394-Episode 385 Challenge to Gordino (1)

 It's the day after the departure ceremony for Allen's army.
 Allen and his army are at the bottom of the S-class dungeon.

 Recently, they have been coming early in the morning and hunting Iron Golems until late at night.
 When the hunt is over, they transfer to their base and sleep well, but not today.

 Today is a different day. It's the day I'm going to challenge Goldino, the lowest level boss.

 Everyone in Allen's party is there, except for Shea, Luke, and Peromus.
 Peromus is also in the party, since he will be going with me to the Proustian Empire.

 The Peromus Abandoned Mercenaries have been renamed the Peromus Abandoned Vigilantes, and the party and leader have been registered with the Adventurer's Guild with Raven as the party leader.

 The party consists of eight members: Allen, Crenna, Cecil, Dogora, Kiel, Sophie, Formar, and Merle.
 Shea, Luke, and Peromus have conquered five Class A dungeons and are not yet qualified to enter Class S dungeons.
 Peromus has the talent of a wealthy merchant, so it's not clear whether he can enter the lowest level of the S-level dungeon boss fight even if he qualifies.

(Merchants may be the ones who keep the wagon warm. It's a universal truth.

"There's less of them than I thought. Do you think they'll be okay?"

 When Allen was thinking about the merchants, Cecil told him that he was worried.

"I think we can beat them. Besides, we've already set up the nest.

 I use the summoner of Bird A as insurance, and set up a nest in front of the cube to get out of this space so that all my friends can escape at any time.
 Note that you can't go directly out of the dungeon from this space.
 It seems that the dungeon master, Digragni, has set up some kind of warding.

(Well, that shouldn't be a problem.)

 Without using such an insurance policy, Allen analyzes that he can defeat them with this team.

"If they can't, they'll run. What if we can't beat them?

"I'll invite the hero to join us, since I'm sure he'll be bored anyway.

"What does Allen think the hero is?

"He's a brave man.

"That's enough.

 I'm a little disappointed that Cecil is trying to invite the world's hero, Helmios, to join the group.
 Cecil wonders if the Alliance of Five Continents didn't know the extent of Helmios' position.

"Yeah. Good luck!"


"Tam-Tam is here too!"

 Clena and Dogora are enthusiastic, and Merle strikes a cool pose.
 Kiel and Cecil are reluctant, but the brainiacs are full of energy.

 In the past, I had challenged with a party of over forty, including the hero's party, Admiral Galala's party, and Prince Zeu's party, but this time, I'll challenge with eight.

 If one party defeats the boss, the reward for defeating the lowest level boss is all yours.
 What's more, raids are time-consuming to recruit.
 The invasion of the heroes and the Demon King's army is over, and I'm sure they're free, but I don't have time to call them.

 If necessary, invite other parties to the raid battle, but if not, avoid the raid battle as much as possible.

 In order to be able to move in three dimensions, Kiel, Sophie, and Formal ride on Bird B's summoner.
 Allen and Cecil are set as usual.

 In the battle against the evil cult of Gushala, both Crenna and Dogora seemed to find it easier to fight by moving on their own feet.
 In the beginning, they had relied on the speed of Bird C and Bird B summonses, but as their stats increased, they found it better to fight by positioning themselves.
 Since he was fighting a strong enemy, he didn't use Bird B's summoner, but stood on the ground by himself.

"Should I have practiced?

"No, no problem. It feels like something's stuck to my hand. It's very comfortable.

 I can't seem to find a good way to describe it, but I can tell from Dogora that it's very comfortable to hold.

 Yesterday, master craftsman Habarak handed me the finished orichalcine greataxe.
 It took him more than a month to make it.
 It seems that it is not so easy to make.

 As a result, Dogora grasped the sacred object Kagutsuchi and the Great Axe of Orichalcon with one hand each.
 The Kagutsuchi was heated in the center and glowed with a veiny redness like a net.
 Although the entire blade is not completely red, it seems that Freya's divine power has been restored to this state under normal circumstances.
 This is thanks to the prayers of the people to Freya, the God of Fire.

 Dogora felt a sense of unity with the orichalcon axe, as if it were a part of her own body.

 Krena, too, grasped the orichalcone greatsword that Basque had given her.

"Tam Tam, descend!"

 A super-sized, vermillion-glittered sunflower descends.
 Merle gets in and preparations are complete.

 Not everyone is as strong as they were the last time they challenged the bottom level boss of the S-class dungeon.

"Let's get started."

 With that, Allen summoned the kingly Merus.

 In front of me was a 100-meter-long bronze golem, two iron golems, a mithril golem, and the bottom-level boss Gordino in the middle, all lined up in a horizontal line.
 As before, all five seem to be immobile until you get close to them.

 Once you've defeated the bottom boss, the bottom boss doesn't seem to change to another boss.

...... Huh? I'm not sure what to make of that.

 As Allen and the others approached, Gordino began to speak with an air of bossiness.

"...... He doesn't seem to remember us.

 I'm not sure what to make of that.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do in the future.

"I'm writhing in fear and despair. ......

"Go Merus!

 I'm not going to listen to a long speech because I'm wasting my time.


 In the middle of Gordino's story, Merus, whose status is all 65,000, runs into him.
 I'm not going to listen to a long lecture because I don't want to waste time.

I'm not sure what to say.

 In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do.
 Then, I let the summoner of dragon A become a king, and together with the summoner of dragon A, I beat up the Iron Golem that was transferred to me.

 The summoned beast of Dragon A has an attack power of 35,000, a length of 300 meters, and 15 heads.
 The Dragon A summoner, which overwhelms the Iron Golem in both attack power and size, entangles the Iron Golem and prevents it from meeting up with Gordino and the others.
 He then uses his 15 heads to bite the Iron Golem, reducing its strength.

"All right, now if these guys don't fall back, they won't be able to revive each other.

(Let's get moving!)

 Last time we ran into a corridor, but this time we're going to fight Gordino in this huge space.
 This time, I'm fighting for the reward of capturing the lowest level boss, but I'm conscious of "shortening time" in the way I fight.

 I want to defeat him as quickly as possible.

I want to beat him as quickly as possible. You little bastards. Know our true fear!

"Crenna, Dogora, we're low on men and aid. Don't take too many hits!

"Yeah, I got it! I'll take care of the front!

"Yeah, I got it!

 Krena and Dogora charge forward.
 For now, I'll have the bronze golem stick to both of them.
 The golems are so powerful that you should prioritize not being defeated rather than defeating them.

 The enemy golems are 100 meters long, and with the exception of Gordino, their stats are between 20,000 and 30,000.
 The bronze golem's drill punch is estimated to be over 30,000, so to avoid being killed by surprise, Krena and Dogora will stick around while reducing the enemy's strength.


 Merle on his tam-tam stops the other Iron Golem from moving.
 The Iron Golem and the Heirokane Golem are almost on par in terms of status.
 The two golems are almost on par with each other in status.

"Hayate, Okiyosan, and Taco will fight too.

Hayate, Okiyosan, Taco will fight too.
I'm going to kill you again today.

 The kingized Beast A, Spirit A, and Fish A have similar stats to the other four enemy golems, except for Gordino.
 The three summoners are after the Iron Golem.
 If you kill them, the enemy will not be able to revive you.

 The strategy is the same as before: split up the two Iron Golems and hit them first.

 The summoner of Beast A, which can move quickly, continues to chip away at the Iron Golem with its strengthened attack power that has reached 35,000.
 The summoner of Spirit A can move behind the Iron Golem in an instant by using its special ability "Spirit Behind".
 He then attacks the back of the Iron Golem, where critical hits are more likely to occur.

 With this kingification, the Fish A summoner is now able to participate in the battle.
 The tripling of stats is huge.

 Even so, it is a mollusk, and its durability is the lowest of the three, at less than 20,000 even at three times the strength.
 It is attacked by golems frequently, but thanks to its special ability, "Octopus Heart," it is not so easily killed.

 Since the octopus has three hearts, it seems to mean that it also has three lives.
 It seems that two hearts can be crushed, and when you die, your strength and magic power will be restored in an instant.
 It doesn't matter if you have one or two crushed hearts, they will be restored after a day, and even Kiel's extra skill "God's Drop" can fix one of them.

 I asked Kiel to use his Extra Skill to verify this, but it is better to resummon Fish A's Summoner when it is hit.
 It is important to keep Kiel's Extra Skill available at all times.

"Ouch, Gowasu! Mmm!

 It seems that no matter how many lives you have, something hurts.
 Fish A's summoner uses the "Smoke Screen" skill, which is the key to fighting as a single party this time.

 The octopus-like Fish A summoner creates a smoke screen from its mouth.
 When this technique is used, the enemy's attacks will have more misses and critical hits will be drastically reduced.

 Until now, it was only effective against A-rank hexenbiests and its usage was limited.
 This is because Allen and his team can defeat A-rank hexenbiests without much trouble.
 However, now that he has become a king, some of the effects have begun to appear on S-rank hexenbiests as well.

 I believe this is due to the intelligence of the 35,000 Fish A summonses currently available.
 It seems that the difference in intelligence between the opponent and the summoned beast changes the judgment of the effect.
 There are some magical beasts with low intelligence that are not affected by the debuff at all, but out of the five we are fighting this time, the effect on all but Gordino is outstanding.

 If you're not sure what you're looking for, you can always ask your doctor.

"What are you doing? Mithril Golem! Cleave the enemy at once!

(It's still high firepower for a stalemate.)

 Goldino flies up and sends a message to the Mithril Golem that's shooting at us.

 It's the most offensive of the bunch, and although it's not very durable, it can fly freely through the air and attack from a distance.

"Rockanell and the others. Absorb them all!"

 Allen waited and summoned a Stone A summoner and three Stone A summoners.

 No matter how many attacks they receive, the four of them will continue to absorb them all without reflex.

"It's looking good. We're almost there!"


 Allen and Cecil attack the Iron Golem.
 Then, in time with Merus and Dragon A's summoner, the non-transferred Iron Golem is also defeated.

 Thanks to them, we were able to defeat both Iron Golems at the same time.

"You guys, you really need to take me seriously. ......

"Okay, we're almost there. Rockanel and the others, convergence bombardment!


"What? What?

 The four Stone A summoners unleashed their "Converging Bombardment" awakening skill.
 Gordino was unable to withstand the damage and was blown away in a spectacular fashion despite being 100 meters long.