391-Episode 382 Departure Ceremony

 Allen and his friends head for the mountain in the center of Heavy User Island.
 At the top of the mountain is a temple, and at the top level of the temple sits a giant brazier, dedicated to Freya, the god of fire.

 Today is the day that all the armies of Aren will gather.

 Nearly two months have passed since Allen's army began exploring the island and conquering the dungeons.

 Only once did Allen's party and the captains and other leaders with more than 100 subordinates gather for a meeting.
 However, we have yet to have a meeting with the entire army.

 With the meeting of the Five Continents Alliance successfully concluded, Allen's army has already become a globally recognized army.
 Today, I would like to hold a kind of departure ceremony for Allen's army as a way to mark this milestone.

 The temple is big enough to bring out summons and fight Gushala and Basque.

 We can gather all of Allen's army of over 5,000 people in one hall, leaving behind some troops to run the school city, S-class dungeons, and islands.

 I've asked permission to use the temple so that Freya, the god of fire, will not be disrespected.
 I thought it would be rude to do it on the same level, so I'll do it one level below the level where there is a huge brazier dedicated to Freya, the god of fire.
 I have to be careful and make Freya, the god of fire, feel comfortable.

 Peromus, Habarak the master craftsman, and the mayors of the towns will be present.
 They will see what we are going to do and what kind of organization we are going to put in place.

"I'm Allen, general of Allen's army. We will now hold a departure ceremony for Allen's army."

(Does that sound like a general to you?)

 There are mayors, elderly elves, and other people on this island who have lived many, many times longer than Allen.
 At any rate, I was speaking in a safe and respectful manner, but various people suggested that I stop.

 As the head of the military, I think I should refrain from using an overly polite tone.
 At Allen's tone, Sophie looked at him with a look that said, "You're doing great! At Allen's tone, Sophie looked at him with a look of "You're doing great!

 Next to Allen are his friends, and in front of him is a line of over 5000 troops.
 The line is arranged in order of rank, with the general of each race at the head of the line.
 Behind the generals are the captains.

 Allen stood in front of the platform and asked the soldiers to sit down, even though there were more than five thousand people in the line.
 He thought it would be hard for them to listen to him while standing.
 It reminded me of the opening ceremony of a school.
 Allen decides to speak as if he were the principal of the school.
 He thinks that a school of 5000 students is quite a large school.

"Well, first of all, let's talk about establishing the position of Allen's army in the Five Continents Alliance.

 For now, we'll start by saying that Allen's army has been recognized worldwide.

"That's great. We'll be able to work more closely with the Five Continents Alliance."

 General Rudo understands the meaning of Allen's words.
 The fact that Allen has become the Commander-in-Chief and the existence of Allen's army has been recognized by the world will make our future activities much easier.

 General Rudo will be treated as a general by other countries.
 I don't know if there will be any cooperation with the allied forces of the five continents in the future, but I'm sure they will respond in a way that suits their position.

"However, some countries may not be so understanding.

 General Rukidrall talked about what would happen if all the countries did not understand.

"We don't have to understand them, and we don't have to deal with them. Just tell them that if they attack us, we will fight them.

 Allen said loudly enough for everyone to hear.

"...... I see."

 Allen's words made sense to General Lukidraal.
 The position is now set, and it is up to us to act accordingly and deal with countries that are neither cooperative nor friendly.

"But there is no need to be arrogant. Generals and captains, please instruct your men in that area."

 As he said this, the generals and captains in the front row bowed to Allen.

 I'll tell you about how the countries have agreed to cooperate, and how the Mage Engineers and the golem-using dwarves from the Baucis Empire are coming.

"Everyone wants to know who I am.
"Introduce yourselves."

 With that, they stood up.

"Yes. Just give us a brief introduction.

 I'll have Commander Bugle and General Saurelé briefly address the group.
 There were still many soldiers who did not know that the two had arrived.

 Then, with a nimble movement, Commander Lappa jumped up on the platform in front of Allen.

"Good! I'm the Commander of the Mage Engineers, Lappa! Leave it to me when it comes to magic tools!

"Oh! I'm the Commander!

 It's a good thing I'm not the only one.
 The dwarves under his command clapped and cheered.
 Some of them were even using trumpet-like objects to make noise.
 They seemed to want to bring out the best in their leader.

"Oh, great!"

 Meruru seems to be admiring the pose that the Bugle Commander has struck.

 Sophie reacts, wondering what he's doing up on the stage that he prepared for Allen.
 However, Allen looks at her and says that individuality is also important, and tells Sophie to remain calm.

 Next, Commander Lappa slowly steps off the stage from one foot to the other while showing his back to everyone, and then General Saurel steps up to the stage.

 Both of them are dwarves, so they are smaller than the large beastmen sitting on the stage.
 I don't stop them because I think it makes it easier for everyone to see them.

"I am the Saurel. I am Saurel, and the Golem Squad will be your wall."

 General Saurelle introduces himself, striking a pose while touching his short mustache.
 When the greeting was over, he stepped down from the stage with one foot hesitantly.

 Then, he looked at Allen, "What's this? And then he looked at Allen, "What's this?

"A unique addition to our team. Please welcome them. Next, let's talk about the generals of each army. As I'm sure you've heard, the head of each race will be a general."

 The Elven General Lukidraal, who was formerly a great general, will be demoted to become a general, and Captain Lud will be promoted to general.

 In addition, Allen's army will be divided into armies, corps, units, and platoons.
 Each of these will be led by a general, a captain, a troop leader, and a platoon leader.
 The Mage Engineers will be a subordinate organization of the Golem Army.

 They will also report on the overall status of their new jobs.

 The beastmen and elves have all changed jobs.
 The elves are working on the A-level dungeons, aiming for the S-level dungeons.
 The same goes for the beastmen who have not yet reached the S-class dungeon.

 Those who are already able to reach S-level dungeons should also train Dark Elves.
 It would be less dangerous for the dark elves to have a beastman who is good at close range combat, and it would be a good way to practice cross-species coordination.

"Once that's done, we'll have them hunt the Iron Golem in tandem. Think of this as training for a battle with a demon god."

 In a couple of months, the Dark Elves will have completed their career change.
 Around that time, the elves and beastmen will start hunting iron golems.

 This is in anticipation of the battle against the demon gods.
 The Iron Golem has a status of about 25,000, and is slightly weaker than the Demon God.
 Allen knows that even beastmen and elves can defeat them if they use extra skills.

 While practicing against demons and improving his skills, he will also be able to earn money for his army, which has been in the red until now.

 If the Iron Golem is defeated with extra skills, it will be difficult to kill it due to its cool time.
 However, even if you can't hunt that many, you should be able to bring the army's operating funds into the black.

"Now, what to do with the rest of them?

"Oh, Shea.

"Hmm? Treatment? Is Master Shea going to do something?

 General Rud will tell you what it is.
 We're going to talk about what we've been discussing until last night in front of everyone.
 The rest of the party doesn't know about it because we were trying to get our opinions together first.

The rest of you don't know. "We, the party of abandoned gamers, can run Allen's army. So we decided to decide what roles each of us would play in the party.

 Allen's army has been in existence for two months now.
 It has been two months since Allen's army was established, and it is still in the process of growing, so it will be a long time before it is fully active.
 In such a situation, Allen is the general, but we need to make it clear to everyone what position Allen's party has in the army.

 There will be many ways to move the military in the future.
 There will be many ways to run the military.
 However, it is also quite possible that Allen and his party will lead the army.

 At this time, we need to let people know who is in what position.

 I'm going to have each of you announce one of your positions.

"I'm Krena, the suicide captain! Nice to meet you!"

 She stands up and points her finger at everyone and announces herself.

 Although he is not on the stage, he seems to be under the influence of Commander Lappa.

 The following are the announcements he made to his friends.

Allen's military relations
Allen is a general.
Sophie is a military strategist.
Formal is the assistant military commander.
Sia is the general of the vanguard.
Luke is the general of the rear guard.
Merle is the general of the golem army.
Kurena is a suicide captain.

The town of Heavy User Island
Peromus is the mayor.
Cecil is the assistant mayor.

Freya, the god of fire
Dogora is a human pillar.
Kiel is a goddess.

 Now that we have clarified the positions of each of them, I will explain that this decision is based on their respective abilities.
 In the event of an emergency, each of them would be in command of Allen's party.
 Crenna said that it would be better for her to take the lead rather than lead.

 Sophie was put in the position of military strategist to plan the entire army.

 Since it would be difficult for Peromus to manage the town by himself, I put him in a position to advise Cecil as his assistant.
 As for Kiel, I put him in charge of the temple to gather the faith of Freya, the god of fire.
 Even if Dogora gathers faith, he is said to help Freya, so he is a pillar or a company or something like that.
 Dogora said to me, "I'm the only one who feels appropriate.

 I conclude by saying that I want you to follow each of them.

 Everyone in Allen's army who understood the position of Allen's party members seemed to have understood.
 General Bunsenberg seemed happy to have Luke, the son of King Olbers, as his general.

"Is this the end?"

 Commander Lalappa looked like he wanted to get back to his research.
 The research facility for magic tools is under construction.
 The temple is large enough that it would have been fine here, but I think it would be easier for the faithful to come to this temple if it were basically impenetrable.

 Near the foot of the mountain, where there is a group of master blacksmiths, Habarak and his team, I have built a magic tool laboratory.
 It seems that there are tools made of magic tools that are necessary for blacksmiths.
 It was decided that it would be better for the operation of the island to have it attached to the island.
 The research itself would be done there, and the research for the equipment to operate the island in the basement of the temple would be done there as well.
 The magicians are also quite busy, but I want them to change jobs and handle larger scale magicians.
 I'm also planning to divide the number of grimoiresmiths, have them go to dungeons, and have them change jobs.

 Raven, who has been waiting for a long time, reacts to the words of Commander Lappa.

"Can I bring it to you now?

"Yes, please."

"Hmm? You don't have to be respectful to me either."

 The vigilante leader Raven was listening to Allen's army from a distance.
 They talk about whether it's time to bring what they have prepared to the lower levels of this hierarchy.

 And, Raven says, he doesn't need a salutation either.
 Allen thinks to himself, "I'm not going to change what I said to Raven, who taught me so much at the Adventurer's Guild when I was eight years old.

 As Allen's troops stared at him, wondering what was going on, the mercenaries began to bring in more and more goods.