422-Episode 412 Kiir's Wish (2)

 The nobles gasp as the cardinal, a major figure in the world-ruling Church of Ermea, sits in a magnificent chair next to the throne where the king sits.

 At the same time as the cardinal sat down, the royal family entered the room.

 All of them seemed to be children with the right to inherit the throne.
 Among them is Princess Leilana, who is a good friend of Cecil's brother, Thomas.

(I guess this is how they make you learn how to give rewards.

 Some of the children are still small, but everything seems to be a learning experience.
 Only one of them can become a king, but there are others who become lords of some territory and nobles who support their subjects and people.

 Finally, King Imbuele, a man with an all-black haircut and a strong image of a Western villainous heel character, arrives with the queen.

"And now for the reward ceremony. There are guests from the Church of Elmere here today, and I will give rewards to those who have contributed to the kingdom. Rodin. Step forward.

 The Cardinal bows his head as the Prime Minister says let's begin.
 The cardinal bows his head as the vizier begins.

 It seems that Rodin is the first to go, not the infidels.
 The fact that he took the trouble to say no to the cardinal shows the power relationship.

"Yes, sir."

 Rodin is swallowed up by the atmosphere, and his gaze swims.
 But there is no one to blame.
 This is what happens to commoners when they are surrounded by royalty and nobility.
 Allen memorized Rodin's condition to tell Teresia, Mash, and Murat, who could not be here.

 When Rodin kneels down and asks for some confirmation, the Prime Minister tells him that there is no problem.

"Then, Rodin. Rodin was born in the territory of Granvelle, and with his character and courage, he has contributed to the village of Crenna and, as its mayor, to the village of Rodin. In recognition of that contribution, I hereby bestow upon you the rank of baron."

Oh! Dad is now a knight?

 After that, the Prime Minister explained Rodin's achievements in detail.

 As a young man, Rodin had risked his life to hunt boas in the pioneer village.
 He brought the villagers together and offered them a large amount of great boa meat every year.

 Later, his talent for organizing the villagers was recognized by Viscount Granvel, and he became the village chief.
 It's only been a few years since he was put in charge of a new village, and he's already finished cultivating it.

"What, a few years? That fast?"
"Thirty boa meat donations a year?"
"Allen's parents were heroes?

Hmm? I thought Viscount Granvelle was the one who bought the boa meat.

 The nobles started to get nervous.
 It seems that Rodin is making an unparalleled contribution to the nobility with his territory.

 In the meantime, Allen thinks about the boa meat in Rodin's village.

 Since the tax incentives of the settlement village are still in effect, the meat of the boa should not have to be offered.
 I think that's the way it's worded, because the Granvelle territory is paying the money to the kingdom.

 The Prime Minister continued to speak.

"It's been more than 20 years since the order to settle the territory was issued. Rodin is the only one in the kingdom who has led the development of two villages.

 After the vizier's explanation, the king seemed to pass through the knight to give him something that looked like a breastplate.

"Rodin. "Rodin, I ask you to continue to lead my people."

"Yes, sir."

 Rodin replied as he was told, without looking directly at the King of Latash.

 Clap, clap, clap.

 Allen clapped, and as if remembering, the nobles clapped as well.
 The cardinal also seems to applaud.

 Born as a serf, Rodin's way of life had been recognized by the kingdom.
 Regardless of the king, Allen is happy that Rodin has been recognized.

 Rodin's position as a baron was not hereditary.
 The fact that Allen is the chief strategist of Rosenheim or the general of Allen's army has nothing to do with Rodin's being made a baron this time.

 However, it is common for lords and royal families to make the son of a baron a baron.
 If Allen succeeds Rodin and becomes a baron, he will have to sort out his relationship with Rosenheim and Allen's army.

"Oh, really. I will now perform the reward ceremony for the heroes who saved the people of Elmar and the allied nations from the demonic beasts known as the infidels. Cecil. Step forward."

 The Prime Minister changed the atmosphere and once again performed the reward ceremony for the heroes who saved them from the infidels.


 Rodin steps back and Cecil steps forward.

"I've heard from Elmar that Cecil-Granvel has contributed greatly to the recapture of the Church capital Theomenia and the salvation of the Kingdom of Crevelle. Therefore, I declare the Granvelle family to be a count family."

"Oh, no! At last, at last, the Granvelle family has been made a count.
"They were barons some years ago.
"You'll be kicked out of the faction if you keep talking like that.
"Oh, come on. Don't be silly. I'm just saying that I was a baron not long ago."

 The Prime Minister began to talk a lot about Cecil's achievements.
 The Vizier read out a letter of thanks from Elmar.
 The reading of these letters of appreciation might be one of the stylistic beauties based on the Five Continents Alliance.

 The Granvelle family was a baronial family when Allen was a servant.
 When he went to the academy, he was made a viscount, but he finally became a count, a member of the great nobility.

 Since that time was about four years ago, there were many nobles who did not hide their envy at being promoted twice in such a short period of time.

 Unlike Rodin's prize, joining the great nobility of the Granvelle family seems to be an object of jealousy.

 However, there are those who rebuke the aristocrats who express their envy.
 The Granvelle family is among the many factions and is close to the royal family.

(Are you still busy fighting factions?)

 Allen doesn't feel that the nobles are moving forward with the talk about the school faction and the kingdom faction.

 Against the nobles, the king seems to be grabbing his sword and tapping Cecil on the shoulder.
 King Imbwer stands up and walks over to Cecil, who bows his head and kneels.
 It is said to mean something like "be the sword of the kingdom.

"Now, Crenna and Dogora. You two are to be barons. You will be given a fief depending on your future work, so keep up the good work."


(For now, they seem to be noblemen in vestments with no territory.

 After that, the Prime Minister read out the letters of thanks from the Kingdom of Karbarna, which Crenna saved, and the Kingdom of Crevelle, which Dogora saved, as he did with Cecil.

 In this world, nobility comes from barons.
 Crenna and Dogora are now nobles who need a family name.
 However, for now, they have only been given baronial titles, and the vizier tells them to make further contributions to the kingdom if they want the land.

 Perhaps only being active on the distant battlefield in the fight against the Demon King's army will only raise your title.
 Allen analyzes whether the contribution within the kingdom of Latash is required in order to receive or expand the territory.

 The question of whether or not it was okay to bring weapons to the audience room arose when he was invited by the king or emperor, but this time he was able to bring them as a matter of course.

 But this time, he was allowed to bring his weapon as a matter of course, since Allen was not present at the reward ceremony, and he had been allowed to carry his weapon before.
 It may have been the royal family's idea, but he was able to bring his weapon in without any trouble.

 Thanks to this, Dogora has a heavy sacred weapon, Kagutsuchi, on her back.

 The king stood up and patted Crenna and Dogora on the shoulder with the sword given by the knight.

(Oh? Kagutsuchi has turned red.

 Freya, the god of fire, seems to have reacted to Dogora, who is attracting everyone's attention.
 For a moment, it seemed as if the temperature in the audience hall had risen.

 After that, the vizier said that the baronies of Crenna and Dogora should make the Granvelle family their close parents.
 This would mean that the Granvelle family would take care of them.

 Now there are three noble families in the Granver territory: the Counts of Granver, the Barons of Crenna, and the Barons of Dogora.

"And now for the last time, Kiel von Karnel. Step forward."


 The nobles tensed at the mention of Kiel's name.
 The man in the gold-embroidered cloak had just reached adulthood, and was now an apprentice to the Pope.

 The news was conveyed to the whole world through a magic tool.
 Along with the fact that he had become the Pope's Apprentice, there was a sentence attached to the magic tool.
 In particular, the Kingdom of Latash, Kiel's country of origin, copied the sentence into writing and advised all the nobles of the Kingdom of Latash.

"The Church of Elmere will punish anyone who interferes with the holy path of Kiel-von-Karnel.

 For this reward, the number two cardinal of the Ermea Church has been staying in the royal castle for a month now.

 I guess that means we should give him a reward soon.

"Kiel von Karnel not only saved the people of Elmar, but also pointed the way of compassion to those who had gone down the evil path. ......"

(What's with Kiel and reading so many sentences?)

 (What's with all the text being read out loud to Kiel?) The Prime Minister's written praise of Kiel's achievements, which he even finds difficult to hold, is wrapped up like toilet paper.

 It takes about ten minutes for the text to be read out.


 All the while, Keel is still thinking about something, with a difficult look on his face.

"In recognition of this achievement, Kiel von Karnel is granted the title of Viscount and all of the former royal domain of Karnel. ...... Is this correct?"

 The vizier said he would restore all of Charnel to its former state.

 The nobles watch in silence as Kiel receives his reward, lest they catch the attention of the Church of Elmere for saying something trivial.
 It was a very large reward for a single battle.

 Four years had passed since the previous Viscount Carnell had caused a commotion.
 It had been four years since the previous Viscount Carnell had caused a disturbance, and it had been four years since the current Kiel had regained his domain and title.

"I'm sorry, too. Could you please change the reward?"

 Kiel kept his head down and asked the Prime Minister to change the reward.

"No? You want more territory and titles?"

 The Prime Minister had been informed in advance by Keel that he wanted to change the content of the reward, but he went along with Keel's story.

"I'm sure that's too much to ask. I'm not sure if that's too much to ask.
"Both the Carnell and Granver territories are originally vast.
"If a viscount isn't good enough for you, you want a count like the Granvelle family?

 The nobles, who had been silent until now, began to murmur in unison.
 Noble estates come in all sizes and tend to get smaller the closer you get to the royal capital or the royal domain.
 This is because there is a concept that the area around the royal domain is more populated and the value of land is higher.

 Karnel and Grandver, which are far from the royal domain, are quite large.
 There was a time when these two territories were in need of mithril, and the royal family borrowed money in exchange for land.
 As a result of the land that was originally in the countryside and was gradually given to him by the royal family, he has a larger territory than other nobles.

 Thanks to this, Allen was able to hunt goblins and orcs in a large area.

 In particular, for the past 100 years, the Karnel family has had a large enough territory to deal with the royal family.
 They felt that they should be satisfied if all of that territory was returned to them.

 Aren't aristocrats fussy about their titles and territories, he thought.


 Then the cardinal coughed deliberately, as if to say that he wanted to hear Kiel out.
 At that moment, all the nobles quieted down.

"Kiel. What do you want then?"

 The King saw the situation and spoke to Kiel.
 After a few moments of silence, Kiel spoke with determination.

 More territory.
 Or a knighthood.
 Or both, the eyes of the nobility turned to Kiel.

"...... I ask for the pardon of my father and mother for this work. Please let me out of jail."

 With these words, Kiel closed his eyes and bowed deeply.