397-Episode 388 The Troubles of the Royal Family

"Stop, stop, stop!

"No, no, no, pumpkin pants.

"I'll kill you!

 Cecil chased after Luke, the brown boy who ran away.
 Cecil is desperately chasing after Luke, but he can't seem to catch him as he weaves his way under the table while many soldiers are already having their lunch.
 The soldiers don't seem to think anything of it.

"...... Oh, King Olbers."

 The dark elf, who was the instructor and caretaker of the lesson, covered his eyes with his hand, saying he could see nothing.
 He may think that the dark elf's future has gone dark.

(Luke is full of energy today, isn't he?)

 Allen's impressions of the fleeing Luke came to him as he saw him.

 It's been about six months since Luke arrived at the base, and I'm beginning to understand his personality.
 Rather, he has come to treat everyone as he is, or rather as he really is.
 Luke, who looks about eight years old, is in the early grades of elementary school, and seems to be in a mischievous phase.

 He does a lot of naughty things at the base, such as pulling up Cecil's skirt and touching his buttocks.

 He once targeted someone other than Cecil, but when he pulled up Crenna's skirt, she said, "Don't do that! and she was instantly caught, tied up with a rope, and hung from a tree branch.
 I was able to see a new side of Crenna that she doesn't tolerate such things.

 When Luke touched Sophie's buttocks, she became quietly enraged, and war nearly broke out between the Dark Elves and the Elves.
 Allen managed to calm Sophie down and prevented a war from breaking out in this place.

 Merle seems to be about the same age as Luke, but he doesn't seem to have a taste for him.

 Shea is as cautious as a beast, and won't let him get behind her.
 Shea, on the other hand, has a tolerant nature and tolerates Luke's pranks.

 As I watch the game of tag between Cecil and Luke, which is about to come to an end, I think that it is thanks to Luke that I was able to see these attitudes in each of them.

"Hey, let go of me! Cecil!

What do you mean, "Let me go"? Come here and eat properly!

 Cecil comes back with Luke under his arm, covered in dust and with crumpled hair.
 He seems to have caught him safely, but Luke is still flapping his legs in the air, as if he's ready to run away.

 At the moment Luke runs away, Fabre escapes from his arms and eats a meal on the table without a care in the world.
 Fable, the spirit king in the form of a jet-black weasel, sits Luke in his seat, and Cecil sits beside Allen, exhaling heavily.

"There are many kinds of kings, aren't there? So be it."

 "I'm sure you'll be fine," Allen muttered as he watched his caretaker, a dark elf, leave the room to take a rest.

"What? I mean, you should scold him more too!

"He's just a kid.

 Cecil told Allen that since he was the representative of this army, he should scold Luke more.
 However, Allen, who was pulled by the memory of his previous life that children should be like children, didn't mind that Luke was being naughty.

 As he watched Luke drink the soup with his mouth stained, he somehow understood why Olbers, the King of the Dark Elves, had entrusted Luke to Allen and the others.

 After losing the war against the elves, the dark elves left Rosenheim and moved to the southern continent.

 King Olberth has reigned as king over the Dark Elves for a long time.
 During that time, he restored diplomatic relations with the Elves and slowly restored the Dark Elves, whose numbers had been greatly diminished by the war with the Elves.
 For a long time, the Dark Elves worked hard to prosper, but it seems that they were unable to have children.
 It seems that High-Dark Elves have a harder time having children than Dark Elves, and the child that was finally born was Luke.

 While he was having a hard time with his mischievous and unruly child, Sophie, who was called the next queen, came to his village.

 With only a handful of people and a mysterious thing she called a summoner, Sophie solved the problem of the infidels.
 In the presence of King Olbers, she made the demon gods disappear from the oasis town of Rukoak.

 In addition, Sophie is accompanied by Rosen, who has become a spirit god, and Allen, who is said to save the world as prophesied by Rosen.

 Perhaps she thought that the future of the Dark Elves would be destroyed along with the town of Rukoak.

 If this continues, there will be no future for the Dark Elves.
 But that doesn't mean there is no hope.
 For some reason, the object of the Dark Elves' faith, Fable the Spirit King, has taken a liking to Luke.

 It seems that King Olbers has entrusted Luke to Allen and the others, thinking that there must be some meaning to this.

"Good cooking again today!

"Luke, don't eat too fast or you'll choke.

"Yes. Thanks."

 Fable the Spirit King told Luke not to swallow his food in a hurry, as he was growing up and smiling.
 Luke thanked him and patted the Spirit King's head vigorously.

 After being stroked by a hand covered with food, Fable cleans up the dirt on himself as if he were grooming himself without a care in the world.
 This is also a usual scene.


 Sophie, as usual, looks at Luke and silently refuses to accept the situation.

"Didn't Sophie go through a phase like that?"

 I'm sure you're not the only one.

"I've always been like this. I've always been like this.

 I've been like this my whole life." It seems Sophie was never naughty.
 She looks at Formal, who has been guarding her, and wonders if this is true.
 She seems to be aware of Allen's gaze, but Formal never makes eye contact with her at times like this.

 Maybe I shouldn't mention Sophie as a child.

(Hmmm...) (Hmmm...) In a previous life, the children of kabuki actors made their theatrical debut very early, I think. Like 5 years old or 3 years old. (Being born into a royal family requires a certain level of dignity.

 In my previous life, I had the impression that the children of Noh and Kabuki actors were very well-behaved.
 Even when I was playing in the sandbox with a runny nose, their children were greeting the audience in front of many plays.

 When I came to this world, I was able to make friends with Sophie, Shea, Luke, and other royalty from different countries.
 Royalty has its own struggles, and the children of royalty do not always become great rulers.

 There are times when dark, tyrannical, or mediocre rulers are born.
 The prerequisite for succeeding to the throne is to make one's country prosperous.

 Many countries have devised ways to make the throne inheritable.
 One such example is the system that allows the children of elves and dark elves to become queens and kings.

(Will it take long?)

 Today is the day that Shea will be chosen as the next Beast King.
 In the afternoon or so, the current king himself will announce the next king at the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom.
 In order to confirm Shea's appointment as the next Beast King, I didn't even attend Thomas' job change celebration.

"Oh? Did you make it in time?"

"Yeah, Kiel. I think not yet."

 Kiel comes to the dining room with a slightly drunk Merle.
 Allen tells Kiel that the results of the next Beast King have not been announced yet.

 They decided to meet at the base around lunch time, so they had free time today.
 As usual, Kiel goes to the church and spreads his healing magic.
 He seems to have returned to the base with Merle, who had been drinking at a nearby tavern since this morning.

"Here, Dogora. Eat not only meat, but bread and vegetables as well."

"Hmm? Oh, okay... Oh, hey?

 Allen watched as Dogora clutched a separate piece of meat in each hand, wondering if she was still training during the meal, but Shea told her to eat more than just meat.

 Then she began to place bread, vegetables, and fruits in front of the dogora.

 Dogora was clearly puzzled, but this was not the first time this had happened.
 This kind of exchange began shortly after the meeting of the Five Continents Alliance.

(Is this because Dogora helped Shea?).

 Dogora had intervened in the battle between the Beast King and Shea to settle their differences, and had fought until he was torn to pieces.
 Shea watched it with his hand on his chest.

 Angered by the Beast King's vicious fist and angry at having hurt his comrades, Dogora showed his will and did not ask for any thanks from Shea.
 Seeing Shea's condition, he simply said, "I'm glad you're okay," and didn't mention the incident as if it was already in the past.

 Shea's attitude toward Dogora began to change.

 It is said that beastmen are a race of people whose emotions, ups and downs, are very different.
 She seemed to have more than a strong sense of gratitude toward Dogora.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're doing it again?"

 After seating a drunken Merle, Kiel returned to Allen's table with a plate full of food, probably because he was hungry.

 Kiel told Allen that Shea was still taking care of Dogora with his eyes.
 Allen replies with a glance to Kiel that he should just wait and see.

 This is not the only time that Shea is taking care of the Dogora.
 Shea has already conquered five Class A dungeons and has started to go to Class S dungeons.

 She has joined up with Allen and the others to defeat the lowest level boss, Gordino, and is participating in the hunt for the Iron Golem.
 Naturally, the Iron Golem hunt was split into two, and I joined the party with Dogora.

 Shea told me that she wanted to attack the dungeon faster.
 I'll leave it to you, Allen replied.

 I was thinking of encouraging the generals, captains, and other leaders of Allen's army to attack as soon as possible.

 The 48 of us, including Luke, formed a separate team to further speed up the dungeon invasion.
 Since the generals and captains were equipped with more than 10,000 gold coins, their high status allowed them to attack quickly.

 Thanks to them, both Shea and Luke have been able to go to S-class dungeons since last month.

 Shea has already changed her status from Fist Saint to Fist King.
 Luke has changed from a necromancer to a black mage, behind Shea.
 Note that Luke's debuffing spells do not work on the golems at the lowest level.
 It seems that Luke's intellect is insufficient to deal with golems, which are originally ineffective.

 You could say that Luke goes to the lowest level of the dungeon to raise his skill level.

"Dogora, if you're going to practice after lunch, you'd better eat some bread."

"Hmm? Is that so?"

 "Dogora, if you're going to practice after lunch, you'd better eat some bread. Allen decides to help.

"Meat is for the Dogora's flesh and blood, but bread is for the power of the body.

 There is no food that you don't need to eat, but you should eat a balanced diet.
 He added, however, that since the dogora seemed to be in a mature stage, more meat would not be a problem.

 Dogora bites into a loaf of bread that is being baked hard, because she heard that it will improve her movement in the afternoon practice.

(Hmm, looks like Shea's not happy.)

 (Hmm, looks like Shea's not happy.) Allen gets a disapproving look from Shea.
 Apparently, Allen was unhappy with the fact that she ate the bread when he told her to, but not when he told her to.

 If you want to move the Dogora, Allen thinks, you should know that it is important to make it move.

"You're late."

 Then Cecil mentioned that it was too late to announce who the next Beast King would be.
 Then Cecil mentions that the announcement of who will be the next Beast King has been delayed, and he checks the clock on his magic tool to see if it's almost time.

(Isn't it possible that General Lud doesn't want to go back to the base now that Zeu is in charge?

 Allen thought that General Lud, who had been taking care of Shea for a long time and had become the captain of the beastman unit that Shea had formed, might not be able to return to the base because he could not accept the results.


 As he glanced at the entrance to the dining hall, the door to the dining hall opened with a bang.
 And in comes General Lud with a change of blood.

(Oh? He's here. What's wrong?

 The soldiers in the cafeteria looked at General Lud, who suddenly came in with great force.
 But General Lud looked around for a moment, found Shea, and shouted loudly.

"Bek, the crown prince of Bek has started a civil war!

"......? Is that true!

 Shea, who didn't understand what he was saying for a moment, stood up involuntarily.
 A new disturbance had broken out in the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.