424-Episode 414 In Prison

 In their pursuit of Bek, Allen and his team had heard many anecdotes about Bek from Shea.
 Based on Bek's background and behavioral principles, they tried to get a clue to the whereabouts of Bek, who had not been seen yet.

 Shea seems to have a special feeling for Bek, unlike the Zeu prince.
 Shea seemed to have a special feeling for Bek, unlike the Zeu prince. It was a feeling of awe that could not be expressed in words like respect.

"Bek is the reason why I want to become the Beast King.

 When Allen asked Shea about Bek, the first thing he said was something that could not be said about the ringleader of the civil war.

 Shea said that this civil war was a very unfortunate situation.

 The Bek that Shea spoke of was very good, or rather, far superior.
 He was so good that he would go down in the history of beast kings.

 Bek, who is twice as old as Shea, is over 30 years old.
 Bek was 15 years old when he became the Beast Prince.

 The reason why he was 15 years old was because the laws of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom required him to be an adult before he could become the Dauphin of the Beast.

 Bek was so good from an early age that there was a debate in the castle that he should be made the crown prince much earlier.
 However, despite the discussion, it never came to fruition.
 This was because it was expected that the current Beast King would still be in office as the Beast King.
 There is no point in advancing the age of becoming the Beast Prince.
 It didn't take that long to come to that conclusion.

 He entered the Royal Academy of Beasts at the top of his class, graduated at the top of his class, and became the Crown Prince of Beasts at the same age.

 He also became an adventurer according to the laws of the Beast Kingdom.

 The Beast God Garm, who rules over the beastmen, grants talents according to a different reason than the Creator God Elmea, and thus gives starry talents to the children of high status people.

 And the Beast God Garm always gives the talent of three stars to the Beast Prince.
 Let the powerful rule over the beastmen.
 The child of a beast king should not work in the royal castle as soon as he comes of age, but become an adventurer and pass the divine test.

 Bek, who became an adventurer at the age of 15, became an A-rank adventurer at the age of 18.
 At the age of 18, he became an A-ranked adventurer and qualified to participate in the Beast King Martial Arts Tournament.

 It is said that the Beast Kingdom had never had such high expectations for Bek as at this time.
 At that time, the Beast Kingdom of Arbajar was in the midst of an existential crisis.

 The overall winner of the previous year's competition, in which Bek was participating, was Prince Gil of the neighboring Kingdom of Brycen, who had earned the title of "Beast King.

 The Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament was divided into ten divisions, and the winner of each division was decided.
 Then, from each of the ten divisions, a tournament would be held to determine a single overall winner.
 The overall winner is called the "Beast King" of the year in the country where the tournament is held.
 This is a kind of title of champion.

 The continent where the Arbajar Beast Kingdom is located is called Garlesia, and the Beast Kingdoms of Garlesia each held their own Beast King Martial Arts Tournament.

 The Beast Kingdoms of Garlesia held their own Beast Kingdom Martial Arts Tournaments.
 If a Beast King from another country wins the title of Beast King in his own country's tournament, he must cede part of his country to the winning Beast King's country.

 Since Prince Gil was the "Beast Prince" of the Brycen Beast Kingdom, the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom would not lose its land and people.
 If the winner took part in the tournament after he became the Beast King, the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom could lose part of its nation.

 With everyone's expectations high, Bek entered the tournament and won the claw and knuckle division.
 He then entered the tournament to determine the "King of Beasts".
 Bek was the first to be frustrated by the Prince Gil, who had also participated in the tournament that year.

 Bek was helpless against the overwhelming power of Prince Gil.

 That same year, the title of "King of Beasts" was taken away by Prince Gil, and the Arbajal Beast Kingdom sank to a low ebb, as if even Bek was unable to win.

 The following year, the Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament was held in the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.
 There was no choice but to not hold the tournament in the Beast Kingdom.
 The Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament is held every year in different countries, with dignity and pride at stake.

 Bek participated in the tournament, but he was defeated again by Prince Gil and ended up on the arena floor.
 For three years in a row, a beast prince from another country had become the "King of Beasts" in the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.

 In the year that he won the championship three times, Prince Gil became the Beast King in Brycen Beast Kingdom, perhaps in recognition of his achievements.
 In his inaugural address, Prince Gil announced that he would participate in the Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament in the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom the following year.

 Many people in the Arbajal Beast Kingdom thought that there was no hope for them now.
 According to the rules of the Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament, the Beast King could not participate in his own tournament.
 If he wanted to regain his lost territory, he would have to participate in another country's Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament, win, and become a Beast King.

 The powerful Muza might be able to reclaim the lost lands of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.

 However, compared to the Muza of the Arbajal Beast Kingdom, Gil was much younger.
 Eventually, Muza would lose his power and the time of Gil would come.

 The future of the Arbajal Beast Kingdom looked very bleak.

 The following year, the Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament began in the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.
 The next year, the Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament began in the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom.

 In the third tournament, a miracle happened.
 The year he turned 20, in his third challenge against Gil, Bek finally won the Beast King Martial Arts Tournament.
 For the first time, Bek won the title of "Beast King".

 Shea, like the people of the Beast Kingdom, shouted and cheered for Bek as he fought to the death to protect the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom.
 When Bek won the battle, Shea still remembers the screaming cheers of the beastmen watching the tournament.

 She says she now knows that this is what it means to carry one's country on one's back.

 This meant that Bek had become the strongest of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom.
 The Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom was in a frenzy as a strong beast king was born.

 According to Shea, it was because of this tournament that Bek had changed.
 At the Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament that year, Bek killed Gil, the Beast King.

 The Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament is a fierce competition where people die.
 However, even General Lud, who knew Bek well, said that Bek seemed to be possessed by something after that event.

 After retiring from adventuring and entering national politics, Bek took a major step toward retaliation against the human race.
 He continued to advocate a number of radical measures, even to the death of his own people, the beasts.
 The number of people following Bek was dwindling one by one.

 There is a reason why Bek is a hero, but his second son, Zeu, who is too kind and dreams of a beast empire, was put to the test.
 Shea says it's because Bek has changed.

 Allen thought that what Shea and General Lud were saying about Bek was very complicated and hard to put into words.

 This place seems to be a dank prison for criminals.


 Droplets spilled from the ceiling of the inorganic, concrete prison.

"...... Shea?"

 A beastman gazed at the drops, which he had seen hundreds of thousands of times in his prison.
 The beastman felt as if he had remembered something from a long time ago.

 Shea, whom I haven't seen for a long time, is crying and screaming, calling out my name.
 I saw something like a hallucination.

 The beastman's appearance was abnormal, with both limbs cut off at the base and a chain around his neck.

 Hita hita hita

 An old man in a white coat slowly walked to the bars.

"Hihihi. Bek. Are you still alive?

 An old man in a white coat with a sneer on his face speaks through the bars.

"You've come again. Kill me, Cynorom."

 Bek spits his cold anger at Sinorom without any emotion.

"I'm alive. I'm alive. I'm alive. I'm alive.

 Sinorom took the form of an old demon in a white robe.
 When he confirmed that Bek was still alive, he nodded his head in agreement.
 Since he is wearing a white coat, he looks like a researcher checking the survival of an experimental animal.

 On the other side of the bars were the demon guards.
 Sinorom told them to keep a close watch.

"Master Cinarom, the head of the Hexenbiest Research Institute, the Demon Lord wants to see you.

 Then, as if he had foreseen their arrival, the guards were told.

"Again? You're impatient. You've already reported to me.

What can I do for you, sir?

Of course I'm going. Last time I ignored you, you got me in trouble.

 Sinnolom says good riddance and walks out of the jail cell.

 Then he moved on and entered a room.
 The floor of the room was covered with a magic circle, and when Shinrom chanted something, it disappeared from the room.

 Shinrom came to a room with a magic circle on it, just like the one he was in before.


Oh! It's Gii. How have you been?

 A monster with eyeballs twice as tall as a man was waiting for Shinrom to arrive.
 As soon as he arrived, he twisted his long tentacles around Shinolom.


"Well, well, well. How are you, how are you? I'm fine. I'm in pain!

 Crushes Sinorom and clamps his tentacles in a display of affection.
 Cynolom blows bubbles and screams in agony until his eyes pop out of his head.
 It's like an old man being crushed by the affectionate gestures of a tame, large dog.

 When I finally got him out of the room, I found myself in the corridor of the Demon King's Castle.

'Well, well, Mr. Shinrom. The Demon Lord wants to see you.

I know. I know. I know.

 I know, I know, I know.' I complained that I had come without being told, and headed with Gii-chan to the place where the Demon Lord was.

 After passing through several corridors, passing through a hall, and ascending the stairs, the Demon Lord was sitting on his throne.
 Next to him, Cubel, the chief of staff of the Demon Lord's army, was talking about something.

"You're late. It's Cynorom, the head of the Hexenbiest Research Institute.

If the Demon Lord calls, I'll be right there.

"Oh dear. I've been waiting a long time.

 The Demon Lord frowned and pressed his fingers to his eyes at these words.
 This fast-paced man, Shinrom, ignores even the Demon Lord's orders for the sake of his own research.
 Since his research has borne fruit, he has been promoted from a researcher to the post of director, but even now he wonders if it was really a good idea.

 However, thanks to this research-oriented personality, I have the advantage of being able to easily blend into the world of others.
 He is crazy, but he can provide us with advanced and specialized technology.
 Since he is a talented but crazy type that exists in the human world as well, it is easy to integrate him into the royal family that seeks knowledge and technology.

"The Demon Lord asks how the resurrection of the Evil God is going.

 Instead of the Demon Lord holding his eyes, Cubel asks what the Demon Lord wants to know.

Of course, you'll be fine. The sacrifice has been secured. I am fully prepared.

 He asks for the situation and I answer this and that.
 I just checked on the sacrifice and it's ready for use.


 The Demon Lord wrinkles his brow at these words.
 The Demon Lord wrinkles his brow.

I'm sure you'll have no problem making sense of it, Lord Demon.

"Is that so? I'm not sure if you can really rely on something like that, like a storybook.

 The origin of this action is a book drawn by a fisherman hundreds of years ago.
 I'm concerned only because the evidence is so weak.

"Yes. And the power of the evil god is essential to killing Elmere. You must have it.

"Yes, you must. Hmm? Are you back already?

 While I was somewhat convinced by Cubel and Sinorom's words that there was no problem, three more higher demon gods entered the demon king's level.