385-Episode 376 Sia's Beginning

 The Beast King completely denied Shea's request to join Allen's army.
 He then told Shea that he would return with her to the kingdom of Arbajar.
 Prince Zeu, who was watching the scene, stood up and said, "I never thought you would say that.

 The Beast King seemed to be going along with his own idea without mentioning anything about Allen's army getting the cooperation of other countries.
 The conference room fell silent, and I asked him how it happened.

"I'm already an adult. I'm already an adult and I want to make sure that my actions are reasonable.

 Shea says he's not going to change his mind.

"Well, that's what a little girl who played knight would say. Does your attitude get bigger when you go through Temi's ordeal? So what are you going to do? How do you propose to deal with this?"

 No one interrupted the conversation between Shea and the Beast King anymore.
 Even the Emperor of Gia Mut, who was displeased with Allen's attitude, fell silent.

(The emperor of Ghiamut is also scared. (The emperor of Ghiamut must be scared. He seems to be a brainy king who gets into trouble easily.

 The Beast King, who had beaten the brave Hermios to a pulp in front of the leaders of the world, had no one to argue with.

"I'd like to have a fight with you, Beast King. Is that all right with you?"

 Shea replied immediately, as if she had already prepared for it.

Did Shea know this would happen? Well, they're father and son. I mean, it seems to happen all the time.

 Shea was attending the meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents with more determination than anyone else.
 It seems that she knew the character of her father, the Beast King.

 And Allen had also heard a lot about the Beast King's character from Shea.
 The Beast King said that he would never pass a policy that he did not like if the minister raised it.
 No matter how hard you try to persuade him, he will not shake his head.
 He says that if he really wants to pass the policy, he will fight a duel with himself to end it.

 If you are prepared to do that, they say, you can pass the policy.
 In fact, several times a year, a duel with the minister is held.
 Shea tells me that he has buried many ministers in duels.

"Interesting. Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire. I need to borrow the arena for a moment."

An arena? There's an arena nearby, isn't there?

 (An arena? That's nearby, isn't it?) As he was coming down from the magic ship, he saw what looked like a square training facility adjacent to the royal palace.
 Allen wondered if it was an arena.

"What? Now?"

 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire is astonished that he is now going to fight his own daughter in such a situation .

"Oh, you're done with that Allen guy, aren't you?"

 When he stood up, he was more than two heads taller than Allen, and much larger than Dogora, both vertically and horizontally.
 He walked out of the conference room, not listening to the words of the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire, who said that he was done talking about Allen's army, but that there was still more to discuss.

"You probably won't win. We probably won't win, and we won't be safe. We have to stop it if we can."

 Helmius, who had fought the Beast King before, was worried about Shea.

"Is that so?"

"That much?"

 Allen asks back, and Helmios answers immediately.
 I've heard that he was defeated by the Beast King before at the 5 Continents Alliance Conference, but it seems that the Beast King is incredibly strong.

 Shea also follows the Beast King out of the conference room.

"...... We should also see what happens to the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom."

 The Queen of Rosenheim stood up, saying in a calm tone, "Let's go see.
 The Beast King rejected the participation of Allen's army of beastmen as well as Shea.
 What are we going to do as the Beast Kingdom of Arbajar?
 This may be the story that decides the future of the Alliance of Five Continents, which is united against the Demon King's army.

 Helmios led me to the arena located a short distance away from the royal palace.
 At the side of the arena, Shea clenched her fists, closed her eyes, and reconfirmed the image of the battle.
 Shea thought that she had been watching the battle of the Beast King since she was a child.

"I'm sorry it had to come to this. I should have told you this a long time ago. Allen.

"No, it's a father-son fight. I'm not gonna stop you, but take it easy.

"I know. I'll tell you what.

 Shea had a hunch that this would be the end of the conversation.
 But she didn't want to tell anyone, because she didn't think it would make a difference.

No equipment for the Beast King?

 In the middle of the arena, the Beast King is standing on top of the arena, without any equipment on his upper body, taking off his red and gold colored fur cloak that suits the Beast King.
 Bird E's summoner checks his equipment in detail, but he is not equipped with any weapons or armor.
 He is also not equipped with any accessories such as rings or bracelets.
 It seems that the Beast King fights Shea with only his bare status.

(I heard that the children of the Beast King family are basically born as Fist Saints. (I thought the children of the Beast King family are basically born as Fist Saints, and when they become the Beast King, they gain even more power.

 Shea seems to be prepared for an impossible fight.

"Crenna. Can you lend her the holy bead?


 Allen is more interested in a sure victory than a clean slate.
 He asks Shea to give him the Sacred Pearl, the trophy from Basque that he gave to Krena.

"Good. The King of Beasts is not equipped with anything either."

 Shea says that Allen tried to give her the pearl and other equipment that he gave to Crenna, but she refused.
 It's a decision between father and son, and winning or losing seems to be a secondary concern.

 Shea, who is not equipped with any armor or status-enhancing rings, goes up to the arena.

 While Allen was talking with Shea, the representatives of each country and the allies of the Five Continents Alliance finished moving to the spectator seats.
 They seemed to be witnessing the end of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.

"Have you said your goodbyes?

 The Beast King asked Shea if she had said goodbye to Allen and the others, without mentioning that they had waited a long time.

"We're about to."

 Shea said she hadn't said goodbye yet.


"I'm going to be the first emperor of the beast kingdom. I'm going to join Allen and the others in that. That's what I've decided. Father, I've come to say goodbye.

 The Beast King has commanded me to live this long.
 The Beast King gave me a test and I went to defeat the guru of the evil gods.
 But from now on, I will make my own decisions and act accordingly," he told the Beast King.

 The Beast King looked sad for a moment, and then his eyes filled with strength.

"Do you still speak such nonsense? I will take you back by force."

 Then he relaxes his hands and assumes a defenseless posture.
 I guess he means, "Come at me.
 If you want to do your own thing, you'll have to defeat the Beast King.

 Father and daughter face each other on the arena table without a referee.
 Shea's decisive battle had begun.

 Shea's eyes sharpened, she quickly closed the distance and slammed her fist into the Beast King's stomach.


 It felt like she had struck something very hard and elastic.
 The fist hit the target.


 The Beast King didn't dodge, and Shea was astonished to be hit by the attack.
 The Beast King should be able to avoid this kind of attack without a second thought.

"I knew it. If you're half as prepared as you think you are, you don't have a soul in your fist!


 And the Beast King kicked Shea upside the head.

 Then the Beast King kicked Shea upside the head. She used one of her arms to defend herself, but she couldn't kill the momentum and was sent flying far away from the arena.

 Even though he was blown away, he spun his body around and landed on the fighting table successfully, and ran to the Beast King.
 He endured the pain and showed his determination.

 However, he was only able to take the first blow.
 After that, the Beast King continued his one-sided attack.
 Shea's attack was easily dodged, and she was attacked by the Beast King.

"What's wrong! I knew I should have stopped you when you started playing knight!

 The Beast King said to Shea, who had been punched and kicked so many times that she was unable to stand up.
 Shea made Lud, who was originally a vassal of the Beast King, his own captain and began to have his own troops.
 She accepted mercenaries and adventurers alike who were inspired by her ideas, and her troops grew to over a thousand.
 And the nations began to call her the Warrior Princess.

 There was definitely a time to stop Shea.
 Because she was left alone to play knight, she began to do as she pleased, saying she was going to create an empire of beasts and joining the army of some unknown person.

 The Beast King stained his knuckles red and wondered if he should have done this earlier.

 Although he is not equipped with any weapons or armor, Shea is a Fist Saint and has reached the maximum level and skill level.
 Shea is not weak, but she has gained experience in battle while pursuing the guru of the evil gods.
 It's not that she's weak, but there's a power difference between her and her father.


 The Beast King's fist dug deep into Shea's stomach, sending her flying to the edge of the arena.

"Shea, stop it. You must apologize to the Beast King!

 Seeing Shea being blown away again and again, Prince Zeu couldn't help but shout.
 He seemed to be worried about his sister's safety.

"Hmph. Zew. Wouldn't it be better if Shea was gone?"

"No, I don't. I want you to forgive my sister."

 And with that, Zew bowed on behalf of Shea.

"Hmm. You fear for your sister's safety. That's sweet, that's sweet! Zeu. That's no way to be a beast king. We beastmen have lived under the fierce rule of men. There's no room for lax thinking!

I see. Maybe that's why he recommended Bek for the crown prince. That's why he recommended Bek to be the Beast Prince.

 It was the Beast King who put Bek, who was even thinking of invading the Central Continent, in the position of the next Beast King, the Crown Prince.
 He does not tolerate naive thinking and seems to think that living for the beastmen is the most important thing.

 Prince Bek is willing to shed the blood of beastmen for the prosperity of the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom.
 He has been trying to make Prince Bek, who has seen the reality of the Beast Kingdom, the next Beast King, rather than Prince Zeu, who has a more lenient attitude, or Shea, who dreams.

 In the meantime, both Prince Zeu and Shea have overcome the ordeal imposed by the Beast King.
 Allen's mind wandered to the idea that this was another test for him to become the next Beast King.

"Yes, that's true, but ......"

"Hmm. Zew. I'm sure you're not the only one who has been misled by the Baucis Empire and the Central Continent.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 He was welcomed into the Giaomut Empire as a hero who had conquered a dungeon and a fellow countryman who had fought with the Ten Heroic Beasts against the invasion of the Demon King's army in the Central Continent.

 Hearing the commotion from the royal palace, the Ten Wise Beasts were also watching the events of the battle.

"No, nothing like that. ......

"Then you may step up to the arena in place of Shea."

 He grabbed Shea by the chest after she was blown away and told Zeu that he would forgive her if you fought.

"What? You mean me, sir?

"Yes. Are you ready to slaughter me and take the throne of the Beast King?

 The arena was now the sole domain of the Beast King, and if Prince Zeu would fight him instead, he would allow Shea to do so.
 The Beast King shouted, "Let him defeat himself," which sounded somewhat like a wish to Allen.

"What? This is my fight!"

 Shea slammed her fist into the Beast King's face, as he was already dazed from being hit so many times.
 But the fist didn't hit him in the face, and the Beast King remained cool and unmoved.
 She is able to stand because the Beast King has her by the chest, but her legs are already weak and she is floating in the air.
 Shea's fists seem to have no strength left in them after being struck all over her body.

"Yeah. What are you going to do? Zeu. You're going to fight! Or Shea!"

 With that, he grabbed Shea's chest and put his other hand on her chest.
 Shea has been attacked and is about to be subjected to more violence.
 In fact, any more than this could be fatal.
 That's how much power is in the Beast King's fist.

"Nugu, ha, ha!

 Shea's only strength remains unbroken.
 But there seems to be a desperate gap in strength.

"Wow, I understand. ......"

 Zeu prepared to die and was about to say that he would fight on behalf of Shea.
 That's when it happened.

 Allen was standing by, ready to intervene with his summoner if the situation arose.
 The potato-faced man next to Allen turned red and shouted in a voice that could be heard not only by the arena but also by all the representatives of each country in the stands.

"Get off me! Let go of Shea!

"What? What is it?

"Let go of Shea! I'll fight you!

 The bleary-eyed, angry Dogora's foot stomped on the arena.