401-Episode 391 Ambassador (1)

 A civil war has broken out in the Beast Kingdom of Arbajar.
 The ringleader was Prince Bek, who was unlikely to become the Beast King.
 Although the civil war was suppressed, Prince Bek took away the Beast King's Certificate, which can be equipped when one becomes a Beast King, from the royal castle of the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom.
 It seems that the Proustian Empire is behind this.

 Allen and the others need to enter the Proustian Empire.
 This is to retrieve the stolen orichalcon knuckles, armor, and the Holy Pearl of Quattro, the proof of the Beast King.
 And to get the Holy Pearl of Makris that Peromus promised Fiona in order to be united with her.

 I need to enter the Proustian Empire at all costs, but they have strict restrictions on the entry of non-fishermen.
 In order for non-fishermen to enter, they need an entry pass issued by the Proustian Empire.
 With this entry card, you can receive the blessings of Aqua, the god of water, and breathe even if you are not a fisherman.

 The Kingdom of Culebure, a tributary of the Proustian Empire, can also issue an entry pass, but it does not have the blessings of Aqua, the god of water, and only fishermen can breathe and enter.

 In light of this situation, to the astonishment of the royal family of Culebure, his subjects, and the knights in his guard, Allen became a fisherman.

"Allen, can you change your race with that skill?

"Yes, it does. Behold this streamlined form."

 "Yes, it does." "Look at this streamlined form." Allen strikes a pose that almost sounds like a squeak, and shows everyone his fisherman form once again.

"Oh! It's so cool!

"That's right. That's right, it's cool."

 Merle's eyes light up, so he decides to change his pose even more.

"...... Oh, Allen. Don't stop being human. I don't know when I did that."

 Cecil says to Allen as he strikes a strange pose, disgusted by Allen's appearance.

 A while ago, Shea received an official written notice from the Kingdom of Clevure, stating that the entry pass issued by the Proustian Empire cannot be issued.
 This means that it is no longer possible to enter the Proustian Empire through the Kingdom of Clevure.

 It seems that Allen was looking for other ways.
 Allen's companions didn't ask him about it in detail, but I guess he presented the results of his search here.

(Okay, okay, maybe this is the best way.)

 Allen came up with a number of ways to enter the Proustian Empire.

 (Okay, okay, maybe this is the best way.) Allen came up with a number of ways to get into the Proustian Empire. It was natural that there were countries and regions that Allen could not enter because of his memories of his previous life.
 There were also places that he could only enter by means of ships or airships.
 Even if he had access to a means of transportation, some places would not allow him to enter if he was human.

 I thought about asking Commander Lappa to develop a magic tool that could breathe underwater.
 However, when I heard about the finished product, I thought it would look like a space suit.
 That would be suspicious to the fishermen and would interfere with their activities.

 The next thing I thought of was "mimicry," a special skill of Fish A's summoner.
 With this, he can mimic a magical beast that can operate underwater, such as a sea dragon, and operate on the ocean floor.

 We will continue to examine whether this is all there is to the performance of mimicry.

 Performance of Mimicry

Can mimic a hexenbiest of A rank or lower within a radius of 1 kilometer.
The target of the mimicry can be narrowed down to Allen personally.
The target of the mimicry can be any hexenbiest that you have ever seen before.
The effect lasts 24 hours.
The mimicked hexenbiest's skills and status can be inherited.
When you mimic a hexenbiest, you will not be able to use your original skills and extra skills.

 When you mimic a hexenbiest, you will not be able to use the skills and extra skills you had when you were a human.
 Allen can also turn the 5,000 men in Allen's army into white dragons.

(If it weren't for this, I wouldn't have wanted to become a fisherman.

 There was no need for him to change his race as he proceeded to analyze the A-ranked summonses.
 But now I needed to breathe underwater to enter the Protean Empire at the bottom of the sea.
 I thought that if I became a fisherman, I would be able to breathe at the bottom of the ocean, so I tried changing my race by mimicry, and I was able to change into a fisherman as a matter of course.

 In addition to the fishermen I've met so far, you can also become a beast, an elf, a dark elf, or a demon.
 As for the demons, you can turn into three of them, including Glaster, who fought during the invasion of the Demon King's army in Rosenheim.

 They could not become High Elves or High Dark Elves.
 This led to a new hypothesis that the spirit gods or spirit kings might be giving them blessings to change their race.

 In addition, for some reason, the summoning skill cannot be used when mimicking a demon.
 I don't know if this is the same as that of magical beasts, but it seems to be a restriction unlike that of other races such as fishermen.

"How long does it take to get an entry pass?

(As soon as possible, please.)

 The King of the Kingdom of Crevelle said he would issue the entry pass.
 The King of Culebraur said he would issue the entry pass. He looked at me and said, "You won't go back on your promise just because you became a fisherman.

"Yes. I'll have it arranged right away."

 The King of the Kingdom of Crevelle, who is reeling from the news, seems to be issuing me an entry pass as I said.

(You'll get it for me? Then I want one too.

 There were a number of ways to get into the Proustian Empire.
 There were many ways to enter the Proustian Empire, but the only way to get in was to do it the right way.

 I found out that I could become a fisherman, but I don't think it would be easy for me to enter a place I've never been before.

"Thank you, sir.



"......, is there anything more?"

 Allen stared at the king.
 It was quite rude of the king, even though he was a member of the Proustian Empire, but it was nothing compared to what he was about to ask.

"Actually, I have one more request.

 "Actually, I have one more favor to ask of you.

"You are a hero who saved the people from the infidels. If there is anything we can do to help you, please contact ........ What do you want?"

(Oh? I did it!

 Allen has saved more than a million of the people of Culebule from being attacked by the infidels.
 He's already given us the Holy Pearl of Makris as a thank you, but he still feels indebted to us and says he'll do what he can.

"Then let us enter the Proustian Empire in the capacity of ambassadors of Krebbur.

"Ambassador or ......."

 With these words, Shea understood everything that Allen was doing.
 She wondered why the king insisted on entering from the Kingdom of Culebure when he could become a fisherman.
 Yes, the entry pass is important, but that's not the only reason.
 The ambassador's words made it all make sense.

"You're going to the Protean Empire as an envoy from the House of Clevure, aren't you, Master Allen?

"Yes, I am. Sophie.

"I don't know how you can think so badly.

Don't listen to her. Cecil. And that's not all I'm asking.

 Sophie seemed to understand what Allen was trying to do.

 The crown prince of Bek was connected to the Protean Empire.
 If he was the crown prince of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom, then the Protean Empire would be involved with people of the right standing.
 In such a situation, would he be able to conduct a sufficient investigation with only an entry pass from the Kingdom of Clevure?

 Cecil was even more dumbfounded by the idea that even though he was a member of the Protean Empire, he could still perform appropriate activities as an ambassador.

"I'd like you to be an ambassador with special powers, too."


"Huh? A special mission?

 The king was convinced of Allen's reason for asking for an ambassador, given the circumstances.
 As I was thinking about it, Allen made a further request.

"Oh, Father!"

 The king was so astonished that he stood up, and his chair was blown backwards by the force of his reaction.
 Princess Karmin couldn't help but shout as the king suddenly stood up.

"Is it impossible? I don't intend to cause any trouble to the Kingdom of Crevelle, so please do.

 Allen tried to calm him down and persuade the king.
 The king is trying to calm himself down by holding the chest part of his gorgeous costume with one hand.

 This Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary is the most senior diplomatic position in the world.
 It is a position equal to that of a head of state.
 The King asked me to join the Protean Empire in the same capacity as the King of the Kingdom of Clevure.

 The King thinks desperately about Allen.
 Using a bee-like summoner the size of a giant dragon, he wiped out hundreds of thousands of demons and magical beasts.
 He had fought the Beast King in front of representatives of a hundred nations, and had rendered the arena useless.

 If Allen does something rude to the Proustian Empire, it will be a problem for the Kingdom of Clevure.


 The King is not a mere ambassador, so he cannot answer immediately.

"There seems to be a shadow of unrest in the Protean Empire. If anything should happen, my army will do everything in our power to protect you."

 This incident signified a declaration of war by the Protean Empire against the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.
 They sent their army to interfere with the selection of the head of state, the Beast King.
 And they stole the precious beast king's certificate.

 If it was a disturbing movement within the Proustian Empire, we could just deal with it, but if it was a national movement, we could not overlook it.

 If it is a national movement, it should not be overlooked. It is important because it could lead to an all-out war between the undersea nations and the continental nations.
 The opponent of this all-out war is, of course, the Kingdom of Arbajar.

 The king recalled the news that came from the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom a few hours ago via a communication device.
 It is true that the person who received the message said that the person who contacted him from the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom was furious.
 The first thing that comes to mind when I learn that the fishermen are cooperating is the Kingdom of Crevelle.
 The only fish nation on Earth is the Kingdom of Culebure.

 The Kingdom of Arbajal is currently in hot pursuit of those who have bloodied its castle and tainted the succession to the Beast Throne.
 It was reported that the rage of the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom was so strong that they were willing to kill all the miscreants who ransacked the castle.

 He said that he would not know until he went to the Protean Empire, but no matter what the outcome, he would take responsibility for protecting the Kingdom of Crevelle.

"You're the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, aren't you?


 The King asked again, hoping that it would change, but what Allen wanted did not change.
 He swallowed his spit and thought hard about what the King of Creville should do.

"I'm sure you'll be fine with ....... I'd like to go to the Proustian Empire too.

"What? It's Karmin!

 And then Princess Karmin interrupted the conversation between Allen and the king and opened her mouth.