418-Episode 408 Military Funding

 Five days have passed since Allen's summoning level reached 9.
 Allen has been working hard to improve his growth skills.
 As promised, I've given Merus a day off, so I haven't let him help me raise his skill.

 The day his summoning level went up was no different. When I was frantically verifying and gaining skill experience, a very upset Merus called me crazy.

 At any rate, I told him he could take 10 days off.
 Merus seems to be unable to go to the God Realm by himself, but he seems to be hanging out here and there.

 At the moment, Allen is desperately trying to improve his growth skills.
 His current skill level is 7.
 If he earns one billion skill experience, the skill level of his growth skill will become eight, and with the A-rank blessing, he can double his current level.

 This means that the total value of Allen's blessings can be increased to nearly 100,000.
 This is an overwhelming aspect of the growth skill that expands Allen's combat range.

 Aside from its usefulness in combat, it can also increase Allen's maximum magic power.
 Including his equipment, he should be able to increase his maximum magic power to over 50,000.
 If he does, the benefits of the magic recovery ring will be even greater, and he will be able to gain more skill experience than ever before.

 Already, the activities of Allen's army have been taking shape for half a year.
 As for the magic stones, there will be no interruption.
 They are also conducting joint training with the heroic forces, but their main role is to assist Allen's activities, which was their original purpose.

 This means that we have plenty of money.

 As the adventurers and soldiers are being strengthened by the dungeons, there is an increase in the number of magic stones on the market.
 This amount of magic stones is outpacing Allen's consumption of magic stones.

 I'm glad that I was able to provide the Adventurer's Guild's information department with a very detailed explanation of how to use the dungeons safely.

 Since this is probably the weakest skill I've acquired since I reached summoning level 9, I'll have to find a way to unseal the other two skills.

"Should I stay too?"

(I feel like I'm saying that every time this happens.)

"Yes, you should. Peroniki should be there too."

 Peromus kneels down beside Allen, uneasy about being here as usual.
 Allen tells him to be here, as if it were every time.

"Silence. His Majesty, the Emperor Ignomus, is here!"

 As I was whispering, I was warned by Prime Minister Aziray.
 The fact that I was talking to the classmate sitting next to me brought back memories of my previous life when I was warned by my teacher.

 As I bowed my head deeply, Ignomus sat down on the throne.

 He was told to come to the throne room of the palace by the officials who came every day today.
 He said that Ignomus wanted to ask him something about the status of the water purification spell.

 Allen, Pelomus, Shea, Luke, Princess Karmin, and Knight Commander Ivanum are kneeling here.

"Hmm? What, is this a thing that's going around?"

"Well, what do you think?"

 Ignomus looks at the shrimp and crab-shaped Rosen and Fable on Sophie and Luke's heads and says, "What is this?
 He asks Prime Minister Aziray if such things are popular in the world.

 However, Prime Minister Aziray seemed to have no answer, so he quickly faded from my interest.

(I guess he's the type who doesn't care about details. That's a common trait among martial artists.

 Allen has been using the Fish D summoner to analyze Ignomus' character.
 The fact that he was wearing it on his head this time was meant to be an answer to his analysis.

"So you're the ambassador, Alec. So what's going on with the magic tools? How long have you been working on it? It's been half a month."

 He asked Allen in a slightly angry manner, perhaps due to his short temper.

"Maintenance is proceeding smoothly."

You asked without saying a word. Is that all you're interested in?

 Allen replies that there is nothing wrong with the maintenance of the magic tools.
 (That's all you're interested in, isn't it?) Ignomus doesn't say a word to Allen and the others from the Kingdom of Creville, but only checks the status of the magic tools.

"You said it. Can you hang your head on those words?"

 When I said it was no problem, he reminded me further.
 Ignomus gives Allen a stern look.

 The knights on the throne side put pressure on him as Ignomus spoke.

"There is no problem, sir. As a matter of fact, the adjustment itself is already done."

 Allen replies unconcerned about the situation.

"Oh? Then why do you say it's still being adjusted?"

 As Allen blurts it out, Ignomus looks at him even more sternly, wondering why he kept saying it was under adjustment for half a month.
 Prime Minister Aziray was also puzzled.

"Of course, it's because I want to make it an event worthy of His Majesty the Emperor."

What do you mean, "event"? Continue to ......."

 I don't know what it means, but the word 'event' seems to have some meaning to him.

"In half a month, sir. The Diva Contest is an important event for the Emperor to show his power to the subjects of the Ignomus Empire. I am making sure that the magic tools will be activated at that time without any problems. That is the situation at the moment, sir."

 When he went into the palace with Fish D's summoner, Ignomus was very concerned about when the adjustment of the water purification grimoire would be completed.

 The reason for this is the Diva Contest coming up next month.

 Princess Karmin had told him that this was a major event that was held once a year in the Proustian Empire.
 Every major country has a big event like this, and in the case of the Arbahar Beast Kingdom, the Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament is the same.

 Famous divas from all over the Protean Empire gather in the Imperial City of Atlanta.
 Some of the most powerful people in the Empire would come to watch the event, and some of the people in the Empire would come to watch the event.

 It seems that General Ignomus wants to show off his magic tools to show off his power in this event that the entire Empire is watching.

"You know that much, don't you? "You know that much, don't you?" "You know that if the grimoire doesn't activate then.

 "You know that, don't you?" I remind Allen, "This will turn into a bloodbath for you.

"Of course. It will be a tournament worthy of the Emperor's demonstration of the power of the Ignomus Empire. We are making preparations for that."

 With that, Allen bowed to Ignomus.

 Allen chose the term "Ignomus Empire".

 Ignomus is a family name, and his full name is Groudel-Van-Ignomus.
 Originally a commoner, Groudel rose to prominence and acquired the family name of Ignomus.

 The "Proustian" in the Proustian Empire is the family name of the Proustian royal family, which means that the civil war was completely successful and turned into the Ignomus royal family.

"Well... You can step back now."

 Now that you know what you want to say and what you want to find out, I suggest you leave the throne room.


 Allen is told to step back, but he silently bows his head and kneels.

"It's Alec. Your Majesty told me to stay back."

 Prime Minister Aziray couldn't help but say, "What's going on?


 When Allen did not step back, Ignomus asked, "What's going on?" The air of uncertainty spread through the throne room.

"...... I would like to contribute to the prosperity of the empire by the emperor's side when this event is successful."

 Allen bowed deeply, but his face turned very bad.
 I've been invited, but I'm not going to leave just for this.

"What is it? You want me to give you a reward?"

 Vizier Aziray was about to tell him to go home, but Ignomus stopped him and spoke up.
 Ignomus, who had risen from a commoner, seemed to have a sense of familiarity with Allen's attitude.

"I'm sorry, sir. I hope I can continue to be of service to the Emperor.

"What can you do?"

"I can earn money for the war effort.

"Oh? Really?

 Ignomus's expression changed at the word "war fund.
 He may have been interested in Allen for the first time.
 He clearly leaned his center of gravity forward and told Allen to keep talking, as if to tell him to keep talking.

"I have contacts in the Baucis Empire, but also in other countries on Earth. And Peroniki, who is standing beside me, is a connoisseur.

 Allen explained to the Director of Immigration that he was working on a deal with the Baucis Empire.

 And Peromus, beside him, used the term "connoisseurship" to suggest that he was good at knowing the value of things, that he was a merchant or some such connoisseur.

 It's a world where talent trumps effort.

"Keep going."

 Ignomus looked at Pelomus and then told Allen to continue.

"I am convinced that the Emperor will not stop at ruling the Empire. Money is essential to the high road. The only way to achieve this is to sell the Ignomus Empire's goods to the earth at a high price."

 With that, he raised his head and showed his bad face to Ignomus.
 Prime Minister Aziray, who was standing by Ignomus' side, was taken aback by the diabolical look on Allen's face.

 Allen knows that Ignomus has been distributing money to the nobles of each territory.
 If Ignomus is telling the truth about the Duke of Dresskalay's plan to conquer the earth, there is no amount of money that will suffice.

 Ignomus has also tapped into the treasury of the Proustian family.
 Even if they wanted to conquer the earth, they must have spent it to settle the Proustian Empire and have no money left.

 If we are going to gather troops and move to conquer the earth, we need a huge amount of money.
 Probably, we need to move hundreds of thousands of troops to conquer the earth.

"How much money can you make?"

 Give me a specific amount.

"Whatever it takes, whatever it takes. "Yes, I'll earn 10 million gold coins a year."

(Actually, you'll need a little more for your war chest.)

"Nonsense! What can a newly arrived ambassador do?

 Prime Minister Aziray erupted.
 Ten million gold coins in profit, not in sales, is quite an extraordinary amount.

"I'll put my head on the line with the Peroniki's."


 I took the liberty of putting Peromus' life on the line as well, and Peromus blew it out.

"Ten million? What do you really think? Prime Minister Aziray, will that be enough?

"Yes, sir. I think a year is a little too long, regardless of the amount. No, no, we can't talk about that here. ......"

 Since Ignomus had asked the question without thinking, I answered unintentionally, but we shouldn't be talking about attacking the ground here.
 I'll talk to you later," I told Ignomus.

"Well, a year is a long time, isn't it? Make 10 million in 3 months."

Three months. You want to raise an army and invade as soon as the tournament is over?

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, man. Do you even know what you're saying here?

 Allen didn't deny it, so Prime Minister Aziray told him not to joke about it.

"I, Alec, have been doing the negotiating on the ground, and Peroniki, beside me, has been the connoisseur. If you're willing to do whatever it takes, I'll make you ten million in profit."

"Oh? I see. Well, if you really make 10 million gold coins, I will take you as my beloved servants.

 Even if it's not 10 million, they'll remind you to give it to them when you earn it.
 He seems to think that there is no limit to the amount of money he can spend.

"What? At the risk of my life."

 He bows his head deeply.

Now that my negotiations are over... Princess Karmin, let's go.

 (Now that my negotiations are over, Princess Karmin, let's go.) An air of finality spread through the throne room, and Prime Minister Aziray tried to tell him to back off.

"Oh, um, how is the Duke of Dresskalay?"

 Princess Karmin realized that it was her turn to speak.


 Then, Princess Karmin opened her mouth.