396-Episode 387 Thomas' Career Change

 Three months have passed since Allen and his party of gamers succeeded in defeating Goldino, the lowest level boss of the S-class dungeon.
 During those three months, we added defeating Gordino, the lowest level boss, to our daily routine, and we killed him every day.

 I've killed about 90 Gordinoes and obtained about 360 rewards for defeating them.
 Of those, 10 were rainbow chests, but as I expected, they were hard to find and quite expensive.
 Thanks to them, Allen was able to further strengthen his party.

 The heavy user island has been developed quite a bit.
 The roads that connect the towns have been built and people are slowly starting to interact with each other.
 It has been less than half a year since the first migration began, but some fields have already begun their second harvest.
 Thanks to the help of the elves and dark elves, who are spirits of wood and earth, the harvest time is very fast.
 It is said that one can harvest three times a year without resting the fields.
 Even though it's a small island, it seems that we can secure enough food if we only need crops.

 And now that the Magical Engineers have joined Allen's army, the communication tools have been improved, and we can communicate with the whole world by magic tools.

 People have been able to live a comfortable life by using the magic tools they obtained by defeating Iron Golems and Gordino.

 Normally, I aim to kill 600 Iron Golems a day with two parties, but there are days when I take a day off.
 These days are for meetings about Allen's army, to check on the development of the island, and for the rest of the party to rest.
 Today is one such party day off.

 Allen and Cecil are in the Job Change Room at the bottom of the Job Change Dungeon.
 This is the place where you can change jobs after completing all three tasks.

"So now Tomas has a talent!

"Yeah, I guess so."

"What? Tomás, you should be more excited!"

 And there's Tomas and Princess Leilana.
 And then there's her friend, Princess Leilana.
 Princess Leilana, carrying Halbert on her shoulder, is talking to Tomas in a very happy way.

 After a few months of helping him raise his level, Tomas finally reached level 60.

"Will I be able to have a talent now?

 His younger sister Cecile had a talent as a mage.
 My late brother Mihai had a talent as a swordsman.

 The second of the three siblings had always longed for a brother and sister.
 Princess Leilana was beside him, telling him to be more happy, but Tomas was too confused and happy to think clearly.
 He could not think clearly, but he knew that Princess Leilana was happy beside him.

'Yes, sir. Would you like to be in the vanguard, rearguard, or middle guard?

 The cube-shaped object reacted to Tomas' words.

The cubes responded to Tomas' words, "Just like Allen said the other day. You can't choose monk."

 Allen has already explained to Princess Leilana the detailed rules for changing jobs.
 He had already explained to Princess Leilana about the detailed rules of career changes, and she had agreed that she could not choose individual professions.
 You can only choose between the major roles of vanguard, rearguard, and middleguard, and which profession you end up in is determined randomly.

That's right. You can't choose a specific profession. I'm sorry I can't meet your expectations.

"Well, okay. I'm sure Tomas will get you a monk."

 Since Princess Leilana was an axe and spear user, Tomas wanted to get a monk to heal her.

(Now, will he be able to become a monk properly?)

 Most of the vigilantes in Peromus were gifted, but there were a few who were not.
 The vigilante leader, Raven, and the deputy leader, Rita, were among them, and some had been part of the mercenary group since its inception, or had been hired because of their good character.

 As for Allen's army, a long time has passed since the formation of the army, and all of the army soldiers and vigilantes have already changed jobs.
 However, they are still unable to get the job they want.

"Well, Allen. I'll be in the rear guard, right?"

"Yes, sir. If you choose the rear guard, you may become a monk.

 Again, Allen answered Thomas' question.

"I'll take the rear guard then.

I see. The rear guard, then. Now, throw this box higher than the floating me.

 I am given an icosahedron like dice.

(This time, we'll choose with dice?)

 In front of Thomas' eyes, there is an icosahedron with occupations written on each side of the dice.
 He throws the dice and chooses the occupation that comes up.

 Allen understands the logic of this, as he has witnessed several career changes from no talent.
 And it seems that there is more than one way to choose a talent, not only by dice, but also by amidaji and roulette.

 In the case of dice, there is one monk side and two blank sides among the 20 sides.
 The cube explains to you that if you choose one of these blank sides, you can become a monk of your choice.

 There is a three-in-twenty chance of becoming a monk, but under intense pressure from Princess Leilana, Tomas grabs the dice and throws them high into the sky.

(What will I get? What will I get?

 (What will I get?) In his mind, he hears a familiar pitch from his previous life.
 The dice with many sides fall to the ground and slowly bounce to determine one's occupation.

"What ......, hey! I'm not a musician! Get down there, Tomas!

"Oh, no! Sorry!

 I'm sorry!" The result was that he was a musician.

 Because he was not a monk, Tomas was given a cobra twist by Princess Leilana.
 Allen stares at him, thinking that this kind of thing might be called unreasonable.

 Cecil sees this and doesn't seem to say anything.
 Seeing this, Allen hopes that Cecil will feel sorry for being so rough with him.

"Allen, what kind of job is a musician?"

 I'm sure you've heard of it, but I'm not sure if you've ever heard of it.

"A musician is a person who mainly uses musical instruments to buff up the status of his friends. There is a similar profession called Poet. This one uses singing, not instruments."

 Thomas became the buffing profession that Allen wanted.
 Allen is looking for a number of professions.
 One of them is a profession that specializes in buffing.

 Sophie is also more of a buffing/healing type of person, but if her profession is different from borrowing the power of spirits, her assistance can overlap and create a synergistic effect.
 As I experienced in the S-level dungeon, different types of assistance often overlap, so the more professions you have, the better.

"So, I guess I'm like Lepe the Musician.

 Allen and Cecil both remembered Lepe, one of the Ten Beasts that they had conquered the Class S dungeon with.

"That's how I feel. So you're a musician, huh?

(You're walking the path of a complete aristocrat. It's not my fault.

 Tomas has a talent for using instruments and inspiring others.
 Allen makes an excuse in his mind that it is not his fault that Tomas continues to follow the path of the aristocrat.

 Note that the talentless Tomas can change jobs again.
 When he does, he will have to reach the maximum skill level as well as the maximum musician level.

"...... can't be helped. I think we need to celebrate the fact that we have a talent.

 And then Princess Leilana looks at Allen and the others.

I'm not sure. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.

"I'm sorry. I would like to join you, Princess Leilana. We have plans for the future. ......"

"Yeah! That's not an option. We'll celebrate with you."

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 Something tells me they want to celebrate together.

 Cecil glared at his brother, Tomas, and said, "Don't do anything strange.
 Tomas shakes his head up and down and says, "Of course.

 After leaving the dungeon, I left the school city with Cecil, thinking that we were indeed brother and sister.

"I'm back.

"It's Allen. You're back early!

 The renovation of the base of the S-class dungeon that I bought up for two lots is almost finished.
 Since the development of Heavy User Island was almost finished, I proceeded to rebuild the base of the school city and the base of the S-class dungeon to make it easier for Allen's army to operate.

 It was suggested that this kind of development would be a good change of pace for Allen's army, rather than having them spend all day in dungeons.

 Allen had no trouble staying in the dungeon all day, but I accepted it as such.  

 In order to make the building more efficient, he also smashed through the wall and built two buildings.
 In the center of the two buildings, there was also a plaza for training.

 Kurena and Dogora practice on their days off.
 They eat breakfast before going out, have a hearty lunch at noon, and continue practicing until late in the evening.
 Krena, in particular, seems to be happy that Dogora has surpassed her status.
 The current Dogora would have no problem with a serious cut.
 Dogora's level continues to rise, and she is now level 95.

 It is a good practice for Dogora to learn the two-handed axe.
 The Iron Golem and Goldino are too big and their movements are too complicated.
 It seems that an opponent like Bassuk requires more subtlety in his movements, both in how he stands and how he handles his weapon.

 In order to gain experience that is not shown as a skill, he is always training with Crenna and the other soldiers on his days off.

"Oh, Shea is observing?"

 I talk to Shea, who is idly observing near the entrance.

"Hmm? "Yeah, I guess so. It's almost noon.

 She says she's here for lunch.
 She said that it was noon and she was here for lunch.

 After telling Crenna and Dogora that it was lunchtime, Crenna passed Allen and the others and headed for the dining hall.

 As I enter the cafeteria, I see the heavy users of the island hurrying about, serving food.
 They have been given two bases to work from as new places to live following the island.

 Even within Allen's army, there are jobs such as cooking and cleaning that are essential to this kind of life.
 When we first formed, we thought of having the soldiers take on these jobs as part of their division of labor.

 However, Allen's army has already invested more than 100 million gold coins in soldiers.
 In the past three months, they have invested more than 100 million gold coins in soldiers.
 I would like these soldiers to focus on the part of the battle.

 On Heavy User Island, Mayor Peromus has arranged jobs for the island's townspeople.

 The pay is three times the market rate, and people are rushing in to see if it's for real.
 Thanks to the lottery, priority was given to those who already had experience in cooking.

 Allen and his team set up in a corner of the base's cafeteria, which was crowded at lunchtime.

 This was also Allen's idea, as he strongly insisted that everyone should eat together.
 In response to this insistence, Allen rejected Sophie's suggestion that he eat with only a few of the executives.
 Allen believes that it is natural for everyone to eat together.

 A few moments later, Crenna is eating meat like a parent.
 In the beginning, the soldiers had been reluctant, but now they seemed to have gotten used to it.

"Hmm? Is General Rudo still in contact with the Beast Kingdom?

"Yes, he is. It's taking him a long time.

 General Rud told me that the next Beast King will be chosen today in Al Bahar.

 I've been keeping an eye on the Adventurer's Guild's communication device as they decide who will be the next Beast King: Prince Bek, Prince Zeu, or Shea.

 I was hoping that the result would be decided soon, but it seems that it hasn't come back yet.
 If he knew the result, he would have come straight to the cafeteria where Allen and the others were waiting, but he wasn't there yet.
 Since that was the case today, I asked Princess Leilana to excuse me from the celebration of Tomas' new job.

 Luke, one of Allen's party, arrives at the diner late.

"Oh! It's already dinner. I'm starving!

"Well, Master Luke Todd, we haven't finished what we were supposed to do in the morning.

 "The dark elf, who is the instructor and caretaker of the lessons, follows Luke into the dining room, choking on his words.
 The relationship between Luke and the instructor is the same as always.

 "All right. I'll do it after lunch," says Luke as he comes to Allen and the others.

 Allen looks at Luke through Cecil who is standing beside him.

 That's when it happened.
 As he walked behind Cecil, Luke suddenly rolled up Cecil's skirt in a big way.
 The act was so natural that everyone froze.

(Hmm, pumpkin pants.) "!

"......? I'll kill you! You little porno!"

 Cecil's fist, which had been frozen in time for several seconds, was filled with unprecedented force.
 And at the same time that time began to move, the demonic-looking Cecil chased after Luke, who had escaped.