419-Episode 409 Captive Little Mermaid (1)

"A dress flounder?"

 Ignomus knew what was worrying Princess Karmin, who had been looking worried throughout the conversation with Allen.

"Yes. Is Lady Dresskalay doing well?"

 I asked again, but Princess Karmin's question remained the same.

 Ignomus looked at Vizier Aziray with annoyance.

 If the new emperor, Ignomus, is sitting on the throne, he should be able to tell immediately what has become of the dukes of the blood of the House of Protea.
 Vizier Aziray frowned when Ignomus gave him a look.

(Is this the correct reaction? It's an important military base on land.

 Ignomus has no quarrel with the First Empire, Second Empire, or the nobility.
 It has been sowing money and offering quid pro quo to keep the conflict from escalating.

 This is in order not to exhaust the troops for the purpose of ground invasion.

 From what Allen observed with the Fish D summoner, it seems that they do not intend to do any harm to Princess Karmin.
 They were discussing about how to talk about the Duke of Dresskalay.

 That's because the Kingdom of Crevelle has been chosen as an important base for the ground invasion.

 We want to have a cooperative relationship with the Kingdom of Culebure, since it will be the base of operations for hundreds of thousands of fishermen.
 The Ignomus Empire is far superior in terms of power, but if they cooperate with us, we won't have to exhaust our troops for unnecessary control.

 Even though Culebure is a weak nation, it has an army of over ten thousand.
 While we are attacking the Kingdom of Clevure, the Allies may be defending themselves.
 The information would be transmitted to the world at once through the communication network of magic tools on the ground.

 At the very least, it's easy to imagine that we'll be wasting soldiers to suppress the Allies.

 If Princess Karmin were to be harmed here, there is a risk that the royal family of Crevelle will come out in force.
 Prime Minister Aziray was trying to convince the brainy Ignomus that it would be a waste of time.

"But what can we do about it?"

 Ignomus opens his mouth.

(Is he the type of person who speaks in the middle of a thought? Well, that's what happens.

"Well, then?"

 Prime Minister Aziray asks if Ignomus is really trying to kill him.
 The tension can be felt by the knights standing near Ignomus.

 If Princess Karmin had remained silent, she could have let it go, but if she was asking, she had no choice.
 But if she wanted to ask, she had no choice. Allen decided that she wanted to tell the knights what to do.

"Your Highness, Princess Karmin. Do you not understand this situation? Forget about Dreskarei."

 Before Ignomus could give his orders, Allen whispered to Princess Karmin as if he were giving her an earful, but loud enough for Ignomus to hear.

"What? No, I knew it."

 Princess Karmin fell on her face and cried out.


 What the heck is this?" The unspeakable begins, and Ignomus' head fills up.

"What? What do you mean? What do you mean, "What? It's Alec. Do you have any idea how good the House of Clevure has been to you?

Your face is a little red. If you're going to do this, you have to do it.

 (Shea, you look a little red. If you're going to do this, you have to do it.) Allen's words made Shea, Princess Karmin's bodyguard, furious.
 Her voice reverberated in the spacious throne room.

"Huh? Joanna. Do you still think I'm just some bureaucrat talking to you? I'm sorry, but you don't seem to understand the position of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary."

"You! You're going to betray me!

 Sheer is determined to finish the job. He grasps the sword in his waist and shakes his body.

"Shea grasps the sword at her waist and shakes her body. I'm not going to do it. I'm sure you don't know what I've been through as a guardian of that little girl in the royal family.


"I've been serving the royal family for years in a miserable, smoke-filled environment. It's a shame that you only summoned me when you yourself were in trouble.

 He said that he had worked for the royal family for years in the arid, fishermen-friendly environment of the Baucis Empire.
 No matter how much he accomplished, he was not appreciated, and it was when the Culebrew royal family was in trouble that he came to the Proustian Empire.
 That's a nice story, Allen said.

"What's with that tone? When the House of Clevure is in trouble, so are you!

 Sophie does her best to say that it's her turn to speak.
 You were practicing your lines until late last night, Allen thought.

"No, no, no. The emperor has promised to take me in as soon as he has the money.

No, no, no. The emperor has promised to take me if I have the money." "How dare you turn under such circumstances! You should be ashamed of yourself! You'll be prepared when you return safely to the royal family!

 Sophie is a bit overwhelmed.
 She immediately restrains herself and glares at Allen.

(Thank you for your performance. It's yesterday, but it's perfect. So, what do we do now? (Ignomus)

 He is acting as he crushes the thoughts of Ignomus one by one.

 In the midst of all this, Allen wonders what to think.

 Yesterday, an official came and told me to go to the palace.

 In the midst of this, Allen came up with this plan.
 He came to the Imperial City of Atlanta and thought that the situation of actively obtaining information was over.

 He decided to get more necessary information from the situation he knew.

 When he told this to Princess Karmin, she said, "I understand," and decided to do her part for the Kingdom of Creville.
 With the Proustian Empire on the verge of extinction, there is no telling what will happen to the Kingdom of Clevure in the future.
 Perhaps Ignomus will force the Kingdom of Culebure to change its way of being.

 And even if the control of the earth is successful, it does not mean that the House of Clevure will continue.
 The House of Clevure is a nation that frequently accepts the bloodline of the Prussian royal family.

 Princess Karmin played the role she had decided on last night perfectly for the survival of the nation.

 The Knight Commander of Ivanum, who had no role this time, kept his head down and wondered if it would really work.

 Princess Karmin's performance is supported by the status-raising ring that Allen has prepared for her.
 The ring was given to Peromus and other non-combatants as well.
 Princess Karmin has increased her intelligence by 10,000, and is perfectly executing Allen's strategy.

 Allen, Princess Karmin, Shea, Sophie, and Cecil continue to battle it out.

"Enough. You are in the presence of the Emperor!

 Prime Minister Aziray involuntarily told them to calm down.
 Princess Karmin is furious and looks at Ignomus, asking what she should do.

"Well... I don't want to be disturbed like this, do I?

"Oh, no. Please forgive me. ......

 The knights surrounding Ignomus stepped forward, and Princess Karmin bowed her head deeply, as if she had swallowed the situation.

 The situation made the Knight Commander of Ivanum and his bodyguard, Shea, tense as well.
 She looked as if she would risk her life to protect Karmin if he was to be disposed of.

(After all, he has absolute confidence in his skill.)

 Ignomus, who has been told that he has the talent of a four-star spear king, doesn't seem to mind the nervousness of the Knight Commander of Iwanam.

 That's how confident he is in his skills.

"Hmm ......"

 I'm not sure what to make of that.

"I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. How about making it a gift from the Emperor to the Queen?"

 Allen guided Ignomus' thoughts.

"What? What do you mean? Did you bring me a souvenir?"

 Ignomus's expression changed as he seemed to be uncomfortable with what he was about to do.

"I think Her Royal Highness is bored."

"I see. Oh, yeah. You're talking about letting him talk to you. Alec's got a good head on his shoulders."

 I think Ignomus was able to postpone the situation.

"No, not as smart as you, Your Majesty."

 Allen made a bad face and humbly responded to Ignomus' compliment.

 Allen's idea was to let her talk to Princess Rapsonil.
 This would allow him to isolate Princess Karmin and her guards, who had begun to fuss over the situation.

 Prime Minister Aziray also realized that he could use her to negotiate with the royal family of Krebbur if he kept her alive, and gave Allen a look.

"All right, take the princesses to the palace. You may leave as well."

 It seems that the audience with Ignomus is over.
 Ignomus, who didn't seem to like troublesome situations, said, "Good grief," and walked away from the throne room.

 Princess Karmin was carried away by the knights.
 Allen and the others followed her.

"You're done here. From here on out, it's forbidden for men.

 I thought we could go to the palace together, but it didn't work out that way.
 On the way to the palace, which can be reached from the first floor of the palace, knights in the service of Ignomus blocked Allen's path.

 Apparently, it was a place forbidden to men, and Allen, Peromus, and the Commander of the Knights of Ivanum could not go beyond this point.

"I see. Well then, Your Highness. I hope to see you again soon."

 I will serve Ignomus from now on, but it will be goodbye forever," Allen told Princess Karmin bluntly.

"You'll have to remember that!

 Cecil kicks him in the leg.


 And then, as if being sucked in, he strikes the back of Allen's head.

(Thank you very much for the ad-lib here. Cecil, I can see your thighs.

 When Cecil's impromptu performance started, the knights moved.
 When Cecil's impromptu performance started, the knights moved. The knights told him to "calm down" and "give up" and opened the door of the detached palace.

 They seem to push Princess Karmin, Cecil and the others in.
 After that, the knights closed the massive doors and went back the way they came.

"It was quite a performance, by the way. That was quite a performance.

 Shea says he's done it.
 He was wondering if it would really work.

"No, I'm glad you managed to pull it off.

 Sophie is also relieved.

It was a great performance. Seraphy's kick was painful.

"What? Yes, Alec.

 The bird G's summoner also peeked its head through the gap in Cecil's clothes.
 The binding skill is sealed, but the sharing function seems to be alive, and thus Allen can share his vision.

"Who are you?"

 While we were whispering at the door, a woman slowly descended from the top of the large staircase in front of us.
 She doesn't seem to be using the stairs at the moment.

(Oh, a mermaid. She's a mermaid, just like they say.

 After a quick swim, she came to me, her lower body a fish, her upper body a beautiful princess with wavy green hair and a shiny luster.

 Allen, who had hidden his body to the limit through his clothes, glanced at her.

 The female knights in his entourage came in a flurry in pursuit of the Rapsoniil princess.

"This is Your Highness. I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm here to help."

 Shea apologized on behalf of the princess for suddenly entering the palace.

"To help? What is the situation here? Please explain.

 Shea and the others who had entered the palace seemed to have somehow realized that they were not ordinary people.
 Shea was giving off that vibe.

"Will you tell me what's going on here?"

 Shea implies, "Are you going to tell me everything here?

"......, yes. Come here."

 The look on Shea's face indicated that she knew what was going on.
 Shea and the others were led by Princess Rapsonil to a parlor on the second floor.