408-Episode 398 Swimming Observation

 As a result of the negotiations, Allen asked Director Tynome of the Immigration Bureau to allow him to inspect the water purification grimoire to present to the Emperor of the Protean Empire.
 All tributes other than the water purification grimoire have been wholesaled to the port and a written notice of what is there has been issued.

 Allen and his friends were given a single-family home with a garden near the palace.

(Oh, they're going to put it up in the yard? The fence is of a certain height.

 Since it is a huge magic tool, it cannot be kept indoors, so a water purification tool is set up in the center of the garden.
 The grimoire is basically made so that it can be installed.
 I fixed the grimoire to the ground with a chain made of mithril.
 He then checked again to make sure that the garden was surrounded by a high enough wall that it could not be seen from outside.

 Because the magic tools are worth as much as the national budget of the Proustian Empire, Director Tynome told me that he would send some knights from the palace tomorrow.
 I guess it's for the protection of the magic tools.

 The knights dispatched from the palace have already arrived, but there are only Allen's party and those of Culebure in this building and in the yard.
 Princess Karmin of the royal family of Culebure and Allen, the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, are also present, so they seem to be keeping a certain distance.

"Allen, that was interesting!

 While Allen was checking the structure of the building and the status of the magic tools fixed in the yard, Luke, who was excited remembering the exchange at the port earlier, spoke to him.

"It's about to get interesting. And you can call me Alec here. I'm Ruthy."

"Oh! That's right! Alec!"

 Luke clenching his fists in the form of a fisherman was quite playful.

"Ruthy was quite the actor. Keep up the good work.

"Yeah, I'm on it!"

 And with that, Luke ran triumphantly to the bottom of the magic tool he was working on.

(Well, it was true that he was doing better than Folmar.

 (Well, he was doing better than Formar, that's for sure.) Luke was doing better than Formar, who was acting very stiff.
 I think it's also a talent that Luke is able to act like a child and stretch out without feeling nervous.

 Formal, having understood what Allen was trying to say by the way he was looking at him, was annoyed.
 It's as if he's saying that he's not under Sophie's thumb to do this.

 It was fine on the ship, but we were in the Imperial City of Atlanta.
 This building is near the palace, and we can see the big palace right ahead.
 They all looked at each other again, calling each other by their pseudonyms.

"So, Alec. What are you going to do with all those lies? It's Bek we're looking for."

 Cecil watched in disgust as he piled up lie after lie, occasionally mixing in the truth, but still trying to make it sound like he could stay at the palace side.

"Right. Seraphy, it looks like they won't let you in the palace right away.

 He also called Cecil by his pseudonym.

"You're kind of stubborn. I don't know why they're so reluctant to let us in.

 Even before they were not allowed into the palace, Allen and the others had a feeling of discomfort.

Even before they were not allowed into the palace, Allen and the others had been feeling uncomfortable.

 The conditions for entering the Proustian Empire from the Kingdom of Clevure were also quite strict.
 The issuance of an entry pass from the Proustian Empire was formally refused in the name of Director Tynome of the Immigration Bureau.

 When Allen checked at the port to see if he could stay in the imperial capital of Atlanta, he was told by Director Tynome to leave immediately.

 When he requested to stay at the palace to inspect the magic tools, he was taken to a building near the palace.
 He could not enter the Empire of Prostia, could not stay in the Imperial City of Atlanta, and could not enter the palace.
 After much negotiation, he won the right to stay near the palace.
 Allen's gaze conveyed the idea that there was something going on in the palace to his friends.

"It's about time Director Taenome went to the palace to report. We simply have to make sure that this is the way it's being handled because it's a vassal state. Harami, come out.

"Yes, sir.

 Summon Fish D's summoner.
 At first the Fish D summoner couldn't talk to me, but after I strengthened it and increased its intelligence by 5000, it could talk to me.

 Stone A summons does not talk at all, but it seems that its ability to talk is related to its intelligence and the rank of its summoner.

Insects cannot talk.
Beasts can talk from B rank.
Birds cannot talk.
 Birds can't. Birds E and F have a special ability that allows them to talk.
You can't talk to the grass line.
Cannot talk about stone.
Fish can talk from B rank.
Fish can talk from rank B. ・Spirits can talk.

The dragon line can talk.
Can talk to angels.

 The number of summons that can talk seems to increase as the rank increases.

 A fish D summoner of a certain size, up to 2 meters in length, swims around the garden.
 It can swim gracefully, unlike the way it usually swims, hiding itself to blend into the ground.

(Hmm. There are a lot of fish near the palace. I guess that's not unnatural.

 Allen looked up and saw not only the Fish D Summoner, but also a variety of colorful fish swimming in the sky above the Imperial City.
 Some of them are large sea turtles and rays.
 They may be like pigeons flying over the city on land.

"Would you mind taking a look inside the palace?

'Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

 Allen instructed the Fish D summoner to go inside the building himself and move to a conference room where everyone could sit comfortably to discuss the future.

(Hmm, so there's a palace in the middle of the crystal flower.)

 Allen gazed at the entirety of the huge Imperial City of Atlanta from the Fish D summoner that he had shared with him.
 (Hmmm... I see... a palace in the middle of a crystal flower.

 The palace is located in the center of the imperial city of Patlanta, in the middle of a huge crystal flower that seems to be 100 kilometers long.

 I have seen the palaces of the Baucis Empire and the Ghiamut Empire, but they seem to be much larger than these.

 The windows on the ceiling are large enough for a fish D summoner to enter.
 Fish can also swim on the ground, so regardless of the size of the window, it is possible to enter through the wall.

 It would be unnatural to infiltrate into a building with no windows, but since there are many fishes that swim on the ceiling in the palace, it should not be a problem.

(Is this the kitchen? (This is the kitchen.) The fishermen's food is normal. Now, I wonder if Director Taenome is going to report to the Emperor.

 There seems to be quite a few fishermen working in the palace.
 I guess it's almost dinner time, and the fishermen are hurriedly preparing food in the big kitchen.

 I remember that the brightness of the crystal flower is getting weaker and weaker.
 The crystal flower that lights up the ocean floor is only bright during the day and does not emit light at night.
 The fact that the light is fading is a signal that darkness will soon descend upon the Imperial City of Atlanta.

 It was a large building with a high ceiling, so the fishermen could not see the fish summoner.
 They are slowly entering the palace.

"So, what's going on? Director Taenome."

Oh! Ouch! Is that the emperor?

 We've moved around a lot, but we seem to have arrived at the audience hall.

 I think the audience hall is somewhat like the land of the fishermen.
 I wondered if the Dragon Palace I remembered from my previous life was like this, and there seemed to be someone on the throne.

 There is a fisherman who sits on the throne in a dignified manner.
 He is wearing a very splendid armor and a cloak.

 In front of him is a fisherman who looks like a minister and an old fisherman who looks like a doctor.

 The man sitting on the throne with his cheekbones looking at him is Director General Tynome, with whom Allen had a long talk.
 A ministerial-looking fisherman stands in front of the man on the throne and asks him what happened.

"What? The royal family of Krebbur has brought a magic tool! Over there at ......."

 Director Tynome seems to be talking to the man sitting on the throne about the magic tool that Allen brought.
 It can purify a territory ten times the size of the imperial capital of Atlanta.
 He also tells him that the Baucis Empire has given him a magic tool that will last for 300 years, and that he is ready to offer it to them.

 As Director Taenome proceeded, the man sitting on the throne's brow creased.
 He seems to be suspicious.

"Prime Minister Aziray. How is that possible? Are you sure you're not embellishing your story?"

"Indeed. However, we have also just received a report that all the water-controlled magical devices in the Imperial City of Atlanta have shown abnormalities. Emperor Ignomus."

(Hmm? Ignomus? Was that the name of the emperor? (I mean, Ignomus is a pretty violent name.)

 Prime Minister Aziray, standing in front of the throne, says that he has indeed received a report.
 The contents of the report also showed that the water quality value had indeed dropped to zero, which was consistent with Director Taenome's story.

 There was something about the Prime Minister's words that bothered Allen.
 I don't think the emperor's name was Ignomus.
 The emperor had a number of children, but none of them were named Ignomus.

 However, since Vizier Aziray calls him 'Your Majesty' as a matter of course, there is no doubt that he is the Emperor of the Proustian Empire.

"I see. So you brought that much magic equipment with you. I see. ......"

"How so?"

 Prime Minister Aziray asks Ignomus what he would like to do.

"Well... I'm offering it to him. Why don't you come and offer it to me? Will it take long for you to inspect that magic tool?"

"I don't know. He said he wanted a month.

 Director Taenome told him that Allen would be staying for a month to make adjustments.

"A month. Can it be delayed any longer than that?"

"Well, I don't know. I thought you said it would take a month.

 Ignomus seems to be concerned about the time frame.

(Hmm? What's in a month?

"Just make sure it's ready within a month.


 Director Taenome bows his head and replies.

"I see. It seems that everything is moving in my favor!

 Ignomus says the magic tool is convenient.

"It seems so, Your Majesty. Emperor Ignomus."

 Prime Minister Aziray also smirked.

"Incidentally, a princess named Karmin from the royal house of Crevelle is also here. She's here to see Dreskarei."

 Director Taenome added that Princess Karmin was also here.

"Hmm? The Duke of Dresskalay?

"Yes. Yes, he's here to see his fiancée?

"I see. Are you still alive? Master Cynolom.

What? An imam? Sounds like a doctor.

 The other person who remained silent was Sinorom, a wizened old imam in a white robe.

"Yes, sir. If you are a child, at least you are alive and in prison.

 He said that he had already killed the head of the Dukes of Dresskalay, but that the child was still alive.

The Duke of Dresskalay has been captured.

"Hmm. I see."

 Ignomus thought about it.

"What shall we do? Master Ignomus.

"'Well, it will be a little while before we can inform the Princess of Crevelle of the truth about the civil war.

 Ignomus twisted his mouth into a grin.

"That's true. It will be interesting to see their faces.

 Then Master Cynolom's sour face twisted further.

"Well... So such a magic tool is coming to me. The time seems to be moving for me."

 There seemed to be no further interest in Princess Karmin.
 Ignomus seemed to be thinking about magic tools once more.

 The situation of the conversation was not peaceful.

(Yes. (The Empire of Protea has completely fallen due to a civil war started by a man named Ignomus.

 The duke's family has been captured and the throne where the emperor of the Proustian Empire sits has been taken by a man named Ignomus.

 Allen has learned that the Proustian Empire is in danger of being destroyed by a rebellion of its subjects or something.