390-Episode 381 Completion of town

 It's been a few days since Peromus was told by Fiona to get the Tears of Makris, the holy fish, as a condition of marriage.

 Allen and his entire party of abandoned gamers have gathered on the east side of Heavy User Island.
 Today is the day we'll be moving to our fourth town.

"How's it going, Shea?

 There's a little time before the migration begins, so I talk to Shea, who's usually on her own.

"Yeah, no problem. I'm prioritizing strategy, but it's going well."

 It's been a while since we've seen each other, so I check with Shea about her situation after changing jobs.
 The day after the meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents, Shea successfully changed jobs in the job change dungeon and became the Fist King from the Fist Saint.

 Shea clenched her fists and appealed that she was doing well.
 When Allen hears this, he thinks that she has made up her mind, including the decision with the Beast King.

 Shea, Luke, and Peromus, who have yet to go to the S-class dungeon, have already completed two A-class dungeons and have reached the third one.
 The reason for their speedy progress is that Allen has dispatched a summoner to help them.
 Shea and Luke are attacking together.
 Peromus is attacking with the elves, Princess Leilana, and Tomas at the school.

 Shea, Luke, and Peromus have been told to aim for maximum skill level rather than level.
 If they are able to hunt Iron Golems, they will be able to complete the first level.

"Have you made any progress on making him the Beast King?

"Hmm? It seems they've already started talking. I have no choice but to trust my subjects.

 I'm going to check with Shea about who will be the next Beast King in the Kingdom of Arbajar.

"No, we've been through the ordeal, and we've made our peace with the Beast King, haven't we?

 Don't hesitate to tell him to take the Beast King's throne.

"It seems that the Beast King and his ministers have begun to talk about that as well.

Now that the two of you have passed the ordeal, I wonder if Temi's fortune has changed.

 (Now that the two of us have passed the ordeal, I wonder if Temi's fortune has changed.) Discussions about who the next Beast King will be began after the Beast King returned from the Five Continents Alliance meeting.
 The distress signal from the Elmar Kingdom and the invasion of the Demon King's army happened shortly after Prince Zeu conquered the S-class dungeon.
 And after that, Shea defeated Gushala, the evil god who found out that the Demon King's army was behind him.
 Too many things have happened in a short period of time, and they say that the discussion about which of the three children should be the Beast King is just beginning.

 Temi, an astrologer, once told Prince Zeu that he would become the Beast King.
 The astrologer Temi once told Prince Zeu that he would become the Beast King. He also told Shea that he should be tested on the continent where the Allies are located.
 Allen wonders who will become the Beast King now.

 Even though they have not known each other for very long, Allen somehow began to understand the principle of Allen's actions.

 Shea becoming the Beast King would be the best way to strengthen the party.
 One of Allen's principles is to strengthen the party.
 Allen has always believed that a summoner is not absolute, but that a party is stronger when they are together.
 Summoner is just one profession that can handle summoned beasts and has more options than other professions.
 I believe that summoner is a capable profession, but it is neither perfect nor universal.

 In order to strengthen Dogora, I built four towns of 15,000 people on the island.
 And to strengthen the party, make Shea the Beast King.

 There were a number of outcomes of attending the Five Continents Alliance, but the biggest one would have to be the exposure to the potential of the Beast King.

"If you need to bribe a noble or a minister, I'll pay as much as you want.

The throne is yours to take with a pile of gold. Politics is money.

 The older two brothers were quite a bit older than him, and one of them was the Dauphin Beast.
 He thinks that his subjects will want to ride on the winning horse, and that they will be less likely to favor Shea than his two older brothers.
 He will pay as much as he can to bribe his subjects.
 That's why, Allen says, we shouldn't underestimate the power of the Pelomus Abandonment Trading Company.

"Yeah, I guess so."

 Peromus, who is standing beside Allen, agrees for the moment.
 He had never thought that the business association he had worked so hard to build for Fiona would be used for something like this.

"...... I never thought I'd be so naive as to think that.

 Called the Warrior Princess, she had tried by all means to become the Beast King and build the first empire of beastmen.
 However, when Allen proposed the acquisition of his subjects as a matter of course, she wondered if she had not been prepared enough.

 I've been communicating with Shea through a communication device installed in the adventurer's guild of the Arbahar Beast Kingdom and the S-class dungeon.
 The adventurer's guild is completely privatized, but Allen thinks it is within the scope of Allen's military activities.

"So, what's Krebiel saying?"

 Waiting for the Beast King's story to die down, Peromus spoke to Shea.
 Because of Shea's wild appearance, Peromus had been too intimidated to talk to her, but he couldn't say that now.

"No, I haven't received an answer yet, but it seems difficult. You haven't accepted it in the first place.

 I've told Shea to contact the Beast Kingdom and also the Kingdom of Crevelle.
 At the adventurer's guild of the Class S dungeon branch, Shea begins to negotiate with the Kingdom of Culebure to see if they will let him join the Empire of Prostia.
 I'm borrowing a communication grimoire for a purpose that has nothing to do with Allen's army, but I don't think it'll be a problem as long as they don't find out.
 The reason why I'm negotiating with the Kingdom of Clevure to let me into the Proustian Empire is so that I can get the Holy Pearl of Makris for Peromus.

(Well, just as well. We'll need enough holy beads for everyone anyway.

 There are only two overwhelmingly effective prayer beads in Allen's party.
 Makris's holy grail seems to be for the rearguard, but I still want ten.

"Negotiate hard."

(Opening a country is done by flicking the cannon and scaring them.

 Allen tells the Kingdom of Clevure to negotiate hard.

"Culebrew seems to be paying attention to the Proustian Empire.

 Shea says that it will be difficult to deal with Culebure in the future if they take too violent a course.
 And the Kingdom of Culebure is a vassal state of the Proustian Empire.
 It is the only land under the control of the Proustian Empire that exists under the sea.
 I found out that in order to go to the Proustian Empire on the sea floor, you need an entry pass.

"So they're not going to issue entry passes for us?

"Apparently so. Well, it's up to us to negotiate, but we'll need more time.

 There is an entry pass needed to enter the Proustian Empire that lives under the sea.

 There are two kinds.
 The one issued by Crevelle can only be used by fishermen.
 However, the one issued by the Proustian Empire can be used by all races.

 It is said that the Proustian Empire's entry card is blessed by Aqua, the god of water, and that when worn, it allows non-fishermen and other races to breathe underwater.
 It is said that such a special entry card is not given to Krebiel, but only to the Proustian Empire.
 The Kingdom of Culebure was under the scrutiny of the Proustian Empire during the disturbances caused by the evil Gushala cult.

 In such a situation, it seems that Culebure can't really ask for the entry of humans, beastmen, and elves into the Proustian Empire instead of fishermen.
 Shea wants more time.

Sheer wants more time. "May I begin? Commander Lalappa says everything is ready.

 In the gap between Allen and the others, the dwarves are talking to each other.
 It seems that the preparations for the migration had been made some time ago.

"Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Please begin."

 I thought I was waiting for you, but it seems I've kept you waiting too long.

"General Allen has given the order. Then it's time to start the water discharge ceremony."

(That's an ostentatious name.)

 I don't blame Allen for calling it that externally, but I wonder if he'll call it that within Allen's army as well.

"General Allen: ......"

 And Sophie mumbles and chews on the words "General of Allen".

 The title "General of Allen" was decided at an alliance meeting of the five continents.
 Allen had no problem with the title of "representative" of the Allen army, but the Allen army, with its many military personnel, placed a high value on titles and rank.
 In fact, there was a private discussion in the Allen army about the need for some kind of title.
 And there is a rumor that a plan to get the Queen of Rosenheim a title was carried out through Sophie.
 I wonder what the truth is when I see Sophie muddying the waters by saying, "It's wonderful to be a 'general'.

 However, the fact that Allen's title was decided to be "General" in the meeting was very significant for the negotiations with the 5 Continents Alliance.
 Now, he can proudly call himself the general of Allen's army wherever he goes.
 The townspeople of the island and the army all began to call him "General Allen" or "Lord General".

 The town of Khule for the fishermen was dug up more than ten meters into the ground over a radius of one kilometer.
 It was built on stilts with long pillars on the first floor, just like the ones I had seen in Southeast Asia and the Amazon.

"Please, sir.

 The old fisherman who became the mayor of the town of Coulee also wanted me to start.

"Then activate the magic tool for reservoir creation.

 Allen's words signaled the activation of the magic tool.
 Waiting for Allen's signal, the dwarves begin to move the magic tool.


 Dwarves who have joined Allen's army work on the magic tools placed at the edge of a kilometer-long depression.

"Oh! It's water. There's water!"

 While the mayor was impressed, water began to gush out at a great rate.

 This is a magic tool that came out of the Iron Golem's silver box, a water generating magic tool (large).
 Since none of my party members were familiar with magic tools, I don't know why water, which is obviously larger than the volume of the magic tool, is coming out.
 The water overflows out of a hole on one side of the square grimoire at great speed.

"Keep raising the water level. We need to stabilize the water by tomorrow."

 There is a female Dwarf who stands out from the rest of the Dwarves handling the magic tool.
 She seems to be giving instructions to the dwarves around her.

""Yes! Commander Llappa!

 Looking at the dwarves working in complete obedience, it looks like a relationship between a queen and her servants.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had to move your grimoire so soon after you arrived."

 Allen thanked Commander Llappa for getting the grimoire up and running.

"Not at all, sir. General Allen. I'm glad you have so many valuable magic tools.

 A dwarf with green hair cut into a bun called a lappa answers me with a smile.
 She is a woman from the imperial capital of the Baucis Empire and the head of the Magicians.
 She has the talent of a mage engineer with three stars in the magical tool talent.
 She is one of the less than fifty talents in the Bauxite Empire, but this time she has come with ninety-nine magicians with two stars.

 She is 25 years old, 10 years older than Allen in terms of age.
 She seems to have a passion for research and a queen-like disposition.
 I've heard that she heard that Allen and the others have a large amount of valuable magic tools from the lowest level of the S-class dungeon, and requested to join Allen's army.

 The Allen Army is an army that fights against the Demon King's army, so the Magic Engineers are a rearguard unit, but their lives are in danger.
 However, most of the people who came this time volunteered to join.
 In fact, I heard that there were quite a few dwarves who wanted to join.

 So far, only Alen's party has been able to bring a stable supply of magic tools from the bottom level of the S-class dungeon.
 Magical tools of the class that come out of the Iron Golem's silver box are very rare.

"Well then. General Zamimil, please instruct them to bring the purification grimoire to the center of town.

 The water level seems to have risen considerably, so I will issue new instructions.
 The one who gave the order was a large golem squad.

"Yes, I understand. General Allen's orders. All of you, carry them carefully."


 The dwarf with the short beard riding and piloting a mithril-class golem is the general of the Golem Corps, a new addition to Allen's army.
 Led by General Zamimir, a mithril-class golem wielder, 99 iron-class golem wielders have joined the Allen army.
 Allen thinks that the dwarves have a lot of character, like the leader of the Rarappa, who has a certain tone of voice that is very Pierre-like.
 Dwarves are character artists, and he records them in his mental notepad.

 The golems carry the purification grimoire to the town of Khule, which is already sinking into the water.

 The town of Khule will exist on the surface of the water about five meters above the surface.
 Apparently, while boats are used to float and carry goods, the fishermen seem to swim around the city.
 This is to keep the water clean and free of infectious diseases.

 Submerge the Purification Charm (large) from the silver box you got after defeating the Iron Golem to purify the water.
 It is said to have excellent sterilizing and antiseptic effects.

 It is said that the purification water and the grimoire of the reservoir will last for one year thanks to the magical stones already inside.
 It is said that one A-rank magic stone can be used for one year for the large magic tool.

 Under General Zamimil's direction, a large magic tool of purification was placed in the town of Coulee, where the water level was rising.

(Now all four towns are complete, right?)

 I saw the children of the fishermen in the town of Coulee begin to swim, cackling with joy, as if they were happy to have a town that floats on water.
 The 3,000 fishermen start moving towards the building assigned to them.
 As I look at the fishermen, I see that some of them are able to dive and move, and I learn once again that they can breathe underwater.

 Thus, the four towns of Heavy User Island were completed.