386-Episode 377 Beast King Battle (1)

 Dogora came up to the fighting table and went to the Beast King.
 He couldn't see that Shea was being beaten to a pulp.
 Whenever the Beast King swung his fist, he would come within easy reach.

"So, you're going to fight for my daughter?"

 He was so imposing that for a moment I had to ask him if he was serious.
 This is a battle to determine if Shea is free to operate.
 It's also to determine the future Beast King.
 So, the Beast King continued to question Zeu and Shea while fighting.

 And then Dogora, a mere friend, stepped in.
 Dogora, a mere comrade of his, was so imposing that he hesitated to speak of it.

"Yes. Let Shea go. You're my father and you beat my daughter."

 There is no honorific for the Beast King.
 I don't like honorifics and I'm not used to them.
 Dogora thinks that Allen should be the one to handle any situation that requires honorifics.

 It seems that Dogora could not tolerate her father's hands on her.
 Dogora's father was a weaponsmith, a craftsman and a quiet man.
 Before he met Aren, Dogora had been a brat and a riotous child in the village of Krena, but her father had never been angry with her.
 Whenever he asked for a weapon, the next day there would be a club-like object on his bedside table, carved from a log for him.
 I saw my father talking behind my back, and I thought that's what he was like.
 There was no way he could forgive his daughter, let alone someone who had raised his hand against one of his own.

"Oh, I get it. You're the one with the Fire God's blessing, aren't you?"

 The Beast King remembered the appraisal result displayed on the jet-black board, and the Dogora who had brought that result.
 He seemed to remember at least the man with the Fire God's blessing.

 He let go of Shea, who had grabbed him by the chest and lifted him up.
 Shea falls to the ground, and Dogora holds her.

"What? This is my problem. Stand back."

 In a daze, he tells Dogora to step out of the arena.

"I don't care. I'm not going to stand by and watch my friends get beaten up."

 And with that, he cradles Shea in his arms and carries her out of the arena, unable to stand up due to her wounds from the beating.


 The Beast King watches on without stopping.

"Kiel, I'm sorry, but I need you to help Shea recover.

"Yeah, okay. All heal."

 Kiel casts a healing spell, and Shea recovers in an instant.

 Without even looking at Shea, Dogora began to remove her own armor.
 Like Shea, she seemed to be fighting without her armor and status-enhancing ring.

"Dogora, if you don't equip yourself, you will lose.

 Helmios said that it would be better to equip his weapons and armor.

"Good. Kagutsuchi is not the weapon for this."

 This is not a weapon for this.
 He had left the sacred Kagutsuchi in the waiting room and did not seem to be wearing any armor.
 He went up to the fighting table in his naked state and went to the Beast King again.

"Is it possible that it was in this arena that Mr. Helmius was defeated by the Beast King?

"Yes, that's right. Yes, Mr. Allen.

 Allen asks Helmios as he watches Dogora anxiously on her way to the Beast King.
 Somehow, I think I understand the situation at that time.
 The Beast King seems to have beaten up Helmios, the hero of the whole world, in the imperial capital of the Giamut Empire.

"Are you saying that the Beast King was not equipped with anything?

"Yes, that's right. I wore orichalcone weapons and armor and couldn't beat him.

"Did you use your skills?

"No, I don't think so. If I used mine, the game would have turned into a fight to the death.

You used yours on me at the academy. You used it on me in school. Well, you were reluctant even then.

 (I would have used it at the school, but only once.
 It probably has the same characteristics as the skill level 5 High King Sword used by Krena.
 It's a one-hit kill, so it's hard to turn around.
 It probably has a long cool time as well.

 I think the battle between Shea and the Beast King helped me to understand the meaning of the story that Shea could not defeat Helmios.

 I also understood the situation of the battle between the brave Helmios and the Beast King.
 It seems that when Helmios wanted to disarm himself, the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire told him to fight fully armed.
 It seems that the Beast King, who had no weapons or armor, was completely defeated by the fully armed hero Helmios.
 It seems that the Beast King, who had no weapons or armor, was completely defeated by Helmios, who was not as well armed as Shea, but he was beaten almost unilaterally.
 In the end, he was defeated and the Emperor was very angry with him, but killing him with his skills would be a problem.

"Can you appraise the Beast King?"

 Hermios the Brave has the Appraisal skill.

"Hmm? No, you can't. You can't do that." "Well, then I guess Allen and Dogora won't show up either.

(Oh? What's that?

 The Beast King's status seemed to be low to the brave Helmios.
 While they were talking, Dogora arrived at the Beast King.

"I see. You drew Shea into this? Of all people, a human messes with my clan? I'll kill you!

 Clearly the Beast King's words were filled with anger.

"Hmm? What are you talking about?"

 Dogora didn't understand, but the Beast King seemed to think that Dogora had separated Shea from the Beast King.

"Don't be silly. You're going to take a hit. That's your cue to fight. Come at me with all your might."

 Looking at the Beast King's attitude, Allen wondered if the rules allowed him to take a hit.

"I see."

 And with that, Dogora slammed his fist into the Beast King's stomach with a big swing.


 The Beast King's face twisted as Dogora, who had an attack power of over 10,000 even without any equipment, struck him with all her might.
 Then, the Beast King exhaled loudly and looked up at the sky.
 It seemed to hurt more than the Beast King thought it would.

"You can't have it! No!

 And with that, the Beast King slammed his fist into Dogora's face.
 The Beast King slammed his fist into Dogora's face, but Dogora didn't dodge like the Beast King.

 She was blown away by the Beast King's vicious blow to her face, and was sent flying for several meters, but she held her ground and stayed there.
 His mouth was bleeding, but the look he gave the Beast King did not dampen his morale.
 He let me hit him once, so I guess I let him hit me once.

"...... That's enough."

"You humans are such a bunch of pussies!

 Wiping the blood from his hands, Dogora murmured, "Now we can fight without having to borrow money.
 The battle between Dogora and the Beast King began, with Dogora raising his fists and going all out.

 The Beast King's fists became even more powerful as Dogora's fighting style was so imposing.
 He could clearly see that if he didn't defeat this thing, Shea would leave him.

(Hmm? Does the Beast King have a slight advantage in terms of status? No, it depends on the status. The Beast King's attack power is higher and so is his speed. This is going to be a tough fight.

 The Beast King could not withstand the impact of Dogora's fist, and was blown away.
 The Beast King is blown away by the impact of Dogora's fist, but Dogora's attack begins to dodge.

 This is probably because the Beast King, like Shea, uses close combat skills such as kenjutsu and kumite.

 The Beast King has a slight advantage in attack power and speed, and his movements seem amateurish compared to the Beast King.
 In addition, his movements seem to be more amateurish than the Beast King's. He is often dodged or fended off, and his movements begin to be seen through.


 Dogora was hit by another big blow.
 The dogora took another big hit. Her expression and voice showed that she was in a lot of pain, but she gritted her teeth and held on.

"What's the matter? You can't hit my daughter with that kind of force!

"Shut up. I'm trying to remember. I'm trying to remember now.

 Dogora was trying to remember something in the face of this disadvantage.
 And something came back to him.

"You don't know what you're talking about. What do you mean?

 For the first time in a long time, the Beast King was hit by a heavy blow that dug deep into his stomach.

 Dogora is not a genius like Crenna.
 He doesn't have the wits to fight with the knowledge of his previous life like Allen.

 Nevertheless, she has been accompanying Allen and Crenna in their knightly games for a long time.
 He desperately recalls his lessons in axe fighting at the academy and Doberg's guidance in the S-class dungeon.
 An ordinary person who wants to be a hero has been absorbing everything diligently.

 The experience he has built up step by step is about to make up the difference in status and skill between him and the Beast King.

So, this is the best way for Dogora to fight. (I see, this is the best way for Dogora to fight.) Dogora's durability is probably much higher than Allen's.

 Dogora chose a fighting style that Allen could understand.
 As Dogora continued to dodge, she stopped avoiding the Beast King's attacks.
 It was a strategy that he had been taught by Saint Doberg.
 It was a strategy that he had learned from Saint Doeberg, who had taught him how a heavy warrior like Dogora could fight an enemy who was agile and skillful.
 It is to counter-attack with the intention of being attacked.

 It is a strategy to reduce the enemy's strength while being attacked.
 This way, when the enemy is closest to you, you can make your biggest attack after the enemy's attack.
 If the enemy prefers melee combat, this is a double-edged sword, but I've been taught that it can be very effective.

 The counter attack completely seals the Beast King's status, which is overly biased towards attack power and speed.
 Dogora uses his endurance to hold back the Beast King's fists and begins to strike with all his might.
 Dogora's fists were strong as she fought with the intention of taking all the attacks.
 Now it was just a matter of who would scream first.

 Both Dogora and the Beast King were bruised and bloodied from Dogora's desperate attacks.
 Every time they raised their fists, blood splashed on the ground.

 Every time they hit each other, the entire arena echoed with the sound of impact.
 Seeing the fierce battle, the representatives of the various countries watched with bated breath, knowing that Allen's army was serious about taking the Princess Beast.

"Is it over?"

 Dogora's hook seems to have gouged his side.
 The Beast King's mouth is coughing up blood as his internal organs are injured.
 He doesn't want the Beast King to lose, he wants him to declare defeat.

"I can't lose. I can't lose. I can't lose."

 The Beast King is starting to look a little faint.
 He seems to be facing Dogora with only his fighting instinct.
 And the Dogora is getting dizzy.

It's all over. It's completely extra mode. (Does becoming the King of Beasts make you go into extra mode?

 Dogora's strategy seems to be winning, considering the difference in status.

 I don't know the level of the Beast King, but it seems to me that this kind of high status cannot be seen in normal mode.
 I don't know how many levels the Beast King has, but it seems to me that this high status is not something that can be achieved in Normal Mode. The Beast King's status is already beyond that of Normal Mode, as he can fight Dogora without any weapons or armor.

 In addition, it seems that the extra mode and hell mode status-raising blessings and skills are not displayed well in the appraisal skills of the hero Helmios.
 Incidentally, I once heard from a hero that he could not appraise demons at all.
 This is also in line with what Merus once told me about A-rank summons not being able to appraise S-rank monsters and demons.

"Feng. I'll take Shea with me."

 Although he didn't admit defeat, he didn't intend to push the Beast King any further now that he was on his knees.
 But Dogora's words seemed to have turned a switch.

"No, no! Not this time. Shea will not go!

 Then, the Beast King's body began to look more and more like a beast.
 His body hair grew longer and he became more beastly.
 I've seen this with Prince Zeu and with Shea, and it's a complete beast-king transformation.

"Hey, you ......"

(What? You're going to be a beast king?

"Grrrrrrrr! I'm not sure what to do.

 And in that state, he attacked Dogora.


 The Beast King, who had transformed into a huge lion that could barely walk on two legs, struck Dogora with a blow to the side, sending him flying into the corner of the arena.

 Already dazed, Dogora guarded the blow with his arm, but the bone in his arm was broken.
 Even so, the Beast King, his fighting instincts exposed, was closing in.
 He swears that he is not using any weapon or skill, but in this situation, he has no time to think about that.

 A battered Dogora, barking in one language, is approached by the Beast King with his strong legs.
 He had already tried to stand up, but was unable to do so due to a bad hit. That was when a hand with vicious claws was about to approach him.

"What are you doing to Dogora's resolve? Let her die!"

 Allen shouted in the Beast King's ear.
 The Beast King tried to react, but Allen didn't even allow him to turn around.


 Dogora didn't know what was going on for a moment.
 Allen appeared from the Beast King's blind spot, then quickly closed the distance and kicked the Beast King in the back of the head.
 The Beast King was taken by surprise and was blown away with a bounce.

"Hey, Allen!

"Switching players. Stay back, Dogora. I'll take care of that."

Now, let's go for round three.

 In his mind, he declares that he will follow Shea and Dogora into battle.
 While the representatives of each country were astonished by what was happening, Allen flew to the top of the arena.