392-Episode 383 Award Ceremony

 The vigilante commander, Raven, instructs the vigilante members under his command to place their belongings in front of the assembled soldiers of Allen's army.

 Somehow, I knew what he was doing.
 The seating positions of the soldiers were designated according to their occupations and military rank, and I wondered if this was for this purpose.
 For some reason, I thought there should be no distance between me and the person sitting in front of me.
 As their luggage was placed in front of them, they seemed to have an idea of what was about to happen.

"In celebration of Allen's army's full-scale activities, we will begin the awarding ceremony.

 Weapons and armor were lined up in front of everyone.
 There was also a ring that increased their status.
 For the golem squad, General Saurelle was given a golem tablet made of heliocane, and the remaining 99 were given countless mithril golem tablets.

 Allen and his team have hunted down 28,000 Iron Golems so far.
 As a result, they have obtained many items and weapons.

 They were able to get about 25,200 wooden chests, 2,800 silver chests, and 25 gold chests.
 This total includes the ones from before Allen and the others went to Elmar's country to send a distress signal.
 The probability of getting a silver box is about 10 percent of a wooden box, and the probability of getting a gold box is about 0.1 percent.

 Items found in the gold box
3 necklaces with 2000 status increase
1 lump of orichalcon
3 magic tools (cubes)
8 Adamantite Golem Slabs
5 non-adamantite weapons
5 pieces of non-adamantite armor

 Items from silver chests (approximate)
1,400 rings with 5000 status increase
140 magic tools (large and extra large)
280 adamantite weapons
280 pieces of adamantite armor
280 adamantite weapons - 280 adamantite armor
45 non-Adamantite weapons
45 pieces of non-Adamantite armor

 Items found in the crates (approximate)
14,000 rings with 3000 status increase
1,400 magic tools (small and medium)
2,800 baboon weapons.
2,800 pieces of armor.
5600 Mithril Golem Slabs
700 non-hijirogane weapons
700 pieces of non-hiirokanes armor.

 First of all, as we knew, gold chests are pretty hard to come by.
 The odds are only one in a thousand, or less.

 As for the contents of the gold chests, I found three status-enhancing necklace.
 While not as good as the 3,000 increase in status in the rainbow box that comes with the reward for defeating Gordino, the lowest level boss, this is quite helpful.

 The effects are strength, intelligence, and endurance, so I've equipped my friends with them.
 I was able to get all the adamantite body plates.
 I got the extra large one, but I haven't gotten the extra large one yet.

 I also found one lump of orichalcon before I went to Elmar's Land, but not after that.
 Maybe it's just a coincidence, or maybe there's a one-per-party setup.
 However, many weapons and armor made from magical beasts and plants were found in the gold chests.
 Thanks to them, I was able to update Formar's bow, Cecil's staff, and Kiel's rod.
 I also updated the armor of five people, including Shea and Luke, who do not equip heavy equipment such as adamantite.
 Since there were only five pieces of equipment, Allen's equipment, which was the hardest to kill, was put off.

 Cecil's magic continues to increase in power thanks to the updated necklace and wand.
 Cecil's magic has been increasing in power thanks to the update of his necklace and wand, and Kiel's durability has been increased thanks to the necklace and armor.

 Thanks to the gold chests, the party's overall defense has probably become much stronger than Dogora's removal of her shield.

"Oh, um, what's this?"

 General Rukidral asks Allen on behalf of the party.
 I know they are expensive weapons and armor.

"Those are the weapons and armor you'll be wearing. You can assume that they are provided by Allen's army. They've been prepared according to your military rank."

"Supplies: ......"

 The four generals are Lud, Lukidraal, Bunsenbark, and Saurel.
 There are 20 captains, 50 troop leaders, and 500 platoon leaders.
 A captain has 500 men, a captain has 100 men, and a platoon leader has 10 men.

 In addition, the Mage Engineer Corps has two deputy commanders under Commander Lalappa.
 The Vigilante Corps has two deputy commanders, Rita and Milsy, under Commander Raven.

"Hmm? Me too?"

 I noticed that Raven was on the payroll.

"What? Can I get one?"

"We're getting one too?"

 The commander, Raven, and the deputy commanders, Rita and Milsy, who had been carrying them, were to be provided with another.

 The weapons and equipment from the silver chests will be prepared for the general, captain, troop leader, commander, and deputy commander.
 Not all of the platoon leaders have been given the weapons and armor from the silver chests.

 There were enough rings from the silver chests to give out to generals, captains, captains of troops, platoon leaders, commanders, and vice commanders, as well as some soldiers without positions.

"Wear this and fight from now on."

"Thank you, sir. I can't thank you enough for lending me these weapons and armor."

 In front of the soldiers were weapons, armor and rings that could be sold for a lifetime.
 An adamantite sword costs thousands of gold coins, and a status-enhancing ring is even more expensive.
 I wonder how many tens of thousands of gold coins it would cost for the three pieces of equipment the general gave me.

 Even though many of us have doubled our salaries by joining Allen's army, we still can't get them on our own.

 Or how many decades of work it would take to buy all of this equipment.

 The words of gratitude naturally came out of the mouth of General Lukidlal.

 If that's all one person can do, there are over 5,000 people, and this number would exceed 50 million gold coins.
 That is an amount comparable to the national budget of the Baucis Empire, the world's largest and richest nation.
 Of course, Rosenheim's national budget would be several times that amount.
 I naturally assumed it was on loan.

"It's not a loan. I'm giving them away, so they basically belong to everyone. Oh, and as for the adamantite weapons and armor that we couldn't get ready this time, we'll replace them as soon as they're ready."

 For those who can't make it to the ceremony, we'll replace them with weapons, armor and rings from the silver chests.

"But... We have not yet achieved anything in battle.

 Captain Rath said, "We can't accept such a good thing when we haven't even taken credit for it.
 Apparently no one but Rita, the Vigilante's second-in-command, thought they'd get it.

"I see. Well then, I'll tell them what we're going to do.

"What? What's the policy, sir?

 If it was a policy, the soldiers thought they had heard enough.

"This time, thanks to the safety measures we've taken in the transfer dungeons, we've made it this far without a single death.

 He also took safety measures for the job change dungeons, and had a large group of 48 people attack the regular A-level dungeons.
 He also has summoned beasts to help him, and has distributed blessings to them.
 We've been doing everything we can to ensure a safety margin.
 Thanks to this, not a single person has died since the start of Allen's army.

"Yes, sir."

 Captain Rath listened earnestly to the question.
 In this short period of time, I've certainly felt that we've put a little too much emphasis on safety.

"Let me be clear. Compared to the lives of everyone else, what you see before you is a piece of crap."


 For a moment, he tried to think if that was true.
 But to the soldiers, what they see before them is nothing but treasure.

 With weapons and armor that rivaled the national budget of a large country, it didn't look like junk at all.

"Captain Russ, suppose one of your men is in danger. You might be able to save him by throwing the adamantite spear in front of him with your extra skill. What would you do? If you throw it, it might fly far away and you might not be able to retrieve it."

 Since he didn't seem to understand, Allen gave him some specifics.
 Captain Rath the Deer Beast changed jobs and became a spear saint.
 The extra skill "Brave Lance" is a spear throw that contains all the magic power.

 I've seen him fire it several times, but it easily penetrates the magical beast and the lance flies far ahead.

 Sometimes they couldn't retrieve it, so Russ would have a spear to throw.

"Of course I'll throw it. If it will save us."

 Captain Rath immediately replied that he would choose the life of his comrades over the value of the spear.

"Then what if it's your own life? What if it was your own life? Can you be sure that you would never hesitate to throw a weapon worth thousands of gold coins lent to you at that time?"

"...... I see. I see."

 Captain Russ replied as he looked at the adamantite spear in front of him.

"That's the way it is. There may still be times when you need to risk your life, but it should not be for a weapon or armor like this.

 Captain Rath understood the meaning of Allen's phrase "less than life.
 If it was something that was borrowed and could not be repaid even if the whole family worked their whole lives to pay for it, he would weigh it against his own life.
 Even if you are told that you don't have to return the item if you lose it on the battlefield, you may hesitate.
 In a desperate situation, hesitation can be fatal.

 In a battle of thousands of statuses, a one-second delay in judgment can mean the difference between life and death.
 No matter how expensive your weapons and armor are, you should put your life first and cut them off.

 Captain Rath realized that he had made his decision based on whether to give away or lend the expensive weapons and armor, based on which choice would protect their lives.

"This Lass. I will put my life on the line for Allen's army."

 The words came naturally to Captain Russ.
 Perhaps this is what it means to risk one's life.
 With those words, all of the soldiers, including the general, bowed to Allen at once.

(Hmm? That's not why I'm saying that.

 I was going to say that I hope you value your life, but it doesn't seem to be that situation.
 I accepted his loyalty for a while, and the ceremony ended.
 In the evening, each of the four towns will hold a festival to commemorate the completion of the four towns on Heavy User Island.

 The soldiers will be leaving the place with their weapons and armor.

"Hey, General Allen."

 Habarak, a master craftsman, comes over to Allen, a bit blunt, but with a polite tone in his title.

"Yes, Mr. Habarak."

 He is not a member of Allen's army, so he responds in a polite tone.

"I've finally finished the one thing you asked for.

"Oh! Thank you very much!

I'm getting excited!

 Allen is thrilled to hear this.
 It seemed that he had completed something that money could not buy.