402-Episode 392 Ambassador (2)

 As the King was wondering whether or not Allen should be made Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Princess Karmin spoke up.

"Isn't that a good idea? Father."

(Oh? You're defending me?


"I'm going to the Empire of Prostair as a princess. Under these circumstances, the future of Creville is in jeopardy. We, the royal family, are responsible for the infestation of the infidels and the loss of confidence in the Empire.

 Princess Karmin spoke of the future of the Kingdom of Culebure.

 The fishermen had always believed in Aqua, the god of water.
 This has never changed, whether it be in the Proustian Empire or the Kingdom of Clevure.

 However, as if in opposition to the Empire's rule, the number of pagan believers, those who do not believe in Aqua, the God of Water, began to increase.

 As a result, they are now under the scrutiny of the Proustian Empire.
 It has been more than a year since the last time the royal family of Krebbur set foot in the royal palace of the Empire.
 It is not good to continue to lose the confidence of the Empire.
 A vassal state has its own position to secure, Princess Karmin said.

"That's true, isn't it?

(Hmm... It's good that Princess Karmin is coming. We can completely disguise ourselves.

 If Allen and the others, who don't have any common sense in the Proustian Empire, infiltrate the Empire as ambassadors, it will be unnatural for them to work in the Empire.
 Even so, they tried to make it work by saying all the right things.
 Even if it was a little unnatural or forced, as long as he could get the proof of the Beast King back from Bek, it didn't matter what happened after that.
 However, it is true that it would be helpful if Princess Karmin were to come.

"And besides, the conversation with Lady Dresskalay has been stopped.

"Lady Dresskalay?


 Allen puts on a face that says, "I don't know what you're talking about.

"I'm sorry. Master Aren."

 Princess Karmin then spoke about the Kingdom of Clevure and her situation.

 The Kingdom of Clevure, a vassal state, has been accepting royalty and nobility from the Proustian Empire as its next king or queen.
 This time, there was talk of accepting a man named Duke Drescaley as the husband of Princess Karmin and the next king of the Kingdom of Culebure, but the talk has not progressed due to paganism.
 If the matter is left unresolved, the marriage may be canceled, which would be bad for the Kingdom of Clevure.

 He says that he needs to go to the Proustian Empire to greet the Duke of Dresskalay.
 He suggested that Allen and the others enter the country with him as his escort and delegation.

(Two birds with one stone, I guess.)

 Allen, who wants to join the Proustian Empire, and Princess Karmin, who is concerned about the future of the Kingdom of Crevelle, have the same goal.

"It's true, isn't it? Is this also the duty of the royal family? Knight Commander Ivanum. Would you be willing to escort me?"

"As you command."

"Mm-hmm. Please."

 The king accepted Princess Karmin's persuasion.
 The king accepted Princess Karmin's persuasion to let her go to the Empire of Prostia because the story made sense.
 At that time, the Knight Commander of the Kingsguard, Ivanum, who was standing behind the royal family, will also be escorting her.

(Oh, that's a valuable old man slot.)

 This time, Allen's party will be joining the Proustian Empire, and the average age of the party will be quite low.
 (Oh, this is a valuable old man's slot.) Allen's party will be entering the Proustian Empire, and the average age will be quite low.
 In addition, I'm going to ask about the customs and rules of the Proustian Empire on the way.

 The King of the Kingdom of Crevelle agreed, though he seemed to be letting things flow a bit.
 Thus, Allen and his party were to change into fishermen and go to greet the future king as ambassadors, and Princess Karmin as a princess of a vassal state.

 Five days later, they were ready to leave.
 It took longer than expected, but considering the fact that they had to inform the other side that they were going to the Proustian Empire and prepare their cargo, I guess they were able to do it at a rapid pace.

(Hmmm...) Anyway, this is the ship for the Proustian Empire. (It's quite large, but the shape is normal.)

 Allen sees a huge ship bordering the harbor.
 From now on, this ship will be heading for the Protean Empire at the bottom of the sea, and it looks like a normal ship, although it is large.
 However, the large oars protruding from the outside are much higher than the surface of the water, probably to allow the ship to move through the water when it dives.

 The cargo the ship is carrying is for the Kingdom of Clevure, a vassal state, to deliver to the Proustian Empire.
 The Kingdom of Culebure sells the ores and precious metals of the Proustian Empire to the rest of the world because the Proustian Empire limits its trade to the Kingdom of Culebure.

 And with the profits generated, the Kingdom of Culebure has been buying what the Proustian Empire needs and paying it along with tribute several times a year.
 That's a whole shipload of goods at once.

The King of Culebure is very close to the port. The King of Culebure must have fled inland instead of to the port.

 As I look at the ship, I notice something.
 The kingdom of Culebure, a fisher nation, has its royal capital just outside a large port city, probably for trading with the Proustian Empire.

 With the followers of the evil gods turning into evildoers and attacking the people, it might have been safer for the royal princes and nobles to flee to the sea rather than the distant fortress if they were so close.
 However, most of the people in the royal capital could not make it onto the ships docked at the shore, so they could not be evacuated to the sea without ships.
 The sea is filled with magical beasts of the marine type, and if they attacked the evacuees, they would not be able to escape to the surface and would become prey.
 The royal family acted as shinigami and continued to flee inland toward the fortress with over a million people.
 In the midst of this, Allen and the beastman troops led by Shea met up with each other.

(Mr. Zeu and Shea's divination? I wonder if this is the work of the god of divination, or the god of fate.

 In the midst of all this, Allen sometimes considers the results of the astrologer Temi's divination.
 If he hadn't told Prince Zeu that he would become the King of Beasts, he wouldn't have gone to the S-class dungeon.
 I told Shea, "Give me a trial on the continent where the Allies are.
 If Zew's ordeal had not been accomplished, Shea would not have traveled to the Kingdom of Crevelle.
 That may mean that Allen never met Shea.
 As a result of Temi's divination of both the Beast Prince Zew and Shea, Shea is working with Allen as his companion.

 Allen thinks that he may be dancing a very elaborate quest in the hands of the God of Fate, one of the gods in this world.

"It looks like we'll be leaving soon."

 As Allen pondered the decision of the royal house of Culebure and Temi's divination, he was spoken to by Shea in the form of a fisherman.

"You're leaving already? Shea, is the Beast Kingdom going to be okay?

"Yes, it's fine. General Rudo is taking care of it.

 We discussed some things over the next five days, and I had him check on the situation in Al Bahar Beast Kingdom.

 General Lud, who was also a member of the Beast King's SS, was checking on the situation in the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom.
 Both the capital and the royal castle have regained their composure, but the beastmen, who are often short-tempered and belligerent, are in hot pursuit of Bek.

 As for Bek, three days after the civil war, he lost his right to the throne and the title of crown prince in a formal ceremony, although he was not present.

 We have also learned something about Bek's footsteps after he fled from the royal castle.
 I have interviewed the inhabitants of the eastern coastline of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom, and found that a large ship had been anchored a short distance from the shore for many days.
 The day the civil war broke out, the huge ship suddenly disappeared, according to Shea.

"So, has there been any talk of retaliation against Krevia or Prostia?

"There is talk of such a thing.

 "There are some disturbing voices saying that we need the blood of the fishermen to cleanse the blood that has been spilled.
 It seems that the Kingdom of Culebure and the Empire of Ploestia are both treated the same by the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.
 Besides, even if you tell them you're innocent, it's hard to prove that Culebrew wasn't involved.

 Every country's military has a lot of blood on its hands, Allen thought.
 At the moment, there seems to be a lot of discussion going on in the royal castle, although there are some disagreements.

"If it becomes a full-fledged war, we'll have to consider withdrawing from the Five Continents Alliance.

"So there are many cautious people. So there are a lot of people who are cautious, and I don't think it's going to be an immediate decision.

 Now that it has become public knowledge that Prince Zeu and the Ten Kingdoms have joined the war against Rosenheim and the Central Continent.
 The nations of the Alliance believe that the Albaharl Beast Kingdom is serious about waging a war against the Demon Lord's army, which has so far been uncooperative.

 In such a situation, if the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom were to attack the Kingdom of Crevelle, a member nation and this year the leader of the Alliance, the story would change drastically.
 The world may move to the dismantling of the Five Continents Alliance.

(Hmm... Is this an attempt to disrupt the Alliance of Five Continents? I'll have to ask the Queen of Rosenheim to persuade her.

 One possibility crosses my mind.
 I don't know why Bek stole the Beast King's token, so I have to consider several possibilities.

"I'll tell the Queen of Rosenheim to speak to the Beast Kingdom. I'll tell General Rood to keep an eye on the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom.

"Right. Mmm, they're getting in.

 After the cargo was moved, the fishermen climbed the stairs provided on the ship and boarded.
 The ship is about to set sail.

"Well, good luck. I'll do my best as a suicide captain."

 Then Crenna said goodbye with an enthusiastic, "Hmm.

"Oh, please. Lead Allen's army. And Dogora."

"Yeah, I'm on it."

"Yeah, I'm on it.

 Then he looks at Dogora.
 Dogora nodded her head, saying she understood.

 This time, Allen's party was divided into two teams.

 Team Prostia consists of Allen as the team leader, Cecil, Sophie, Formar, Shea, Luke, and Peromus.
 Team Aren's army consisted of Kiel as the team leader, and Crenna, Dogora, Merle, and Merus as well as one body.

 The reason I split the team up is because I want Team Kiel to see what Team Allen is all about.
 All of Allen's army has already changed jobs.

"Dogora, you'll be level 96 soon. Make sure you get them to level 96."

"I know."

 And the fact that Dogora is not yet at full level is one of the reasons for keeping her.
 I want Dogora to be hunting Iron Golems, because Dogora's status in Extra Mode is much higher.
 I don't know how many levels he has, but he has surpassed Allen's level and continues to do so.

 As for Team Prosteer, I decided to take someone who is good at that kind of thing, because I need to be able to make a move.

 Each member has a role to play.

 While Allen was talking to her, Shea went to Dogora.

"You need to eat everything you can."

 In her usual tone of voice, she seemed to be concerned about Dogora.

"Yes, I know."

 Dogora says she understands, but she doesn't show her usual annoyance.

 He says he's ready, and the fishermen of Team Prosteer get into the boat.
 And so it was that Allen and his team boarded the ship and headed for the Prosthean Empire.