412-Episode 402 Joint Seminar

 Kiel, Crenna, Dogora and the others are in the largest conference room of Allen's military base in the S-class dungeon.

"Well, it looks like we're all set. Let's get going."

 The brave Hermios said, getting up from his chair in the conference room.

"Yes. We'll learn more as we go."

 Doberg the Sword King, the hero of Latash, a man with two eyes, said the same thing.

"Are you sure about this? Isn't the meeting a little short? Why did you have to launch yesterday?

"What? It was fun.

"Yeah, yeah.

 Crenna and Merle say they had a great time at the welcome party yesterday.

"That's not true!

 Rosetta, whose talents had turned her into the King of Thieves, made a point of telling them that she had enjoyed yesterday's party.

"We're just going to practice the flow of the game, so there shouldn't be any problems.

 Kiel, who had been assigned as team leader by Allen, told Rosetta that she was safe.

"Are you sure about that?

"No problem."

 Rosetta is even more skeptical, so Dogora next to her joins the end of the meeting with a single word: "No problem.
 From now on, all the members of Team Kiel and the heroic army, who are working separately from Allen and the others, will be working together at the lowest level of the Class S dungeon.

 Yesterday, Doberg, Sylvia, Rosetta, and Greta, the Holy King, all of the "Sacred" party led by the hero Hermios, arrived.

 This S-class dungeon is a huge tower, so you can't go down directly with a magic ship.

 However, there is a graveyard near the S-class dungeon, and adventurers use it for transportation.
 The ships are also used to transport valuable weapons, armor, and magical gear obtained in Class S dungeons to the world, as well as food and alcohol consumed by over 10,000 adventurers from various locations.

 The 1,000 brave warriors who were selected this time came to the depot in four huge magic ships.

 And the base of the heroic army has already been set up near Allen's army in the S-class dungeon.
 This decision was made at the bilateral meeting between the Baucis Empire and the Ghiamut Empire after the 5 Continents Alliance Meeting.

 It is said that 1,000 people had a banquet, as they must have been tired from traveling to the base and inside the mage ship.

 And today, the main members will gather in the conference room of Allen's base for a meeting in the morning, and leave for the Iron Golem hunt early before noon.

"Oh, I knew you'd attract a lot of attention when you're here, Helmios!"

 Crenna noticed the change in the eyes in the city.

"Thank you."

 It seems that the adventurers working in the S-class dungeon heard about the arrival of the brave Helmios last night.
 Even in this S-level dungeon, where more than 10,000 adventurers are active, talk spreads quickly through the tavern.

 Your eyes naturally fall on Helmios, who is at the head of the group.

 Although Allen and his friends have conquered the S-class dungeon, Helmios still seems to be overwhelmed in terms of name recognition.
 His light blue hair and the orichalcone armor that can be seen inside his cloak give him an easily recognizable appearance.

 Enter the temple, and head to the Cube's location, lining up in order.

There are multiple parties here. Are you sure you want to move to the same place?

"I don't care. I want you to move the party of "Derelict Gamers" to the leader."

 Kiel speaks to the cube on behalf of his party.

"Yes, sir.

 Cube says, and moves them to the second level of the S-class dungeon.

 The abandoned gamer's party has four members.
 Helmios' party is 10.
 In addition, there are 34 people in the party of Allen's army and the party of the heroes.
 In total, there were 48 of us this time.

 Even if you have different parties, you can move to different levels together.
 If you have more than one party, you'll be asked for a transfer cube, as in this case.

 This was also the case in the dimensionally different school dungeons, and is the same for the S-level dungeons.
 When I wasn't in Allen's party yet, Kiel was able to enter the dungeons of the same dimension without any problems at the school.
 However, there is a limit to the number of players, and the maximum number of players that can enter at once is 48.

 Once you enter the second level, the game records the adventurer IDs of everyone, and all subsequent moves will transfer you to the second level.

 The S-class dungeons are in the same dimension after the second level, so it is possible to join them there.
 However, the Iron Golem at the bottom level, the Goldino boss at the bottom level, and the Death Zone will all transfer to the second level in the same unit.
 Also, even if you are in the same party, if you are not within 50 meters of the cube, you will be skipped.

 From the second level, you immediately use medals to move to the third and fourth levels.

"You've got a lot of medals, as I've heard.

 Helmios noticed that Kiel had a bag full of medals.

"Yes. I'm sure you've heard of it. As we discussed earlier, the future medal collection activities will be mixed with the heroic forces.

 Kiel replies to Helmios' question in a more polite tone than talking to the cube.

 In order to hunt the Iron Golem, you have to travel to the lowest level.
 Each time you do this, you'll spend a medal, but to get to the lowest level, you'll need to get the medals needed to move from all the bosses on levels two through four.

 There are 5,000 members in Allen's army, and more than half of them are currently active in this S-class dungeon.

 There are about 50 medal hunters of various races on levels 2 to 4.
 As for the hidden cubes, I've ordered people to stay away from them for fear of being sent to the Death Zone.

 We came here today to practice and hunt Iron Golems.
 After tomorrow, the heroes will be divided into teams and mixed with Allen's army.

 There are some level bosses that are equivalent to S-ranked magical beasts, such as Beebee on the second level, so it's too early for the heroes to be hunting medals alone.

"I'm not sure what to make of this.

 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

I'm not sure what to say.

 There was Merus, who hadn't turned into a fisherman, but had the eyes of a dead fish.
 Under Allen's direction, Merus has been working almost 24 hours a day at the bottom of this S-class dungeon to produce a recovery potion.

 The summoned beast doesn't get tired, doesn't sleep, doesn't eat, but his spirit is still the same as the first angel's, and Merus has lost a lot of weight.

"Hey, there really is a First Angel, Merus-sama."

 The participants of the heroic army shuddered in amazement when they saw the former First Angel Merus, whose name and appearance were known to the world.


"Master Merus, why are you doing this ......?"

 Tabitha tears up at such an exhausted Merus, wondering if he is working so hard for the world.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

"Don't worry about me. Dogora, this is for today.

"Oh, thank you."

 After handing Dogora the restorative she would need for the day, Merus went to the lowest corner of the city.
 There is a field where magic seeds, fragrant vegetables, heavenly blessings, and gold and silver beans are grown.
 Basically, the seeds are mainly for Allen's use, but they also produce various grass-based summoner-made restoratives for Allen's army.

 Merus hasn't participated in the Iron Golem hunt for a long time.
 He does participate in the battle against Goldino, the lowest level boss, which can only be fought once a day, and only then is he released from the generation of healing potions.
 This is all for the purpose of raising Allen's summoning level to 9.

 Merus mumbled, "It's almost there. Allen promised to give me a break when his summoning level is up,' but no one can hear him anymore.

"Is this necessary to fight the Demon Lord's army?"

 Helmios follows up with those who have joined the heroic army, saying that they have seen something that they should not have seen.

"So let's go to the Iron Room as planned.

 Kiel also thought that it was not good to show this situation all the time, so he moved them to the Iron Room where the Iron Golem was.

"I wonder if this is my first time here.

 In the event that you're not sure what to do, you can always ask for help.

"Oh! I'm not sure what to make of this.

 However, the only one with room to spare was the brave Hermios' party, the Sacreds.
 One of the participants in the brave army shouted out involuntarily.
 Most of the other brave army members who did not speak out were sweating coldly on their faces and backs.

 Even A-rank hexenbiests rarely reach 100 meters in height.
 A rank A hexenbiest rarely reaches 100 meters.

 In this world where magical beasts tend to become stronger as their ranks increase, it is common knowledge that big enemies are dangerous.
 Even the major fortresses in the northern part of the Central Continent are mostly around 50 meters.
 This is partly because we don't expect enemies to be larger than 50 meters.

 If the enemy is over 100 meters, it means that the enemy is equivalent to an S-rank enemy beyond the A-rank barrier.

"Don't worry. We're just practicing today."

 Kiel reiterated that there was no problem.

 However, the brave army has just finished changing jobs and their levels are quite low.
 Naturally, their skill level has not increased much.

 The brave army chosen this time consisted of people who had been on the front lines in the northern part of the central continent for over ten years.
 Their sense of crisis due to the size of the Iron Golem and their own lowered status was not half bad.

 For this reason, the party of the hero Hermios and all of the heroic troops who participated this time have been given a ring with a status increase of 5000 and a necklace with a status increase of 3000 in abundance.

 Thanks to this, my status has increased by 13,000 in total.
 On top of that, I've also given him Adamantite weapons and armor.

 It's been more than three months since I completed four towns on Heavy User Island and distributed weapons and armor at the departure ceremony.
 After that, he continued to strengthen the weapons, armor, and necklaces of 5,000 members of Allen's army.

 Since we had enough equipment to provide about 1,000 brave troops with equipment, we tried to strengthen the equipment first.

 Since this was an investment in advance, it was also agreed that Allen would receive most of the rewards from the treasure chests and other items found during the Iron Golem hunt for the time being.

 This is a response to the policy of not causing deaths in Allen's training, but there are other reasons as well.

 There is a reason why he needs to raise his status to 13,000.
 Kiel calls out to one of the men in the brave army.

"Mr. Rohomet, please take the lead then."

 This man's name is Rohomet.
 This man's name is Rohomet. He has the talent of a four-star-granting magician king, and he is the one chosen to accomplish Allen's vision.

"Uh-huh. All right. You should change the attribute to 'wind'. Your skills are too low to hit anything.

"Don't worry. The Iron Golem won't move until you succeed.

 I told him that it should be easy to change the attribute since he has increased his intelligence by 13,000.

 As Kiel spoke to Rohomet, everyone thought that the battle was about to begin, and they all changed their fighting stance.

"Now, Enchanted Wind!"

 Rohomet held up his staff to one of the Iron Golems.



 The two Iron Golems began to move.
 I'm not sure what to make of it.

"It's a one-shot deal. Crenna, I'll be the wall. Merle, I got one."

"All right. Take it easy on Dogora.

"Yeah, I got it!"

 Krena and Merle reacted to Dogora's words and headed towards the two Iron Golems as if they were being sucked in.