409-Episode 399 Talent and Personal Information

 Allen spoke to Princess Karmin and the Commander of the Order of Ivanum about the conversation that took place in the audience hall of the Proustian Empire.

 The man sitting on the throne, Ignomus, was a knight-errant of the Proustian Empire's Kingsguard and also a general.
 It seems that his position was similar to that of General Hova of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.

 It turns out that this former Knight Commander of the Kingsguard has revolted in the Empire of Prostia.
 He now sits on the throne and is called the Emperor by the Prime Minister.

 It seems that Vizier Aziray was the previous Vizier, which means that he is a traitor.
 Imam Sinorom did not know what he was.

 This made Allen rethink his feelings about talent and status when he was reincarnated in this world.

 Basically, in this world, the lower your status, the more likely you are to have high talent.
 Therefore, in a monarchy or an empire, a person of low status with high talent might try to overthrow the state.

 What I learned when I was a servant in the Granvelle family is that even if you raise your level well, there will be a difference in power between those with and without talent to the point where you cannot compete with them.
 In a world where the difference in status generated by talent is more than tenfold, I thought it was a world where revolution would be very easy to occur.

 In my studies at the school, I learned about the history of each country in the world.
 It seems that there have been cases where kingdoms and empires have actually been destroyed due to rebellions by people of low status.
 However, I also heard in class that such cases do occur, but not that often.

 The world is built on the principle that there are only a few highly talented people.
 That is why it is normal for those in power, such as kings and emperors, to take countermeasures.

 Basically, a king who is too unreasonable, such as a tyrant or a dark lord, does not seem to be born.
 This is because the commoners and peasants will revolt if the rulers are arrogant.
 Some of those who rebel are talented.

 To prevent rebellion, the state treats those with talent well.
 Helmios, a brave man of commoner origins, is a duke, the highest rank of nobility, and is scheduled to marry the sister of the emperor of the Giamut Empire.

 Not only is he a brave man, but he also protects himself from those who seek to overthrow the state by placing those with starry talents, such as swordsmen, in the royal family's closest guard, the Kingsguard.

 Those who are talented are opposed by those who are also talented.
 And thanks to the support of the king and emperor, the Kingsguard is far better equipped than ordinary adventurers and commoners.

 They may not be as well-equipped as Allen's companions, but if you spend enough money on equipment, the real difference in status can be more than double.

 In addition, to prevent the army from running out of control, the military power should be evenly distributed between the defense of other countries and the defense of the royal capital, so that the power is not too unbalanced.
 In addition, the world has its own know-how in managing a nation with talent, such as seeking the cooperation of other nations in the event of a rebellion.
 The power of the powerful is protected by the power of other countries.

 The same kind of countermeasures against rebellion are taken not only in the royal family but also in the noble society.

 Allen wonders if this kind of know-how is learned at the House of Lords, where Cecil's brother Thomas also attended.

 Even so, civil wars are sometimes successful.
 It's the same as in the world before, where there is no such thing as talent.

 It reminds him of regions and countries where the military, armed with weapons that could easily kill people, were waging civil wars with overwhelming military power.

 Three days passed as he took stock of the current situation in the Proustian Empire.
 During that time, Allen had searched the entire palace, but there was one thing he could not find.
 He decided to change his method and head to another place in the palace that he had already found.

(Well, maybe around here.)

 Allen heads for a corner of the palace, thinking about his talent and status.
 In the beginning, he had Fish D's summoner go through the skylight, but today he would go through the wall.
 There are no windows large enough for Fish D's summoner to pass through in this area.

 Unlike the glamorous part of the palace, there were few lights in the corner, and the windows on the thick walls were small.
 You can hardly see the scenery outside, and the water is stagnant and smelly.

(Oops, there's a fisherman. Well, of course. They're at least watching us.

 I pass the wall slowly and quietly, and feel the presence of fishermen.
 When I look down the stairs, I see two fishermen dressed as soldiers, so I slowly hide inside the wall.
 In this kind of situation, I think the setting of melting into the wall is very useful.

"Hey, take over the guard. The warden will kick your ass again if you stay awake too long.

 I hear a strange man's voice.

"Hmm? Oh, don't kick me!

"Don't kick me. Hey, time to go. I'll take over.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. All right, all right, all right.

Hmm, I guess there are guards in jail. (Hmmm, I knew there were guards in the prison.)

 Fish D's summoner, which was hiding behind the wall, opens its mouth and lets Bird A's summoner, which was hiding inside, out.
 The summoner of bird A uses its special ability to create a nest.

"Mm, who's that ......?"

 One of the soldiers notices the presence of several people and tries to turn around.
 However, without looking back, he loses consciousness and falls to the ground.
 The other soldier falls to the ground as well.

 "Allen, who had used the Nest to transfer, used Insect E's summoner technique, "Scales," to put the two soldiers to sleep.

(Hmmm... as verified, the use of specials in water is not a problem. (Hmmm... as verified, the use of the technique is almost safe underwater.

"It seems to have worked.

 Shea, who had come with me on homecoming instinct, whispered to me as she looked at the soldiers who had been completely put to sleep.

"Yeah, we didn't get a chance to do that. Let's get a move on.

 I asked Shea to come with me as a combatant, but she didn't have much of a chance because the "Scales" technique of the summoner of Insect E was unexpectedly effective.
 Shea, with her nimble movements and knuckle weapons, was perfect for this mission, as she didn't have any big prey.


 I've already verified that I can use the summoner's special ability without any problem even in this deep sea of several hundred meters underwater.
 It is more likely that he was not originally set up to be able to use summoned beasts underwater, and that he did not think of it as a setting in the first place.

 Remembering that Allen was the first Summoner to be tested when he was reincarnated, I think that the Summoner setting might be changed in the future.

 Although the summoner's special skills and awakened skills are activated without any problems, it seems that the summoner's movement is not as good as on the ground, except for fish, due to the resistance of the water.

 A little further on from the place where the soldiers were, we came across a prison with a small room with iron bars.

 The two men I just put to sleep are the soldiers who monitor the prison.

 I looked at Shea, and she nodded.

"Come out, Harami and the others."


 I sent Fish D's summoners to check inside the bars.
 A Fish D summoner in the form of a salmon slowly walks past the bars.

(Oh? Is that him?

 Inside the bars, there is a man with his hands chained together.

"What the hell is this guy?

 He's wearing tattered clothes, but his speech is elegant.
 He looks like a flounder fisherman, much like the story of Princess Karmin.

 His age is probably in his mid-twenties, and he looks at least ten years older than Allen.

"Lord Dresskalay?

 Although Allen recognizes him as the Duke of Dresskalay, he is actually the legitimate son of the Dukes of Dresskalay.
 Julius Dresskalay is his full name, and since he has not yet inherited the title, it is appropriate to call him 'Lord Dresskalay'.

"Yes, but you are..."

"We've come for you.

"Yes, we've come to fetch you." "Fetch me? What's this all about?"

 Allen and Shea ran up to find the object they wanted.

 Allen and the others came in front of the bars, which, upon closer inspection, appeared to be made of mithril.
 In addition, the Duke of Dresskalay is chained up, which means he is a gifted man.

 When a gifted person is imprisoned, he is chained with a hard metal chain, such as mithril, in order to prevent him from escaping due to his high status and skills.

 I also learned how to imprison talented people when I built a prison on Heavy User Island.




 Shea unrolls the mithril bars with all her might.
 Then, Allen and Shea entered through the gap that had been widened.

 The Duke of Dresskalay was blown away, but it's not so easy to bend mithril with your bare hands.
 Shea, whose ring and necklace gave her an attack power of 16,000, could do it.

"Quiet, let's get out of here. Is there anyone else who wants to be let out?"

 As Shea tears off the mithril chain that binds the Duke of Dresskalay, Allen proceeds to speak.

"You mean you're here to help. If so, I'd rather you get the Empress and her children out of here. They should be in the next room."

 The Duke of Dresskalay spoke of those he wanted to help, even though they had drunk the water that allowed Shea to tear the mithril chains off with apparently inhuman strength.

"I understand."

 It seems that the Empress has been captured as well, so I will go see her.

"Who the hell are you?

"Please be quiet. I'm here to help."

 I looked at the next room with bars and saw a woman also dressed in rags.
 She was quite upset, but I helped her out by breaking the bars as well.

 Apparently, there were many princes and their men who were caught in the rebellion in this area.

 There were about thirty people who wanted to be rescued, but we got them all out and gathered around the room where the Duke of Dresskalay was captured.

"Well, I guess that's all of them. Shea, please.


 Shea makes her way to the far wall of the room.

"What do we do?

"I'm going to destroy the wall. There will be a roar, so cover your ears.

 Allen answers the Duke of Dresskalay's question.

We have to be careful how we escape.

 If you simply want to get out, you don't need to destroy so many bars to escape.
 This is because fish summoners can pass through walls.
 If you pass through the wall and tear off only the chains, you can minimize the trace.

 However, that would still be unnatural, and suspicion might turn to Allen and Princess Karmin, who came as ambassadors.

 If the bars had been broken and the walls destroyed from the inside out, they might think it was an inside job.

 Shea put all her strength into her knuckles and activated her skills.
 If it were only about status, Allen's attack power could be higher than hers, but Shea's power is definitely higher when she activates her skills.



 With a tremendous explosion, Shea shatters the thick wall and creates a huge hole leading to the outside.
 It seems that Mithril was used in the steel frame of the wall, but it doesn't matter, it's so powerful.

"Now, let's move.

 Just because he made a hole doesn't mean he will use it.
 Allen used his Bird A summoner's awakening skill, "Homing Instinct," to move into the building near the palace that was lent to him.

"What is this place?

"This is a safe place. Empress.

 The Empress is quite upset, but Allen calms her down.

"Empress, please come this way, we have a change of clothes for you."

 Princess Karmin is preparing a change of clothes for the Empress and the women who were captured with her.
 The men were being taken care of by the Commander of the Order of Iwanam.

 There were quite a few of them, but the royal family of Creville seemed to be unfazed by the situation.

"You said your name was Alec. I'm very grateful to you for saving the Empress's life."

(Doesn't it feel like a reunion after all these years?

 Allen wondered if his fiancée, Princess Karmin, would ever give him anything more than a quick glance and a reunion embrace.
 And so Allen and the others rescued the Duke of Dresskalay.

"No, actually, we rescued you because we wanted to ask you something.

"What? You have a question?

"Yes. I'm actually looking for a beastman named Bek. Do you know anything about him?

 Allen explained how he had rescued him.