399-Episode 390 Refusal of Entry

 Allen and the others listened to General Lud and moved to Heavy User Island.
 When they arrived at the island, they sent the summoner of Bird A to the Kingdom of Culebure.

 We need to go to the Kingdom of Clevure now.
 This is because the shadow of the Proustian Empire was behind the Beku Dauphin.

 Since it is related to the Proustian Empire, I will have Peromus attend.
 Peromus has some business to attend to in the Proustian Empire for Fiona.
 When he asks her if she will come to the Kingdom of Crevelle, she immediately says yes.

 It's been months since I made my promise to Fiona, but nothing has started.
 He thought that if he went, he might be able to make some progress.

 Bird A's summoned beast would arrive at the royal capital of the Kingdom of Crevelle in a few hours with a speed that reached 35,000, including kingship and enhancements.

 Then, they built a nest and all of them moved together using Bird A's summoner's "homing instinct" awakening skill.
 A long time had passed since the civil disturbance we had heard about in the afternoon, and night had fallen.

 However, it seemed that the royal family of Clevure was willing to meet Allen and the others.
 I sent one of my men to wait for them, and we waited in the waiting room.

"Shea, if you're worried, you can go back, right?"

 Dogora spoke to Shea, who was looking into the distance and thinking.

"Hmm? It's Dogora. No problem. It's the duty of royalty. But thank you."

 Dogora called out to Shea in concern, but he said everything was fine.
 This time, the civil war took place at the royal castle in the capital of the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom, Shea's family's home.

 There would be many family members, relatives, and acquaintances there.
 A civil war has broken out, weapons have been wielded, and much blood has been spilled.
 Dogora said that they could leave this to him and go back to the kingdom of Al Bahar, but Shea said that he would stay here with them.

 She decided that it would make more sense to stay here and listen to what they had to say than to go to the Arbajar Beast Kingdom where the civil war had already been suppressed.

 Not long after that, I was called into a large conference room.

Oh? Is everyone allowed to come? If there were too many of us, I thought it would be just me, Shea and Peromus.

 Allen's party has gotten a lot bigger.
 There's also Luke here.
 Allen basically calls out to everyone who joins his party.
 When I invited him, he said, "I'll go! So I brought him.
 I don't know how much he knows about this situation, but it will all be an experience for the young Luke.

 However, it was my intention to meet the royal family in person at their convenience.
 Since the royal family seemed to be accommodating, the whole party would meet the royal family.

"Thank you for coming."

 The king of the fish nation of Crevelle himself greeted us.

"I apologize for the late hour. I need to confirm something urgently."

 When Allen greets her, she asks him to sit here, and he takes a seat around her.

(The queen and princess are here. (The queen and princess are there, too. They'll be treated as krebs.

 In front of Allen sits the King, with the Queen and Princess Karmin on either side of him.
 In front of him sits the King, flanked by the Queen and Princess Karmin.
 In the background are several knights who appear to be members of the Kingsguard.

 It seems that the entire kingdom of Krebbur will be present.

"Thank you for coming. I'm so sorry for your loss, Princess Shea.

"No, thank you for your quick response to the situation."

 The King sends his sympathies to Shea, who is sitting next to Allen.

"So, it seems that Bek, who started the civil war, had an ally. I heard that the fishermen were supporting him."

 As tea and snacks are served, Allen asks the purpose of their visit.
 It was late at night, so they didn't start talking and laughing as they had done the last time they had been in the pagan temple.

 And as Allen is sitting in the center of the room, he proceeds to talk.
 In the previous paganism, Shea did most of the talking, but this time he is the general of Allen's army.

"Hmm. This is the same answer I gave to the Arbajar Beast Kingdom, but the Kingdom of Culebuhl is not involved in this matter at all.

 The King made it clear that the Kingdom of Culebrew had nothing to do with this.

(Hmm. (Hmm... sounds like he's not lying for some reason.

 I look at the king, the queen, and the nobleman who looks like a vizier sitting with Princess Karmin, but he looks like he's not lying.

"So you're saying that the Proustian Empire is involved?"

 Allen is not a mind reader, but he will proceed on the assumption that this is true.

"...... is something we do not know.

 There were fishermen involved in the riots who had a run-in with the Beast King's SS, which included some of the Ten Kingdom Beasts, and who were guarding the Beast King and his castle.
 I asked him if it was not the Kingdom of Crevelle, then was it the Empire of Protea, but he said he didn't know.

(Well, I guess they didn't give accurate information to the vassal states.

 I've been researching this and that about the Proustian Empire, but there are so many things I don't know.
 What we do know is what they produce from trade.
 All we know is what they produce from trade and what they want from what they import.

"I see."

 The Kingdom of Culebure, which is even smaller than the Kingdom of Latash and a tributary of the Proustian Empire, may not have really heard anything about this matter.
 This kingdom of Culebure seems to have been created by the Proustian Empire in order to make a deal with a country on Earth.

 There may be no information to be obtained here.

"...... just..."


 The king speaks as if he has just thought of something.
 You may feel something like determination.

"...... I've heard that the military of the empire has been in turmoil lately. I'm not sure how much of that is true."

"Thank you."

(Oh, so the military is on the move. I'm grateful.

 What you just said means that the King of the Kingdom of Culebure has leaked information about the Empire of Prostia to the outside world.
 I look at the Queen and Princess Karmin slowly, but I sense a kind of determination.

 It seems that they did what a hero who saved his country could do.

(Which means, well, I'll have to go to the Proustian Empire anyway.

 Allen clearly understands that he has one more thing to do in the Proustian Empire.
 One is to go see the Holy Fish Makris to collect the Holy Pearl.
 This also involves fulfilling the promise that Peromus made to Fiona.

 The other is to go after the Prince of Bek, who has started a civil war, and stop him from doing whatever he wants.
 The Prince of Bek, who is trying to attack and destroy the human race, has escaped without becoming a beast king.
 The Prince of Bek, who is trying to attack and destroy the human race, has escaped after failing to become the Beast King.

 I don't know what's going on at the moment, but I can't just leave him there.

 I thought about it and spoke to Shea sitting beside me.

"Shea, if I get the Beast King's token back from Bek, doesn't that mean I'm already the Beast King?"

(In the end, it seems that either Shea or Mr. Zeu caused a ruckus in the middle of discussing who would become the Beast King.

 (After all, it seems that either Shea or Zew caused a ruckus during the discussion of who would be the Beast King.

 It has not yet been decided whether Zew or Shea will become the Beast King.
 The reason why there is a dispute is because both of them have passed the Beast King's test.
 This unprecedented situation has caused a split in the Beast Kingdom's royal castle.
 This situation has brought more challenges to the Beast Kingdom.
 The one who solves this problem will become the Beast King.

 This would give Shea a fair evaluation by all accounts.
 Allen will help, but that's part of the power of the Beast King.
 Shea has decided to join Allen in order to build an empire of beastmen.
 Being a king is not a matter of proving one's power.
 It is a matter of scheming by all means, sometimes being recognized and loved by the current Beast King, his subjects, and the people, and doing everything in one's power to take the throne, in Allen's opinion.

(Well, Mr. Zew may not have much time left to live.)

 Prince Zew is a very fearful wife, and Prince Zew's wife has no doubt that her husband will become the Beast King.
 If Prince Zeu does not become the Beast King, his life may end there.
 We'll have to think about that in another way.

"That's true, but that would require ......

 Shea agrees with Allen's idea.
 I don't think I'll ever be able to show more proof that I'm the next Beast King.
 There is only one thing that concerns me," Shea said, looking at the king with the words, "and that is.

"I'm sorry. I can't give you an entry pass.

 Then the king said clearly that he could not give an entry pass.
 Although sitting at the table, the king of a country bows his head.
 The queen, the princess, and his subjects do not stop him.

 It means that as the king of a country, I can never do that.

"Which entry card is that? I believe there are two types of entry passes, one issued by Krebbur and the other by the Empire of Prostia.

 There are two types of entry cards.
 There are two types of entry cards. The first type is the entry card for fishermen issued by the Kingdom of Culebure.
 This is sufficient for fishermen to enter the Protean Empire.

 The second type is an entry pass issued by the Empire of Prostir to non-fishmen.
 This entry pass allows non-fishermen to breathe in the Protean Empire at the bottom of the sea.
 It is an entry card with the blessing of Aqua, the god of water.

"Of course, it's a Prostia-issued entry card. It was clearly rejected."

 It seems that the King of the Kingdom of Culebure had contacted the Proustian Empire for Allen and his friends.

"The Crown Prince of Bek was allowed to enter?

"Well, as I said, it's not clear.

(Well, there's no point in blaming him. (Well, there's no proof that there's always a Bek in the Proustian Empire.

 I heard that he caused a civil war in the royal castle and escaped from the capital with the fishermen amidst the commotion.
 However, I'm still trying to find out if he entered the Protean Empire on that trip.

 If he did enter the Protean Empire, then the Protean Empire must have issued an entry pass to Prince Beku.
 We think it's best to work on the assumption that the Bekh Dauphin has entered the Proustian Empire.

"You're in trouble. If we can't get into the Proustian Empire, then ......"

 Sophie says she is troubled.

"No, well, we need to enter the Proustian Empire."

"Yes, but Master Allen, ......."

 What's impossible is impossible, Sophie thought.

"Your Majesty, can you issue me an entry pass issued by the Kingdom of Clevure?

"Of course you can, but ......"

(You said you could. Then let's have it issued.

 (You said you could. Then I'll get one.) Allen decides that the King of Culebure has given him his word that he can issue an entry pass.

 It was at this point that Allen's friends noticed something strange.
 They try to tell him that humans, elves, and beastmen can't operate in the Proustian Empire, but Allen looks like he has no problem with that.
 I wondered what his true intentions were.
 Allen seems to have some kind of secret plan in this situation.

"Allen, you have a way to operate in the Proustian Empire, don't you?"

 Cecil asks Allen on his behalf.
 Cecil asks Allen on behalf of the group, wondering if Allen, who has been doing a lot of testing and experiments, has a secret to solve this problem.

"There is. I have a feeling of déjà vu about this situation. I've been through this a lot in the past.

(I knew there were countries like this everywhere.)

 Allen was used to this situation.

 In the games of his previous life, it was almost always impossible to get where he wanted to go.
 Sometimes you had to have a key to get in, and sometimes you had to have a ship as a means of transportation.

 Allen believes that this pattern can be classified as "denial of entry".

 There were countries, villages, castles, etc. that refused to accept people because of their race.
 The story will not progress unless we enter the village of the human-hating elves.
 I even infiltrated the Demon Lord's castle to find out what he was up to.

 You can use the same method you used in that case this time.

"This will be the first time I show you. This time, we'll enter the country the hard way. Taco, use mimicry. Just me."

 I'll explain that I haven't explained it to everyone and demonstrate.

"Only mimic Master Allen.

 Tell Fish A's summoner to use the "Mimicry" awakening skill.


 The King, Queen, Princess Karmin, her subjects, and the knights of the Kingsguard are all surprised. A Fish A summoner in the form of a giant octopus emerges from the wall.
 It is 30 meters long, so only its face and part of its mouth can enter the room.

 The Fish A summoner blows a bubble from its tubular mouth.
 A large balloon-like bubble flies to Allen and hits him.


 As the bubble hit Allen, a sound effect that sounded like something a ninja would make when throwing a smoke ball rang out.
 It then covers Allen's body and disappears.

"Oh, Mr. Allen, Mr. Allen! What? Why are you like that?


 Sophie was taken aback, and despite the presence of the royal family in front of her, she slumped in her chair and stood up.

 There stood a fisherman with Allen's face on it.

(Hmm, so this is what a fisherman looks like.)

 Allen closed and opened his hand, which was now covered with wads of water between his fingers, to feel it.

"Hey! Allen, why are you turning into a fisherman?

 Cecil couldn't help but exclaim.
 Cecil also shouts out in surprise, "Allen, you've turned from a human into a fish!

"I'm sorry, I have two transformations left!

(I've always wanted to say that.)

 Allen feels as if he has achieved a great dream.

"What do you mean?

 Even Cecil couldn't seem to keep up with Allen's situation.

"Well, it looks like the Kingdom of Crevelle will be issuing us entry passes. Let's go to the Proustian Empire!"

 Allen pointed to the ocean far ahead, and said with confidence.