421-Episode 411 Kiir's Wish (1)

 It was a few days after Allen and the others had been summoned by Ignomus.

"Are you sure you're wearing this right?"

 Rodin, Allen's father, uncomfortable in his better-than-usual clothes, says to Gerda, Crenna's father, beside him.

"Oh? It's not a problem, is it? Don't ask me."

 Gerda replies disinterestedly.

"You. You look good."

 Allen's mother, Teresia, follows up.
 Rodin's face relaxes at the words, as if he simply wanted a compliment to reassure him.
 Crenna's mother, Michilda, is watching the conversation, saying, "Oh dear.

 This is a room in the royal castle of the Kingdom of Latash, where the Rodin family, the Gerda family, and Dogora's parents are also present.
 The Granvelle family, Kiel, Nina, and Merle are also there.
 Viscount Granvelle and Count Hamilton are also there.

 Kiel and his friends were called to the royal castle of the Kingdom of Latash as a reward for their efforts in saving the nations of the Union, including Elmar, from the evil Gushala and the infidels.

 The reward was given to Crenna, Cecil, Dogora, and Kiel for saving Elmar and other nations.
 This was in accordance with the agreement of the Alliance of the Five Continents that each country should give rewards to those who contribute to the world.
 This is the reason why Doberg, who has been successful in the battle against the Demon King's army, holds the title of Marquis in the Kingdom of Latash.
 That's why the four people from the Kingdom of Latash will receive the reward this time.

 Allen was born in the Kingdom of Latash, but he belongs to Rosenheim.
 He was born in the Kingdom of Latash, but he belongs to Rosenheim, because he has the title of chief strategist of Rosenheim.
 If I am to be paid, it will be in Rosenheim, but I have told the Elven Queen that I will not ask for any particular reward if she helps me when I need it.

 Merle received his reward in the Baucis Empire ahead of his time, and was made an honorary baron and then a baronet.
 Merle shared his joy with his family, as a nobleman was born out of a low-ranking soldier.

 However, Rodin is here.
 Rodin, who had nothing to do with the pagan religion, was also invited and told that he would be rewarded for another matter.
 Since he became the mayor of Rodin village, he has become better dressed than when he was a serf, but today he was called to the audience room and was given a sparkling dress to wear.
 Rodin felt uncomfortable in it.

"Allen, you're late. It's about to start."

 Cecil's brow wrinkles as he looks at the clock on his magic tool, staring at Allen's parents.
 Cecil came to the royal castle during last night.
 He wanted to talk to Viscount Granville, who works at the castle.

"Sorry, I couldn't keep my hands off him."

About the summoned beasts on the battlefield that are about to be killed. Or rather, Basque is full of energy. I'll convert him to a level someday.

 That said, Sophie, Formal, and Sia are with him.
 They've all deactivated their fish-man forms when they transferred.

"Hey, you're late. What? Isn't Peromus coming?"

"Yeah, well, Pelomus got access to the books at the castle. He's going to see what he can get for his money."

 Since he was able to get permission from Ignomus to enter the palace freely, he said he would look into what could be traded at a high price on earth, and how much was produced annually.

"You're serious in a weird way.

 That's right," said Cecil.

"He's risking his life for that one.

 The more results he achieves and the more Ignomus likes him, the more information he will get in the palace and the closer he will be to marrying Fiona.

 In the end, it would be nice if he could get the Tears of Makris, which he promised Fiona, but he wanted to do what he could.

 Apart from that, the summoned beasts of Insect A and Dragon A that were sent to the northern part of the central continent started to be attacked a while ago.
 This is the reason why I was delayed in retrieving Shea and the others and coming to the Kingdom of Latash.

 I was trying to get the summoned beasts of Bug A and Dragon A to attack and destroy the territory of the Demon King's army in the central continent, but everything was not going smoothly.
 It seems that several higher-ranked demon gods have appeared, and their speed of annihilation is beginning to overwhelm the increasing speed of Bug A's summoned beasts.
 One of them was Basque, who had reached a higher level of demon gods, and the main force of the Demon Lord's army might have appeared.

 They're changing their strategies, but they're pretty strong opponents, and there seems to be no way to overcome them at the moment.

 Allen himself would like to go to the northern part of the Central Continent, but he's currently occupied with dealing with the Proustian Empire.

(Sinorom isn't in the palace after all. I doubt it.

 One of the reasons why Allen can't go to the northern part of the Central Continent is because he has a lot of work to do in the Protean Empire.
 Cynolom, who Princess Rapsonil said was suspicious, is not in the palace, no matter how hard I look for him.
 According to the official who prepared the account book at the palace, he sometimes disappears.
 According to Princess Rapsonil, he sometimes stays in his laboratory and comes out after a few days.

"Big brother Allen!

 Allen's younger sister, Murat, speaks to me while I'm considering whether or not to send Merus, who is enjoying his vacation, to the northern part of the Central Continent.
 Murat, who is now almost 10 years old, is smiling.
 Allen always keeps one of his summoned beasts in Rodan Village, so he sees her almost every day, but this is the first time Murat has seen her brother in a long time.

 At any rate, he pats Murat's head.

"It's been a long time, Mash. Did you get some rest?"

"Yeah. My homeroom teacher said it was no problem. I've been staying at the Royal Castle since the day before yesterday.

 Mash tells me the story of how he came from the school city to the royal capital on a magic tool.

"I see.

 Allen has set up a base of operations for Allen's army in the school city, but he rarely sees Mash, a first-year student at the school.

 Unlike Tomas, who helped him get a new job, Mash seems to be going to the dungeon with a friend he met in the same classroom.

 He is now traveling by himself in a magic ship, and we can sense his growth as he begins to walk his own path.

(Well, I guess it's time to talk about the Demon Lord. I haven't even told my dad about it.

 Allen still hasn't told his parents about the Demon Lord.
 He thinks it would be best if he could defeat the demon king and report back to them afterwards, so they wouldn't worry about him.
 However, it is doubtful that he will be able to defeat the Demon Lord by the time Mash learns the history of the Demon Lord next year.

 Today, in the northern part of the central continent, I'm still struggling with the Demon Lord's men.

(My parents seem to be aware of something, but they haven't said anything. (I wonder if Mihai felt this way too.

 Even though Allen is in such a terrible situation, Rodin and the others don't say anything.
 This time too, even though he was called to the royal castle and told that he saved the world from the infidels, he didn't say anything.

 That said, I've been in a similar situation before.
 He was a gifted summoner, and there was something wrong with him, but he didn't ask until Allen told him.

 Cecil's older brother, Mihai, probably went to the battlefield without saying anything to Cecil so that he wouldn't worry him.
 After his three years of service, he could pretend it never happened.
 However, Cecil himself also had to go to the battlefield.
 In the midst of such a conflict, Mihai went to the battlefield without saying a word.

 I'm sure he's waiting for Allen to say something to him.
 Surrounded by Mash and Murat, and smiling at Teresia, Allen decided to take some time out and talk to her.

"Hey... What's with the look on your face, Kiel?

 Cecil couldn't help but speak up when he saw Kiel's face tense up nearby.

"No, no. I was just wondering if it was okay.


 Nina, Kiel's sister, was also worried by his attitude.

"You don't have to worry about us. I've already talked to Cecil.

 We had a good talk last night, Viscount Granvelle tells Kiel.

"Thank you. I'm sorry.

"A nobleman is responsible for his own actions. We respect Sir Kiel's decision. And this is the end of the rift between the two families."

 The Earl of Hamilton, who helped Kiel return to the nobility, said he had no problem with the decision.
 And he seems to agree with Keir's decision.

"Yes, and I apologize to Earl Hamilton for the inconvenience.

 Not long after that, there is a knock at the door.
 It seems that he doesn't want to come into this room, where there are great nobles.

"If you would like to enter the audience hall, please do so as soon as possible.

 An official entered the room and said.
 It seems that the nobles have begun to enter.

 Joining them in the audience were Allen, Sophie, Merle, Shea, and Viscount Granvelle.

 Theresia and Crenna's parents would not be attending the audience, but would wait in this waiting room.

 Allen, too, hurriedly took his clothes out of storage and changed out of his seawater-soaked clothes.
 Then, he was escorted by the officials to see the audience.

 The nobles have already begun to enter the audience hall.

 Many of the nobles are surprised to see Allen.
 He's starting to become quite famous.

 As Allen heads to the side of Viscount Granvel, who is already in the audience hall, Sophie and Shea, who have been changing in another room, arrive with Merle.

I've been coming to the audience room more and more lately.

 (I've been coming to the audience hall more and more lately, haven't I?) I remembered that Ignomus had summoned me to the throne room a while ago.
 I am often summoned by kings and other powerful people of various countries.
 Allen thinks that the best place to be is in the boss room of a dungeon, rather than in the throne room or audience hall.

 Then, the Prime Minister enters through another doorway near the throne.
 This is the entrance to the audience hall used by the vizier and royalty.

"Then I will perform the reward ceremony from His Majesty the King.

 It seems that the audience is ready.
 A little later than the Prime Minister's words, the people to be rewarded this time arrived, led by knights.

 Leading the way is Rodin.

"Hey, is that Allen's father?"
"He looks pretty normal to me.
"Hmm? His hair color is different, so I guess he's his foster father.

 Rodin begins to buzz in a different way.
 Because he looked like a normal man over thirty, though a little bigger.

 I'll tell Teresia, Mash, and Murat, who couldn't be here, about his arrival later.

 I decided to wait for a while until the king arrived, led by Rodin.

 Then, the entrance to the king's hall opened.
 All at once, there was a buzz.

(What? Is that guy here to see how Kiel gets his prize?

 (Is he here to see if Kiel is going to get his reward?) Led by the officials, a richly dressed cardinal of the Church of Elmere arrived with his staff.

"Is that the Cardinal?"
"They say he's been waiting in the royal castle for a month to participate in this reward ceremony.
"Yeah, because for the first time since the founding of our country, we have a pope.
"Are the rumors true? That blonde is the next Pope?
"Oh, don't point your finger at me! The Church will kill you.

 The next nobleman hurriedly wiped away the finger of the nobleman who tried to point at Keel.
 Apparently, the number two cardinal of the Church of Elmere had come to see if Kiel would be rewarded by the Kingdom of Latash.

 Kiel seemed to be oblivious to this exchange.
 He is staring at the heavily designed carpet, pondering something.

 As the tension in the audience room rose, the reward ceremony began.