set for Admiral Galala, and I'll give it to my men later.

"Oh, really? That's a very large one, isn't it?"

 The Baucus emperor, sitting in his chair, his feet not touching the ground, leaned forward and responded to Allen's words.

"Of course, sir. The Baucis Empire has been very considerate of Allen's army.

 Allen is supposed to give the Baukis Empire a set of the main body plates of the baboon golem, as well as large and super large plates.
 The Baukis Empire does not have the plates for the Healocane Golem.
 They can only be obtained at the lowest levels of S-class dungeons, and the difficulty of obtaining them is quite high.

 As a result of the new dungeon, what the Baukis Empire needs now is to get all of the Hihiirokane Golem stone plates, including the large and super large ones.
 In the current situation, rather than providing magic recovery items such as magic seeds, they want them by the throat.
 Knowing this, Allen approached the Baucis Empire.

 If Allen's army could operate freely in and around the S-class dungeons, he was prepared to provide them with the Hihiirokane Golem tablet free of charge.

 Activities in and around Class S dungeons are essential for the strengthening of Allen's army.
 The Bauxite Empire agreed to this with two words.

"You may speak to Admiral Galala and the Minister of Magicians later. I've already dispatched a golem wielder and a magic tool wielder. I've decided to send 100 of each from our empire."

 I'll tell him that the Baucis Empire's policy towards Allen's army has been decided.
 Waiting for Allen's answer, I'll tell him the results of the response I've already prepared.

"Your Majesty. That would be very helpful."

(Oh? You'll send out golem users as well as mages?

 The talents required to move each golem
To move a bronze-class golem, you need the talent of a magic rock soldier.
To move an Iron-class golem, you need the Mage talent.
To move a mithril-grade golem, you need the talent of a mage.
To move a golem, you must have the talent of the King of Magic Rock.

 The talents needed to repair, design, and adjust magic tools.
The talent of a magician to repair, design, and adjust magic tools.

Magician's Talent for grimoires for magic ships and communications
For grimoires for purification facilities in large cities, the talent of a mage engineer.

 It seems that the scale of the grimoires that can be operated depends on the number of stars in the talent.
 There are various kinds of grimoires, from the ones you have at home to the ones that can affect the whole country.
 In addition, if you just want to use them, it doesn't matter if you have talent or not, as there is usually a switch like a button on the grimoire.

 In the past, in order to run the heavy user island, I was looking for a grimoire user who could handle the grimoire-like facilities that were underneath the temple on the island.
 We were saying that if you have a talent as a magician, you might be able to move it.

"So, I'd like the next set as soon as possible.

 There are going to be about twenty golem users who have the talent of the Demon Rock King.
 I suppose you want me to send you the next set as soon as possible.

"Of course. I'll have it ready as soon as possible."

(I already have it.)

 (I already have it, but...) He says he will prepare it as soon as possible.
 When Kiel thinks that he already has it, Allen doesn't forget to give him a glare and say, "Don't even look at me.

 As he watched, the Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire realized that the takeover was in progress.
 The Kingdom of Latash, Rosenheim, and even the Bauxite Empire are all cooperating with Allen's army.
 And he was prepared to call for help from all the countries that were exhausted by the Demon Lord's army and had demon beasts, but had no soldiers to defeat them.

 At this point, I realized what Allen was up to.

"Hey, don't stare at me like that. I've told you a lot about Allen."

"Helmios. We'll talk later.

 Helmios realizes that he is being blamed and makes an excuse.
 The emperor of the Giamut Empire said that if Helmios had told him more about Allen, he would not have been so far behind.

"So that's it for Aren's army, huh?"

 The Beast King, who had only occasionally muttered to himself, finally said, "Are we done talking about Allen's army?

"Yes. This is all I have to say, thank you for lending me the Shea and Beastman troops."

(That's all I have to say.)

 Since I was barely involved in the conversation, I thanked the Beast King again for the 2,000 troops and for Shea, the Beast Princess.

"What the hell are you talking about? I'm not gonna lend her to you. I don't know who you are, Allen, but don't be silly. Shea, I think that's all. Let's go back to the beast kingdom.

 The Beast King speaks to Allen in a low, angry tone as if he's glaring at him.

"What? Your father, Your Majesty, the Beast King. I've decided to join Allen's army on my own.

"What are you talking about? I'll take you back by force if you keep talking like that. I am Muza-van Al-Bahar. Since when do you get to make your own decisions?

 The Beast King expressed his opposition to Shea's participation in Allen's army.