415-Episode 405 Trends

 Ten days have passed since I rescued the Duke of Dresskalay.
 He has been living in a modest building leased to him in the imperial city of Atlanta for half a month now.
 Allen and the others are seated at a long, narrow round table in a room in the building, waiting for lunch.

"How is Master Dresskalay?"

"Yes, he is. She's been very helpful with the development of the heavy user island. Today she is building a villa for herself and the Empress to live in.

"Oh my! I'd love to go there myself!

 Princess Karmin had a big reaction to Allen's story.

(As she asked me this morning, should I send her to the island with you? But I don't want her to get suspicious.

 Princess Karmin asked me the same question at breakfast, and she asked me the same question at every meal.

 This is the building where we rescued the Empress, her family, and her subjects from the Proustian family ten days ago.

 This building was basically leased to the royal family of Creville, and Ignomus's knights could not enter it without permission.
 However, every day, an official under Ignomus' command comes to check on the status of the magic tools.

 I don't want the Empress or the Duke of Dresskalay to be there when the officials come.
 Even if they were to stay in the back of the room, they might be discovered.

 With dozens of people to save, I decided that it would be too difficult to hide them in this building, so I had Bird A use his summoner's awakening skill, "Homing Instinct," to move them to the town of Coulee on Heavy User Island, where the fishermen lived.

 I've asked him to help me explore Heavy User Island, because I'm sure he'll feel uneasy about spending his days doing nothing but thinking about the Proustian Empire.

 He likes the view from the floating island so much that he wants to have some sort of villa to come and visit once in a while after the matter of the Proustian Empire is settled.
 He thought it might be interesting to have a summer resort for the Prussian royal family, and he and the fishermen are building a villa separate from the one they are currently living in.

 Also, the day after the rescue of the Duke of Dresskalay and the others, an official came to check on the status of the magic tools.
 At any rate, when Allen told him that the inspection was going smoothly, he said, "Well. If we don't make it in time, you know what to do. He said.
 Since that was all he had to say, Allen asked blankly, "I heard a loud noise in the palace yesterday. What happened?" Allen asked blankly. It's none of your business," replied the official.

 I guess he couldn't make it public that the Empress or the Duke of Dresskalay might have escaped.
 And since he didn't feel any suspicion, he wouldn't think that Allen and the others had done it.
 Even in the throne room at the palace, there were no conversations in which Allen and his friends were suspected.

"So, are you okay with what Kiel said, Cecil?"

 Princess Karmin was convinced by the Duke of Dresskalay's recent situation, so she turned the conversation to Cecil.

"...... What does your father have to say about it?"

"If it's Kiel's decision, he's fine with it.

 This was confirmed yesterday by Allen using a summoner that Viscount Granvelle did not object.

"If your father doesn't object, it's not for me to say anything.

 Cecil says there's nothing wrong with the Granver family.

(I see. You're making it difficult for me. I don't know if there's anything I can do about it.

 A few days ago, I received a report on the status of a joint exercise between Allen's army and the heroes' army.

 It was said that the Kingdom of Latash would be rewarded for saving Elmar and the allied nations.
 It's not for Latash's sake, but it's not uncommon for the country of origin to give rewards for the contributions made in the world.

 In particular, in the battle against the Demon King's Army, there are many cases where the results of the battle are not directly related to the Kingdom of Latash.
 Even if they are not directly related to their country of origin, the royal family that controls their country of origin will reward them on their behalf.

Dogoras and Crenaras are barons instead of honorary barons.
The Granvelle family went from viscount to count.
The Carneres went from Baron to Viscount.
 The Granvelle's lands that were turned into royal fiefdoms during the Granvelle Incident will be returned and restored to their original size.

 According to Kiel, these three points have been decided.

 According to Kiel, these three things were decided after the Alliance of the Five Continents put pressure on the Latash royal family to repay them properly.

 Now, Dogora and Crenna are hereditary noble families.
 They have been told to think of a name for themselves in the future.

 There was originally a plan to make the Granvelle family a count family.
 Cecil's work this time seems to have made it official.

 In such a situation, the one who gets the most rewards is Kiel.
 The Church of Elmar has officially announced that Kiel, an apprentice to the Pope, has been the most helpful to them.
 As such, he will be made a baronet and all of his former territory of Karnel will be returned to him.

 In such a situation, Kiel brought up a story.
 Cecil had a difficult look on his face when he heard this, but he said that it was fine if his father, Viscount Granvel, agreed with it, and said nothing more.

 While I was wondering if there were some things that I couldn't divide even if I knew them, lunch was being served.

(Hmm. Prostia's food is good. I hope you'll have a good meal to calm yourself down.

 (Hmmm... Prostia's food is good.) When I came to the Empire of Prostia, it was a rather bland earthly meal, but after I came to the Imperial City of Atlanta, it became a completely undersea specialty.

 Today's lunch consisted of a few flat buns and fish meuniere.
 I believe that these flatbreads must be the staple food of the Proustian Empire, because they are delivered with almost every meal.

 At the bottom of the sea, I think it is a kind of bun that does not fall apart in the water like rice or absorb water like bread.

"Lukoman! It's still pretty good!

(I love this Lukoman!)

 (I like this Lukoman.) Luke grabbed it with both hands and ate it while it was being served.
 It's made by pounding the stems and roots of a seaweed called lucomar grass to make them soft, then kneading and boiling them.
 It is filled with sweet red bean paste, and Allen, who has a sweet tooth, likes it very much.

 It tastes like the flattened buns that were served at my grandparents' house in the country every time in my previous life.

"Shall we grow some in the town of Coole?"

"Yes! I like that!

 It's been half a year since the heavy user island started its activities, but there are no special products.
 Since lucomar weed can be planted in large quantities in a small space and yields a large amount, it can be grown on a small heavy user island.

 If I get a chance to go into town, I'll try to buy some seedlings.

(Hmm, oh? This is)

"You look like you're having fun. Hmm? What's the matter?"

 Shea seemed to have noticed that Allen's expression had changed for a moment.

"No, it's just that my skill level is about to increase.

"Is that so?"

 Allen always seemed to be enjoying raising his skill level.
 Allen never stops raising his skill level, even when he is eating.
 This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.

 In addition, Princess Karmin and the Knight Commander of Ivanum cannot see the grimoire.

 Princess Karmin and the Commander of the Knights of Iwanam are here, but if I keep it too private, it will interfere with my future activities, so I have decided to tell them some things.
 Also, there may be times when I need to talk to Princess Karmin and the Commander of the Knights of Ivanum for operational reasons.

 Both Princess Karmin and the Commander of the Knights of Ivanum are aware of Allen's power, such as the summoning of Insect A by Allen.
 I'm not going to answer the details of how they're investigating the palace, but they're not going to ask me this and that either.

(It's not that I'm working on my skill level because I'm stuck in this situation.

 In a previous game, when Allen couldn't find the key to go on, he learned a spell to open the door and solved the problem by force.
 He doesn't think that's what's happening now.

 I've been chasing Bek for the past 10 days.
 It's been more than half a month since Bek started the civil war, but I haven't been able to track him down.
 He seems to have disappeared without a single attack against the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.

 Since Bek was not in the palace, I expanded my search.
 I have also asked them to look for Bek's footprints in the other beast kingdoms on earth.
 In the continent where the Arbajal Beast Kingdom is located, there are several beast kingdoms, so there are occasional skirmishes, and there are also nations that are hostile to the Arbajal Beast Kingdom.

 There is also a hostile nation to the Arbajar Beast Kingdom. And there is more than that that is making Shea feel threatened.

"I'm doing what I can. There's no rush.

"I know. But Ignomus is expanding his military power. Ignomus' story is becoming more and more real.

 I've been observing the actions of Ignomus with my Fish D summoner, and he's trying to turn the Proustian Empire into his own empire.
 He has been summoning the nobles around the imperial capital of Atlanta and making them promise their loyalty to him.

 He has been offering tax breaks and freeing up the treasuries of the Prussian royal families in an attempt to win them over with money.

 The Prussian royal family is already powerless, and both the First and Second Imperial Armies are on the side of Ignomus.

 In this situation, the Prussian royal family is gone, but the position of the nobility is guaranteed.
 They give us money and tax breaks.
 In addition, even the noble families that had been treated poorly by the Prussian family are being treated well.

 It seems that there are some nobles who oppose Ignomus as traitors to the House of Prostia, but their power is only getting smaller.

 It seems that Prime Minister Aziray, who has been supporting the Proustian Empire for many years, is also behind this.

 In negotiating with the nobles, Allen and the others were hoping for the effects of the water purification spell they had brought with them.
 It is a grimoire that is equivalent to the national budget of the Proustian Empire.
 It has also been confirmed that they are ordering a trial calculation to see how much budget they can cut once this grimoire goes into operation.

 With such a situation, Shea has a sense of urgency and is unable to get his hands on his lunch.

 It seems that a lot of blood was spilled when Ignomus conquered the palace, but after that, he persuaded the First and Second Imperial Armies not to use weapons in order to conquer the ground.
 He is also trying to force the nobles around the Imperial City to obey him with the power of money.

 Ignomus' action was to succeed in the civil war without wasting troops.
 The reason why he is not wasting his troops is probably related to the story of Ignomus' conquest of the earth.

 Shea guesses that they have their own uses for their troops, and they do not want to waste them fighting the Imperial Army and the nobles.
 He may be thinking that he can just take the money from them by occupying the ground.

 Ignomus's actions are in line with the information he had obtained from the Duke of Dresskalay.
 One big regret I have is that Bek is not there.

 And if everything Ignomus has told us so far is true, the first to attack will be the Arbahar Beast Kingdom.
 Bek, who has not been seen, will lead the fishermen to the royal capital of the Albajarh Beast Kingdom and attack and destroy his own rebels, such as Prince Zeu and the princes and nobles of the Shea Faction.

 He would then wear the three types of equipment that signify his status as the King of Beasts and show the beastmen that he is the King of Beasts.
 It is quite likely that the beastmen, who have a lot of brains, will accept this as the way of the Beast King.

(But is that really all there is to it?).

 There is another unspoken possibility that worries Allen.

"Shouldn't we hit Ignomus, after all?

 Cecil, who has always spoken to Allen with his fists, also speaks like a brainiac.

"Even if that's the case, it's the last thing we should do. We've been letting Ignomus swim. There's still a lot of information we need right now.

You let the ignomus swim. Only a fish. Oh, that's funny!

 Allen made a joke that no one else could understand.

 It's easy to kill Ignomus, and there are ways to make him give up the ground invasion without killing him.
 But it's better to do what you have to do and what you can do, Allen said.

 And so, after constantly gaining skill experience while talking and eating, the long-awaited log finally appeared on the jet-black cover of the grimoire.