420-Episode 410 Captive Little Mermaid (2)

 Shea and the others are on their way to the guest room led by Princess Rapsonil.
 Since her lower body is that of a fish, she seems to swim without touching the floor while moving.

 Allen observes from the view of the bird G summoner, and Cecil observes the Princess Rapsonil swimming through the gap in her clothes.

"Come here."

 Princess Rapsonil asks him to enter the guest room.
 The guest room was luxurious, as it was a decent-sized villa near the palace.

 In this palace, the children of noblemen, including Princess Rapsonil, are imprisoned.
 The windows are closed with iron bars and knights patrol around the building.

 I have known for a long time that the servants and the children of the nobles are taking care of Princess Rapsonil.
 And only the Princess Rapsonil here has the form of a fish on the bottom half of her body.

 If Ignomus was treating her badly, I would have thought of rescuing her, but it seems that he's just keeping her locked up, so I've been keeping an eye on her.

"So, what's this I hear about you coming to my rescue?

"Yes, well, you'll have to tell me who we are."

(Shea is staring too hard.)

 While Shea is staring at the lower half of Princess Rapsonil's body, Sophie tells the story of how she came to be here.

 Allen said that the first thing to start a conversation is to tell it yourself.

 As tea and sweets were served, Princess Rapsonil nodded her head and seemed to understand the situation.
 At first, she was confused as to what he was talking about, but she seemed to have understood most of what he was saying.

"So that's what happened?

"Yes. We are in pursuit of Bek. If he's not in the palace and you know anything about him, please let us know.

 Bek's whereabouts are also important, so we can't help him right now.
 If Princess Rapsonil disappeared, the recently arrived Sia and the others would be the first to be suspected.
 I'll tell them that we can't take any chances until we at least capture Bek and retrieve the proof of the Beast King.

"Thank you very much. However, we have been trapped here for quite some time now. During that time, we have very little information. I'm sorry I can't help you."

 Princess Rapsonil's tone softened considerably as she realized that there was royalty among the Shias.

 She says she doesn't know where Bek is.
 A silence falls over Sophie and the others.
 They managed to come to this place where Princess Rapsonil was.

 Yesterday, when we were told to come to the palace by the officials, it was agreed that the women would get information from Princess Rapsonil, while Allen and Peromus would look for information inside the palace.
 The time for picking up what information we can with Fish D's summoner has passed.

 We should go around and get the necessary information ourselves.

"So that's it.

 So far, so predictable.
 Allen came to the palace from time to time, but there was no information that would allow him to sense Bek's footsteps.
 Sophie's expression clouded as she wondered if there was nothing to be gained.

"I'm sorry. Is there anything else you would like to know?"

 I can answer some questions about the palace," said Princess Rapsonil.
 As I ponder what to ask, Shea opens his mouth.

"Is that wonderful tail a blessing from Aqua, the god of water?"

 I've been admiring the mermaid's lower body for a while now.

"What? Is that it? That's right. We, the Prostia family, are descended from the holy fish Makris-sama.

 You can tell if you're royalty," he said, seemingly proud of his fish body.

"I knew it! Wonderful!

 Shea's eyes grew brighter.

Shea's eyes light up. (Is this some kind of "King God" idea? That's why Ignomus wants the blood of Rapsonil.

 Allen, the summoner of the bird G, hides himself inside Cecil's clothes and is convinced of Shea's attitude.

 Even in his previous life, he had preached to his people the idea that kings were synonymous with gods.
 The new king brings his position closer to that of the gods, and in the end, the king and the gods are synonymous.

 This is the kind of story in which the history of the founding of a nation can be understood as a myth.
 It seems to be a reason for the king to stand above the people as a king.

 The idea of the unity of kings and gods actually exists in this world because gods are close at hand.

 I have heard the story of the founding of the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom from Shea.

 A thousand years ago, the beast god Garm and a beastman had a child.
 The beastman, who was in the form of a demigod, let out a single howl that roared far into the distance and caused ten thousand troops to tremble.

 They say that he won independence from the Ghiamut Empire and created the Beast Kingdom of Arbahar.

 Cecil and the others wondered if Shea sensed something mythical in the figure of Princess Rapsonil.

"There's a reason for her appearance. There's more to "Tales of the Proustian Empire" at ......."

 The reason for the glint in Shea's eyes is conveyed to Princess Rapsonil.
 She began to tell the story of Makris, the emperor of the Proustian Empire, after he became a holy fish and wept.

 Cynthia, the woman Makris loved, was already pregnant with his child.
 He said that before the battle with the monster that broke the seal, Makris was already married to Cynthia.

(It's not a love story that doesn't end? Has the story been altered somewhere?

 After becoming a holy fish, Makris sealed the monster again and left the imperial city of Atlanta.
 Later, Cynthia was taken before the emperor of the Proustian Empire and told that she was carrying Makris' child.

 The child that was born between Makris and Cynthia was said to have the shape of a fish on the bottom half of its body.
 The emperor of the Proustian Empire thought it was a miracle that Makris, the holy fish, had become a ward of Aqua, the god of water, to protect the Proustian Empire.

 He decided that the child of Makris and Cynthia would be the next emperor.
 And those who had strong Makris blood in their veins had the shape of a fish in their lower body.

(I see. Makris became a dependent of Aqua, the god of water, and gained his power.

 When Dogora became a human pillar of Freya, the god of fire, Allen heard about what a human pillar was.
 It seems that there are three main categories of people who serve the gods in this world: "apostles," "human pillars," and "dependents.

Apostles are the agents of God. They speak the name and mission of God. Lesser blessings. They retain their human form.
A human pillar is an agent of God. He carries out the mission of the god. Moderate protection. They usually take human form.
A dependent is an executor of a god. One who carries out the mission of the god. The blessing is great. They rarely take human form and often become holy beasts.

 To make a contract with a god is to be one of these.
 It seems to be related to the size of their role in the mission. The family members have more roles and the apostles have less.
 It is said that the one who becomes a member of the family has immense power.

 Makris, the holy fish, became a dependent of Aqua, the god of water, and used his power to protect the Empire from evil monsters.

 It seems that the reason why Ignomus has her locked up in a remote palace is because Princess Rapsonil has Makris' blood in her veins.
 If he had a child with Princess Rapsonil, everyone in the Empire would think that Ignomus was the next emperor.

 Shea couldn't help but ask about the body of Princess Rapsonil, which seemed to be connected to Ignomus' principle of action.

"Hey, do you have any questions?"

 Cecil whispered to the bird G summoner hidden inside Cecil's clothes.

"Okay, then."

 Allen gives him an earful.
 He didn't think much of the commoner Ignomus, and asked the Duke of Dresskalay, but he didn't know much about him.
 So I'll ask Princess Rapsonil.

"Has anyone approached Ignomus before the civil war broke out?"

 Cecil asks.

Cecil asks, "Yes. Ignomus was an ambitious man, but many thought he would never have done such a thing.

"You think he's changed?

I've heard that many people change when they're elevated from commoner to noble.

 It's a common story that position makes a person.

"What if it's an imam named Sinorom? But it's been over a year since he came to the palace.

(Hmm, that fisherman.)

 The name of the fisherman in white jumped out at me.
 He was not present at the earlier exchange at the palace, but he said that he was often around Ignomus to advise him.


"Yes. I took him because he is an excellent researcher of magic tools and magic, etc. ......"

 And then, Princess Rapsonil pondered if what she had done was right.

 There seemed to be something unspeakably "suspicious" about Imam Sinorom.

 He was very studious, and his subordinates reported that he had a reputation of being "crazy" or "weird".
 However, he seems to have achieved a number of results on the advice of Sinorom.

 Feeling something like a sense of déjà vu at the word "research-oriented madness," my gaze drifts to the bird-g summoner hiding inside Cecil...

I'm sorry. Excuse me . Keep asking questions!

 ) The Bird G summoner wriggles around in his clothes to ask more questions.
 Then Cecil squeezes him to keep him from making any noise.

"There were reports that he was talking to Ignomus, and we thought that was strange.

 Princess Rapsonil says, "If you ask me, I'm curious about the strange behavior.

"So you're saying there's no reason for the researcher to be talking to the Commander?"

 Cecil asks, questioning Cynolom's behavior.

"That's right. I've heard that many times when he asked for a reason, he was brushed off because it was related to strengthening the knights.

 I'm sure you're not the only one.

(Cynorom. At any rate, that's one more thing to check.

 The fisherman named Sinorom is definitely one of Ignomus' closest aides, as well as Prime Minister Aziray.
 Fish D's summoner is often seen with Ignomus.
 I think Allen has done what he should have done.

"I can't believe this is happening at an important ceremony where Makris is coming. This can't be happening."

 As she was asked many questions, Princess Rapsonil's thoughts began to drift.

"My heart goes out to you."

 As Princess Rapsonil covered her face with her hands, Sophie gave her words of comfort.

(I know, right? Makris is coming to the diva contest next month, right?

 Makris, who has been swimming endlessly in the Proustian Empire, comes to the Imperial City of Atlanta.

 The annual "Diva Contest" was an event where Makris, the holy fish, would come.

"I wonder if the Holy Fish Makris will ever defeat Ignomus.

 Cecil said that since Ignomus had caused a civil war in the Proustian Empire, it would be all right if Makris judged him as an enemy.

"That's not going to happen. I've never heard of Makris-sama judging a fisherman in the past 300 years."

 According to Princess Rapsonil, there have been civil wars and uprisings in the past three hundred years, but Makris, the holy fish, has never come forward in those three hundred years.
 He seems to be the guardian of all fishermen.

"I guess Holy Fish Makris-sama is also in a position to watch over us."

 Sophie said, patting the spirit god Rosen.

 Sophie says that they must be in the same position as the spirit gods and spirit kings.

Now, Makris is coming next month. Is there a connection? Or is it just a coincidence?

 There's something fishy about an imam named Sinorom.
 I can't find Bek for a long time.
 The holy fish Makris is coming next month.

 Maybe there's a connection between these things.

 I don't know what information I'm lacking and why I'm in this situation.
 Allen and the others thought about what they should do now and sought the missing information.