414-Episode 404 Attributes (2)

"The Iron Golem will revert to its earth attribute once it is defeated and resurrected. I want you to increase the skill level of the attribute, so please instruct him to keep applying it.

 Kiel asks Helmios, who is in charge of the heroic army, for instructions on how to fight.

"I understand. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

 The Allen army said that they would recover their magic power as Dogora consumes it.
 He had also borrowed Helmios' magic recovery ring from the Alliance of the Five Continents three months ago.

 The ring is equipped to Dogora.
 The sacred pearl of Lubanka, which he gave to Krena, is now equipped to Dogora.
 Allen thinks it is important to raise the skill level of Dogora.

 In the morning meeting, he told Allen that when Dogora needs magic, he, the grantor, the rest of Allen's army, and the heroes should recover their magic.

"It's kind of taking shape, isn't it?

 The movement of the granters, including Rohomet, seems to be getting better.
 Kiel, the team leader, is relieved to see that their movements are not that bad after a rough explanation.

"Yeah, yeah. It's not that difficult of a strategy. By the way, why did you come up with this idea, Allen?

 It seems that Helmios wants to know why Allen came up with this plan.

"I'm sure it has something to do with the war against the evil gods.


 There are a number of reasons why Allen has become obsessed with attributes.

 Until now, Allen's summoned beasts did not have the option to change their attack attribute.
 He had only asked Cecil and Sophie to carefully judge the attributes of attack magic and spirit magic.

 However, the addition of Merus to the summoned beasts broadened the range of battle tactics.
 And Dogora now possessed the fire-attribute divine weapon, Kagutsuchi.

 As Dogora and Meruru fought, Kiel told the story of how the idea of the Grantor came about.

 It all started when they received a distress signal in Elmar's Kingdom and fought against Gushala, the guru of the evil gods.
 While his comrades had various means of offense, one with overwhelming durability appeared before Allen and the others.

 That person was Gushala, the guru of the evil gods.

 Allen continued to analyze and think about why Gushala, the guru of the evil gods who was surrounded by jet-black flames, was so difficult to attack.
 While there were many reasons, such as the fact that he had gathered many lives, or the fact that Gushala, a higher-ranked demon god, had high intelligence and durability, and was highly resistant to attack magic, he came to the conclusion that the reason why most of his attacks could not penetrate was because of his attributes.

 In response to Allen's analysis, Merus said that was probably the cause.

 This world has the concept of attributes, with attack attributes for attacks and durability attributes for defense.
 It is a common idea in this world that the ratio of damage increases depending on what the attack attribute is and what the durability attribute is.
 The four gods, called the four great gods, also support the four attributes of fire, water, wind, and earth.

 If your attack attribute is fire and your durability attribute is wind, you can deal a lot of damage to your enemy.
 On the other hand, if the attack attribute is wind and the durability attribute is fire, the damage will be small.

 And the attributes of the world are not all the same.

There is no single attribute, no attribute.
Basic attributes are fire, earth, wind, and water.
Derivative attributes (lower attributes) are wood, ice, etc.

Medium attributes: space-time, lightning, etc.
High attributes include light and dark.
Highest attributes are holy and dark.

 The higher-level ones have a dominant effect on the lower-level attributes.
 If the durability attribute is light or dark, the basic attack attribute (the lowest attribute) will not be able to do much damage.

 This lowest attribute is also called the basic attribute, but it is the order of Freya, the god of fire, to call it the basic attribute.
 When Dogora heard Allen talking about attributes, she said, "What's that? At the same moment, the Fire God Freya descended from the divine weapon Kagutsuchi and beat Dogora to a pulp.
 I don't know how much of the story Dogora heard as he lay on the ground, beaten to a pulp.

 And what is the endurance attribute of Gushala, the evil goddess clad in jet-black flames?
 He says it is the 'dark attribute'.

 Even Cecil's offensive magic, which had reached 40,000 thanks to the Spirit King's blessing, could barely damage Gushala, and even the little bit of strength he had lost was healed by the Skeletal Pope.

 Allen and the others were forced to fight hard against Gushala, who was clad in the "Dark Attribute", the highest attribute in this world.

"Oh, yeah, the dark attribute. You can't change the attribute, right?

 Helmios understands.
 The story seems to have started out with Gushala, the guru of the evil gods, and why his attacks were ineffective.
 From there, he developed his knowledge of attributes and countermeasures against the Demon King's army.

 There's something about Allen that makes him a bit obsessive.
 When he fought the demon god Raesel, he remembered that he made a very detailed plan for a one-shot battle.
 Helmios recalls being asked all sorts of questions, both obvious and impossible, such as whether it could be activated in midair and whether it could be used again if the extra skill was removed.

 There is one thing that Allen, who must have gone through so much trial and error, should have known.
 That is, there is a limit to the number of attributes a grantor can change.

 A low-talent granting wizard can only change up to four basic attributes.
 The higher the talent, the higher the attribute can be changed, and the chance of success increases.

 However, it is common knowledge in the world that it is impossible to change the sacred and dark attributes.

"Indeed. They are the attributes of the creator god and the dark god. If there is another enemy with a dark attribute, he said he would like to ask for Helmios's extra skill, the God Cutting Sword.

 I don't envision any higher demon gods in this heroic army's plan.
 The only limit to what they can fight is the demon gods, and the only limit to their attributes is their higher attributes, Kiel said.

"Oh, my extra skill is the divine attribute.

 It is said that each attribute has its own god or spirit.
 The sacred attribute is absolutely powerful because it is handled by the creator god, Elmea.

 It's an extra skill that the creator god Elmea prepared for the hero Hermios.

"Yes, I thought that would be able to counter the dark attribute.

 And the counterpart to the sacred attribute is the dark attribute.
 The dark attribute is said to be the attribute of the dark god, the ruler of the dark world, who is said to have power equal to that of the creator god.
 Both the creator god and the dark god are inviolable.

"I'm sure Helmios' extra skills were amazing.

"Yes, it is. It is a special skill given by Lord Elmere."

 Rosetta and Doberg will understand.

"Give me a shout when you do.

He said, "Be my guest."

 Allen seemed to know that Helmios would agree.

 In addition, Kiel can use the sacred attribute of purification magic.
 If you are a saint or a saintess with three talent stars, you can use purification magic.
 However, the simple power of this spell is not nearly as powerful as the extra skill of Hermios the Brave.

"But I don't know how effective the attribute change will be in the future, but it will be hard to give them light or dark attributes.

"That's true. In that case, he also said he would unify them with no attributes.

"I see. I'm weak against all attributes, but I don't have any special weaknesses.

 High attributes are not always good for everything.
 Some lower attributes are also effective.
 Some low attributes are useful. They are also useful against sacred and dark attributes.

 That is the non-attribute.

 Non-attribute is the lowest of all attributes, and it is the basic attribute that even a granting magician can use.
 Many attack skills such as swords have no attribute.

 If you encounter an enemy with an overwhelmingly high durability attribute, use only non-attribute attacks.

 Unless the enemy has a special attribute such as physical invulnerability, a non-attribute attack can be used against any durability attribute.
 It is also a common belief that it is better to use a non-attribute attack than to use a lower attribute or an attribute you are not good at against a higher attribute.

"But I never thought I'd be learning so much about attributes here."

 Rosetta opens her mouth in disgust.

"No, no, it's not like this when you're around Allen.

"That's tough. But it was like that when we were in the S-level dungeon.

 Kiel says that when he's around Allen, he's often forced to analyze and talk about the things he's done.
 Kiel said that he was able to talk so much about attributes because he had been listening to Allen's stories.

 Rosetta also remembered Allen's behavior.
 He was more absorbed in the dungeon than anyone else.
 "He seemed to be having fun," was Rosetta's impression when she was living with Allen at the base.

"Where is this Allen guy?"

"Well... He's on a secret mission right now, but I think it's called 'seeking power'.

"That sounds like you, Allen.

 Allen had not been here since yesterday, but Helmius did not ask any more questions.
 And he didn't ask about the fact that almost half of Allen's friends were also gone.

"Hmm. But he's such a good shot. The army is already taking shape. Kiel should be proud."

"Thank you."

 Doberg again praised Kiel's response.

 He is now the sole link between the brave and Allen armies.
 This is the equivalent of moving thousands of troops.

 This is equivalent to moving thousands of troops, which means that Kiel is working at the level of a great general.
 The reason why Allen entrusted him as the team leader was because he knew that Kiel was not afraid of anyone.

"So, Kiel."


 Doberg kept talking.
 You have something to tell me.

"Actually, the Kingdom of Latash asked me to contact you before I came here."


"Yes. I need you to use the Adventurer's Guild's magic tools to contact the royal family of Latash.

 Apparently, Doberg had been entrusted by the royal family of Latash.
 Kiel said, "I understand. I'll contact you as soon as I can," he replied.
 Doberg didn't seem to have heard of his errand, so Kiel wondered what it was.

"Well, I guess that's it. I'm still working on my skills. Mr. Doberg, too, right?"

 As Doberg's business seems to be finished, Helmios says again.

Helmios reiterates, "Hmm. You can think of the rest as you fight.

 Helmios and Doberg then clutched their swords.

"I'm going to retrieve the fallen treasure chests. The precious treasure is in danger.

 Rosetta said that she would be in charge of retrieving the chests.
 As they hunted Iron Golems at the rate of one every few minutes, the chests dropped by Iron Golems began to scatter.

 Helmios sighed and said that Rosetta was doing her usual thing.