404-Episode 394 Teito Patranta

 A few days had passed since the ship carrying Allen and his friends had begun to sail about ten meters below the ocean floor.
 During that time, Allen had stayed on the ship instead of transferring back to the surface.

"Luke, what are you doing this morning? Is this fun?"

 Allen's friends had gotten used to the water.
 When Cecil woke up in the morning and went into the room where they were spending time together, he found Luke playing in the room.

"Yeah, do you want to try it, Cecil?

"Sure. It's almost time for dinner."

 Luke was swimming around the room near the ceiling, which was quite wide, while showing his back to Cecil and the others.
 He seems to be enjoying the feeling of floating, like weightlessness.

 Cecil tells Luke to come down when it's time for breakfast.

 At first it was a beautiful and fantastic underwater scenery, but now no one looks at it.
 No matter how beautiful the scenery is, if you keep looking at it, you'll get bored, Allen thought, as he got bored very quickly.

(Well, I'll get to summon level 9 this month.)

 Allen and his friends are in a huge ship that will be diving for days.
 In the meantime, he and the rest of Team Kiel didn't hunt down the bottom bosses, Gordino and Iron Golem.

 Using Bird A's Summoner's Awakening Skill, "Homing Instinct," Allen and his teammates can travel to the Class S dungeon from inside the ship.

 However, they had already extracted a number of valuable items from the bottom level boss, Gordino.
 Allen thought that his priority now should be to raise his summoning level.

 He thought that he and Merus would be able to raise their summoning level to 9 by the end of this year in December, but he had to go to the Proustian Empire.
 He thought that he would concentrate on the road and raise his summoning level as soon as possible.

 The Peromus Abandoned Trading Company has just started purchasing magic stones from all over the world.
 The weapons, armor, magic tools, and other valuable items that Allen and his friends have acquired by hunting down Iron Golems will not only be used to pay for the living expenses of Allen's army and the residents of Heavy User Island.
 Collecting magic stones from all over the world will give you the skill experience to raise Allen's summoning level.

 Merus is constantly creating magic seeds and sending them into storage.
 Lately, Merus has been staring into the distance.

"Everyone is here. Breakfast is served.

 The servants of the Kingdom of Clevure are bringing breakfast.


 A loaf of bread, which had begun to blister, swayed on the plate as it was brought to the servants.

 Luke replies cheerfully and takes his seat.
 They all gathered around and began to eat the breakfast that had been brought to them.

"Allen. Happy birthday. We'll have to celebrate tonight."

"Hmm? Yeah, thanks."

 While we were having breakfast, Cecil wished me a happy birthday.
 Today is October 1st, and Allen has turned 16.

"Well, of course. Congratulations, Mr. Allen."

 Sophie, as if she remembered, followed Cecil and sent her congratulations.
 Since High Elves live for more than a thousand years, they are less aware of "birthdays" than the human race.

"Hmm? How old are you now, Allen?"


"Oh! Sixteen! Congratulations!

 Luke joins in the conversation.
 They are eating and talking so fast that their food is spreading all over the water.

 It is said that the etiquette of underwater dining is to eat quietly because the water gets contaminated.
 Underwater, even things that do not diffuse in the air will diffuse.
 That's why they don't serve food like soup.
 In order not to pollute the water, a solid meal is served.

 There is a small water purification device in the room, similar to an air cleaner.
 It is said that this magic tool cleans the dirt in the water that comes out when you live.
 It is said to be a necessity in the world of fishermen.

 This is the reason why a large water purification charm was installed in the town of Coulee, where the fishermen who moved to Heavy User Island live.

 When the water is dirty, it becomes unsanitary and infectious diseases may occur.
 The water is very precious in the world of fishermen, and they buy it from the Baucis Empire.
 It is said that the Kingdom of Krebbur exists as a contact point for transactions, as it is necessary to buy foreign currency and magical tools for this purpose.

 In addition, when you become a fisherman, you don't mind getting dirty in the water as much as you did when you were a human.
 This may also be a characteristic of fishermen.

"Hmm? What's wrong?"

 Shea noticed the change in Allen's expression.
 Shea noticed the change in Allen's expression.

"No, I see. Sixteen. In my world, when you turn 16, your mother wakes you up and takes you to the castle. I thought, "I've become one of those 16-year-olds."

"Huh? To the castle at sixteen?

 Allen, who doesn't talk about his past life much, talked about his past life.
 And it was quite an outlandish story.

 Shea had heard that Allen had come from another world.
 She also understands that Elmea, the creator god, called him with her power to defeat the demon king.

 In this world, there were no transplants or reincarnations from other worlds, and there were no anecdotes.
 Allen also looked up some biographies of heroes in the school's library, but he could not find anything that would make him think of someone who had reincarnated from another world.

 It was a far-fetched story, but Shea had seen enough to believe it.
 That is, the conversation between Allen and the higher demon, Cubel, on the floating island where they went to defeat the guru of the evil gods.

 A situation where such a conversation could take place, and a battle with Gushala, the guru of the evil gods.

 So is the battle against the Beast King.
 The development of the heavy user island with a clear purpose and the acceptance of the residents.
 The strengthening of Allen's army has a clear purpose, and the joint exercises with the heroic army are all for the defeat of the Demon King.

 Shea is very curious as to what he was called to the castle for.

"In my world, when you turn 16, you get an allowance from the king to go slay the Demon King and you're sent out of the city of your birth. Yeah, not for everyone. My father was a hero."

 Shea, of course, was pressed to tell the rest of the story as all eyes were on her.
 I think it's a very Helmodic setting when I say it out loud.

"Oh, aren't you from a family of heroes? I heard that you defeated the Demon King!"

 Allen has been telling Shea and everyone else that there is no Demon Lord that he couldn't defeat.
 I'm only half joking, but I also want you to know that there is no such thing as a Demon Lord that cannot be defeated.

"Oh, I'm kidding, I'm kidding."

"What do you mean? There's nothing to hide. It's something to be proud of, even if it's not about this world.

 Shea tells you to be proud.

Shea tells me to be proud.

 Allen was reminded of his father in his previous life.
 He was just as grateful to his father, who had worked so hard to keep him from playing games, as he was to Rodin in this life.
 Although I came to this world at the age of 35, I still hope that my father will spend a quiet old age.

 I was going to say this in jest, but it turned out to be more passionate than I expected.

"...... Your father was a hero too, wasn't he?

 Cecil felt like he understood why Allen was so grateful to his father, Rodin.
 As Cecil has grown older, he has come to understand some of Allen's actions.
 Allen has always been very protective of his family.
 He thinks that he now knows that this is because the memories of his previous life have been connected.

"Yeah. Unlike me. Cecil."

 Although he denied it, Allen said that his father was a hero.

"You could be one. Or maybe he already is."

 He stopped the invasion of the Demon Lord's army into Rosenheim and defeated the Guru.

 If Allen can't become one himself, his friends will wonder what kind of family he grew up in.

I'm sorry for the long wait, everyone. The ship will be arriving in the Imperial City of Atlanta shortly.

 Then, as if to interrupt the conversation, the ship's announcement of a magical device was heard.
 This kind of magic tool is also from the Baucis Empire and is very useful.
 I've been told by the royal family of Krebbur that they are quite expensive because they have been modified to work in the water.

"The Imperial City of Atlanta? Oh, wow, wow, wow, wow! There's a city on a flower!

 Luke got up from his seat and looked towards the window to see a magnificent sight.
 Allen also looked out the window.

 There was a cityscape built on the petals of a giant crystal flower that must have been 100 kilometers in diameter.
 More than a million fishermen live on this huge crystal flower.

The Imperial Capital of the Proustian Empire is on coral?

 Allen thinks that he didn't listen to all the details.

 Slowing down, the ship carrying Allen and his friends moved towards the port.
 Then a huge, thick chain was tied to the ship to keep it from drifting away.

"Now, can we get off?"

 Having arrived safely at the port of the imperial city of Atlanta, Allen and the others moved on to their next move.
 After disembarking from the ship, Allen and the others headed to the scene where the Kingdom of Krebbur, a vassal state, was handing over the cargo of the ship to the Proustian Empire, the sovereign state.

"It's a good thing that you've got a good idea of what you're doing. The next ship is coming!

 The next ship is on its way!" There, a high-ranking official who was checking the tributes to be paid in the imperial capital of Atlanta was issuing some sort of proclamation.
 From his appearance and demeanor, he seemed to hold a very important position in this port.

 This time, Allen and the others hurriedly prepared and packed the tributes to be offered to the Proustian Empire.
 In addition to the imperial capital of Atlanta, the Proustian Empire has other large cities, tributary states, and provinces.

 However, the tribute was to be paid to the Emperor of the Proustian Empire.
 All the territories and provinces come to the imperial capital of Atlanta to pay tribute.
 The territories paid by the capital also pay taxes as annual tribute.
 Thanks to this, there will be a constant stream of ships coming to this port to make offerings.

So he's the one in charge of this port.

 The officials are angry because countless provinces, territories, and territories of the empire have ignored the dedication schedule.

 Allen walked up to the high-ranking official with a bad look on his face, his emotions showing and his work orders flying.

"Well, well, well. Thank you for responding to my urgent request."

"Hmm? Who the hell are you?

 Who are you?" The official says, staring at Allen's face.

"Yes, sir. My name is Alec, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. I was present at the offering of the tribute."

(Don't forget to use a pseudonym.)

"...... Alec, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary?"

 The official looked at him more curiously, "Who's that?

"Yes, I am here on behalf of the royal family of Kreviahl."

 And so the conversation continued with the senior official in charge of the tributes paid in the imperial capital of Atlanta.