395-Episode 386 Challenge to Gordino (2)

 The four Stone A summoner's awakening skill, "Converging Bombardment," attacks the bottom level boss, Gordino .

"Oh? You did it!"

 Kiel shouted as he watched Gordino slowly fall from his back in a cloud of smoke.

 After killing two Iron Golems, he attacked Gordino with four Stone A summons with the "Converging Bombardment" awakening skill.
 The Stone A Summoner that had been transformed into a king and the three Summoners that had been transformed into commanders had increased their durability and were able to continue absorbing the Mithril Golem's attacks even more than before.
 As a result, the converging bombardment was three times more powerful for the king and twice as powerful for the commander than it had been before I had acquired the king skill.

 The Bronze Golem and Mithril Golem were still alive and well, but I kept my attacks to the bare minimum and concentrated on the bottom level boss, Gordino.

"Well, does that mean we've defeated him?

"I hope so. I hope so, but will it work that well?"

 Cecil picked up on Allen's wish.

 One of our goals in defeating the lowest level boss this time is to "shorten the time".
 We are trying to defeat it as quickly as possible.
 So I'm trying to figure out if I can defeat Gordino right here and then I won't have to fight the super combined Gordino.

You guys. You want to die so badly. If you want to know how helpless you are, I'll show you! Golems, gather around me!

 Goldino pulled the defeated Iron Golem and the still attacking Bronze Golem and Mithril Golem to himself.
 He then transforms the golems into his own limbs and turrets, transforming them into the super combined Goldino.

"It didn't work. But now we don't have to attack the bronze and mithril.

"I guess so.

 Even in my previous life, no matter how hard I trained the transforming bosses and overkilled them, they basically transformed to the next level.
 If you can't do it this way, you probably can't really do it.

 The good news, however, is that as long as you defeat the two Iron Golems out of the five, you can aim for Gordino and move on to the next super-combined Gordino.
 I think I'll ignore the Bronze Golem and use the Mithril Golem as fuel for the Convergence Bombardment.

"Locarnel and the others, keep absorbing! Merus, change your attributes!


"Yeah, hold on a second.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
 Last time, the golems of Admiral Galala's party, the Stingers, acted as a wall, but now Meruru is taking the attack of the Super Gorgino.


 Meruru's sorrowful voice leaks out through the golem.

 This time, the mollusk Fish A's summoned beast is also acting as a wall, but Meruru's burden is very heavy.
 In order to reduce Merle's burden, he should reduce the number of attacks that he can reduce, and so he absorbs the bombardment.

 Then, Merle uses his "Give Attribute" special ability to change the weakness attribute of the super combined Gordino.
 Merus, who has reached 65,000 intelligence, will immediately change the attribute.

 And this time, it's the fire attribute that makes it weak.

"Oh? You've changed."

 Dogora muttered as she clutched the divine weapon Kagutsuchi.
 It's obvious that the feeling of hitting Goldino has changed.

"Fire magic too, Cecil."

"I get it."

(After all, Dogora is only as good as its sacred weapon, Kagutsuchi.)

 The super-combined Gordino, which had reached 150 meters in length, appeared to have been strongly impacted by Dongola's blow using his skills.

 When Dogora defeated Basque, he used his magic tool to appraise that he was in extra mode.
 At that time, the blessing of Freya, the god of fire, was set to "minimal".

 Her current blessing is listed as "Medium" in the status column of the grimoire.

 These minuscule and medium levels are not only for the sake of clarity, but they also bring great benefits to Dogora.
 There is a kind of barometer that increases the benefit of the blessing as it gets smaller and smaller.
 When the blessing reached the medium level, it brought a boon to the dogora that would have surprised even the Holy Pearl.

 The effects of Freya's blessing
Minimal: Absorbs fire attacks
Minimal: Absorbs fire attacks, increases all stats by 1000
Small: Absorbs fire attacks, increases all stats by 3000, increases damage by 10% when using skills.
Medium: Absorbs fire attacks, increases all stats by 5000, increases damage by 30% when using skills, and reduces the cool time of true skills by 30%.

 In addition, Kagutsuchi's attacks will be fire-based.

 He moved his followers to Heavy User Island, and the people of the island prayed daily.
 A stone statue of Freya, the god of fire, has been erected in the city of Neil in Elmar, and people are praying and giving thanks for the salvation of this country.

I'll definitely have to increase the benefits of this.

 The power of the Dogora is increasing due to the overwhelming blessings.
 Allen feels that he must increase the number of followers of Freya, the god of fire, in order to further increase the benefits.

 However, the blessing he is bringing to Dogora has one condition: it will only work if Dogora is holding the divine weapon Kagutsuchi.

 That is why, in the fight against the Beast King, Dogora gave up his advantage to enter the arena.
 Allen could not forgive the insult to Dogora, who had faced the Beast King in a fair fight.

"You little... You little bastard!

 As he continued to be attacked, a voice of impatience leaked out from the supercomposite Gordino.
 The target of the supercomposite Gordino headed for Dogora.


"I know. Flare!

 Cecil, who had foreseen Goldino's attack, unleashed a level 5 fire magic.

 Equipped with Makris's Sacred Pearl, a necklace that increased his intelligence by 2,000, and a staff from the Iron Golem's gold chest, Cecil's intelligence exceeded 35,000, and he turned into a giant fireball and headed for Dogora's back.

"You, my friend!

 Cecil hit the part of the Dogora that was still attacking with a huge fireball.
 Thanks to Cecil, the attack of the super-combined Gordino is avoided, but Dogora is hit from behind by the giant fireball, along with Gordino.

 However, the Dogora does not take any damage and continues to attack.
 Dogora is immune to fire magic and fire breath, whether friendly or enemy.
 Dogoras regain strength in proportion to the power of the attacks they receive.

"Okay, that's good. Come on, Dogora, let's do this!"

"Oh, all my might!


 Dogora's divine weapon, Kagutsuchi, shone violently, and then there was an unprecedented impact sound.

I can't believe it.

 I used my friends and summoned beasts to beat up and reduce the strength of the super-united Gordino to some extent.
 And then, just in time, Dogora used the extra skill "Full Spirit".

 Dogora was now able to use "Full Spirit" at will.
 It has a cool time of one day, so it is not that easy to use, but the blow that consumes all of his magic power is fatal to Gordino.

 A huge hole appears in the chest of the super-united Gordino, who is blown backwards by Dogora's full force.

(Hmmm... I guess I'm getting back to the power I had back then a little?

 As Allen watches Goldino fall backwards for the second time, he thinks back to the time when he defeated Basque.
 He analyzes that Basque, the higher demon god, was stronger than this super-combined Gordino.

 And during the fierce battle between Dogora and Basque, Basque had been given a healing spell by the Skeleton Pope.
 When Basque was at full strength, Dogora used all her strength to defeat him with one blow, though she could not stop him.

 I don't know how much of a difference there is between the physical strength and durability of the super combined Gordino and the higher demon god Basuku, but I believe that the current power of the super combined Gordino is not enough to defeat the higher demon god.

(I'll have to raise the protection to medium or higher soon. I also need to wake up Sophie and Shea's sleeping spells.

 The effect of the blessing is doubled every time it is raised.
 "If it's so powerful on medium, I wonder how powerful it will be on higher levels.

 And while Dogora has shown the effects of the Fire God Freya's blessing, the other companions have not.
 As for Allen's companions, Sophie currently has the blessing of the spirit god Rosen, Shea has the blessing of the beast god Garum, and Luke has the blessing of the spirit king Fabre.

 However, it does not seem to have any effect on their status.

 Allen analyzes that this is because the gods are avoiding interfering too much.
 The key to the future battle will be how to wake up the blessings that are currently asleep, and how to have them granted.

 And Cecil, Crenna, Kiel, and Formar do not have divine blessings.
 For Cecil, I think the best way is to get it from Isilis, the god of magic, but I can't find a way to get it at the moment.

 As for equipment, there are holy beads and other equipment that I've never seen before, such as the earring and anklet that Bask wore.
 If you have the blessings of the gods, you will become even stronger.

 I've been looking for ways to put my friends into extra mode, but I can't stop being excited that there are more ways to get stronger.

"Mmm! You guys! It seems you've made me take you seriously! This is who I really am!

 The battle progresses as Allen analyzes and considers what to do.

 The chest of the shattered supercomposite Gordino grew cracks all over its body.
 Then, the slender and sharp-looking True Goldino emerged from within.

"'Merus, the attribution remains intact, correct?

"Yes. No problem.

"Then it's Thunder of Judgment."

 I'll check with Merus to see if the fire attribute weakness is still intact.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.


"Ah, receive the cleansing of judgment!

 I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it'll help.


"You're so mean. What? You idiot! I can't move!

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.
 However, this thunder of judgment has the effect of stopping the opponent's movement.
 And the effect is immensely effective against mineral-based enemies.
 The true Gordino was hit by the attack, and was knocked to the ground and left crawling.

"Cecil, decide!

"All right, Petit Meteor!

 A huge, red-hot boulder twisted and crushed the true Gordino, who could no longer fly or move.

I'm not sure what to do.

 True Gordino's screams disappear into the large rocks.

 The extra skill "Small Meteorite" has fire and earth attributes.
 The attributes make it even more powerful.

 The two of them were going to put a swift end to this.
 True Gordino removes buffs from allies and summoners.
 In addition, its attack power is high and its movement speed is fast, so I'm afraid of an accident.

I killed one Goldino. You've earned eight billion experience points.

"Yes, I killed it."

"You did it! I mean, you're pretty fast.

 I've defeated the lowest level boss in no time at all.
 My friends are surprised but happy.

(Hmm, you managed to defeat it even without the Spirit King's blessing. Would it have been faster with it? No, I'm afraid of accidents, so I might as well keep it. That's a question for another test.

 This time, I used the Spirit King's Blessing to defeat Gordino without increasing my status by 30%.
 I'm wondering if I should use it on my first move, or if I should keep it to be able to activate the Extra Skill again if something happens.

 This time, I think it was the right decision to save the Spirit King's blessing in case of an accident and damage to my friends.

"Oh! I'm not sure what to make of this.

 In the center of the hall, there are four treasure chests as rewards for defeating the lowest level boss.
 This time, there were three silver chests and one gold chest.
 There's also a rainbow box on top, but Kiel is lamenting the fact that it didn't appear this time.

 I opened it up.
 The silver box contained an adamantite weapon, a tablet of heliocane, and a ring that increased status by 5000.
 And from the gold box, I found a magic core.

"Well, it's not so bad.

 At any rate, it can be used to strengthen Allen's army.
 I want to save up my magic cores, so I'm happy that I got one, but it's only a so-so result.
 I'm glad I got it, but it's only a so-so result.

"Well, I'm tired. Let's go home."

 Cecil is about to leave with a tired look on his face.


 Allen looks at him as if he's wondering what he's talking about.

"Hmm? What do you mean?

"No, we're hunting Iron Golem now."

"What? What are you talking about?

 The reason why I was conscious of "shortening the time" this time was to include a round of the lowest level boss in the beginning of my daily Iron Golem hunt.
 Unlike the Iron Golem, the bottom level boss can only be challenged once a day.

 Cecil's blood began to drain from his face when Allen said that he was going to hunt 300 Iron Golems.

 With Cecil grumbling, Allen and the others split into two groups to hunt Iron Golems.