398-Episode 389: Insebattled

 I heard that today is the day the next Beast King will be chosen.
 To confirm this, I sent General Lud to the Beast Kingdom.

 What he told me was that there had been a civil war in the Beast Kingdom of Al Bahar.

"Is His Majesty the Beast King and Her Royal Highness the Beast Queen safe?

Are you worried about my father after what happened last time? Well, I'm sure your mother is worried.

 When Shea heard of the civil war, the first thing he worried about was his own parents.

"Well, yes. They're fine. The civil war is already under control. For more information, please go to ......."

"Mm-hmm. I see."

 The soldiers around you are paying attention to what's going on.
 This is the mess hall, where many of the soldiers are eating.
 Many of them used to be part of Shea's beastmen, and they want to know what's going on.

 The first thing we need to do before we can tell the soldiers of Allen's army is to check the situation.

 They moved to a conference room set up in the base for Allen's party.

"So, where should I start? ......

 As Allen and the others looked at him, General Lud was puzzled as to where to begin, since so much had happened.

I'm not sure what to say.

"Tell them everything!

"If the civil war itself is under control, tell us what happened from the beginning.

 If the civil war itself is under control, tell us what happened from the beginning." Where Shea tells him to tell us everything, Allen tells him to tell us from the beginning.
 General Rud's late return was probably due to the fact that he was more interested in checking the situation than reporting to Shea.

 If he needed to report to Shea urgently, he could have come back sooner.

 Allen hadn't been told about the details of the decision on the next Beast King.
 The Beast King is discussing with his subjects and deciding the next Beast King.
 If he didn't listen to the story in order to understand why it would lead to civil war, he might miss something or make a wrong decision.

 There may be stories that only beastmen and those who live in the Beast Kingdom can understand.

"All right. I will explain it to you step by step."

 At General Rudo's words, Shea tried to regain his composure.

 General Lud said that the truth of the matter goes back to the end of the Five Continents Alliance Conference.

 The Beast King said that he would call his ministers and the astrologer Temi for a meeting to decide whether Prince Zeu or Shea would be the next Beast King.
 Then, the Beast King himself announced his intention to abdicate at once.
 It seems that his own transformation into the Beast King at the meeting of the Alliance of the Five Continents, during Shea's farewell speech, was the deciding factor.

 He was so determined to win against Dogora and Allen that he even turned himself into the Beast King and gave it his all.
 As a result, his reputation with the Beast Kingdom was severely damaged.
 The Beast King said that it was logical for him to abdicate, and the ministers and Temi who were called agreed.


 Dogora listens in silence.
 She seemed to be pondering whether her fist might have changed the Beast King's decision.

"Yes, such a thing. Was the Beast King planning to abdicate soon?"

 Allen was about to say, "Never mind, I'm in," when Shea noticed Dogora's condition.
 Shea tried to keep Dogora from thinking too much.

"Yes. It seems that the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior, Lord Temi, and a few others have been told about this.

 Neither Shea nor General Lud had been told about this story, which would determine the future of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.
 He also clearly told them about his position at that time.

"Does that mean Bek was already unqualified to be the Beast King at that time?

"Bek......, yes. It's still the same story that the one who surpasses the ordeal becomes the Beast King."

 General Lud flinched for a moment as Allen called the Beast Prince as if it were a matter of course.
 I don't know what Allen had in mind when he started the civil war, but I have no intention of paying respect to anyone who disrupts the discussion for Shea to become the Beast King.

 He also reiterates the ordeal that the Beast King gives.

 Basically, it is the firstborn who becomes the Beast King.
 The idea is that the firstborn is the greatest.

 However, there are times when the second or youngest child is better than the first.
 For such cases, there is the "Beast King's Trials".

 The Beast King imposes a challenge, and the one who overcomes the challenge becomes the Beast King, even if he is not the firstborn.

 In a sense, this is the same system used by elves and dark elves, who have difficulty having children, to allow the children of their elders to become queens and kings.
 The trials of the Beast King seems to be one of the mechanisms to make the best children into the Beast King.

"You mean to tell me that no two children have ever gone through the ordeal in the past?

 It seems like they had been struggling for almost three months without coming to a conclusion on who to make the Beast King.
 Allen thinks that the reason why they are struggling so much is because no two children have ever gone through the ordeal before.

"Never. You could say it's unheard of."

 In the 1,000 years since the founding of the Arbahar Beast Kingdom, two children have been tested and overcome their trials.
 This time, the ordeal imposed on Shea is to defeat the guru of the pagans who have been propagating in the neighboring continent.
 And Zeu's task is to conquer an unprecedented S-class dungeon.

 So far, only about one out of ten people have completed the challenge.
 Neither of us had ever achieved it.
 It took me a long time to come to a conclusion.

"What were the opinions?


"Well, if they couldn't come to a conclusion, then they couldn't come to a conclusion because they disagreed, could they?

 Allen understood that conflicting opinions were the reason why no conclusion was reached.
 Check the content of the conflicting opinions.

"Well, yes. It seems that the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior wanted Prince Zeu to be the Beast King.

 The Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior were both in favor of Prince Zeu.

 Decades after the formation of the alliance, the Five Continents Alliance was already having an impact on internal politics.
 The Ghiamut Empire had taken the lead in requesting cooperation in the fight against the Demon King's army, and politically strengthening the ban on countries that did not cooperate.

 The number two Prime Minister of the Beast Kingdom and the number three Minister of the Interior, who were in charge of internal affairs, could not overlook this situation.
 They hoped that Prince Zeu, a mild-mannered beast who was building a good relationship with the Giaomut Empire, would be able to break through the stagnation of the state.

"And you still didn't decide on Prince Zeu?

 If we're talking about it now, I don't think it's a surprise that Prince Zeu would be chosen.

"Yes. Temi said we shouldn't decide too quickly.

 Temi, the astrologer and advisor to the Beast King, is unsure if Prince Zeu is the right choice.

"Hmm? Has the result of the divination changed?

 It used to say that Prince Zeu was the best choice for Beast King.

"Yes. Well, I guess the correct word is that the fortune-telling didn't turn out the way it was supposed to.

 Temi's fortune-telling, which had been narrowed down to Prince Zeu and Shea, did not seem to result in Prince Zeu.
 But it didn't turn out to be Shea either.
 Temi said at the meeting to decide who would be the next Beast King that the succession to the throne had been scrapped.

 The Prime Minister said, "That's irresponsible! Didn't Lord Temi predict the trials? The Prime Minister shouted, "You are irresponsible!

 The undecided battle for the succession to the throne of the Beast King spread to the nobles living in the royal castle, and the nobles in their respective positions began to talk about who they would choose.

 And the opinion that the next King of Beasts should not be decided yet began to grow stronger.

(Temi's idea of a blank slate was becoming a reality.

 It was the Beast King who challenged this idea.  
 The Beast King did not change his opinion to give up the throne.

 He instructed his subjects that he would make a decision at noon today and unveil the next Beast King to the entire kingdom of Arbajar.
 He also announced that the next King of Beasts would be chosen today throughout the kingdom.

 The Beast King gathered all of his subjects into a meeting room in the morning, saying that they were not to leave until he had decided who would be the next Beast King.

 As the people of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom watched, a civil war broke out.

 The crown prince of Beku raised an army and attacked the royal castle.

The Beast King and his subjects were all gathered there. Maybe he was waiting for the right moment.

"The civil war in Bek was quelled, so does that mean it failed?

 The civil war is over, and there is enough time to inform General Lud, who is under Shea's command, about the situation.
 General Lud himself says that the civil war is over.

"No, they took the beast king's token. ......"


"What? What did the Beast Prince Bek steal?

 Allen remembered what he had heard before about the three pieces of equipment you get when you become the Beast King.
 Orichalcon knuckles and armor, and the Sacred Pearl of the Holy Bird Quattro.

 The golden orichalcon and the sacred pearl of the holy bird Quattro were both yellow, making it the perfect equipment for the Beast King.
 Allen thought that this would also be the equipment of Shea.

(It's like stealing a sacred weapon from Freya. (It's like stealing a divine weapon from Freya, though it's not as grand as a divine weapon.

 The Demon King's army attacked the temple of Freya, the god of fire, and stole the sacred artifacts, and used the evil gods to collect souls.

 The Prince Bek stole the symbol of the Beast King.

"Yes. We are now using a tracking team, but it seems that he foresaw this and has already escaped on a magic ship.

 It looks like he did it on the assumption that he would escape.

(Hmm. It's not like he's going to defeat the Beast King and become the Beast King himself. He's dealing with the Beast King. What should I do if I still can't give up?

 Allen thinks as if he were the crown prince of Bek.
 How can he become the Beast King himself without any vassals on his side?
 In the first place, the next Beast King has already been decided by Prince Zeu or Shea.

 There is no way to defeat the Beast King.
 The Beast King is powerful enough to defeat even the brave Helmius.
 It will be difficult to defeat the Beast King even if we gather all our troops together.

 So where do we go after we take the beast king's token?
 What would I have to do to become the Beast King?
 I wonder what I would do.

 Allen stares at General Lud's face.

"Do we have allies or something like that? Like the Ghiamut?"

I don't know if I can handle a private army. (I wonder if a private army would be able to handle it?) "Some of the Ten Kingdom Beasts would be in the castle, as well as the SS.

 I don't know how many private soldiers the Prince of Bek had, but the Beast King has a unit that reports directly to him called the Beast King's Guard.
 I don't know how many private troops Prince Bek had, but the Beast King had a unit called the Beast King's Guard.
 Some of the Ten Kingdom Beasts, such as General Hova, are also members of the Beast King's Guard, so even though it was a surprise attack, the castle must have been well protected.

 So, even though it was a surprise attack, the castle should have been well guarded. Who would have sided with the lone Bek Beast Prince who was struggling without allies?

"No, sir, we have received reports that many fishermen have been seen.

 "Actually, we have received reports that there were many fishermen under the command of Prince Bek, who raised an army.

"Fishermen? I've been negotiating with the Kingdom of Clevure for a long time.

 Shea, who had been negotiating with the Kingdom of Culebrew, was astonished.
 It's as if he's been betrayed.

(That's surprising. Is it because Culebure was connected to the crown prince of Bek behind the scenes that they refused in writing last time?

 Allen wondered if the Ghiamut Empire had been working behind the scenes to divide the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom, in order to bring up the Bekh Prince.

 However, it was the fishermen who were behind the Beku Prince.

 Speaking of fishermen, there's the Kingdom of Clevure.

 The Kingdom of Culebure, a nation of fishermen, has formally refused Allen and his friends' repeated requests to go to the Proustian Empire, in writing the other day.

 The Kingdom of Culebure has refused our repeated requests to go to the Proustian Empire.
 I asked Captain Lud if the Kingdom of Clevure was connected to the Beast Prince.

"We're checking with Culebjur right now, but he doesn't seem right either. Apparently, Culebure is confused as to what is going on. ......"

 He said that he had inquired to the Kingdom of Culebure about why the Arbajar Beast Kingdom had cooperated with Prince Bek's army.
 But the Kingdom of Culebure reacted by saying, "What are you talking about?
 The Kingdom of Culebrew responded by saying that there was no such thing and that they would check to see what had happened and would confirm any additional information.


(Krebs said he didn't know.) Well, assuming that's true, there's only one other country that could be involved.

 Allen thinks about who's behind all this.
 He knows of only one empire, the Empire of the Fishmen, that would have sent troops to help the Crown Prince of Bek, who had no allies.

"Mister Allen? No way!"

 Shea seemed to have come to the same conclusion.

"I think the Protean Empire is behind this."

 Allen's words caused everyone to gulp.
 We were thinking about how to get to the Prostia Empire, and it seems that they have some kind of cooperation with the Beast Prince Bek.

 Based on this assumption, Allen thought about his next move.