403-Episode 393 Prostia Empire

 Already transformed into fishermen, Allen and the others climbed up the stairs extending from the ship and boarded the huge ship.

 Krena and the others, who had been watching them, moved to the S-class dungeon by Merus' transfer after Allen and the others disappeared from sight.

"The inside of the ship is pretty normal.

 After being led to a reasonably luxurious room, Allen sat down at a table and looked around.
 The outside of the ship feels normal, as does the inside of the ship.

"Holy shit! Is this thing really going to sink?

"Yeah, it looks like it."

 While Clena and Merle, who are usually in high tension, are not here, Luke, who is in high tension, is pressing his face against a rather thick window in the wall.
 It's made of a kind of transparent glass, so you can see out clearly.

(Hmm. I wonder if this is when they walk around the ship.

 Allen has been on a magic ship before, but this is the first time he's been on a huge ship floating on the sea like this.

 In his previous life, he had been on a ship before he went to another continent or started his first adventure.
 In those cases, I think I was walking around the ship for the events.

 While Allen and his friends were looking around the luxurious cabin, Shea was looking through the window at the place where they had been separated from Dogora and the others.

"I'm sure they'll do fine.

 Cecil followed her up.

"Yes, they will. If Dogora is there, it won't be a problem."

 Shea said it would not be a problem if Dogora was there.

 The reason why we divided the team was to strengthen Allen's army at the same time.

 It had been almost half a year since the formation of Allen's army, and they had been giving priority to changing jobs and conquering Class A dungeons.
 All the job changes have been completed, and we have already begun training a mixed group of beastmen, elves, and dark elves for combat.
 I'm also trying to raise my skill level, but it's not efficient to do that for months.

 Now that my skill level has risen from 1, I'll start hunting Iron Golems.
 Kiel is the team leader, and we're trying to strengthen Allen's army, but that's not the only reason we split up the party.

 There was a movement in the central continent, centered on the Ghiamut Empire.
 They have begun to form an army of 1,000 men, led by the brave Hermios.
 It seems that Doberg, the Sword Saint who conquered the S-class dungeon with Aren, is also participating.

 The name of this army is "The Brave Army".
 I heard that it was named by the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire, and it seems that he wants the army to be a symbol of hope for the world against the Demon King's army.

 It's been almost half a year since the dungeons started.
 He seems to have referred to the activities of Allen's army, but instead of letting the talented soldiers change jobs at will, he seems to be controlling them.

 The order of priority is set, and the army is made up mainly of the brave Helmios and former 3-star talents, and they are made to change jobs.
 However, as with Allen's army, it seems that the majority of the army is made up of former 2-star talents.

 The selection of the composition of the army, job changes, and the strengthening of the army are progressing smoothly.
 Apparently, what Allen did at the conference of the Alliance of the Five Continents was a great stimulus.

 Not only Allen, but Dogora's name is slowly spreading around the world, as he once made the Beast King fall to his knees in a head-on collision with the Beast King who slaughtered the brave Hermios.

 Allen is providing information to Helmios about the activities of Allen's army.
 He generously provides information on the characteristics of the dungeons for transfer and on how to hunt A-ranked magical beasts and demons when working with the army.

 The goal is to fight and defeat the Demon Lord's army.

 The information is provided free of charge, and the final decision is left to Helmios and the Ghiamut Empire.
 As for Allen, he hopes that his training and activities will result in as few casualties as possible in the fight against the Demon King's army.

 Apart from that, he also helped the Knight Commander Zenov and the Deputy Knight Commander Raybrand, who serve Viscount Granvel, to change jobs.
 Status and equipment are the things that matter when something goes wrong.
 I have also provided them with weapons and armor made of adamantite, which should have strengthened them considerably.

 A little while after the information was provided, Allen received a call from Helmios.

 He wanted to conduct a joint training.
 I agreed to do so, as long as it would help strengthen the troops fighting the Demon Lord's army.
 The war against the Demon Lord ended in April, but we don't know when it will resume again.
 Allen agrees with me that now is the time to strengthen the troops for the Demon Lord's army.

 In a little while, 1,000 brave soldiers who have changed jobs will arrive at the S-class dungeon.
 I've heard that the brave army will start with 1,000, but will grow several times in size.
 The emperor of the Ghiamut Empire, who was greatly inspired by Allen, seems to be betting the future of the empire on this army with all his might.

 The joint training would require more than just generals such as the elven General Lukidraal and the beastman General Lud.
 Allen will be going to the Protean Empire, but his friends better be there.

 The heroic army will see the true nature of Dogora through this exercise.
 They will see that he was not at his best when he fought the Beast King.
 Allen thinks that if the fear of Dogora is born, it will lead to the belief in Freya, the god of fire.

 Because of these circumstances, Shea was not opposed to the idea of separating from Dogora.
 Shea seems to have decided to let Dogora take charge of Allen's army.

(Well, Kiel was the team leader.)

 Just because Dogora is level 95 in extra mode doesn't make her the leader.
 He's the right person for the right job, and Kiel is a better team leader than Dogora.

(Now, there's no point in ransacking a room with no pots or chests.

 Allen thinks that it is good manners to have a pot and a chest of drawers in a room where travelers come.

"We'll be leaving soon. In the meantime, let's talk about the future."

"Yes, let's!"

 Luke, who had his face to the window, said he understood and took a seat.
 The rest of the group sits down around Allen at the table.

"So, Shea. You're sure there's no sign of Bek for now?

"Yes. I guess we'll see, but so far he's been quiet. That's also why the Beast Kingdom is stuck in a situation like this.

 Allen asked Shea to tell him more about what General Lud had told her.
 Shea didn't seem to mind Allen calling Bek out.

"Well... Does the fact that we're stuck mean that you foresee the Proustian Empire raising an army?"

 It seems that Bek's movements have something to do with the fact that the Arbajar Beast Kingdom has not moved.

"That's why the Al-Bahrain kingdom is so quiet. That's why the Arbajar is so quiet."

(I see. That's the reason why the beastmen haven't made a move.

 Bek, who started the civil war with the help of the fishermen, has been hiding and keeping quiet for the past five days.
 There also seems to be a reason why the Arbajar Beast Kingdom has not attacked the Kingdom of Culebure and has stayed put.
 They may be considering the possibility that if they attack the Kingdom of Culebure, the Proustian Empire will take advantage of the opportunity and attack them.

 The Arbajar Beast Kingdom is expecting Bek to attack them.
 This is because they were the first to play down the possibility of Bek becoming the Beast King in the battle for the succession to the Beast Throne.
 The stalemate seems to be caused by the uncertainty of what Bek will do next.

 The Arbajar Beast Kingdom had never expected to attack the Proustian Empire located on the ocean floor.
 Since there are no means of attacking the Proustian Empire at the moment, the mainstream opinion is that it would be more effective to intercept them for now.

"So you're saying that the Arbahar Beast Kingdom will not move for the time being?

"That depends on Bek.

"But, Allen. It's not just the Proustian Empire that's under the sea, right?

 Cecil joins the conversation between Allen and Shea.

"Well, it seems that the Proustian Empire is in control, but that depends on what we find out.

 So far, Allen and the others have confirmed some things with the royal family of Culebure.

 The Proustian Empire is a large empire located at the bottom of the sea.
 It has a vast territory that borders the seabed of each of the three continents: the continent where the Allies are located, the continent where the Arbajar Beast Kingdom is located, and the central continent.

 Because the Proustian Empire is an empire, there are regions adjacent to the empire that can be called provinces under the control of the empire.
 And it seems that there is not only the Kingdom of Culebule on the surface, but also a vassal state of the Proustian Empire on the ocean floor.

 Cecil said that there might be a possibility that the vassal states and provinces are running amok.

 Allen shares with his friends the idea that they must investigate this and other issues.

"Soon, the ship will begin diving for the imperial capital of the Proustian Empire, Atlanta.

 As Allen and the others were discussing what to do, an announcement was made to the ship through the magic tool that the ship was going to start diving.

 The huge ship that had finished packing its cargo began to dive.
 The view from the window is slowly descending, and Luke's tension is getting higher and higher.

 Luke has been studying and conquering dungeons in the city of S-class dungeons, and his body shows that he was bored.

"Is he really going to be okay?

"Didn't we test that you can breathe in water?"

 Seawater poured in through holes in the wall.
 Allen and the others in the form of fishermen have already confirmed that they can breathe underwater without any problems.

 Still, the visual of the seawater filling the room makes them feel uneasy.
 Note that even in this world, rivers and lakes are basically freshwater, and the ocean is seawater with a certain level of salinity.
 Such seawater has already filled her chest.

"Master Allen says it's okay."

 Sophie also tells Cecil that there is no problem.
 Sophie, who was in the form of a fisherman holding a shrimp, was also worried, but she told herself that there was no problem.
 The room is filled with seawater, but everyone seems to be okay.

"Haha. There's never a dull moment with you, Allen.

"I'm glad to hear that. Master Rosen seems to be doing all right.

"I don't breathe by nature.

 Allen's friends are in a room filled with seawater, and they feel that they can breathe.
 In the meantime, Allen checks to see if there are any problems with Rosen, the spirit god who has been transformed into a shrimp using the "mimicry" technique of the Fish A summoner.

 Sophie and Luke are heading to the Proustian Empire together, so both Rosen the Spirit God and Fable the Spirit King are accompanying them.

 It seems that neither the Spirit God nor the Spirit King need to breathe or eat in the first place, but there are no creatures on the ocean floor that look like momonga or weasels.

 Using mimicry, the spirit god Rosen was transformed into a shrimp and the spirit king Fabre into a crab.

 Fishermen have two small holes in their necks through which they can take in oxygen from the water.
 This allows them to breathe both on land and in the water.

(Hmm, it's true what they say about filling the ship with seawater. Living underwater for the time being.

 Allen and his friends don't seem to have a problem with the inside of a room that's completely filled with seawater.
 It seems that filling the ship with seawater is also a law of the Proustian Empire.
 It seems to be a measure to prevent non-fishermen from entering the empire without permission.

"It's getting pretty dark out.

"No sunlight."

 The huge ship continues to flood as it moves away from the shore.
 The light outside the window is getting weaker and weaker, and then it's pitch black.

(Wasn't daylight only able to reach the water up to a depth of 100 or 200 meters?

 I heard that the Imperial Capital of the Proustian Empire, Atlanta, is located in the deep sea, where daylight cannot reach.

 After a while in the pitch-black water, the light outside the window began to brighten again.

"Oh? What the hell!

 Luke looks out the window as light pours down to fill the room.
 There was a plant on the ocean floor shining brightly.

"So this is a crystal flower. It's so beautiful!

"It's true. It's so beautiful.

 Luke and Sophie are impressed by the scenery outside.
 Allen thinks that elves and dark elves get along well at times like this.

(Do coral-like plants in this world glow?)

 When Allen heard that the Empire of Prostir existed in the deep sea, he thought that they lived in a very dark place.

 However, when he talked to the royal family of Culebure, he was told that this was not the case and that the ocean floor was covered with light.
 Plants with glassy petals that emit a dazzling light are widely distributed all over the seabed.

 Around these petals, fish swim in schools as if dancing.
 The Proustian Empire, which I finally entered, was a very fantastic world.