393-Episode 384 Orihalcon and Cube

 Allen is called by the master craftsman, Habarak, to leave the temple and head down the mountain.
 The only mountain on this heavy user island is not very high.

 It's only a few hundred meters high, perfect for a picnic.
 However, this mountain leads to a temple dedicated to Freya, the god of fire.
 I hope you will treat the mountain with awe.
 As Allen's troops troop down the mountain, they see a huge mass on the mountain path.
 It is a white mass, but it is moving, so it is not a rock.
 It's flapping its tail in excitement, but every time it does, the earth shakes.

"Hmm? Haku's getting excited.

(Haku's gotten a lot bigger.)

 Haku, a white dragon brought by Allen, is pining for the soldiers of Allen's army passing by on the mountain road.
 Haku, the white dragon brought by Allen, is pining for the soldiers passing by on the mountain path. The soldiers seem to have gotten used to the dragon, which has grown nearly 20 meters.

"Wow, it's Haku!

 At Habarak's words, Krena runs up to the white mass in front of her.


 And Kurena, who sometimes goes to see Haku, is stroking the white dragon's head vigorously.
 The white dragon is rumbling and moving its nose closer to Kurena's face.

"I'm not sure what to make of it.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

"You can touch him, too.

"Uh-huh. You're not going to bite me, are you?"

 Luke also touched Haku, who had a head the size of a human adult.
 He's a bit scared, but I guess he's gotten used to it from hunting hexenbiests in the dungeon, so he doesn't seem to be intimidated.

(Luke has gotten used to us quite a bit.)

 (Luke has gotten used to us, hasn't he?) Luke was quiet in the beginning, but he seems to have gotten used to Allen's army and Allen's party.
 Now we usually go our separate ways, but when we see each other, we have normal conversations within the party.

 And it has become clear that the boy who looks 8 years old is just as he seems, including his mental age and behavior.
 He is 15 years old, the same age as Aren, but it seems that the High Dark Elves are slow to grow in mental age as well.

 As we descended the mountain, we came upon the workshop of Habarak.
 There are ten workshops of blacksmiths here.

"How are your apprentices doing?

"Hmm? Oh, not too bad."

 This heavy user island now has 15,000 people, after accepting the people from the town of Coole.
 This is quite a large number of people, but they also need knives, pots, and other hardware for their daily lives.
 Ten workshops are not enough to supply them.

 I would also like the skilled dwarven craftsmen, also known as master craftsmen, to concentrate on the weapons and armor of Allen's army.
 We have our hands full caring for and crafting the weapons and armor of 5000 men.

 So I decided to open a blacksmith shop in each of the four towns.










『ドゴラよ. オリハルコンはいい感じかえ?』




(あまり、嫉妬させて拗らせるなよ. というか、せっかくのオリハルコンが神器カグツチを手にしたせいで感動が薄れるな)




「ん? ああ、そうだったな. 剣だな. その次はナックルと防具でいいのか?」



「ん? そうなのか?」


 Allen said that he would revisit Shea's weapons and armor, and that when he finished making his own sword, he would decide what to make next.

"Well... Well, let me know when you know."

 Habarak says he understands.

"Hmm? Well, I guess."

 Shea doesn't reject Allen's suggestion.
 Shea does not reject Allen's proposal.
 The shortest way to unify the beastman nations and build a beastman empire is to become the Beast King of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.
 At that point, he would control two-thirds of the Beastmen Nation.

 Allen was expecting to get a few more orichalcons from the Iron Golem hunt.
 But after hunting 28,000 Iron Golems, he only found one.
 This is far too few.
 There are more orichalcons in Allen's party.
 For example, orichalcon is essential for the protection of not only Shea but also Dogora and Crenna's armor.

 We need more orichalcon.
 Shea has a chance to get orichalcon weapons and armor if she becomes the Beast King.

 The knuckles and armor that the Beast King is allowed to wear, called the "Proof of the Beast King," are made of orichalcon.
 It is also called the Three Sacred Treasures, and the Holy Pearl of Quattro is also available.

 If you become a Beast King, you can take the extra skill "Beast Kinging" to a higher level, and you can get the very valuable orichalcon weapons, armor, and holy beads.

 The battle for the Beast Throne is currently underway.
 Prince Bek, Prince Zeu and Shea are fighting for the right to the beast throne.

 Allen is not interested in who will be king or queen.
 If someone like Prince Bek, who would bring misfortune to his people, becomes the Beast King, he will do his best to stop him, but other than that, he is basically not interested.
 Therefore, I believe that it is up to him to decide whether Thomas will inherit the House of Granvelle or whether Sophie will become the Queen of the Elves.

 He may help out when asked, but he does not take an active role in the matter.

 At one time, he even helped Prince Zeu with his trials, but that was for the mutual benefit of both parties.
 He also helped in the trials to defeat the evil guru of Shea, but that was also for the mutual benefit of both parties.

 However, the overwhelming advantages of weapons, armor, and skills are available.

 So, if Shea can get weapons, armor, and skills without becoming the Beast King, then there is no reason to support the Beast King.
 The goal is to strengthen her friends and fight the Demon King's army.

But if Shea is going to become the Beast Prince, I have to give the amulet to Mr. Zeu.

 Prince Zeu has one concern.
 It seems that Prince Zeu's wife doesn't suspect that her husband, Prince Zeu, will become the Beast King.
 The reason for this is that the astrologer Temi told her that Zew would become the Beast King.
 He seems to be a very fearful wife, and Prince Zeu has told him that if he does not become the Beast King, he will not be able to step on the land of the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom.
 If he loses the battle against the Beast King, he will run away at night, I think he said.

 In the meantime, if Shea becomes the Beast King, I'll give him two rings that increase his durability by 5,000 so that he won't be killed by the queen.

 Allen and the others said, "Thank you for your continued support," and left Habarak's workshop.

(I wonder if he's in the workshop now. Oh, there he is.

 Allen had some business to attend to in his new workshop.

"Commander Lalappa."

 He called out to Commander Lalappa, who was working with his dwarves to prepare a workshop for magic tools.
 This will be a research facility for magic tools, and will be used to operate the magic tools that Allen and the others have produced in the S-class dungeons, as well as to develop new magic tools.

"What is it? General Allen."

 After stopping to give instructions to the dwarves, the leader of the trumpets came up to Allen.

"Take a look at this. I found it in a S-level dungeon, but I don't understand it.

"Wow, that's a magic core! What? And three of them!

 Allen gives the Commander a softball-sized square of something I don't understand.
 It's the size of a softball, but it looks just like the cubes that fly you to other levels in the dungeon.
 Peromus appraises it, and finds out that it's called a "Magic Core".
 He didn't know what it was used for.
 However, if you use Peromus's extra skill, Balance, each one costs one million gold coins.

 It is more valuable than any other item so far, but I don't know how to use it.
 I think it's a kind of magic tool because it's called "magic something".
 I was going to ask Commander Lappa after the awarding ceremony.

"What's it for?"

"You can use it for anything. I'm so glad I came here! It's great!

 Commander Lappa hugged all the magic cores and shouted "Great!
 I didn't say I'd give it to you, but I'd like to know what it's for.

"What is this for?"

 I asked again to the still excited Commander Lappa.

"This is the core of all magic tools. It can be used for anything, and it can make things that have never existed before.

 It can make anything.
 It can even power a super-sized magic ship with one of these, says Commander Lappa.

"Is it correct that we can make magic tools from this magic core?

(Oh? If so...

 There's something I want you to make for Allen.

"That's right. General Allen is quick to understand. The director I worked for was too stuck up to understand me no matter how much I explained. So ......"

 I'm about to digress into something unimportant.

 Maybe the reason why Commander Larappa joined Allen's army was because he couldn't come to terms with his superiors.

"Anything. For example, can you build some kind of transport machine to get from the island to the surface or under the sea?"

 Allen was the only one on Heavy User Island who had any means of transportation to the outside world.
 You could build a landing site for a magic ship, but you don't need accommodations or restaurants on the ship to get to and from the surface.

 We need a magic tool that specializes in moving people and cargo, but even when we contacted the Baucis Empire, they didn't have an appropriate magic tool for carrying cargo between the air and the ground.

"It might take some time, but it's possible.

(If you have an idea, you can make it happen.)

 Then, he mentioned the secret plan he had been thinking about for the battle against the Demon King's army.

"Can you make a transfer device, for example?

 "What do you mean, a transfer device?" "What do you mean, 'transfer device'?" his friends were buzzing.
 To Allen, a transfer facility that can transfer anyone is common knowledge in both fantasy and science fiction.

"Transference? Isn't that an ancient treasure?

 And then the leader of the trumpets screams even more.
 His gestures are exaggerated, but Allen thinks his voice has been loud from the beginning.

"Did they used to have some kind of transfer device?

(Traveling Fountain)

 Memories of a previous life come flooding back.

"Yeah. Three might be too much, I'd want ten for such a magical device.

 I mumble to myself as I touch the magic core.
 It seems that even a single magic core that can move a huge magic ship needs 10 more.

(Ten more? I've only got seven left, so if I can make them, I'll do my best to collect them.

"Allen, are you thinking of going to the Demon World?"

 (There are 10 left. 7 left. If I can make them, I'll try my best to collect them.

"No, not really, but... We can raid the Demon Lord's stronghold or something. The transference device would be useful in many ways."

 It is said that the evil gods were divided into five and thrown into the demon world, and the door connecting the demon world was destroyed by the creator god Ermea.
 So now, the means to get to the demon world is lost.

 It seems that the Demon Lord's army is planning to revive the evil god, but in order to do so, they need to go to the demon world.
 It seems that the Demon Lord is trying to revive the magic of transference that is necessary to go to the demon world.

 Then, they will transfer to the other dimension, the demon world, and retrieve the body of the evil god.
 That kind of research is being conducted within the Demon Lord's army.
 There are also traces of humans being captured and brutally experimented on in the fortresses they have destroyed.

 Allen was wondering if he could use that story as a hint to develop a magic tool that would allow him to go anywhere and raid the Demon Lord's army.

"Yes. I'm going to start researching ancient magic as well.

"All right. We have to move around the island, so we'll have to prioritize our requests.

 We must also study the migration of this island.
 The dwarves who use magic tools will now be able to use magic cores to create magic tools.

 As Allen's friends listen to his conversation, they realize once again that this is all for the purpose of defeating the Demon King's army.

 He generously hands out weapons and armor that would be worth a large country's national budget, while his own party scrambles to collect orichalcon and holy beads.
 And when he gets his hands on a valuable magical tool, he plans to use it to attack the Demon King's army.

"...... So this is what you call a hero."

 This is the reason why it's so important for you to have a good idea of what you're looking for.