413-Episode 403 Attributes (1)

 Beastmen, elves, dark elves, and dwarves make up Allen's army, but each race has its own characteristics.

 Beastmen are good at close range combat, elves are good at healing magic and buffing, dark elves are good at attacking magic and debuffing, and dwarves are good at tanking.

 With such a wide variety of roles, Allen thought that they would be able to formulate flexible strategies for battle, and that they would be sufficient to run Allen's army.

 In the meantime, a little while after the meeting of the alliance of the five continents was over, he heard from Helmios himself about the idea of a heroic army through the magic tool of communication.
 It seems that the Ghiamut Empire is quite serious and will invest a considerable amount of budget and human resources.

 I don't know how big Allen's army will become in the future, but I think it would be best to have the heroes fill in the missing parts of Allen's army.

 You think about what Allen's army lacks while the Ghiamut Empire is prepared to put its prestige on the line.
 Allen and the heroes look to a future where they can work together to fight the Demon King's army.

 When Allen heard from Helmios, what came to his mind was the desperate battle against the evil cult leader Gushala in the temple on Heavy User Island.
 Based on my thoughts at that time, I explained the situation of Allen's army to Helmios and asked him to include more "granters" in the heroes' army.

 A grantor is an assistant who specializes in changing attributes and can also use debuffs and buffs.
One star granting wizard
2 stars are for granting mages.
Three stars make you a granting mage.
4 stars for a granting mage king.

 Helmios is in command of the entire heroic army.
 Helmios understood Allen's vision and made 300 of the first 1,000 heroes into granters, mostly 3-stars with a few 4-stars who had already changed jobs.

"It is the golem on the right that has wind as its endurance attribute.

 Rohomet, the captain of the granting magic team, says that he has changed the durability attribute of the right side of the two iron golems that are shaking the earth and running towards him to wind.

"So Dogora and Crenna will be on the right. I'll stick to the left."

"Yeah, I got it!"

"Okay. I'll take one!"

 With his full body armor and two large axes, Dogora's equipment weighed several hundred kilograms.
 The Iron Golem, whose durability attribute was changed to wind, rushed at her with such weightlessness.

"Tam Tam descend, Mode Elephant!

 Merle strikes a "majestic elephant pose" with an arm sticking out from the tip of his nose and climbs aboard Tam-Tam, which has been transformed into the mode "Elephant" using a special stone plate.


 I'm not sure what to say.

 The Iron Golem collides with Tam Tam, and a metallic sound echoes throughout the Iron Room.

"The Iron Golem slams into Tam Tam and the entire Iron Room erupts with a metallic sound.

 According to Allen's analysis, the Iron Golem's total status is around 22,000.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

 Tam Tam
 This is the first time I've seen it.
 I'm not sure what to do.

 Strength 25,000+12,400
 25,000 + 2400
 Attack Power 25000+12400
 Endurance 25000+7400
 Quickness 25000
 Luck] 25000

 As a result of reaching level 6, your strength, magic, attack, durability, and intelligence have increased by 2400.

 Then, I put two Strengthening Plates on the graveboard, one for Strength and Attack, and one for Endurance.
 The special tablet (elephant) takes up five tablet slots.

 There are some special abilities in the elephant that are worth the five slots.
 Allen feels that the Golem's tablet has a wider range of special and maneuverable abilities than the Mithril Golem.

 However, it is the mobility tablet that allows it to fly, run on sand, and move across the sea.
 In addition, the special stone plate has an additional value over the mobility stone plate, and brings more effects than movement.

 Boom, boom, boom, boom!

 The Iron Golem's durability was overwhelmed by the force of the attack, and it was struck in the chest by Tam Tam and shattered.
 The Iron Golem is blown backwards, but still tries to get up, and Tam-Tam's nose, which has been transformed into the shape of an elephant, shoots a large amount of mud at it.

 The Iron Golem's movement quickly deteriorates as its entire body is covered in mud and it is drenched with more mud.
 The mud begins to harden at a great rate.

 The Iron Golem, still covered in mud, is unable to move forward with its fists raised.

 It seems that the original purpose of this special stone slab is to produce quick-drying mud for simple construction of walls and fortifications.
 It consumes a lot of magic power, but the hardness of the mud when it hardens depends on the durability of the golem being handled.
 The Iron Golem's attack power is unlikely to be able to escape the hardened mud released by Tam Tam, which has a durability of 32400.

 As the Iron Golem continued to struggle, it hardened at once.

"Merle alone blocked one of them.

"Yeah. It's just like we talked about in the meeting.

 "Yes, as we discussed at the meeting," said Rosetta in disgust, understanding the situation.
 It was hard to visualize what Kiel was talking about, but Helmios recreated the situation from the morning meeting and I finally understood.

"A true killing blow!

 In the meantime, Dogora's skill against the other Iron Golem was outstandingly powerful.

"Oh, that giant golem is going to fall backwards!"

 One of Dogora's blows shattered one of its legs, and the Iron Golem fell backwards, the earth shaking.
 The Iron Golem falls back and the earth shudders. Dogora and Crenna beat up the Iron Golem almost unilaterally.

"Oh, just the two of you against that huge golem!"

 A voice leaks out from Rohomet.
 An Iron Golem of this size should be equivalent to an S-rank magical beast.

 The two of them drove it into the ground without even thinking about it.
 Many of the heroes looked at Helmios with anxiety.
 If this is true, then he has the power to leave his name in history.

"Dogora. "Dogora, you have this much power in your hands?"

 Doberg gazes at Dogora with one eye missing and the other becoming a ship's eye.
 He had been somewhat impatient during the attack on the S-class dungeon, but he hadn't felt anything like that during this morning's meeting.

 I felt like I knew why, so I closed one eye and immersed myself in sentimentality.

 Doberg's eye was lost in the battle against the Demon King, but it was not healed even after using the Blessing of Heaven or changing jobs while attacking the S-class dungeon with Allen and the others.
 It seems to be the effect of a curse used by the Demon King's army, but Doberg himself doesn't know much about it.

"I'm sorry. We're almost done with the first one. The vanguards should throw their spears at the golems. Those of you who use grants should apply them for now.

 With that, Kiel began to give instructions to the heroes one by one.
 I know how long it will take for the Iron Golem to be killed.

 You'll need to distribute the experience to the heroes who haven't yet reached their full level.
 "They throw their spears and cast spells on the other Iron Golem.
 Those who could use healing spells would cast generous healing spells on the Dogoras, even if they were barely injured.

 Not many minutes later, Merle joined the battle and the three of them beat up and killed the one Iron Golem that could move.

"The power, so much power at once.

"Two of them should definitely be enough to break through all of God's trials. Please use your skills.


 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

 Most of them have fought on the front lines of the war against the Demon King's army for more than 10 years to protect their country, and each of them is aware that they are warriors of the past.

 They easily slaughter Iron Golems, which are equivalent to S-rank magical beasts, and use them to pass the divine trials.

 Such a joke is taking place right in front of our eyes.

"So, can we divide the event into morning, noon, and night sessions and have the heroes participate?

"Please do that.

 After leaving the battle to Dogora and Merle, Kiel and Helmios continued their meeting.
 The reason why I brought the brave army led by Helmios this time is to discuss how to go about the mixed training of the Allen army and the brave army that will be held from tomorrow onwards, while also showing the actual battle.

 The Iron Golem hunt was divided into three parts: three hours starting at eight in the morning, three hours starting at twelve in the afternoon, and three hours starting at four in the evening.
 Originally, Allen's army had also been hunting in three parts, and the members of the heroic army were added.

 As for the medal hunting on the second, third and fourth levels, we'll be using a mixture of Allen's army and the heroes' army.

"That's a lot of energy, isn't it?

"Yes. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

 The Iron Golem is overwhelming to begin with, but today it's even faster, says Kiel.

"I think I'll add one of my granters to the party.

 Helmios surmises that the high power of Dogora's attacks is due to the fact that the divine weapon Kagutsuchi, whose attack attribute is fire, and the Iron Golem, whose durability attribute has been changed to wind, now have a perfect match.
 Helmios considers the idea of including the Grantmaster in his party of ten.

"According to Allen, changing attributes requires a very high level of intelligence. Even if you change your job, you should make up for the lack in status with your equipment."

 In response to Helmios, Kiel shared Allen's thoughts.

"I see. So you're saying this is for demons and S-ranked magical beasts, right?

"Of course. Of course, we're also planning for higher-ranked A-ranked hexenbiests such as the dragon species in the fortress battle.

"So the form of the strategy changes.

 It is true that the attached magic is effective, but there are many hexenbiests that the effect does not hit.

 There are many hexenbiests with high intelligence, and if you want to hit them with magic, you need to exceed 10,000 intelligence if you are an A rank hexenbiest.
 B-rank hexenbiests can be defeated without relying on spells.
 Until now, even if you tried to use it as a tactic, the extent to which it could be used effectively was limited.

 When an A-rank hexenbiest appears in the Demon Lord's army, if you can quickly change its durability attribute according to the strategy you have decided and defeat it quickly, you will be able to minimize the damage to your army.

 If you can do this reliably, you can expand your tactics.
 It would need to be incorporated into the strategy and chain of command, but it wouldn't take much time to formulate.

 Already during this conversation, the resurrected Iron Golem has fallen again, and it seems that everyone's level has already been reached.

 This is a strategy that requires you to raise your status by changing jobs and taking advantage of the wealth of equipment in the S-class dungeons.

"Just because a new dungeon has been added doesn't mean they're going to change the world like this.

"Mr. Doberg, you're getting a little sentimental.

"Oh, yes, you are. It's too early to get sentimental.

 As if to echo Helmios' words, Doberg took control of himself.
 He had seen the battles of Dogora, Crenna and Merle, and he had felt them all.