423-Episode 413 Kiir's Wish (3)

"...... Ah, this was for the best."

 Kiel laid his head down and muttered to himself in a voice that even the King of Imbuel sitting in front of him could not hear.

 Kiel's appraisal showed that he had been living in poverty since he was five years old, far from home, with a few servants and not much in the way of nobility.

 He was sent to the academy by a royal messenger, and then he heard from Allen and Cecil what his father had done at the academy and why he was sent there.

 The first thing I thought about my father, the former Viscount Carnell, was, "Woe is me.
 My father, who had brought this upon himself, was now in prison and in a terrible situation.
 Count Granvelle told me that he would never be able to get out of prison because of the seriousness of his crime, which even included the crime of sedition.

 His mother, the former Viscountess Carnell, is not as guilty as his father, and is in a sort of isolated dungeon far from the royal capital.

 It is said to be a place where children of noblemen who have committed crimes are isolated.

 I felt that I deserved it because of the circumstances of my parents.

 He began to work with Allen and his friends at the school, conquered dungeons, and began to feel comfortable in his life.
 His sister Nina, the servants who followed him, and the young servants he had taken into custody began to feel more comfortable.

 As Kiel became more relaxed and his sister Nina's smile gradually returned, his father's face began to cross his mind.

 In order to forget his parents' faces, he did good deeds, such as casting healing spells on the wounded at the church where he was taken care of at the school.

 Still, I couldn't get my parents out of my mind.

 He became one of Allen's companions and put himself into a fierce battle.

 In Rosenheim, he saved more than ten thousand elves.
 He conquered an unprecedented S-class dungeon and saved the land of Elmar from the hands of a pagan guru.
 He was thanked by many and was given the unenviable position of Pope's Apprentice.

 However, I can't shake the thought of my parents.
 The look on my father's face when he was kind to me before the appraisal comes back to my mind.

 Cecil sometimes talks about Allen's time as a servant, as if it were a saga.
 Sometimes I don't know how to listen to him.

 Then, I was told by Doberg that the Kingdom of Latash wanted to thank me.
 When I contacted them using my communication spell, they said, "We'll restore Kiel to the viscountcy, and we'll restore the Karnel territory. That's your reward?" said the official of the Kingdom of Latash.  

 Kiel naturally said, "I want you to wait a little.
 The thought of his parents crossed his mind.
 He couldn't mention it here.
 There are people who need to be asked if it is possible or not before checking with the officials.
 Kiel simply said, "Let me think about the reward.

 The nobles understood what Keir wanted for his reward.
 Everyone looked at Kiel as if to say such a thing.
 The nobles are a privileged class, and many of them are accused of ruffling feathers.
 It is not often that a child is pardoned on his own merits.
 He looked at Kiel as if he were watching a heroic story.

"I want the sins of my predecessors expunged."

 As Kiel's mind drifted back to the past, King Imbuel asked him again.

"Yes. Please."

 Kiel assures himself that he is right.

 There was a hesitation on his face, as if he was not sure if this was really the right thing to do.


 (I heard that you've already talked to Imbuel...) King Imbuel ponders while resting his cheek on his throne.

(I heard that you've already talked to Imbuel. (I heard that you've already talked to Imbuel. You're giving me the impression that you're thinking about it.

 It was only a few days after the joint exercises between Allen's army and the heroes' army that Kiel told him about this.

There's something I really need to tell you.

 Cecil was told that Kiel was considering a pardon for his mother and father.
 Cecil didn't scream or get angry, but he was shocked and couldn't answer immediately.
 Even as a child, he had seen how much the Granvelle family had been subjected to by the former Viscount Carnell, and he himself had been kidnapped and put in danger of death.

 He was also kidnapped and put in mortal danger himself. The former Viscount Carnell was arrested and charged with mayhem in the Granver House Incident, but he was never charged with death.

 The previous Viscount Carnell had acted arrogantly in the kingdom, using the abundant funds from the mithril mines.
 Especially in the decades since the invasion of the Demon King's army began, the royal family and the nobles had no money, so they could do whatever they wanted.

 The royal family, who had been receiving money from the former Viscount Carnell for more than 100 years, decided to forget about him by keeping him in prison.
 In a time of war and turmoil, the royal family and the Carnell family were on the same side.

 When Allen heard this story from Kiel, he was convinced of Kiel's actions so far.
 Allen was aware that something was bothering Kiel, but he was not sure it was his parents.
 Kiel was struggling with what he should do for his family while doing good deeds.

 Cecil seemed to understand Kiel's distress.
 So, he decided to accept Kiel's proposal without a single objection.

 Kiel had been trapped in the past for more than ten years.
 Allen and the others quickly came to the conclusion that they could not take away Kiel's future because of his past.

 They immediately consulted with Count Granvelle, and also talked to Count Hamilton, who was also in the royal castle.
 Count Hamilton said that it would be a great help.

 The Granvelle Incident ended with the tyranny of the Carnel family against the Granvelle family, and the lords of Granvelle moved the royal family to imprison them.
 This is something that could affect the children and grandchildren of Kiel and Cecil's families for the next hundred years or more.
 The noble family values history and the past, so Kiel's actions will be beneficial to both families.

 Count Granvelle only confirmed that Cecil could forgive him and cooperated with him.

"I see. Then take him away."

 King Imbwer gave the answer he had already prepared.
 With these words, the large double doors of the audience hall opened.

 With these words, the large doors of the audience hall opened, and all eyes turned to the buzzing doorway.


"Yes, sir. Are you sure you're going to be released?

"That's to be determined. Walk quietly.

"Yes, sir.

 With that, the former Viscount of Charnel, dressed in tattered clothes and still wearing his shackles, was led by a knight by a cord into the audience hall.

 The former Viscountess of Charnel, dressed as a commoner without shackles, followed behind with her head bowed.

 It seems that Mrs. Keel had been brought in for this occasion.

 They were taken to the side of Kiel and made to kneel down.


 The former Viscount Karnel was barely a shadow of the man he had been when Allen was his servant.
 His fat body was reduced to skin and bones in the prison, and he didn't seem to have the strength to lift the manacles.


 Kiel looked at his parents in silence.
 He seems to be looking for some kind of answer.

 The former Viscount Carnell noticed the gaze, wondering why he was in such a glittering place.
 The blond man sitting beside him seemed vaguely familiar, and he stared at him.
 A vague memory from a long time ago flashed through my mind.

"What? You're Kiel. You're Kiel? Why are you dressed like that?"

 I remembered Kiel's face from my childhood, vaguely seen in a haze.
 This haircut, this look in his eyes, these were the facial features of his own child that he had abandoned long ago.

"Are you Kiel?"

 Kiel's mother noticed the words.
 Allen wondered if Kiel was like his mother.

"Father, mother, it's been a long time."

 The father and son, separated when they were five years old, were reunited for the first time in over ten years.

"I've got him. What are you going to do? You can choose between your lands, your title, or the release of your family."

 King Imbuel looked at his parents and told them to think about which one they should choose.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"Don't talk to the king!"

"Fugu! I'm sorry, .......

 When Viscount Charnel, still unsure of the situation, tries to speak to the king, the Prime Minister stops him.
 The knight's hand that holds the ex-Vicomte de Charnel in place is strengthened.
 The former Viscount Charnel's body and soul have been exhausted, and he is unable to cry out loudly.

 His father is crushed in front of him by the overwhelming power of the knight.
 His bones are cracking and he seems to be exerting just enough force not to kill him.

"Stop! All heels!"

 The words of restraint and the spell of restorative magic came out of Kiel's mouth as a matter of course.
 The golden sacred script arose to envelop the former Viscount Carnell and then spread around him, filling the audience room with radiance at once.
 This is the maximum recovery spell of Kiel, who has become the Holy King.

"No, no, no, no!

 The knight sits back and backs away from the sheer sanctity of the keel.

"Are you all right, Father? Father!

"Yeah, I'm fine. Oh, thank you, ......."

 The former Viscount Karnel was restored to life by Kiel's overwhelming recovery magic.

"Oh, I see. So this is the right answer. I should have just saved him."

 In his relief, Kiel knew that he had done the right thing.
 The hesitation disappears from his face as he confirms that his actions were correct.

(Okay, okay.)

 Allen looked at Cecil and said, "That's good.

"You don't seem to know what your son has done. Tell me again what Kiel von Karnel has done. Be brief."

 He didn't seem to mention the restorative magic Kiel had used.


 And with that, the Prime Minister gave a brief explanation of Kiel's achievements.
 The former Viscount Carnell listens in silence.

The former Viscount of Karnel listens in silence, "Kiel's achievements will allow him to achieve the rank of Viscount and the complete restoration of Karnel's territory. However, he is seeking the pardon of his parents."

"Oh, no."

 The former Viscount Karnel looked at his shackles and understood what had happened.

"I am the head of the Carnell family and I bear the responsibility for the actions of my family. Therefore, I ask your pardon for both of them."

 With that, Kiel bowed deeply again.
 There was no more hesitation there.

"I see. Have you changed your mind? Is there anyone here who wishes to speak out?"

 King Imbuel asked in a voice that echoed in the audience hall if anyone had any opinions.
 Neither Count Granvelle nor Cecil said anything.

"Then, as a reward for Kiel von Karnel's services, I am granting a pardon to the former Viscount and Lady Karnel.

 The fact that King Imbwer looks at the Prime Minister implies that he wants an explanation from there.

"The King has granted a pardon. However, both of you will be subject to restrictions on your movements for a certain period of time. You are not to leave the realm of Karnel. A special magic ship sails tomorrow and you are to board it and head for Karnel."

(Probation, huh?)

 They're not going to just let him off scot-free.
 As Kiel said, if either of them were to go anywhere on the magic ship, it would be the responsibility of Kiel as the head of the family.

 The Prime Minister asks Kiel if he is okay with this.

"Yes. Yes, please.

"Then remove the shackles. This concludes the reward ceremony."

 The knights remove the shackles from the former Viscount Carnell.

 Crackle, crackle.

 As if to break the silence, the Cardinal began to clap.
 The nobles clapped in unison as if in response.

 The nobles seemed to feel that the actions of the man who had won the acquittal of his parents were more pure than his position or territory.
 Everyone was convinced that this was the conduct of the man who would become the Pope.

 As the applause grew louder and louder, he left the audience hall with the king and the royal family.
 Then the cardinal comes to Kiel.

"That's great, Mr. Kiel. Not everyone can do something like this. We'll take care of your parents, so please stay on the path of holiness.

 The Cardinal says to go your own way as the Church of Elmere will watch over your parents.

"Thank you very much. Thank you for your help.

"No, if this is how you repay me for saving the Archprelate. Good day."

 With that, the cardinal seems to leave.

"Can I get up? Father.

"Uh, yeah."

 And he's going back to the waiting room.
 Allen and the others follow behind him.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

 Shea, a member of the royal family, looks at Kiel with a difficult expression as he carries Viscount Carnell by the shoulders.

"Yes, it is. Isn't that one correct answer?"

(Oh, he reminds me of my own brother, doesn't he?)

 I think I understand why Shea has been making a difficult face since before.
 I wondered if Shea was deciding what she should do while watching Kiel's actions.

 They were heading towards the waiting room where everyone was waiting.

"Oh, Father!

 As soon as he opened the door, Nina, Kiel's sister, jumped on the former Viscount Karnel.

"Oh, Nina, you've grown up."

 It's been four years since we've seen each other, and Nina has grown a lot.

"Oh, father, father, oh, father!

 Nina buried her face in the raggedy clothes of the stinking former Viscount Carnell.

 At this moment, the former Viscount Carnell felt Kiel's warm gaze on him.

"Hello, Kiel. I'm, I'm ......"

 He embraced Nina and finally seemed to feel it.

"You don't have to say anything. I have things to do. I'll leave the Karnel family and Nina to you in the meantime."

 With no more hesitation, Kiel let out a single tear, saying that there was no need to apologize.

(Was it Kiel who was saved? You've grown up one step ahead of me.

 Allen thinks he saved his parents and started his own path.

"Yeah, I guess so. What? Are we going somewhere?"

 The former Viscount of Karnel, who couldn't keep up with the situation, was supposed to go back to his domain with him, but it seems that Kiel is not going to Karnel's domain.
 That reminds me of what you said about the Sacred Path.

"Yes. Your son, Kiel von Karnel, has things to do with his friends.

"I see. I was wrong, wasn't I?

 My child, who doesn't even ask for an apology, reminds me of my mistake.
 The child in front of me, whom I thought I had abandoned more than ten years ago, has reached out to help me, and I feel a sense of regret.

"Well, I've been told I can use this room until tomorrow. Shouldn't Kiel be here at least today? In the meantime, I want you to take a bath."

Well, I guess that's it. Well, Imbue is still kicking, but I guess that's a new one. I'll have to take a lesson from Kiel.

 I think about the king, who kidnapped Cecil, and in the aftermath, there was only one person who pretended that nothing had happened.
 But that happened a long time ago now.
 Kiel has shown us enough to think of him as a king.

 With this in mind, Allen looked around at the family in the waiting room.
 Now that the family was here, he wanted to talk with them.

 Dogora seemed to be embarrassed to tell his parents that he had become a baron.
 Just as everyone was getting to know each other, the meal I had ordered was brought in.

 The stinking former Viscount Charnel is told to take a bath and change his clothes.
 I decide to eat in a circle with my family for a change.

 Meanwhile, Shea keeps looking at Kiel.

"What's wrong? Does Kiel remind you of your brother?"

(Brother and sister.)

 According to Shea, Bek was a royal with extraordinary achievements.
 Bek had saved the kingdom of Arbajar once, and he was a living legend.

 Seeing his brother Kiel struggling for the Karnel family, and his sister Nina rejoicing in the result, he was reminded of his own family.

 As the head of the Karnel family, he is questioning his own actions in the future, having been touched by the actions of Kiel, who was devoted to his family while he was trying to rebuild the family.

"I have things to do as the Beast King's family. We must defeat Bek."

 These words were lost in the waiting room of the royal castle as everyone made their own noise.
 In the midst of all this, Sia thought about the time when she herself met Bek again.