416-Episode 406 Summon level 9

 As Allen and Merus worked frantically to gain skill experience, a log finally appeared in the grimoire.

The skill experience of synthesis has reached 10 billion/10 billion. Synthesis level is now 9. Summoning level has been increased to 9. Grimoire expansion is now level 8. You have gained a growth skill. The shared skill is now a combined skill (sealed). The combined skill is sealed and its effects are limited. You have also gained an "Undisclosed Skill Name" skill.

"What's wrong?"

 I knew what had happened from Allen's reaction, but Cecil, who was eating next to me, asked what had happened.

"Your summoning level went up! It's finally up!"

 Allen stood up, clenched his fists and shouted.
 Shoving Lukoman in his mouth like a child who eats dinner too fast to play a game, he headed for the room he had been given.

 There are many things I need to verify.
 Allen's friends were watching his back, saying, "It's no use.
 They all agree that it's Allen.

(Well, the log says this and that, and there's a lot to worry about this time, too.

 (Well, the log says this and that, and there's a lot to worry about this time.
 Open the grimoire and check the status screen.

(What? What do you mean?

 Allen is surprised to see what's inside the grimoire.
 He decides to summon Merus, who understands this situation.

"What's wrong? Oh! You've raised your summoning level? I've been liberated! I did it! I did it!

 The expression on his face changed as he immediately realized that his summoning level had increased.
 Then he raised his hands and dived into the sofa as if he had been sucked in.
 As he threw his body around, he lay on his back and stared into the distance without looking at the ceiling.
 Tears welled up in his eyes, but they did not form and melted into the water.

 He is enjoying the feeling of freedom more than the Duke of Drescaley, who broke him out of prison.

"...... I've got a few questions for you.

Can I talk to you now?

Yeah. You can ask me anything. But I'll take the day off!

 I had told Merus that I would give him a break when he reached summoning level 9.

"All right. I'll keep my word.

"So what do you want to ask me? As you know, I became a Summoner while I was in the process of setting up my A-rank Summoner.

(In a way, this is nirvana.)

 (In a way, this is the Nirvana Buddha.) Merus is lying on the sofa, his head raised on his elbows as he engages in conversation with Allen.
 (This is, in a way, a reclining Buddha.) Merus is lying on the sofa, raising his head with his elbow and talking with Allen.
 He seems to want to take a comfortable posture.

 It reminds me of how my father used to watch TV in this posture on holidays in a previous life.

 Note that Merus cannot use "Mimicry", the awakening skill of Fish A's summoner.
 He looks like a handsome man with frizzy brown hair.

 Perhaps he is a blessing.

 Merus says he doesn't know of any S-rank summonses.
 He also asks about A-rank and lower summonses, but the final decision was made by the creator god Elmere.
 The A-ranked summoned beast was defeated by Kyubel and became Allen's summoned beast.

"I've heard that. I was wondering why there were so many seals this time. Why are you sealing them in the first place?"

 Allen checks his status once again, now that he has reached summoning level 9.

 [Name] Allen.
 Age: 16
 Occupation: Summoner
 Level 93
 Physical Strength 3815+2000
 Magic Power 6060+12060
 Attack Power 2124+2800
 Endurance 2124+4400
 Speed】 3951+6200

 [Intelligence] 6070+15060
 Luck: 3951 + 2000
 Skills] Summon <9>, Create <9>, Combine <9>, Strengthen <9>, Awaken <9>, Grow <1>, Combine , Expand <8>, Store, Fast Summoning, Equivalent Exchange, Command, King, , Delete, Swordsmanship <5>, Throwing <3
 Experience: Approximately 1 trillion/300 trillion

Skill Level
 Skill Level 【Summon】 9
 Summon 9
 Combination] 9
 Strengthen] 9
 9 [Awakening] 9
 Growth】 1

Skill experience
 【Synthesis】 Approx. 3 million / 100 billion
 Combination] 0/100 billion
 Strengthening] Approx. 2.5 million/100 billion
 Awakening] Approx. 1.2 million / 100 billion

 【Growth】 0/1000

Possible Summoning Jug
 Insect】 Seal ABCDEFGH
 【Bird】 Seal ABCDEFG
 【Grass】 Seal ABCDEF
 【Stone】 Seal ABCDE
 【Fish】 Seal ABCD
 [Spirit] Seal ABC
 【Ryu】 Seal AB
 [Messenger] SA
 [-] S

 [Insects] A7 sheets
 [Birds] A10 sheets
 [Fish] 50 A, 3 Fish D
 [Spirit] A5 cards
 A5 [Dragon] A4
 A5 [Dragon] A1
 [ - ] 

(Summonses are also sealed, binding skills are also sealed, and one seal doesn't even know what skill it is. (Maybe you didn't set it up in time?)

 The bonding skill is sealed.
 The other skill, which is only marked as "sealed," is not even known what it is.

 Most of the summons that seem to be S-ranked are sealed.

 I had heard from Merus that setting up a summoner is very difficult, from the design to the effects of its specialties.
 I was able to raise my summoning level very quickly because I had gained a lot of skill experience with Merus, had enough magic stones, and had enough time to work with Allen's army for the past six months.

 This made him wonder if the summoning level had risen too fast for him to set it up in time.

 Allen records his growth in his grimoire.

01 years old, 00 months, acquired grimoire, summoning level 1, summoned beast H rank.
01 years old and 10 months old: Summoning level 2, acquired synthesis skill.
03 years and 00 months old: Summoner G rank
05 years and 11 months old: Summoned level 3, acquired enhancement skills, Summoned rank F
Summon level 4, gain storage skill, Summoner E
Summon level 5, gain shared skill, Summoner D
Summoner level 6, gain Awakening skill, Summoner C
Summoning level 7, fast summoning skill, commanding skill, Summoner B
Summoning level 8, gain Equivalent Exchange skill, gain Royalization skill, Summoner A
Summon level 9, gain growth skill, gain bonding skill, gain sealed skill, summon beast S

'...... In the first place, Mister Allen is already deviating from the realm of humanity. You know that, don't you?

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

"I'm not sure. I'm not sure what to make of that.

 It's been about 10 months since Merus became a Summoner.
 During that time, I've heard a lot of things about him.
 Allen remembers one of those stories.

"Yes. According to the story, at the time of creation, there was an opinion in the Divine Realm that a person could reach summoning level 9 in Hell Mode. In the first place, a normal demon lord wouldn't need to raise his occupation level that much."

 Allen recalled about the strength of the Demon Lord, which was the first part of Allen's story that was beyond the realm of human beings.

 It is said that the Demon Lord is a profession that sometimes appears among the demon race, and when it appears, it is ambitious and tries to conquer the world.
 It seems to be the instinct of the Demon Lord, and the world has suffered every time he appears.

 It is said that those who defeat the Demon Lord are sometimes called heroes.
 Allen and the Shura King Basque are in the same position.

 What is needed to defeat a demon king depends on the number of people in the party, the talents of the party, the composition of the party, the level of the job, the equipment, and so on.

 He showed me a configuration that would give me a 50 percent chance of winning a fight against the Demon Lord.

 To defeat the Demon Lord with a probability of more than 50%, in normal mode, a hero with 5 stars in talent must reach full level and skill level, and obtain Orihalcon-grade equipment.
 If you make friends with talents of 3 stars or more and form a party of 8 or more, you can win with a 50% win rate.

 Since you win 50% of the time, you also lose 50% of the time.
 If you are defeated, your party will be annihilated and the world will be doomed.

 In the Divine Realm, in Allen's case, if he could summon a B-ranked summoner of summoning level 7, he would have more than a 50% chance of defeating the Demon King by himself.

(If you can summon a summoner of level 8, you can almost certainly defeat the Demon Lord by yourself, right? (Although he was almost killed by his subordinate demon god Raesel.

 Until now, hexenarchs had a status of 10,000 to 20,000.
 An A-rank hexenbiest has a status of 3,000 to 6,000.

 The demon god Raesel was not only a demon king, but was as strong as a back boss in the previous games.
 Even with his high speed summoning, he was unable to defend himself, and Dogora ended up dying once.

 The reason why I was able to defeat the demon god Raesel
The hero Hermios' extra skill was a special attack against the demon god.
Allen's friends' extra skills were also excellent.
The reason why he was able to defeat Raesel.
The Spirit God intervened using the Spirit King's Blessing.

"With eight talent stars, Allen is stronger than any of the others as his profession level rises.

"You're saying that the status growth of the Swords Saint is higher than that of the Swordsman?"

 It's the number of stars that determines the growth rate.
 It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything you like.
 This is the reason why Allen, with eight stars, becomes dramatically stronger every time his summoning level increases.

 Summons are ranked like magical beasts, but when you compare them at the same rank, it is obvious that summons are stronger.
 And the number of such summonses that can appear simultaneously increases by 10.

The number of such summonses that can appear at the same time increases by 10. So, to gain power, you need to pay a reasonable price.

(Well, it is natural that there is a level required to learn a skill. (Well, it's only natural that there are levels required to learn skills, because a world where you can get them with just a level is a slippery slope.

 Even in Allen's memories of his previous life, powerful skills require an appropriate level.
 In the first place, it's a slippery slope to a world where skills can be obtained only by leveling up.

 I remember when Allen was a Kempee in his previous life, there were some skills that dropped at a ridiculously low rate of at most one per month, even with 10,000 users playing.

"I've already reached the point where I can defeat ordinary demon lords, and now I need to pay a price to gain more power?

 It's a world that demands a price for everything.
 Very few gods offer their power for free.
 Makris, who was a fisherman, became a holy fish instead of gaining power.

So it is. I don't know what I'm missing.

 The Demon Lord of this world uses some kind of method and has overwhelming power, and even the Demon God, who is the boss behind the scenes, is under his control.

 Allen was called in to fight against it, but that doesn't mean he can use his power unconditionally.

You'll have to pay the price. In the meantime, he's been sealed up, but for now, let's try to generate some bugs.

 Try to generate an insect summoner of summoning level 9.

"The summoner of bug S is sealed.

"What, you're going to tell me? At any rate, a summoner of summoning level 9 has a rank of S, right?"

 Allen couldn't help but shout.
 Although it is sealed, there is no doubt that Summon Level 9 is an S-ranked summon.

 In the first place, angels and newly added lineage summons were not sealed, so it was easy to imagine that they were probably S-rank summons.

(Does this mean we know the conditions for synthesizing a summon? Angel S is not sealed. Let's see what kind of logs we get.

 From the situation we have now, we can proceed with further analysis.
 Angel S's summoner is the only one that's not sealed.

 Allen opens the synthesis page of the grimoire and tries to synthesize Angel S.

 Note that summons cannot be generated directly except for insect and beast summons.
 You have to generate and synthesize them repeatedly.

 If you fail to synthesize a summoned beast, a warning message will appear on the cover of the grimoire as a log.
 I'm going to use that as a hint to see if there is any way to lift the seal.

"Oh, hey.

 I put Merus, who was about to say something, back on the card and randomly put down the Angel A and Dragon A cards, as well as the S-ranked magic stone I got from hunting down the Iron Golem.

"I'm not sure what to do. Mmm? It's not responding."

 This was also the first time.
 This was also the first time for me to do this, since magic stones and magic power are consumed whether you succeed or fail.

 At any rate, I'll check the grimoire's display log.


 Allen blew out water.

 He thought he was a little tired, or that his eyes had dried out, even though they were moistened by the water.
 I thought I was looking at the grimoire wrong, so I fluttered my eyelids again and looked at the log carefully.

In order to summon an Angel S summoner, you need a S rank summoner. You also need holy beads or spirit beads to synthesize them.

(Why do I need sacred beads? I mean, what's a spirit pearl?

 The thing I was desperately seeking was needed for synthesis.
 And then I realized something even more important.
 The newer the summoning level, the more magic stones are needed.

"Hmm? Huh? Summoning an Angel A requires 49 magic stones of A rank, right? So does that mean I need 49 holy beads to summon Angel S?"

 Allen leaks out his thoughts as if he were talking to himself.

 There were so many logs in the grimoire that he was at a loss for words.
 Allen had stepped into a realm where he would have to pay an overwhelming price.