428-Episode 418 Young Merchant

 Allen and his friends went to look at the earring, which was the other purpose of their visit.
 Unlike the crystal stone section that the shopkeeper showed us, this section was also quite crowded.

(Makris seems to place a lot of importance on appearance, too.

 In the diva contest, not only the singing ability but also the appearance is very important.
 That's why it's not uncommon for a 1-star talent to be rated higher than a 3-star talent and win the contest.
 The judges are said to be the holy fish Makris himself.

 Perhaps because of this, the contestants are rushing to the accessories section, including ear ornaments.

 This is one of the best magic shops in the Imperial City of Atlanta along the main street.
 Many shopkeepers have been mobilized to serve the crowded contestants.

 I only managed to get two crystal seeds, but accessories seem to be at their best right now.
 The winner is promised glory.
 People who don't care about money are buying beautiful clothes and accessories to dress themselves up to win.

 The reason for the crowds in the Imperial Capital is that the demand from the participants of these competitions has brought in a large number of merchants, and business is booming.

(This reminds me of a contest for fashion.)

 (This reminds me of a fashion contest.) Seeing the fishermen frantically choosing accessories for the annual contest reminds me of a game I played in a previous life.
 In that game, there was an event where people competed in fashion.
 If you didn't win the event, you couldn't progress in the story.

 You may think I don't know what I'm talking about, but at the time, Allen didn't understand it either.

 For this reason, I remember asking for highly fashionable companions, highly fashionable professions, and highly fashionable equipment.
 After that event, the fashionable setting disappears from the story.

"Hey, what are you two guys doing here at this time?"

 As Allen reached for the earring, his hand fell on a thinly clad woman with waist-length orange hair.

"I'm sorry, sir. Please."


 You decide to give up the earring to the woman with orange hair.
 The other woman stares at me and doesn't even seem to bother to say hello.

"I think the one you're looking for is over here.

 In the midst of this exchange, Peromus used his appraisal skill to bring me some of the items I was looking for.

"Oh, yeah? It's not as good as the one Basque was wearing.

The shells are the same, but it's a lower quality version.

 The shells are the same, but the shape, size, and luster seem rather plain.

"I'm sure you'll agree. But it seems to increase your attack damage a little.

 With that, Peromus explains the earring and its price.
 There are several types of earrings, including shells, coral, and transparent minerals, each with different effects.

The effects and prices of each earring
Earring that increases attack damage by 3%, 100 gold coins.
Earring that increases attack damage by 5%, 500 gold pieces.
Earring that increases magic attack damage by 3%, 100 gold pieces.

Earring that increases magic attack damage by 5%, 500 gold pieces
Earring that increases critical rate by 3%, 100 gold pieces.
・Earring that increases critical rate by 5%, 500 gold pieces.
Earring of poison protection, 100 gold pieces.
Earring of Sleep Protection, 100 gold pieces

(I see, even with a 5 percent increase, if you put them on both ears, this is still a pretty good enhancement. (This is where the equipment slot was originally left empty.

 There are many different effects, but if all of Allen's troops were equipped with them, it would be very efficient.
 The accessories that can be enhanced in S-class dungeons are rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

 Now there's a new accessory that can be equipped with two of them.
 I'd like to equip them to all the members of Allen's army who are hunting with iron golems, and see how efficient they are, and what kind of earring they should be equipped with.

 In the midst of joining up with the heroic army and verifying the reinforcement of the army by the grantor's troops, I think that the acquisition of new accessories that are hard to obtain on the ground is quite significant.

(What is it? I know it's a cheesy word, but it brings the world together.

 I came to this world at the age of 35, which is not the age for dreaming, but such words come to my mind.

 There are many different races in the world, and the Alliance of Five Continents is a group of 100 nations fighting against the Demon King's army, but I realize once again that the world is not yet united.

 In the Proustian Empire, there are many fishermen with valuable earring and buffing skills.
 This empire has not cooperated in the fight against the Demon King's army to this day.

 I even feel the meaning of going around this world with the knowledge of my previous life.

(Well, the rest should not be like this according to the information in the palace)

 Before I get too sentimental, I turn my attention to the war-torn store, thinking that I have work to do.

"Excuse me, Mr. Shopkeeper."

 The person I'm talking to is the scorpion-faced shopkeeper I mentioned the crystal seeds to earlier.

"Yes, what can I do for you?"

 The scorpion-headed shopkeeper with glasses smells a customer in Allen's eyes.
 He leaves the shopkeeper in charge of Allen.

"Is this all you have in the store? If you have something a little better, can you get it for me?"

"Of course we do, yes. It's a little pricey, but how about this one?

 The shopkeeper licked Allen's well-dressed body from top to bottom, and then pulled out an earring from behind the counter.

"This is amazing."

"Oh, so it was appraised?"


 The shopkeeper seemed to have noticed Peromus' appraisal.

The earring that the shopkeeper took out.
Earring that increases attack damage by 10%, 10,000 gold coins.
Earring that increases magic attack damage by 10%, 10,000 gold coins.
10,000 gold coins for an earring that increases critical rate by 10%.

(Hmm, the price has gone up all at once. (Hmm, the price went up all at once. It was the same for the ring.

 I recall that the price of status increasing rings also went up from 100, 500, and 1000 all at once.

 However, due to the activities of Allen's army, the price of the ring has continued to drop for the entire earthly world.

"I see. Hmm."

 Allen's attitude changes as he slowly places the earring on the counter.

"Well, what do you think?"

 The scorpion-faced shopkeeper flinches when Allen looks directly at him with a stern look.

"Between you and me, I know a lot of people in the palace. I'm here because I know a lot of people in the palace, and I got word that something better is in stock here.

 Allen emphasizes the word "better" with an air of authority.

"I'm sorry about that. Which one are you looking for?"

 The owner asks if Allen is bluffing.

"Of course. Can I see both?"

 The scorpion-faced shopkeeper understands that Allen knows all about his background.

 Allen and the others continued to gather information to strengthen the party and Allen's army, such as the earring, under the guise of researching the market trends of the Proustian Empire, not to mention the Fish D summoner.

 In the midst of all this, he came into possession of important information.
 Ignomus has released a rather valuable earring from the palace treasury.

 It seems to be a fundraising move to bring the nobles under his control.
 It seems that many of the items were given directly to the nobles, such as relics and sculptures.

 However, equipment such as ear-rings, which the nobles did not demand so much, were sold to merchants who also visited the palace.

 The merchant who bought the two earrings from the palace ran this store.

"Actually, I'm thinking of auctioning both of them.

 The shopkeeper knew all about it.
 However, he said that he was planning to auction the two earrings he had sold from the palace.
 The shopkeeper thinks he can get the best price at the auction.

"Doesn't it depend on the price?

"Certainly. I'll be with you in a moment.

 The shopkeeper then looks at one of the security guards in the store.
 What's that? The two of them retreated to the back of the store.

 After waiting for a while, he brought out two small but luxurious and heavy boxes.

 Placed in front of Allen and the others were two earrings.

 Peromus appraised them.

"Peromus appraises them. I'm pretty sure they're these two.

Peromus' appraisal results.
Earring that increases physical attack damage by 20%, strength by 3000, and attack power by 3000.
Earring that increases magic attack damage by 20 percent, magic power by 3,000, and intelligence by 3,000.

"In case you're wondering, that's a total of 2.4 million gold coins, what do you want?"

It's too expensive. We know the trade price. He's trying to rip us off.

 The shopkeeper was clearly trying to push the price.
 Allen and the others know from the transaction ledger that the two earrings are in the hands of the palace's merchant for 600,000 gold coins.

(There are four more earrings in the Imperial City of Atlanta. Peromus, you're up.

 There are four more earrings that Allen and his men want in addition to these two.
 I'll get them all, but I can't afford six at the current price.

 Allen hears the shopkeeper's words and looks at Peromus.
 When he nodded that it was his turn, Peromus' body shook like a shimmering flame.


 The shopkeeper tenses up as Peromus activates his extra skill.

"It's a bit expensive, isn't it? It seems to be a store with a long history, does that mean you're ripping us off?

"Huh? What do you mean by rip-off? Then how much?"

 Peromus came up before Allen and asked how much he wanted.

"600,000 gold pieces at best. Two of them, of course. Oh, that's the price the owner got?"

 At these words, the scorpion-faced shopkeeper's face slowly changes.
 The scorpion-faced shopkeeper's face slowly changed as he heard the words of a merchant who looked like he hadn't lived a third of his life.

"Hmm, first challenger in years. But isn't it a bad idea to talk about your skills?"

 Peromus guessed the price the shopkeeper had paid when he bought it from the palace.

"I showed you this deal because it looked like a good deal.

"Huh? Young merchant. You can't take that back now."

 Peromus' words made the owner aware that he was under continuous provocation.
 He took a big puff from the water cigarette under the counter and calmed down.

 The merchant in front of him, who may or may not have reached adulthood, even invoked his merchant extra skill to guess the price of the transaction.

 This could be considered a declaration of war.
 The shopkeeper thinks that it is his duty as a successful merchant to tell who he has declared war on.

 How long did it take him to open his store on the main street of the Imperial City of Atlanta?
 How many things did he lose to be in a position to negotiate with the palace?

 The shopkeeper's life up to now is like a running lantern in his mind.

 If the current situation were in the world of swords, it would mean that a young, nameless swordsman drew the sword in his waist against an experienced swordsman.
 And that was within the range of his own position and the tip of his sword.

 Peromus' expression clearly said, "I'm going to buy you cheap," and the shopkeeper's whole body was filled with energy.

(I've got it. I'm going to get it. It's no exaggeration to say that this is the reason I brought Peromus to the Empire of Prostia.

 There was something important that brought Peromus to the Proustian Empire, but I can't remember now.
 Knowing the effect of the earring, I moved on to the thought of who should be equipped with these two earring for efficiency.

 In addition, the merchant Peromus's extra skill, "Balance," can tell the value of things.
 If the unit is a country, the national budget of that country can be determined.
 If the unit is a country, the national budget of the country can be determined. If the unit is an individual, the negotiated price can be determined.

 If the opponent is a merchant, it is not an exaggeration to say that you can even understand the detailed psychology of his mind during the hour or so that the effect lasts.

 If the target is a merchant, the effect can be misinterpreted by bluffing that you have already guessed the price of 600,000 gold coins.
 Knowing the price at the time of the transaction and knowing how much you want to sell it for now are both much more useful.
 Negotiation bluffs do not work on Peromus.
 Peromus tries to make a good deal with the scorpion-faced shopkeeper.

 The price negotiation between the shopkeeper and Peromus the merchant has begun.