388-Episode 379 Confessions of The Merchant Peromus (1...

 The meeting of the Alliance of Five Continents has ended successfully.
 I don't know what the leaders of the alliance and the representatives of the five continents thought of it, but in Allen's mind, it went off without a hitch.
 In order to exterminate the A-ranked or higher magical beasts that are causing harm within the country as discussed at the meeting, I would like to prepare a magical tool for communication with the entire world.
 I would like to have the magic tools that the Baucis Empire has prepared to do that for us.

 It was five days after the meeting of the Five Continents Alliance.
 Allen, Cecil, and Peromus are in the mansion of the governor of the city of Granvel.
 This is the house of the Granvelle family, where Allen used to live as a servant before going to the academy.

"So, please give my regards to Viscount Granvel. Master Cecil."

 A man over forty, who had not been around when Allen was a servant, greeted Cecil politely.
 It seems that this man is the deputy governor of Viscount Granvel's territory, and a relative of Viscount Granvel's.
 It seems that he is a relative of the Viscountess Granvelle. It is like a distant relative greeting the daughter of the main family.
 When I stayed at the mansion last night, I was told such a story when we had dinner together.

He said, "Yes. I'll be going now.

"Rickel, take care of Master Cecil for me.

"Yes, sir. Of course.

 The deputy reminds Rickel.
 It was good to see Rickel again, who had taught me the good and the bad and taken care of Allen for so long.
 Rickel had gone from being a squire to a governor.
 It seems that Rickel is going to prepare a carriage at the door.

"Hey. Peromus. What's your face?"

 As soon as they stepped outside, Cecil couldn't help but shout out in disgust at Peromus' tense expression.

"No, because I've already been rejected once.

"That's why we're not with you. Leave it to Cecil. I know Fiona very well."

"Ow, that hurts! Okay, okay."

 Cecil sticks his chest out, says I'll take care of it, and slaps Peromus on the back.

 Today is the day that Peromus is going to confess his love to Fiona, the daughter of Chester, the manager of this exclusive inn.
 He has tried before, and was rejected, but this is his second try.
 I've changed jobs, gone to the dungeon, and raised my level.
 Seeing Shea's fierce battle against the Beast King, she was inspired to do the same.

 Cecil pushed him back, but Allen, who knew about Cecil and Fiona's relationship, decided to sit in with him.

 He asked Rickel to take the carriage to their destination.

"Allen, do you think these clothes will work?

"I think it's fine."

(No, I don't know. I mean, we're almost there.

 It seems to be a famous dress made in King's Landing.
 To be honest, I don't know how it differs from what I usually wear.

 Allen replied appropriately while using his magic seeds.
 As they are about to arrive at their destination, Peromus seems to be concerned about his own clothes.
 Allen, who has no interest in clothes, does not hesitate to put on his best gear if it is a stuffed shirt.
 As he looks at Peromus, who is concerned about his collar, he thinks that he can't change his clothes now.

"It looks good on you, Peromus. You look like the son of a wealthy merchant."

 Cecil says what he sees to cheer up Peromus.

"Well, that's... There's something uncomplimentary about ......."

 Cecil says what he thinks he sees when he looks at Peromus.
 He's a rich lad by the looks of it.

"So, Master Cecil, you have arrived.

 Rickel says that they have arrived at a luxury inn in the central square of the city of Grandver.

"Yes, thank you, Rickel. Thank you, Rickel. You've come to work very hard.

"Well, Mr. Cecil. Rickel here. He's always working so hard!

"Oh, I see."

 Cecil responds to Rickel's reply in an appropriate manner.
 Rickel's habit of laziness is so hardcore that even the Granvelle family knows that it is impossible to cure.

 I told Rickel that he could return to the mansion on his own, and we entered the high-class inn.
 At this moment, a man dressed in a high-class gentleman's uniform arrived as if he had been waiting for you.
 I have already made an appointment with Chester, the manager of the high-class inn.

 You are shown to Chester's room on the top floor.

"Thank you for coming. Miss Cecil."

"Yes. Chester looks well."

 As soon as he entered the room, Chester welcomed Cecil with an exaggerated gesture.
 I hardly know Chester, so Allen is almost like a decoration today.

"Oh, Mr. Allen! ...... and Cecil are here too."

"Well, it's been a while. Fiona. I'm here too."

 Fiona's with Chester.

 She has long blond hair that she wears in a shawl, and she seems to have a good heart.
 She is the same age as Allen, Cecil and Peromus.

 Chester is a powerful man in the town of Granville, and Fiona is his daughter.
 Speaking of Allen's relationship with these two women, he once saved Fiona from the Mardagarsh that attacked the city of Grandver.
 As a result, he received a gold coin as a reward, with which he was able to buy a mithril sword.
 As a result, I was able to collect a C-ranked magical beast, a magic stone with hard armor ants on its outer shell.

 Five years have already passed since then, and I feel that time has flown by.
 That's also when Fiona and Peromus met.

 Since they were here, they decided to have tea, so Allen, Cecil, Peromus, Chester, and Fiona sat down facing each other.

"So, Mr. Peromus, how is business going?"

"Oh, um... Mr. Chester. As I said before, no need to be polite.

"What do you mean? All our fine lodgings are owned by Lord Pelomus. As a merchant, you should treat people by their accomplishments, not their age.

 Chester speaks to Peromus in the same polite tone as he does to Cecil.
 But he wants Chester, the father of his beloved Fiona, to treat him in a dignified manner.

 Chester, however, tells Peromus that this is not the way to go.
 Although he is an adult, he is still a young man, and he will have many subordinates and subordinates.
 He wants him to put his own position first.
 Chester, who had built a luxury inn in his lifetime, had contributed to the development of the city of Granville.
 As a forerunner, Chester's attitude seems to indicate to Peroms how he should live as a merchant in the future.

 There are several high-class inns owned by Chester in the kingdom of Latash, including the royal capital, but in order to pass the task of "demonstrating the value of a merchant" set by Chester, Peromus continued to buy up inns.
 As a result, he succeeded in acquiring all the innkeepers except for this high-class inn in the city of Granvelle.

 Afterwards, he added all the inns he had acquired and the luxury inns in the city of Granvel to the Peroms Abandoned Billing Company.
 Chester has been entrusted with the management of the high-class inns in the Kingdom of Latash.

"What kind of relationship does Master Allen have with Mr. Peromus?

 Allen was asked by Fiona about his relationship with Peromus.

"He was born in the village of Crenna, and we were the same age, so we played knight together.

 When Dogora, who was a general, went to Krena's house to play knight, he brought Peromus with him.
 He and Peromus had been friends since they were six years old or so.

"Oh, I see. What are you doing now?"

"Oh, I'm currently working with Cecil and Peromus. ......

 Fiona is talking to Allen as tea is being served by the servants.
 She doesn't seem to know the connection between Allen and Peromus.

 Fiona is the daughter of one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the city, and she had come to Granvelle's mansion when Allen was her servant.
 She had been coming to Grandver's manor quite often, especially since Allen had saved her from Madergarsh.
 He asked Allen, who was serving him as his servant, about this and that, but he didn't seem to know about Peromus' connection.

(I wish he would talk to Peromus instead of me.

 Fiona asked me a series of questions about Allen, whom she hadn't seen in a long time.
 The bloody talk about Allen's army is not appropriate for this occasion.
 While muddying the waters, I tell him that I'm helping out with the business of the Peromus Abandoned Business Association.

"Hey, Fiona. I didn't come here to talk about Allen today, okay?"

 Cecil says to Fiona, who asks him a lot of questions, that he's not here to talk about Allen.
 Cecil says that's enough about Allen.
 And Peromus is slightly in tears, wondering if Allen is interested in him.

"Oh, are you still interrupting my conversation with Master Allen?"

 Sparks fly between Cecil and Fiona.
 Cecil and Fiona have not gotten along well since Allen was a servant.
 Allen has been watching them trade mounts because they are the daughter of a poor nobleman and the daughter of a wealthy man.
 When Peromus approached Allen to ask for a relationship again, Cecil said, "Then I'll ask you to join me.
 The reason why Allen went with Peromus this time was because he could foresee this situation.

 I thought it would not be a matter of dating.

"Peromus, it's about time you said something instead of keeping your mouth shut."

 Allen asked Peromus.
 I didn't come here today to watch Cecil and Fiona fight.

"Yes, you did. Hey, Fiona."

"What? What? I thought I replied to you the other day!

 Fiona's rejection was very clear.

(Isn't this already impossible?)

 This desperate attitude made Allen think that he should look for someone else.

"I want you to have a relationship with me!

 He blushes and asks Fiona for a relationship.
 Seeing this, he feels the will of steel in this.
 It seems that he really wants to have a relationship with Fiona.

"I like strong men! I thought I said no to Mr. Peromus last time!

 And he rejected me immediately.

Hmmm, I've been turned down. Maybe I'll take him to a good restaurant today. (I wonder if there's one around the base of the S-class dungeon.

 Looking at the crushed Peromus, Allen thought that he should accompany Peromus to eat something good this evening.