387-Episode 378 Beast King Battle (2)

 The Beast King, who was about to lose his battle with Dogora, used the extra skill "Beast Kingization".
 In order to replace the battered Dogora, Allen kicks up the Beast King and intervenes between Dogora and the Beast King.

 It was a complete surprise attack with no justice whatsoever.

You're smearing mud on Dogora when he's fighting fair.

 But it was intentional.
 But it was deliberate. If it tarnished the battle of Dogora, who had fought the Beast King head-on without any weapons or armor, then it was already an enemy.

"Dogora, I'm not going to hold you as a princess."

"Hmm? Hey!

 He grabbed the already unconscious Dogora by the ankles and threw her out of the arena with all his might.
 The potato-faced Dogora was thrown out of the arena, and Helmios seemed to catch him and cast a healing spell on him.

"You're still going for it, right?"

"Grrrrrr. I'll be back. I'll be back. I'm not going to let you get away with this!

 He's pointing an overwhelming killing intent at us.



 The Beast King approaches!
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 Allen's adamantite sword, which is over 20,000 instead of 10,000, explodes.

 Allen has no intention of fighting fair.
 He has also taken the Sacred Pearl from Krena, and has equipped a necklace that increases attack power by 3000, and a ring that increases attack power by 5000 and speed by 5000.
 For armor, he has a silver chest from the S-class dungeon, which is suitable for the middle guard, with a good balance of durability and mobility.

 Allen's attack power and speed are around 25,000, and his strength and durability are over 10,000.
 And above all, he has the blessings of an A-rank summoned beast in abundance.
 You only need to have one summoner card in your holder to receive such blessings as Beast A's critical rate increase, Bird A's flight, Stone A's damage reduction, and Spirit A's physical resistance.
 Unlike status-adding blessings, having multiple cards does not increase the effect of the blessing.

 In addition, I have Kiel's spell to increase my durability, so I'm not afraid to beat up the Beast King almost unilaterally.

"Aren't you going a little overboard?"

 Helmios's murmur doesn't reach Allen.
 He used his adamantite sword to prevent it from coming at him completely.


 Allen grabbed the Beast King's head and slammed it into the ground.
 The individual stone slabs of the arena were quite thick and large, but they were shattered and rippled by the impact.
 The representatives of the countries watching the game were astonished at the impact, wondering how much force could be applied to produce such a force.

"What should we do? Are we going to win?"

 "We include Dogora, and by extension, Shea.
 I'll take your word for it.

 It's true that the Beast King has become overwhelmingly strong, but he was no match for Allen, who was in his element.

(But then again, becoming a Beast King makes you so strong. That's the family of an S-rank adventurer.

 I'm sorry to say that I beat him to a pulp, but he clearly has a strength that cannot be produced in normal mode.
 As you can see from Dogora's level up to 84, she has more than 10,000 stats in extra mode.

 Allen had heard this from the head of the Adventurer's Guild, Macallan.
 The existence of other S-rank adventurers.
 Apparently, the Arbajar Beastlords have produced many S-rank adventurers.
 The current Beast King is an A-ranked adventurer, but the previous Beast King was also an S-ranked adventurer.

 As I look at the Beast King with his face buried in the ground, wondering if it is because of the blessings of the Beast God Garum, I think about the possibility of Shea in the future.

"...... Gu, full beast mode.


 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.


 And then the Beast King howled loudly toward the sky.
 The Beast King howled loudly toward the sky. As I was wondering if he was going to continue, the Beast King changed his form even more.

 Walking on two legs, he was barely human, but he was completely covered in animal hair.
 He became a single beast with golden fur.
 The golden-haired Beast King's originally large body seems to have grown even larger.

(So this is the power of the Beast King on another level? (Is this another level of Beast King power, or is this the real Beast King that can only be achieved by becoming a Beast King as Shea said?


 As Allen was analyzing, the Beast King, who had turned into a complete beast, quickly closed the distance between them.
 He then instinctively used his arm to slash Allen's arm with his long claws.

 Allen was blown away, spewing fresh blood all over the arena.


(You've already used your skills and this is how powerful you are?

 Allen has already used the summoner's skill.
 Even with Fish B's Summoner's Turtle Shield and Turtle Barrier, he still took a lot of damage from the Beast King.

 In a panic, he put distance between himself and the beast by flying.


 But as soon as he howled, he jumped up with such force that he left the sound behind and knocked Allen down with two paws.
 The flight doesn't kill his momentum, and he shatters the boards of the arena, sending Allen deep under the table.


 He quickly slipped out of the arena and slammed his sword into the belly of the Beast King, who was still free falling in the air.
 But the blade is unable to cut through the fur.
 The Beast King's low endurance rises, and he grins with the face of a beast as he begins his pursuit.

 The battle between Allen and the Beast King continued.
 It was too lukewarm to be called a match.
 Both Allen and the Beast King tried to kill the other as quickly as possible, aiming for the vital points.

 The moment Allen's sword collided with the Beast King's paw, the floor stone of the arena could not withstand the impact and shattered.

 As Allen fought, he tried to find the best solution for his strength, attack power, durability, and speed.

 Even with a sword, the Beast King was too powerful for Allen, who had no sword skills, to attack.

(This is irresistible. I must make Shea the Beast King!

 Allen smiled despite his inability to attack.
 We succeeded in attracting golems and magic tools from the Baucis Empire, but I think there is more to this battle than that.
 I am convinced that this battle against the Beast King is the greatest achievement of the Five Continents Alliance.

 Without weapons, armor, or status-enhancing equipment, the Beast King possesses overwhelming power.
 Shea, who is of the Beast King's blood, surely deserves to have this much power.
 I can't help but wonder how much she can strengthen Allen's party if she becomes the Beast King.

 While I was trying to hold back a smile and wondering how I could calm the Beast King down, the battle ended abruptly.

"It's over!


 Allen was startled.
 Merle, riding on a baboon golem, came in between Allen and the Beast King.

"That's enough, Allen. There's a lot of trouble around here!


 And Helmios, who had intervened with him, said to look around.
 Everyone in Allen's party was trying their best to hold back the Beast King.

 Allen saw that the arena had been completely destroyed and the spectator seats were cracked and distorted.
 It seems that this arena was not up to the task of fighting the Beast King.

 Allen wondered if everyone was okay, and when he looked at the representatives of each country, he said, "Hey! He's looking right at me! He screams.
 They thought they were going to be attacked even though they were so far away.
 Allen was completely terrified.

 As he held the Beast King down on the ground, the beast king, who had been breathing heavily, slowly returned to normal, as if the battle was over.


(It's gotten a lot smaller.)

 The beast king's beast king transformation has been lifted and the beast king has become smaller, but his shoulders are slumped.
 Shea approaches him with concern, but he doesn't seem to say anything anymore.
 Perhaps he feels that he has been defeated.

"Then, Your Majesty the Beast King, please look forward to the success of Shea and his troops in Allen's army.

 At Allen's words, the Beast King slowly looked at Shea and Allen, but still didn't say anything.
 It seems that he's settled his score.
 Allen had no intention of flogging the loser any further, so he decided to leave the scene.

 Thus, the battles between the Beast King and Shea ended in the collapse of the arena, with Dogora and Allen also fighting back.

 After a short pause, he returned to the conference room.

 They decided to gather the representatives of each country again, saying that they hadn't finished their discussion yet.
 Some of the delegates had left the conference room halfway through the game, and the room seemed to be a little crowded.

"If you have this kind of power, then you can function as an army in the battle against the Demon King's army.

 He uses the term "independent "Rangers" and talks about how the Queen of Rosenheim should let Allen have free reign.


 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire wanted to say that he would let something so dangerous go free, but he couldn't.
 The arena facility that was built within easy reach of the conference room of the Alliance of the Five Continents has just been destroyed.

"Huh. That's right. While the nations cooperate with Allen's army, I hope that you will use your power to work together in the fight against the Demon Lord's army."

 The emperor of the Bauxite Empire tried to wrap up the conversation.
 The emperor of Baucis was trying to wrap things up. The Baucis Empire would no longer be obligated to manage Allen's army, and they would be able to get the tablet for a profit.
 In addition, they are willing to work with the Five Continents Alliance.

". ...... and especially . We, the Allies, have nothing. We owe Lord Allen a debt of gratitude for protecting the nation of Clevure."

 The King of Clevue has never been more grateful for what his daughter, Princess Karmin, has done for him.
 The King of Culebure had never been more grateful for what his daughter, Princess Karmin, had done for him, and while he was not in debt to Aren's army, he did not owe them a heavy debt for saving his country.


 The Beast King, who was still dressed in his tattered clothes, didn't seem to be talking anymore.
 His arms are folded, his eyes are closed, and he has a difficult look on his face.
 Perhaps it is his attitude of silently accepting all the consequences.

 Somehow, Shea knew that the Beast King did not want to let her go.
 "She looked sad at the Beast King, who was saying "I won't say anything else.

"Thank you for your cooperation. Unfortunately, not only the Demon Lord but even the Demon God is stronger than me."

(Well, I didn't send out a summoner.)

 You can see that the demon gods Rezell and Lycaolon are stronger than Allen before he transformed.


 Not many representatives of each country have seen the power of a demon god.
 The same goes for the allies of the Five Continents Alliance.
 It was a sobering thought to know that we had fought against opponents who were no match for us, even with such power.

 The conversation was just about to end.
 Sophie looked at the Elf Queen and nodded, though Allen did not see her.

"Yes. Now is the time for the world to come together once again. So, do you have a title for the head of Allen's army, Master Allen?"

 Then the Queen said that Allen, the representative of the Allen army, needed a title.

"What? A title?"

"Yes. What about the fact that Mr. Allen, who has gathered the armies of many countries, doesn't have a suitable title? I think it's necessary for us to cooperate with the alliance of the five continents.

You mean I should be called "Allen's Army"?

 Honestly, I hadn't thought that far ahead.
 I'm happy to be the representative of Allen's army and the Heavy User Island.
 But from now on, as the representative of Allen's army, I have to face the allies of the Five Continents Alliance.

"That's true. I'll think about it."

 I'll have to think about it." He looked at his friends in Allen, but they didn't seem to be able to think of anything right away either.
 Then the Queen of Rosenheim's eyes light up.
 The Queen of Rosenhaym's eyes light up, and I wonder if she actually has a title she wants to add.

"Then how about 'General'? General of the Army of Aren."

(Hmm? I think a general is higher than a general or an admiral. A general is the head of 5,000 troops.

 I think there are different ranks in the military, and after general, general-in-chief, admiral, and marshal, the next rank is general-in-chief.
 If you are the head of 5,000 troops, "General" would be more appropriate.
 Admiral Galala of the Bauxite Empire is the supreme commander of the Bauxite Imperial Navy, which consists mainly of golem soldiers, so he has the title of "Admiral.
 Marshal Sigur of Rosenheim is the commander of the entire Elven army, so he has the title "Marshal".
 The title of "General" is even higher than that of "Marshal".
 In addition, the title of "Great Emperor" follows the title of "General".

 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire seems to disagree with this, but does not say so.
 He can't seem to find any reason to oppose it.

 It was as if he was the commander of the entire Five Continents Alliance.
 To be honest, it didn't matter, so Allen looked at everyone.

"Why not? You said you'd give me one."

 Cecil seems to be fine with Commander-in-Chief.

"That's the perfect title for you, Master Allen!"

"Well, yes, it is. Since there seems to be no objection, I'll call myself the General of Allen's Army.

 Allen had no reason to refuse.
 Thus, the first meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents, which Allen attended, ended with Allen gaining the title of General after fighting the Beast King and destroying the arena.